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Brotherly Bondings

After arriving at Cyllage City both Red and Lucas were taking a walk in the city, taking a look at all of their surroundings as the City they were in was sandwiched between several rocky cliffs and the sea, as Red and Lucas took a seat on a bench, near the beach.

"So how are you enjoying our adventure so far, Luke?" Red asked Looking at Lucas who was looking at the bug badge, as the blonde psychic stirred up to look at Red.

"It's been fun so far, but I feel like we're rushing through our adventure." Lucas said as Red looked at him with a confused look.

"What do you mean by, rushing through?"

"I mean I feel like everything is happening so fast, we should at least try to enjoy our journey; after all this journey isn't just about me training Pokemon and getting badges, it's also about is building a strong, brotherly bond."

"Yeah, you're right Lucas, this journey is important for both of us to enhance our friendship even further, what do you say we spend the day doing stuff together, Luke?" asked Red as Lucas nodded his head with a smile.

"Sounds like a plan Red, what can we do first?" Red thought about it for a moment as he looked over at the ocean, and then it hit him. 

"I know; we can go fishing." suggested Red as Lucas looked at Red with a bit of excitement.

"Cool, It's been a long time since I've last went fishing with my Dad and Claus." said Lucas as he was trying to remember the days as a kid when his father Flint used to take him and Claus out to go Fishing at the lake in Tazmily Village. 

"I got us some Rods, here take this one." Red took out a Fishing Rod, it was still in pretty good condition as Lucas took a hold of it while Red took out his Rod which was also a pretty good Fishing Rod to use. "Do you remember how to fish?" asked Red as Lucas was looking at his Rod.

"I think so, do you have any bait or lure?"

"I think so, let me check." Red said as he looked in side his backpack for any more fishing equipment and took out a lure. "Here you go, we'll use this lure to fish with." Red handed Lucas the lure, as the blonde placed it on his fish hook.

"You ready to fish, Red?" Lucas asked as Red was putting the lure on his hook.

"Yeah, just swing back and once you feel something; reel it in." Red said as Lucas looked and nodded as both Red and Lucas casted their lines into the ocean and waited for something to bite.

"I wonder if anything in the water has seen our Lure yet?"

"Just have a little bit of Patience i'm sure we'll feel something soon." and just like that the boys both felt something shake their rods. "I think I feel something; Lucas reel your's in!" said Red as he started to Reel hat he has a hold of; though the weight of the Pole felt like Red was trying to pull a heavy log.

"Yeah me too, I wonder what it is." Lucas also tried reeling in, with all his might, and after a few moments of struggle, both Red and Lucas finally reeled in their catches as Red caught a Skrelp and Lucas caught a Clauncher. It's some kind of Pokemon." Lucas and Red both took out their Pokedexes to get some information on what they were exactly.

"Skrelp, the Kelp Pokemon; it uses it's Camoflauge as rotten kelp to hide it self, so it can use it's liquid poison on unsuspecting travelers. Clauncher, the Crustacean Pokemon; through controlled expulsions of internal gas, it can expel water like a pistol shot; at Close distances it can shatter rock." Red and Lucas put away their Pokedexes to examine the Pokemon they caught with their Rods.

"Awesome looks like we got a hold of some New Pokemon, and this could be something we could use to an advantage against Rock and Fire Types." said Red as Lucas nodded but the two caught Pokemon got loose from the lures and stood ready to attack Red and Lucas.

"Looks like they want to battle; well I know just the thing; go Chespin!" called out Lucas as he threw his Pokeball into the air and Chespin came out from inside

"Go Ivysaur!" Red called out his Ivysaur as the two Grass type Pokemon stood across from the two water type of Pokemon. Clauncher first attacked with it's watergun, but Lucas was able to remember what red has taught him about elemental advantages some Pokemon have over the other.

"Chespin use your Vinewhip on that Clauncher!" ordered Lucas as Chespin extended it's vines and let out a barrage of whips onto the Clauncher as it weakened the Watery Crustacean Pokemon. Lucas took out a Pokeball and threw it open to catch the Clauncher; the ball wiggled several times beefore it stopped and the Clauncher was caught, as Red went over and picked up the ball, happy about his latest catch.

"Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf on Skrelp!" ordered Red, as he was using Ivysaur against Skrelp however; Skrelp was only taking moderate Damage from Ivysaur's Razorleaf attack, but Red's Ivysaur was at a bit of higher level, though Skrelp ws lighter than the Ivysaur as it then started to use smokescreen to surround Ivysaur in toxic gas. Skrelp then struck Ivysair with watergun but it had no effect as Ivysaur was resistant to water attacks. "Use Vinewhip now." Ivysaur extended it's vines and whipped the Skrelp weakening it as Red threw a Pokeball to capture it, and after a few shakes the ball stopped and Red captured the Skrelp. "We both caught two new Pokemon." Red and Lucas high fived eachother relishing in their victory.

"All right we caught some new Pokemon; so Red what should we do now?" asked Lucas as Red placed his hand under his chin and started looking around town for something to do; then he saw a group of Bicyclers riding bikes around the city close to the rocky hills across from the beach. "Hey Lucas do you know how to ride a bicycle?"

"I've seen them before but, I never did learn how to ride one." said Lucas, as he relized he has never rode a bike before.

"Well Big Brother Red, will teach you how to ride one." said Red as Lucas looked a bit nervous.

"Up those rocks?"

"We can talk up them maybe, anyways let me go find a bike store and rest us some bikes so I can teach you to ride one." said Red as Lucas nodded as the boys went to a Bicycle shop to look at Bikes, as they were greeted by a worker at the shop.

"Hello there you are our 10, 099 and 10, 100 customers here at our shop, and for our 10,100 customer we would like to offer you a free bike." the man said as Lucas looked a bit thrilled.


"Yep pick any color you want, as for you Red hat boy, i'll give you the chance to win one if you answer a question correctly."


"Do Bicycles come in more than just one color?" asked the man as Red already knew the answer. "Yes" "Correct, you win a free bike too, pick out whatever you want." Red went over to Lucas as the boys were trying to find bicycles that would be perfect for their respective sizes.

"Hey Red, here's one my size i could try." Lucas said as he was showing Red a small sized Bicycle that was blue in color.

"All right, man that one looks like it would be suitable for you." Red picked up a medium sized, red colored bicycle as the boys approached the Store Clerk.

"So you like your choices?"

"Yes, we'll take them."

"All right boys, have fun out there and be careful going up the cliffs." said the clerk as Red and Lucas left the store with their Bikes and looked for a spot, so Red can teach Lucas on how to ride a bike.

"Ok, the best way to ride a Bicycle is to sit on the seat, and place your feet on the pedals, and when you use your feet to push the pedals, the wheels on the Bike will move you." Lucas looked at the Bicycle for a moment as he sat on the seat and placed his feet on the pedals of the bike. "You may want to put this on your head." Red said as he gave Lucas a Helmet to wear on his head.

"Ok, safety first, anything else?" asked Lucas, as Red nodded

"Red: if I had any elbow and knee pads for you, your size I would lend you some." Red held on to the Bicycle as Lucas placed his hands on the handlebars. "Good, you can use your handlebars to help steer and it's important to keep a hold of them while riding."

"Hey Red, do you think this thing can be balanced on two wheels?" asked Lucas, as Red looked at the Bike and thought for a moment; Lucas has never rode a bike in his life, and he's too old for training wheels, so it was up to Red to give his buddy some support.

"Well it depends on if you can balance your body on it, and because of your size, I think you can balance on this bike as long as your tires are inflated good, and your seat is to where you can Pedal good, and I can see you're good to go. Anyways, i'll give you a bit of a push on the Bicycle just to give you a start, if that's ok with you." 

"Sure Red, I appreciate the help." Red smiled as he took his foot on the kickstand of the bicycle and kicked it up releasing the mechanisms to move the Bicycle as Red was holding on to Lucas, as Lucas stuck his left leg out on the ground to balance himself on the Bike.

"Ok Lucas, I got you so go ahead and place your Feet on the pedals, and put some muscle into your legs and push the pedals, and it will move you." said Red as Lucas smiled as he placed his foot back on the pedals and used his leg strength to push the pedals as the Bicycle started to move. "All right, so far so good, might want to take it slowly, so you can get used to it. Red was assisting Lucas keeping the Bike stood up as Lucas slowly pedaled the bike along the small stretch of road that they were on. "Do you want me to tell you how to stop yourself by hitting the brakes?"

"Ok, go ahead!" as Lucas stopped pedaling and stuck his leg out to stop the bike, while Red held on to the Bike.

"Luckily, i'm holding on to you, cause if I wasn't holding you, you would've hurt your leg or foot, so what you do to brake on your Bike is to take your Feet on the pedals while you're moving them and while keeping your Feet placed on the pedals, use your leg strength to push back on the pedals while your moving and it will stop your momentum, and the kickstand that I kicked off on your Bike; after you stop your Bike you take your foot and kick your kickstand down to hold your Bike while it's stopped so you can park it, when you're finished riding it; want to give it a try?" Red asked as Lucas looked at Red with a confident smile and nodded.

"I'll do it!" said Lucas as he placed his feet back on the pedals and pushed them back with his Feet. "Hey, how come nothing is happening?"

"You got to pedal forward to move yourself first, before you can pedal back to brake, silly!" Red said patting Lucas's head as Lucas laughed as he took his Feet to Pedal the Bicycle forward to move himself and then after getting enough momentum forward, Lucas took his feet on the pedals and pushed the pedals backwards, to stop the Bicycle as Lucas then placed his left foot on the kickstand and placed it on the ground. "All right; you sure are a quick learner." Lucas smiled as he kicked the kickstand back up.

"Hey Red would it be OK with you if I try to ride on my own a bit?" asked Lucas as Red smiled at him.

"Sure buddy, but if you have any trouble i'll be here to help you." said Red giving Lucas the thumbs up as Lucas also gave Red a thumbs up as he took his Feet on the Pedals of the Bike and started to move himself, while Red who was more experienced with riding a Bicycle got on his and followed Lucas around for any help and support in case something happened. After some trial and error Lucas stumbles a few times but once he saw Red his confidence started to grow and put his fear behind him, as Lucas started to get the hang of riding a Bicycle. "Hey' you're doing great buddy, do you want to have a Picnic?" asked Red as Lucas hit the brakes on his Bike and lowered the kickstand.

"Sure Red, I sure am getting hungry." Lucas said as he and Red both set up a blanket on top of the grass as both boys kicked off their shoes and sat on the blanket. Red opened up the basket and took out some sandwiches and riceballs for the duo to eat. "These sure look tasty, Red." Lucas said looking at the food and also a plate of Buffalo Chicken Wings too. "Uh Red, don't these look too hot?" asked Lucas as Red looked at them and smiled. 

"Yeah, but do you remember the Super Spicy Curry from the Smash Tournament?" asked Red as he took out some napkins too.

"How can I ever forget, how hot that was." Lucas said as he remembered how hot that Curry was.

"I know, but if you can get used to that type of heat, than maybe you can try a Buffalo Wing; would you like to try one, if it's too hot, i'll give you something to drink to cool your mouth down." Red took out a bottle of Milk from the basket as Lucas looked at the plate of wings

"Ok i'll try!" Lucas picked up a wing and took a bite out of it, and after chewing and swallowing the meat, he took a drink of Milk to cool his mouth down. "It's tastes good, but it's hot, but I'd like another!" Lucas said as he took another wing. After eating several sandwiches, wings, and riceballs both Red and Lucas laid back on the blanket to take a nice nap.

"Having fun, buddy?" asked Red as he placed his hand through Lucas's blonde hair.

"Yes, ever since we've started traveling together we've had so much fun hanging out, playing together, and catching Pokemon." Lucas said as he smiled at Red.

"I have a feeling that when we get older, we'll always have memories in our hearts forever of this adventure." 

"I'll never forget any of the adventures we've had here; you really are the best friend I've ever had Red, I can never replace you with anyone.

"Awwww Lucas that's so sweet; you're the best friend I've ever had as well; and I would never trade this for anything else." Red and Lucas both blushed as they sat up and smiled at eachother. Hours later the Sun would begin to set over Cylliage City and during the sunset both Red and Lucas were riding their bikes around with Lucas starting to get better at riding a bike.

"Hey Red, I think i'm getting better at Riding my bike." called out Lucas as Red was riding up beside him.

"I'm proud of you Lucas; you really are starting to get better at everything you do; hey I think we better go stay the night at a Pokemon Center it's starting to get dark out." Red said noticing the Sun starting to lower and the sky was starting to darken.

"Yeah you're right, I'm going to challenge the Gym Leader tomorrow and I need to be well rested to be at my best to battle." said Lucas as he began to yawn.

"All right let's go in and maybe we can talk about strategy as well." said Red as he kicked up his kickstand

"All right, but i'll race you." said Lucas as he took off on his Bike.

"Hey no fair, you got a head start." cried Red catching up to Lucas. as the boys made their way to the Pokemon Center as made their way to their room as they sat on a bed and talked about the Gym Leader.

"Says here that the Gym Leader is named Grand and he specializes in Rock type Pokemon."

"So I should use Squirtle and Clauncher for this battle?" asked Lucas knowing Red as the expert.

"Well water type does have the advantage over rock type, but you got to take level into consideration as well."

"Yep, why don't we do some Training in the Morning before we go to the Gym?"

"All right let's do it." said Red as he and Lucas would turn out the lights and get ready for bed. "Goodnight Lucas; sweet dreams bro."

"Good night Red, i'll see you in the morning." said Lucas as he and Red both would both go to sleep as night would turn to day.

After a relaxing day of friendly bonding, Lucas appears to be growing more confident in his abilities, and with a Pokemon Battle against Gym Leader Grant coming up, Lucas is determined to do his best and to come out on top; what will happen in Lucas's upcoming battle? Find out in the next chapter.

To Be Continued
Surrogate Brothers Chapter 5:
Red and Lucas take a day off to relax and try to make their brotherly bond, a lot stronger. all Characters belong to Nintendo
Mysteries of Kalos

After winning his first Gym Battle and earning the Bug Badge from Gym Leader Viola; Lucas now feels confident in his abilities as a Pokemon Trainer especially with Red's mentorship. The Boys were talking about Lucas's battle as they were now thinking about a way to celebrate Lucas's first Gym Battle.

"Dude you we're so awesome there in your first battle and you really held your own in battle." Red put his arm around Lucas and gave his best friend a smile as Lucas turned his head to look at Red.

"I wonder what some of the other Gym Leaders are going to be like?" thought Lucas as he placed his hand over his chin and started to think about what they are going to be like.

'Well since the Gym Leaders all use certain elements of Pokemon perhaps it might be a good idea to catch more Pokemon out in the open, so you can train them and have an advantage in battle." Red said, as the boy looked at Lucas with a smile as Lucas nodded; the boys then heard what sounded like their stomachs growling. "I think we should go find somewhere to eat." Red looked around and saw a building with a sign on it that had a drawing of a cup on it.

"I wonder if that's a cafe, Hey Red want to go inside and see what they have?" 

"Sure bro. let's go celebrate your first win and chow down." Red and Lucas walked into the Cafe as they were greeted by a Waitress.

"Hello there cuties; would you like mor me to show you a table and i'll hand you our menu?" Red and Lucas nodded their heads up and down as the Waitress lead the boys to their table and handed them their menus. "i'll give you a few minutes to look at our menu before you guys decide." The Waitress left as Red and Lucas would study over the menu.

"I guess we can just have some burgers and friends, what do you say?" asked Red looking at Lucas

"Sure, I guess, can we have milk shakes too?"

"Heck Yeah; sounds great to me." The Waitress returned to the table as Red and Lucas looked ready to order. "We'll take two burgers, two fries, and two chocolate milkshakes." 

"All right then, i'll take these out of our way and i'll come back with orders as soon as they are done." The Waitress picked up the Menus and left for the kitchen; the door opened and a group of guys wearing black suits came in and we're greeted by a waitress.

"Oh you must be the Ghost Research Team coming to investigate the Urban Legends about the Ghost Girl in Lumoise City, well would you like me to show you, your table." The Waitress lead the men to a table which was across from where Red and Lucas we're sitting, as the Waitress handed the men some menus. "I'll be back to take your orders." The Waitress said as she left for the Kitchen as Red and Lucas approached the men.

"Pardon us, we we're wondering, what is your Paranormal Team doing here, and what's this about a Ghost Girl?" asked Red as the men turned around to look at the two boys.

"Hello there kids; we're a Paranormal Research Team, and we've come to do a Paranormal investigation on two Urban Legends here in the Kalos Region."

"Cool; but what was that you were talking about a Ghost Girl, and a Faceless man?" asked Lucas looking a bit creeped out.

"Well these are two Urban Legends that have been talked about throughout Kalos and we thought for a Special Halloween Investigation, we would go search for some answers ourselves."

"Sounds like fun can we come along?" asked Red as Lucas looked at Red with a bit of fear.

"Red, why would you ask that?"

"Come on dude, it'll be fun, and don't worry about anything; i'll protect you." said Red with a smile. "Besides it's for Halloween, it can be fun, trust me." Red patted Lucas's shoulder as Lucas nodded with a smile.

"Sure you boys can come along with us; we were looking for some volunteers anyways; would you boys like to know more about the myths before we head out?" "Both Red and Lucas nodded their heads as the waitress returned with Red and Lucas's food; the boys would eat while the researchers ordered their food and after the waitress took their menus, the researchers began to talk about one of the Urban Legends. "There's an Office Building in Lumoise City, where some visitors have claimed to have seen the lights flicker on and off, and the spirit of a girl shows up looking for, The One."

"Sounds creepy; sounds like something we might want to look at." Red and Lucas were listening as Lucas still looked a bit petrified.

"Yes there have been other clues such as a message in Lumoise Station about as one waiting for their special someone in their special place."

"Maybe there's a connection, well when are we going to see it."

"After we eat we're going to drive to the building in Lumoise City where sightings of her have been reported; we have a EVP Box and a Ouija Board to contact any spirits so we can perhaps get some answers."

"Contacting Spirits; that sounds terrifying." said Lucas looking petrified.

"Don't worry boys; we're just going to do some research and maybe get some answers we won't let anything happen to you." said the researcher as Red and Lucas nodded both nervously and excitedly, as everybody finished eating, paid for their meals, left tips, and all made their way to a van outside the cafe as team started loading up with Red and Lucas inside as the Van started up and left the Cafe as they Van would start and the driver would be on his way to Lumoise City.

"Have you guys done any other Paranormal Investigations?" asked Red curiously as he was comforting a rather petrified looking Lucas.

"We did a Investigation on the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town." those words sent a chill down Red's spine.

"I remember that place; to this day I still have nightmares about that place." said Red as the Van continued to make it's way through route 4 and into Lumiose City as it carefully approached an office building in town.

"This is the place let's go in and set up for tonight." As the Group got out of the van and started setting up Equipment such as cameras, lights, night vision, EVP boxes, and a Ouija Board to contact the spirit inside the building as night began to fall over Lumoise City. "OK everybody let's turn out all the lights here and lock the doors so we can begin our investigation." The Head of the team said as they wen't to find a switch box and flipped off the power to all rooms as everyone was now standing in darkness.

"Red, i'm scared now."

"Me too Luke, but I got my flashlight out, in case." Red took out and shined a flashlight.

"Cool I got one too!" said Lucas taking out his flashlight. "I really hope there are no ghosts here." 

"Me too, but let's stay with them as we do our investigation." said Red as he and Lucas found the team gathered with their night vision and lighting up some candles as they had taken out a Ouija Board. "Is this a Ouija Board?"

"Yes these are made to contact the spirits, and if there's any they'll answer whatever questions you ask it; but be very careful this is not a toy, boys. If something goes wrong you could end up unleashing a spirit and it can haunt you for the rest of your life or worse posses you." both Red and Lucas gulped at the thought of being possessed by an evil spirit; but they're here to have fun, and maybe find a Ghost.

"Ok well let's see how this thing works for ourselves." Red said as he and Lucas plopped down on the floor as one of the researchers took out a Ouija Board and the Planchete.

"If we're ready let's begin this Seance and attempt to contact the spirit who is haunting this Building, also Go Alakazam!" said the man as he called out an Alakazam from a Pokeball. Red was very familiar with Alakzaam from the battle with Sabrina back in Saffron City, but Lucas wasn't as he took out his Pokedex to record information about the Psychic Pokemon.

"Alakazam, the PSI Pokemon; this Pokemon uses Psychic attacks to overcome any Pokemon." "Cool a Psychic Pokemon." said the Psychic boy, now seeing that there are Psychic Pokemon out there.

"Alakazam will be used also to help track any spirits down, during our investigation, as well as to see if there are any Ghost Pokemon here as well." 

"Ghost Pokemon?" asked Lucas with a shudder.

"Yes, though mysterious, they are really strong Pokemon, Psychic Types are weak against them, but Psychic Types like Alakazam are known to have a good way to mentally track a spirit in haunted places, which is what we use to help track spirits in several investigations we've done in the past."

"That sounds really cool; by the way I forgot to tell you guys, I have Psychic abilities myself." Lucas said letting the team know of his Psychic abilities.

"Oh really, can you show us?" asked the researcher as Lucas stretched his arm and closed his eyes as a wave of PSI energy surrounded Lucas as he concentrated his energy to lift a candle off the ground as the researchers seemed impressed. "Wow that's amazing; but is there a way for you to contact the dead, or figure out what could've happened here?" Lucas gently put the candle down as Lucas began to shudder at the thought of using his Psychic powers to contact the deceased. 

"Oh I don't know if i'm comfortable talking with any spirits with my own Psychic gifts." Lucas looked freaked out as Red placed a hand on Lucas's shoulder for comfort.

"You know all of this sounds creepy to me too, but Lucas do you think that maybe if you can use your psychic gift on ghosts and spirits, there's a chance you can use it on just about anything, and who knows you might actually find a way to bring peace to the Spirit that resides here." Red was looking to give Lucas some encouragement and it seemed like anytime Red would give Lucas words of encouragement, any type of fear that builds up in him slowly fizzles out as Lucas nodded his head up and down.

"Thanks Red, and OK i'll do it; but I hope neither of us get's possessed."

"That will not happen, nothing will attack us tonight, bro." 

"Ok Kids, it's time for us to begin the Seance with the Ouija Board, if you want to place your hands on the Planchette along with me, as I ask the spirits here the questions." Red and Lucas along with the other researchers placed their hands on the Planchette as the Head Researcher began speaking.

"We are Paranormal Investigators, we are here tonight to contact the Spirit of a Girl who haunts this building and get some answers, if there's any Spirits here tonight, please contact us through the Ouija Board." After a few moments of silence, the Planchette began to lift off of the board even with so many hands on top of it as everyone looked at eachother wondering what was going on.

"Who's moving it?" asked Lucas looking at Red

"It's not me; what about any of you guys?" asked Red looking at the researchers.

"It has to be the spirit I believe we have contacted one." The Planchette then made it's way to the top of the board where it said "YES" and pointed to the "YES" on the board. "So it appears that there is a Spirit here; ok then tell me why you are here in this building?" The Planchette began to move once again pointing towards the letters T, H, E, O, N, and E. "The One, you're looking for the One?" The Planchette pointed to YES once again. "Is anyone here in this room; The One?" The Planchette moved over on the Board to the word "NO" at the top and stopped there? "No, ok, well who or what is the One?" The Planchete moved over and landed on the following letters L, O, V, and E." Love, so The One was someone you loved?" The Planchette moved to the word YES again. "Why are you here in this building haunting the second floor; did you work here? The Planchette this time moved over to the letter H.O,M, and E . "Was this place you're home, did you have any family here or any Pokemon? The Planchette moved over to the letters H, O twice, P, and then A. "Hoopa, is this Hoopa you're looking for and is it a Pokemon?" asked the researcher, the Planchette landed on YES, and after that the candles began to flicker.

"The Candles are starting to Flicker, and that's not a good sign." said Lucas looking a bit afraid

"Hoopa huh? sounds like a intriguing Pokemon I don't think anyone has heard of before." said Red with a bit of curiosity as he looked at his terrified friend. "Lucas are you ok?" asked Red

"Yeah, i have a bad feeling we're not alone anymore."

"OK you where are you at inside this building?" The Planchette slided over to the letters F, L, O twice, R, and then the number 2. "If you're on the second floor than we're going to close this session and go look for you on the second floor. As he took the Planchete over to the board where it said Goodbye, ending the Ouija session as everyone gathered up their stuff to the elevator and made their way up to the Second Floor.

"Hello, Ms. Ghost Girl are you up here?" asked Red as a moment of silence was heard until a very loud thump, echoed in the room.

"What was that; who's there?" asked Lucas looking around flashing his flashlight to see what it was.

"Alakazam, can you use your Psychic powers to try to track down any paranormal anomaly in this room?" The Alakazam nodded and it's eyes turned blue as it concentrated on finding a Paranormal Entity, until it felt like it heard or saw something.

"ALA! (Yes!)" said the Alakazam in Pokemon talk, as it appears that Alakazam has discovered something in the room, as the room started to get colder.

WHO comes to my house now; YOU ARE NOT THE ONE!" said a loud voice as all of a sudden the figure of a creepy looking girl appeared before them as she looked at them with her eyes glowing blood red; terrifying everybody.

"Ghost Girl; we're not here to cause you any harm; we're here for answers about why you haunt this Building and what's Hoopa?" All of a sudden the Ghost Girl Vanished as everybody tried to run to the spot where she was at but for some reason Lucas stood still, as his psychic powers began spark around him.

"Wait everybody, my Psychic powers are trying to reach this girl." said Lucas as everybody gathered around him as Red approached Lucas.

"What's is she trying to say, and I hope she's not trying to possess you." Red was a bit concerned but Lucas's Psychic Powers was communicating with the specter. 

"No Red, she thought we were here to cause harm, but apparently her Spirit is here because she's trying to find the one, that being the Legendary Pokemon Hoopa." Lucas explained as Red looked at Lucas as did the others. "This place was once an apartment where a girl lived with the man she loved; he was a Pokemon Researcher, who believed he had found the Mythical Pokemon known as Hoopa. One Day her lover went out to look once again for Hoopa, and took a Train to a place where he believed he would find the answers to; but unfortunately a Train Accident killed the man, and the news of her lover was so devastating that the girl died of a broken heart, and the reason she haunts this office was that; they lived on this floor together back when it was an apartment and before it was renovated into an office building. The Girl is looking for the One which is the Pokemon Hoopa and if the day it is found and brought her, than perhaps there's a way for her to cross over and be with her love again along with the Pokemon her lover died trying to find. 

Everybody in the room felt sad themselves to think a Girl who loved someone so much would be waiting for the day a Pokemon her lover looked for and died trying to find will someday be the key to reuniting the two. "It appears that we have discovered that the Ghost Girl who haunts this building once lived here when it was an Apartment and she died of a broken heart after her lover died in a Train accident, she waited for him to come back but the sad reality of it is, he was gone, and she hopes that Hoopa will one day be discovered so she can finally move on and maybe reunite with her long lost lover." The Researcher then turned off his camera and everything. "All right everybody we got our answers; now let's pack up our Equipment and head out."

Lucas went back to normal as Red approached his friend with a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Are you ok, man?"

"Yeah, that was scary, but I believe I have conquered my fear of Ghosts and Spirits."

"I'm proud of you buddy, if we ever encounter Hoopa, we'll return here to bring it to that spirit."

"Right Red, we should let Professor Sycamore know about this, and also get some sleep before we head out tomorrow.

"Good idea!" said Red as both he and Lucas both let out a yawn, as the Researchers would restore the lights to building to see the near half asleep boys and let out a smile.

"We better carry these boys with us back to the Hotel." said a Researcher as he and another would pick up Red and Lucas and carried them both off bridal style, to the van as they would drive off into the night to a hotel where they would all get some sleep after a Successful investigation.

The Next Morning Red and Lucas were at Sycamore's Lab talking to Professor Sycamore about the Ghost Investigation and the truth they uncovered.

"So that Ghost Girl was waiting for a Mythical Pokemon named Hoopa to be found and brought to the Building so she can reunite with her lover that died in a Train Crash." Said Sycamore as he is astonished by this discovery.

"Yes, and if you watch the show tonight, you'll see me contacting her Via Psychic link." said Lucas as Sycamore smiled

"Well I hope you boys had a fun experience last night, how is the PokeDex and Adventure going along so far

"I've caught a Flabebe and won my first Gym Battle against Viola."

"That's great to hear Lucas, where are you boys heading now?"

"To Cyllige City!" Red said as Sycamore had something he wanted to say

"You boys may want to get yourselves some Bicycles because the Gym is located up on a mountain, in the city."

"OK, when we get there we'll remember."

"I wish you boys luck, and also i'm going to do some research about Hoopa and if I have anymore clues about it; i'll let you both know." Sycamore said as Red and Lucas nodded their heads and waved goodbye as the Research Team was still outside Sycamore's Lab as the Head of the team approached the two.

"I want to thank you boys for your help, and to show our appreciation we want you both to have these two Pokeballs, go ahead and open them." The Boys took the Pokeballs and opened them up and out came Pumpkaboo from Lucas's Pokeball and Chandelure from Red's as both Red and Lucas took out their Pokedexes to record the data for the Pokemon.

"Chandelure: The Ghost Chandelier Pokemon, Being consumed in Chandelure's Flames, burns up the spirit leaving the body behind; The Spirits burnt up in it's Ominous Flames, loses their way and wanders this world forever. Pumpkaboo: the Ghost, Jack O' Lantern Pokemon, Pumpkaboo's eyes can glow, which lights the way for travelers. They often sleep in the ground." Red and Lucas smiled and greeted the two Ghost Pokemon with smiles as both Chandelure and Pumpkaboo greeted Red and Lucas respectivley as the Researcher and his team were ready to leave.

"Where are you two going; do you need a ride?" asked the researcher and Red and Lucas both called back their new Pokemon and nodded their heads up and down.

"We're going to Cylliage City, can you take us there?" asked Lucas waiting for a response.

"Sure, well go on ahead in and we'll take you there." said the Researcher as Red and Lucas would get into the Van as the Van would drive all the way to the Coastal Town of Cylliage. "OK Guys, good luck on your Pokemon Adventures, take care now." said the Researcher as he waved goodbye and drove off as Red and Lucas looked at Cylliage City ready for the next Challenge.

After solving a Haunting Mystery, both Red and Lucas now find themselves gaining more courage and confidence in their abilities as Trainers and after Acquiring Chandelure and Pumpkaboo from the Paranormal Research Team both Red and Lucas stand ready for their next adventure. What will be in store for Lucas in his next Gym Battle? Find out in the next chapter of Surrogate Brothers, as the Adventure continues. 
Surrogate Brothers Halloween Special
Red and Lucas decide to go on a Ghost Hunt to unravel a Mystery in Lumiose City. All Characters belong to Nintendo
Lucas's First Gym Battle

The Sun was setting over Santalune City as most of the locals in town we're either heading home, or out to enjoy the sunset, but at the Pokemon Center both Red and Lucas walked into the Center looking for some rest after what's been a long day for the duo. Red was still limping on one leg after that slip back on Route 4 and Lucas was still helping him walk, the boys approached the front desk as the Nurse Joy working their approached the boys.

"Hello, what can I do for you guys?" Nurse Joy looked at the two and saw Red limping around on one leg. "Are you ok; did something happen to you on the way here?" 

"I slipped on a vegetable on the way and hurt my knee." Lucas took Red over to a nearby chair as Nurse Joy waled over to the boys as Lucas pulled Red's Jeans leg up and showed her Red's knee which looked a pretty bruised up from the fall even after Lucas cleaned Red's cuts and it was still bandaged up.

"Your knee sure looks pretty bruised up, how sore is it?"

"It's sore enough for me to not be able to walk properly."

"My advice is to take it easy on your leg, put some ice on it, and it'll cool of the pain in your leg, and once you feel like the pain has numbed down, try walking on it and see if it's feeling any better. Anyways do you boys need any of your Pokemon healed or do you need to stay here for the night?"

"Yes, we're on a Pokemon Journey and i'm here to challenge the Gym Leader." Lucas said with a smile of confidence as he helped Red up to his Feet.

"That's great, ok then I just need to check your Pokedexes first and i'll take you up to your room." Red and Lucas handed Nurse Joy their Pokedexes as she nodded. "OK if you have any injured Pokemon i'll take them for a quick treatment so they'll be ready for battle.

'All right, our Pokemon were in a battle earlier and helped a gardener with his crop, so we'll let you treat our Pokemon before we do any more battling tommarow." said Red as he and Lucas handed Nurse Joy their back packs as they both had their Pokeball with their Pokemon inside them.

"Ok, i'll just place all of your Pokeballs here in this machine and give them a quick heal." Joy took the Pokeballs and placed them in a machine and activated; after a few moments the machine stopped as Joy gave both Red and Lucas their Pokeballs back. "Your Pokemon should be fully healed now, let me take you to your room." Joy made her way up the stairs as Red and Lucas followed her up to a bedroom with two beds across from eachother. "This will be your room for tonight, if you boys need anything let me know." Nurse Joy gave a smile as she left the room as Red and Lucas both made a nod and looked at their room.

"Looks comfortable, wonder which one of us should take which bed?" asked Lucas still holding on to Red "It doesn't matter to me bro, you can have whichever one." Red looked at Lucas with a smile as Lucas helped Red to the bed on the left side of the room.

"Thanks Lucas, sorry if my leg is being a burden to you." "No it's fine, I want to help you like any friend would." Lucas took his stuff beside his bed as Red placed an ice pack on his sore knee. "Hey Red, I can use my PSI Healing on your knee to make it better fast, sorry if I didn't think of that sooner." "You don't half to really, man it's only a sprain in my knee, save your healing in case we get ourselves seriously hurt, during something that's more dangerous than slipping on a vegetable; but I do appreciate the offer bro." Red said as he started to take off his shoes. "I know, but while we were helping that Gardener, I had forgotten about PSI Healing and used alcohol and band-aids on your knee." "I know but that's fine Lucas, it wasn't worth you using up any of your powers but if you really need tom than go for it." Lucas nodded as he pulled of his shoes, and made his way over to Red's Bed.

"Hey Red, I was wondering if you want to have a pep talk before tomorrow's battle?" "Sure bro, it's best if we talk strategy before you have your first battle tomorrow."  Lucas sat on Red's bed and stood across from his friend as Red began remembering what Korrina said to them the day before about the Santalune City Gym and it's Trainer. 

"Korrina said that the Gym Leader here is a Bug Type Pokemon Trainer. Bug Pokemon are weak against Ground, electric, and Flying type Pokemon, since Chespin is both a Ground and Grass type Pokemon, you could have an advantage over her. But some Pokemon have double abilities making them tougher to defeat with just one elemental type of Pokemon.

"Oh really, hmmm well I guess Chespin would be a good advantage by doubling with rock and grass moves." "Yes but you might want to also play defense as well when it comes to the moves a Gym Leader has; they're pretty tough so you may want to keep a watch over a lot of Pokemon's attacks, and find some ways that you can use to defend a Pokemon from another's attacks in battle." "I used Withdraw with Squirtle against those punks earlier." "Yeah and that was really impressive, if you use defensive tactics like that, it'll not only keep your Pokemon from getting damaged but at the same time, weaken another Pokemon's stamina to where they drop their guard and you can follow that up with a powerful attack." Lucas was actually writing down what Red was telling him and Red had a smile on his face seeing how willing Lucas was in learning on how to become a better Pokemon Trainer. "I see your taking notes, that's awesome bro, you really are wanting to take this seriously." Lucas gave Red a nod and then had another question on his mind. "Tomorrow before we head to the Gym can we train a little bit before I challenge the Gym Leader?" "Of course we can, and it's a smart idea to do a little training to level up your Pokemon so that way you can stand a better chance at winning a battle." "All right then Red, tomorrow we will do some training before we go into battle." Both Red and Lucas high fived eachother as the two would later make their way to their beds and drift asleep, for the battles that await them the next day.

It was sunrise, and as promised both Red and Lucas were up bright and early standing at opposite sides in front of the fountain in the center of town. "All right Lucas let's let the training begin." "Right Red, come at me bro!" "Go Fennekin!" "Go Squirtle." both Red and Lucas called out their respective Pokemon as the boys engaged in a friendly spar so Lucas can level up his Pokemon and become ready to challenge the gym leader. "Fennekin Ember!" "Squirlte Watergun!!" both Pokemon attacked with the current moves they have. "Tackle!" "Scratch!" both Pokemon were really engaged in battle and despite the type difference both Pokemon were really showing off some feats of strength as the boys continued to train they felt like they were getting stronger as they continued to fight one another. After several attacks Sqiurtle was starting to feel stronger after using more attacks like Tail Whip and water pulse; Lucas also used Chespin against Red's Squirtle and it began to learn Vine whip. Lucas's Flabebe also began to level up a bit to and Lucas decided to use Flabebe as an extra Pokemon before their battle starts.

"You're getting better, Lucas., I think you're ready now." said Red as he called back his Pokemon.  "Thanks Red, I think we'd better get our Pokemon healed real quick before I challenge the Gym Leader." Red and Lucas ran over to the Pokemon Center as Nurse Joy took their Pokeballs and used the machine to heal the Pokemon.

"Well boys good luck, and return here if your Pokemon get hurt." said Nurse Joy as both Red and Lucas made their way out of the Pokemon Center as they made their way past the Fountain in the center of town and made their way up a couple roads to a corner where the Santalune Pokemon Gym was at.

"Here we are Lucas, are you nervous?" Red asked Lucas who was looking a bit nervous as Red placed his hand on Lucas's shoulder. "A little, what if I mess up?" Red dropped to Lucas's level and looked at the boy in his eyes. "I felt the same way when I had my first Gym Battle against Brock from Pewter City. He told me that the best way to win in a battle is to be in sync with your Pokemon; the better you're in sync with your Pokemon, the better your Pokemon will listen to your commands in battle and trusting it's trainer's power; Pokemon will not connect with Trainers who have none." Lucas looked at Red thinking about everything Red's telling him finding a bit more confidence in his abilities and his Pokemon. "The strength of a Pokemon is proportional to it's Trainer's power." Red remembered what Brock told him after Red lost a battle to Blue; and with that advice Red was able to become more in sync with his Pokemon and made himself into a stronger trainer.

"Ok Red, i'll take everything you said into consideration, and I will do my best to stay in sync with Chespin, Squirtle, and Falabebe as I get ready to challenge the Gym Leader." said Lucas now with full confidence.

"All right , Luke , show em what you're made of." Both Red and Lucas entered the Santalune City Gym; as the boys walked in they saw a giant Spiderweb suspended over grass and dirt below with several wodden log platforms around the web.

"So another challenger has come to challenge me." said the voice of a woman with blonde hair, green eyes, white top, green short pants that go below her knees, maroon colored shoes with green laces, and she was holding a camera too. "My name is Viola, I am the Santalune City Gym Leader, I hold the Bug Badge, so which one of you cute adorable boys wants to battle with me?" Lucas stepped up to one of the platforms and accepted the challenge.

"I maybe a rookie trainer, but my best friend Red, one of the best Pokemon Trainers in the world taught me a lot about Pokemon, and i'm ready to put everything that he has taught me to the test and challenge you for your badge." Lucas stood ready to battle feeling confident.

"Well then cutie, it's time for me to put your skills to the test, you may be cute and adorable, but i'm not going to go easy on you." Viola also stepped up as she took a Pokeball from her belt and threw it in the air. "Go Surskit!" Viola called out a blue insect like Pokemon with a yellow antenna and four legs. "Now let's see what you're made of." as Lucas stood ready for battle, both Red and Lucas began examining Surskit on their Pokedexes for information on the stats of Surskit.

"Surskit the Pond Skater Pokemon; Surskit can walk on water a if it was skating; it attracts it's prey with the sweet aroma it produces." said the Pokedex as both Red and Lucas looked at eachother for a last second pep talk.

"Ok Lucas, this is your moment; remember to do your best and give it all you got." Red put his hand on Lucas's shoulder and Lucas turned around and nodded; he then turned back around to face Viola and took a Pokeball from the belt of his shorts, and threw it. "Go Chespin!" Lucas called out his Cjespin who stood across from Viola's Surskit.

"Let the battle begin." said one of the Spectators in the Gum as both Lucas and Viola began their Pokemon Battle. 

"Surskit, use Sweet Scent. a purple aroma began to surround Chespin, as Chespin began to feel the effects of it. "With Sweet Scent your Chespin can't evade attacks for two turns

"Fine, now Chespin use your tackle attack!" Lucas's Chespin charged at Viola's Surskit and made contact with the Insectoid Pokemon, damaging the Surskit a bit.

"So it seems like you have some skill, but still you just got one luck hit, now Surskit use bubble attack." A series of bubbles came at Chespin and normally it wouldn't effect Chespin but since Surskit is at a bit of a higher level than Chespin, it was able to do a bit of damage to Chespin.

"Chespin, use Vine Whip!" Lucas's Chespin stretched out it's vines and began to smack Surskit several times greatly affecting the Surskit, damaging it to the lowest on the Pokemon's health meter displayed on the screen.

"Surkist, stick it with your Sticky Web!" Surkist sprayed a sticky stringy web at Chespin, but Lucas was able to use defense now that Sweet Scent has stopped.

"Chespin use your roll out to dodge it, and attack Surkist head on." Chespin curled it self into a ball of rock as it was able to break the sticky Web and made contact with the Surkist knocking it down. The Surkist tried to make an attempt to get up but it couldn't, it was exhausted from battle and it fainted.

"Surkist is unable to battle, this round goes to Lucas and Chespin." said one of the spectators as Red looked over at Lucas. 

"Way to go Lucas, that was awesome." Red was cheering Lucas on as Viola took her Pokeball and called back Surkist.

"That was a little beginner's luck but now time for your luck to run out; now go Vivillian!" out of the Pokeball the Viola just tossed was a butterfly like Pokemon with pink and purple wings.

"Wow that's a very amazing looking Pokemon." both Red and Lucas took out their Pokedexes to get some information on it.

"Vivvilion, the Scale Pokemon; Vivillion are skillfully able to find a source of water; It is said that you'll find a spring if you follow Vivillion." They both closed their Pokedexes as Lucas was ready to continue the fight.

"That was impressive how you was able to defeat Surkist, now let's see how you fair up against Vivillion." Viola challenged Lucas's Chespin, as Lucas began to take command once again

"Chespin, go for Vine Whip!" Chespin stretched it's vines out to attack Vivillion but for some reason, Viola had a plan. "Vivillion, use your Stun Spore attack!" Vivillion spread it's wings and a yellow gas formed from it's wings as it began to take effect. Chespin's Vines did hit the Vivillion, but it only did very minimal damage to the butterfly as the Chespin was now hit with the Stun Spore. "Chespin use leech seed!" commanded Lucas as chespin shot out several seed bullets at Vivvilion but it didn't do much damage.

"Grass Type Pokemon are weak against Flying Type Pokemon; so now let's finish this off; use Gust attack now, Vivillion!" Vivillion flapped it's wings and a gush of wind surged through it knocking Chespin into the air and causing it to fall with a hard landing as the Chespin would fall unconscious.

"Chespin, is unable to battle; this round goes to Viola." said the Spectator as Lucas called back his Chespin. "You did great Chespin, very well done!" said Lucas as he took out his second Pokeball. "Go Squirtle!" Lucas called out his Squirtle as it stood ready for battle.

"Vivillion, use Sleep powder!" A Puprple dust like gas spread from Vivillion's wings as Lucas thought of a solution.

"Withdraw Squirtle!" Squirlte took cover inside it's shell as sleep powder poured onto Squirlte's shell until it ran out. "Watergun!" Squirtle shot a beam of water at Vivillion giving the butterfly Pokemon some damage.

"Go for Stun Spore!" Vivillion once again used Stun Spore on Squirtle but it only did moderate damage, but Vivillion was worse for wear due to it all ready being in abattle and was slightly weakened by Chespin.

"Squirlte go for a skull bash attack!" Lucas commanded for his Squirtle  to use Skull bash as Squirtle would  hit Vivillion directly with it's head damaging the Vivillion more.

"Gust attack now!" Viviliion once again used it's gust that it used to defeat Chespin on Squirtle but the weight of Squirtle's hard shell made it a little bit difficult to be blown in the air. "Your Squirtle can't hold on however you know." Viola made a point; even though Squirlte's shell had a weight advantage; it couldn't keep it from getting it self blown as Lucas tried thinking of a solution.

"Withdraw" once again Squirtle withdraws in it's shell as Lucas tried to think of another plan; than he realised something, when he looked over at Red. "Use your watergun inside your shell; to spin yourself around. "Squirtle shot out a blast of water from inside it's shell; as the water made Squirtle's shell spin ferouciously as the watergun began to push Squirtle into the air, as it made contact, nailing Vivillion with it's shell. "That was awesome.

"Squirlte learned Rapid Spin, and it was all because of you." Praised Red from the sidelines. I actually have you to think Red, I remember when your Squirtle used that, and it got me to thinking about how to use it.

"This battle isn't over yet; go for Stun Spore, Vivillion!" "Finish it off, with watergun!" Both Stun Spore and Watergun made contact with eachother as both attacks hit the opposite Pokemon with Squirttle getting hit with Stun Spore, and Vivillion getting hit with Water Gun. Both Pokemon stood across from eachother looking at eachother; both in exhhaustion; and after a few seconds the Vivillion fainted from losing the most after 2 battles.

"Vivillion is unable to battle; the winner of this battle is Lucas from Tazmily Village." said the Spectator as Lucas jumped up in the air celebrating as Red approached Lucas

"I did it; I won my first Pokemon Battle." Lucas said jumping up and down as he saw Red approach him. "I proud of you Lucas, you battled hard and you won your first Gym Battle, I have a feeling you will become a great Pokemon Trainer." "Thanks Red, I appreciate, how you stay beside me, and for my Pokemon for battling along side me in my first Gym Battle." The two saw Viola call back her Vivillion as she approached Lucas and Red.

"You we're really impressive for a rookie, I have a feeling if you continue to train hard; you will be an amazing Trainer, you might be able to challenge Diantha he Kalos league champion." Viola took something out of her pocket, it was a badge in the shape of a bug. "Here is the Bug Badge you earned it." Lucas took the badge with a smile. "If you continue to catch Pokemon and train them you will find yourself becoming a stronger trainer, do your best and always give it all you got." 

"I will do just that." "i'll also be here to help him Train and make him into a stronger trainer myself." said Red as he placed an arm around Lucas's shoulders as the three of them all shared a laugh.

"The Next Gym is in Cyllage City; though you may want to return to Lumoise City, and go through the southwest gate to get there, also if you run into my sister Alexa, tell her I said Hi." said Viola as Red and Lucas nodded and waved farewlel to Viola. "Take care, guys." Red and Lucas also waved goodbye to Viola as they would make their way on the road again.

"It sounds like this path to Cylliage City is going to be a long one; but if it means getting stronger than i'm up for the travel to get their." "Like a wise man once said, the Journey is even more important than the destination; anyways we better get moving and be on our way to the next city." "Right Red, let's go."

Both Red and Lucas once again made their way down the path, both with their minds set for Lucas to challenge the next Gym Leader in Cyllige City. What type of adventures await the duo? Find out in their next exciting adventure.

To be Continued.
Happy Harvest

Both Red and Lucas were walking along Route 4 taking a look at the environment and landscape, as the boys found themselves walking along the path where a beautiful garden stretched out for miles. Both Red and Lucas looked at the hedge walls and flowers and were amazed by how beautiful it looked.

"Wow check out these flowers, they look so beautiful." Red walked over to some flowers as he knelt down to stare at the beautiful flowers. Lucas also knelt down beside Red, and then a flashback flooded into his mind of the time when he and Claus would run around in a beautiful field with sunflowers along with their mother, Hinawa. He remembers the times he played tag with Claus as well as picking up flowers and giving them to their mother Hinawa as she would keep the flowers with her as memories of those days the family would share going out to those flowery fields. "Hey buddy, what are you thinking about?" Red placed a hand on Lucas's shoulder which snapped the blonde boy out of his thoughts as he looked up to his taller, brunette friend ready to speak.

"Well whenever I see flowers, it reminds me of the times me and my brother would play tag in the flowery fields back home; we also picked up flowers and gave them to our mom and she would keep them with her as memories of the days we spent out there in the fields." tears began to form in Lucas's eyes as Red took out a tissue from his jeans pocket and wiped Lucas's tears away from his eyes. 

"That sounds amazing Lucas, and I can see why you were looking at some of these flowers like that, because it reminds you of your family before that tragedy happened." Lucas gave a nod as he would embrace Red. "Even though we're on a Pokemon Journey, I don't see why we can't make some memories here on our journey for us to share as we get older."

"What do you mean by that, Red?" asked Lucas, as Red approached him with a devious smile as gently tapped Lucas's shoulder with the palm of his hand.

"Tag You're it!" cried Red as he began to run off, as a smile formed on Lucas's face, as he gave chase to Red.

"I'll get you for that, Red." Lucas took off and began to chase after Red as both boys were giggling, Red might have the advantage due to him having longer legs than Lucas; but the blonde psychic was pretty fast on his feet as he was able to catch up to Red as he tapped Red on the back with the palm of his hand. "Tag, you're it!" said Lucas as he started to make a dash down Route 4, as Red made chase to Lucas. "HAHA, you can't get me!"

"We'll see about that, little buddy!" laughed Red while Lucas taunted the Trainer, as Red began to chase Lucas around the fountain. Lucas might have been fast on his feet, but Red always had some sort of sneaky clever plan; Red turned around into another direction opposite from where Lucas ran off to, as the Blonde turned around to see where Red was at.

"Come on slowpoke, keep up with me!" Lucas taunted Red but turned around to notice, Red wasn't following him. "Red....Red, Hey Red, where did you go?" called Out Lucas as the boy heard a rustling in the bushes, and as Lucas turned to see what it was; out came Red from behind one of the hedge walls, as the Pokemon Trainer came at Lucas and playfully tackled him to the ground. "HEY; no fair!"

"HAHAHA; I got you." Red was Laughing as he had Lucas pinned down on the ground for the moment, but once Red let go of Lucas Lucas stood up and as Red was starting to get up, the blonde psychic tackled Red to the ground.

"Payback time, now, HAHAHAHA!" laughed Lucas as he now had Red pinned down for the count. The boy then looked over to one of the hedge walls and had an idea. "Want to play, Hide and go seek?"

"Ok sure, and since I hid behind the wall to get you last time, I think it's fair if you go and hide, and i'll go count to three." said Red as he turned around and closed his eyes, as the the psychic boy ran off into the Hedge maze to hide. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten ready or not here I come!" Red than took out two Pokeballs. "Ivysaur, Squirtle help me find Lucas." Red was whispering so Lucas wouldn't hear Red's plan to find him, as Red's Squirrtle and Ivysaur ran into the hedge maze to find Lucas. Squirtlle saw a spec of yellow peering through the hedges as Squirtlle let out a water gun spraying Lucas from the other side. As Red ran over to the other side and found his water soaked friend.

"RED; play fair!" yelled Lucas as Red laughed but raised his hands in surrender as he took out his pokeballs and called back Squirtlle and Ivysaur.

"OK; ok i'll go hide, and you count." said Red as he ran of to the opposite hedge maze to hide as Lucas closed his eyes and started to count

"One, Two, Three. Four, Five..." Lucas stopped at five and then had a plan, as he jumped up in the air and let out a cry. "PK Thunder" as the boy concentrated an electric projectile that looped behind him and struck him from behind giving the boy a boost through the air, as Lucas saw Red running to find a spot on for Lucas to drop in on him and fall over top of him as the boys now found themselves lying on the ground.

"Hey; that wasn't fair." said Red with a grumpy face.

"All's fair in Love and War." laughed Lucas as he stood up and helped Red up to his Feet, both boys looked at eachother and saw they were both covered in dirt and grass stains. "Wow; we're dirty, if my mom was here she'd scold me for getting my clothes dirty.

"Same Here, my mom would be the same way with me; oh well it's ok." said Red as he and Lucas both shared a laughed as they both noticed a cretaure in one of the flowers outside the hedge maze. "What's this." Red and Lucas both took out their Pokedexes to record the data of this Pokemon.

"Flabebe the Flower Fairy Pokemon; Flabebe draws out and controls the hidden power from the flower it's body may be attached to. When it finds a flower it likes, it dwells on the flower for it's whole life. It floats in the wind's embrace with an untroubled heart." Both Red and Lucas closed their Pokedexes and looked at the Fairy like Pokemon in amazement.

"Wow this is a new type of Pokemon that I have never seen before." Red looked at it as did Lucas; the Flabebe looked a bit scared but Lucas pointed his finger to the Flabebe as the fairy didn't know what to do but smiled as it tried to stretch it's tiny arms at Lucas's finger. "I think it likes you, want to capture it?"

"I don't know; I don't want to scare it or anything." Lucas thought about it for a moment and then took out a Pokeball which caused to Flabebe to turn around looking frightened. "Hey don't be scared; if you come with us we can all play together." the Flabebe thought about it for a moment as Red turned around to Lucas with something to say.

"Lucas, since i'm sure you don't want to hurt Flabebe in a battle; use this type of Pokeball to capture it a lot easier. It's a Great Ball and you can catch Pokemon a lot easier with this without having to weaken it for capture." Red gave the Pokeball to Lucas as Lucas took the ball and tossed it as the ball opened absorbing Flabebe inside of it as the ball dropped to the ground and began to move a little; the Ball looked like it could open back up but it stopped and the light in the center of the ball went out signifying it's capture.

"All right, I caught my first Pokemon." said Lucas as he and Red exchanged a high five. "I have you to thank."

"Your welcome, Lucas you know I've got your back no matter what." as red and Lucas started celebrating Lucas's first capture the boys heard some noises nearby. "Sounds like something is coming!" Both boys walked over to the grass cause the sound was coming from the path in the center. It was a Truck as the truck made a stop in front of the boys as a man got out of the Truck and greeted Red and Lucas.

"Hello there; are you boys lost or are you going somewhere?" asked the man

"We're heading to Santalune City."

"Well you're in luck i'm heading that way to deliver some flowers and produce; perhaps you boys would like a ride?" offered the man as the boys turned to eachother.

"I dunno Red, my mom told me never to accept rides from strangers."

"Hmmmm, you got a point but maybe we can trust him, let's see if we can." the boys than turned to the man.

"How can we trust, you?"

"You don't trust me, awwww don't worry about me, i'm a gardener and I care about flowers, plants, vegetables, fruit, and taking care of Pokemon." the man then called out two Pokemon from his Pokeballs, a Diglet and a Polywag.

"Well I guess we can." said Red as he and Lucas nodded their heads.

"I could use a some help harvesting my fruits and vegetables, lately some bandits have been stealing my produce from me and I need to get some Produce over to Santalune City."

That's terrible, don't worry mister, me and Red will help you with your produce and keep any thieves from taking your stuff." said Lucas as he and Red both smiled as the man looked happy to have some help.

"Thanks boys, hop on in and we'll start picking up vegetables and keep a look out for any bandits in my Garden at my House nearby." both Red and Lucas got in the bed of the truck as the man started the truck and drove over to a small farm which had a beautiful fruit and vegetable garden. As the truck was making it's way to the house the boys noticed a band of punk teenagers tampering with the fruits and vegetables.

"Oh no there's some no good punks trying to take your stuff."

"So that's them, well let's take care of them."

"Come on Red, let's show these losers not to mess with us." as the truck stopped both Red and Lucas jumped off the bed of the truck to approach the teenagers.

"Hey you guys, why don't you put those fruits and vegetables back." yelled Red as the punks looked at them.

"Yeah, and what are you dweebs going to do if we don't!" threatened on of the guys wearing a leather jacket and with a blue mohawk.

"We challenge you both to a Pokemon battle."

"Ok have it your way. Go Spinarak!" one of the boys called out the Spider Pokemon Spinarak. "Go Ekans." called the other boy bringing out the Snake Pokemon Ekans.

"Go Squirtle!" Lucas called out his Squirtle. "Go Fennekin." Red called Out Fennekin as both Red and Lucas stood ready to battle the punks.

"Ekans use Poison Sting!"" commanded one of the boys as it let out a poisonous sting from it's Mouth,

"Fennekin, dodge and use Ember attack." Fennekin shot out a small breath of fire weakening the Ekans, mean while Lucas was commanding Squirttle to attack Spinarak.

"Squirtle use water gun on Spinarak."

"Spinarak, Pin Missle." both Water gun and Pin Missile both hit directly and it did rather moderate damage to eachother as both Trainers made more commands to attack. "Spinarak, use String Shot." The Spinarak shot out a webby string to attach itself to Squirttle but Lucas remembered something from what Red told him about defensive tactics.

"Squirttle, Withdraw at once." The Squirttle hid itself inside it's shell to avoid the effect of being tied up by String Shot, as the shell of Squrttle was to hard to be constricted as the webbed string broke from Squirttle's hard shell. Another thought in Lucas's mind snapped in him, as he remembered Red using withdraw on Squirttle who then would spin around in it's shell using it's Hydraulics to move it and dash forward for a time, as Lucas looked to use the same thing.

"Spinarak use tackle attack." ordered the punk as he commanded his Spinarak to tackle Squirtle as Lucas stood ready to attack back.

"Squirttle use water gun to spin yourself in your shell and attack Spinarak using a dash attack." Squirttle would use it's water gun while inside it's shell to dash itself and connect with Spinarak's tackle and with Squirttle's shell being harder, the Dash dis some damage to the spider Pokemon now weakening it's defenses completely.

"Spinarak, bite attack now." "Squirttle, Skull bash attack now." as the Spinarak looked to attack Squirttle with bite, Squirttle would knock Spinarak with a strong skull bash attack, after the skull bash made contact, Spinarak was defeated as Lucas won a Pokemon battle as Red used Fennekin's ember attack once again to finish off the other boy's Ekans. "Now you losers leave this place now, and don't ever come back to steal what isn't your's." The two punks retreated and ran away as Red and Lucas celebrated their victory with a high five.

"That was impressive Luke, you're really starting to get better as a Trainer." Red patted Lucas's hair as the blonde looked over to the taller boy with a smile.

"Thanks Red, i've learned a lot about Pokemon from watching you from our adventure during that whole Subspace Invasion." Lucas said as Red smiled at the boy, as the Gardener returned examining his crops, making sure there was no damage.

"Well thank you for helping me boys, I should reward you for your efforts." Red and Lucas both nodded their heads as they all began to hear rumbling in the distance and the skies starting to get darker. "Oh no looks like a storm is coming; can you boys help me dig these vegetables and fruit out, I need to hurry and safely deliver these to Santalune City, and i'm not going to let any type of weather to prevent me from doing so.
"Well let's do this, go Dugdrio, Ivysaur, and Geodude go and help dig up those vegetables and fruits." Red called out three Pokemon Dugdrio, Ivysaur, and Geodude as they immediateley went to work harvesting the crops.

"Chespin, help Red's Pokemon harvest everything." Lucas called out his Chespin as it helped the other Pokemon to harvest the crops.

"Here boys, take these shovels and dig as best you can, we need to get as many in the truck as we can." The Gardener gave both Red and Lucas two shovels as the boys began to shovel up the dirt around the crops as the rumble of thunder was starting to get closer. The Pokemon and the two boys were digging as hard as they could, and was able to free some crops as both Red and Lucas carried the crops over to the bed of the Truck as rain began falling down on the scene. "We better hurry before that rain gets any worse." The Gardener called out his Diglet to burrow under the ground to loosen the ground surrounding the crops as the Gardnerer carried more crops over to the truck. Red and Lucas were starting to struggles as the rain water falling on the ground was making the ground more moist and making the dirt more difficult the dig up as the dirt was now resembling mud.  But Red and Lucas were both able to gather the last of the crops along with all of the Pokemon as they finished loading the bed of the truck, as Red, Lucas, and the Gardener called back their Pokemon as the Gardener went to grab a tarp to put over the bed of the truck, as Red and Lucas both got in the Backseat of the truck as the Gardener finished tightening the tarp over the bed securing the vegetables. "All right boys, let's go." The man got in the drivers side of the truck, put the key into the ignition, started up the truck, and drove off as rain began to pour all over Route 4.

"All right, we made it." said Red as he and Lucas began to breath heavily from doing all of that work in so very little time. "Yeah, the rain came very fast, but now all of the crops are safe so we'll be heading to Santalune City shortly." both Red and Lucas were looking tired after all they started the day playing games like tag and hide and seek, to helping the gardener fight off a band of thieves from taking his crops, to digging up the crops to carry in to the truck before te storm got any worse as the man needed to get all of his crops delivered into town. Just as Red and Lucas were about to rest for the ride, the truck his a bump that shook up the truck as several crops went flying out of the bed and then the truck came to a screeching halt. 

"DAG NABBIT! the Truck is stuck in the mud." The driver had his foot on the gas pedal but the truck wasn't budging as both Red and Lucas got out of the truck and noticed one of the back wheels was stuck deep in a mud hole; also Red and Lucas also noticed several vegetables were missing.

"Some of your vegetables fell out i'll go back and get them." Red than took out a Pokeball and out of it came Charizard. "Charizard use strength to push the truck out of that whole; Lucas help push the truck with Charizard, i'll let you know when I got the left over vegetables." Red said as he ran off to retrieve the vegetables that fell out of the Truck as Red called out Ivysaur. "Ivysaur use vine whip and get a hold of as many vegetables as you can to take back to the truck." Ivysaur nodded and stretched out it's vines to gather as many vegetables as it could while Red ran over to pick up some vegetables and ran over to the truck to drop them off as both Lucas and Charizard was trying as hard as they could to budge the truck but it wasn't enough. Ivysaur got a hold of all of the other vegetables as Red took them and placed them back into the bed of the Truck as Red looked at Lucas and Charizard attempting to push the truck but it wasn't enough. "Ivysaur help push the truck." commanded Red as Ivysaur stood next to Charizard and used it's head to push the truck. Red also went up to the back of the truck and stood next to his best friend Lucas, as Red also helped push the truck as the truck was starting to budge and the wheel was starting to slowly rise out of the whole it was stuck in; however a pumpkin rolled out of the truck unaware to the group of kids and Pokemon that was pushing the truck out of the hole, fell underneath Red and Lucas's legs as Red's foot unsuspectingly stood on top of the pumpkin which caused Red to lose his balance and slip and fall on his left knee on the ground as Lucas looked over to Red who was clutching his knee.

"Red are you ok?" Lucas asked as he was concerned about Red being hurt and noticed the pumpkin the rolled out of the truck as Lucas picked it up and tossed it back into the bed of the truck. "Yeah, it's just a slight sprain, we got to get this truck out of the hole." Lucas helped Red up to his feet but Red was limping on one leg as he used whatever strength he still had as he, Lucas, Charizard, and Ivysaur all made another effort to push the wheel out of the hole, as they were finally able to remove the truck from the hole, as the Gardener was relieved that he can now finish his delivery. The Rain had stopped and the clouds began to break up as the sun started to shine on Route 4 was again as Red called back Ivysaur and Charizard, but at the same time leaned himself against the bed of the truck clutching his knee. "Here let me help you back into the truck." "Thanks buddy, I appreciate it!" smiled Red as he placed an arm over Lucas as Lucas helped support Red who was limping on one leg back into the bed of the truck, but before they got back in, the boys began to notice something strange as what looked like the Legendary Pokemon Mew, was floating in a bubble and ascending into the sky. "that's Mew, how did it get here?" thought Red wondering how Mew got into the Kalos region as Mew disappeared off into the distance from where they saw it. 

"Come on boys, we need to get to the Santalune Market before it closes." said the Gardener as Lucas and Red both nodded as Lucas helped Red into the truck as the boys both returned to the back of the truck as the driver started the truck again, continuing it's run to Santalune City. 

During the ride Lucas lifted up Red's pants leg and noticed a cut on Red's left knee, as well as some bruising around his knee. "I got some rubbing alcohol and bandages in my backpack." Lucas picked up Red's backpack and searched around and found some tissues, rubbing alcohol, and some bandages, as Lucas opened up the alcohol and applied some to a tissue and began to clean the blood off of Red's knee. Red winced as the alcohol burned at the open wound that Lucas was applying the tissue to but Red knew Lucas was helping him out, and after cleaning the blood of the cut on his knee, Lucas applied a bandage to cover up the cut on Red's knee and Lucas applied his lips to Red's Knee and gave it a kiss which made Red blush a little. "What was that for?" asked Red a bit confused as Lucas looked up at him

"Sorry I was just kissing your knee to make it better." Red Laughed as did Lucas since a lot of parents kiss their child's boo boos to make them better, and since Lucas was like family to Red; he didn't mind at all of Lucas kissing his knee to make it better. The Truck had come to a stop as the Gardener, Red, and Lucas were now in Santalune City, and they made it just before dusk. 

"All right, we're here boys, let's unload these vegetables and get paid." said the Gardener, as he along with Red and Lucas took out some crates of fruits and vegetables and carried them over to the town's market. After they finished unloading the Gardener shook hands with another man in front of the Market.

"Thank you for delivering these beautiful assortments of fruits and Vegetables from Route 4. Here is your money, for all of your hard work." said the man as he took out some money as the gardener looked over to Red and Lucas.

"I couldn't have done it without the help of these two boys; they deserve most of the credit." the man smiled and gave both Red and Lucas some money for helping the Gardener deliver the fruits and vegetables.

"There's nothing wrong with earning nice things after a day of hard work; which is why we as Pokemon Trainers look to work hard at everything we do in order to achieve our goals and for that we were very happy to help volunteer our services to help those in need in order to gain more experiences on our adventure and to learn what it's like to show what hard work can pay off." Red said as he was still being held on by Lucas and was still limping on one leg.

"We want to reach for our goals and will work hard and help each other out and anyone else out along the way; because the best way to be remembered for what you do, is to go out and work hard to help those and that will take you a step further in living your dreams; that is something me and Red will learn on our Pokemon Journey." 

"That's great to hear, how the two of you boys have such passion to work hard and achieve your goals; and since your trainers the Santalune City Gym is just a short way from here." the man noticed Red limping on one leg as did the Gardener. "Son I think you might need to go see the Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center to examine your leg to make sure you're ok." 

"Right, that and it would probably be the best idea for us to take our Pokemon there and let them rest there before Lucas here battles the Gym leader; what do you say Lucas?" Red looked over to Lucas as the smaller blonde boy smiled at them

"Right, i'm starting to get tired after all we've done today." said Lucas with a yawn as Red also let out a yawn too.

"Then you might want to stay the night at the Pokemon Center as well; and when you're fully rested and ready to go; than that would be the best chance you have at challenging the Gym Leader. Well I must be off now; thank you so much for your help boys, and I wish the both of you luck on your journey together."

"Right, and we hope to stop by and see your garden again soon as well mister." said Lucas as the man got in his truck and started it and raised his hand out the window waving a farewell wave as both Red and Lucas waved back at the Gardener as the man drove off into the sunset as both Red and Lucas made their way to the Pokemon Center "Are we ready to see what tomorrow brings?" asked Lucas looking up at Red whom he was still supporting on one bad leg. " "I'm ready for whatever comes our way, bro." said Red as both he and Lucas walked inside the Pokemon Center.

After a long day of hard work and dedication both Red and Lucas learned a valuable lesson of what teamwork, friendship, and helping out others can bring to you, as the boys now look to rest up for the night to challenge the Santalune City Gym Leader, is Lucas ready for his first ever Gym Battle? Find out next time on "Surrogate Brothers."

To Be Continued.
Surrogate Brothers: Chapter 3
Red and Lucas make their way to Santalune City, off Route 4; what kind of adventures awaits the duo? find out in this chapter. All characters belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, and HAL
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