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Desperate Times

The Antilight was starting to cover the Earth at a slow but dangerous pace, humans and other beings all over the world were starting to see this Darkness develop and monsters dropping out of the shadows to attack any innocent civilian. The Power of the Antilight was also draining the energy of humans everywhere as they began to feel helpless against it's power as the pores of the Antilight begin to enter the bodies of any human that is standing under the veil of Antilight. Back at the Gathering Hall the Antilight has made it's way through the barriers that tried it's best to block it, but failed as most of Nintendo's Greatest Heroes have been infected with the Antilight, and they were moving like Zombies. But only a select few have been saved Mario along Link, Pit, Yoshi, Kirby, Pit, Peach, Zelda, Rosalina, Palutena, and Viridi watching in disbelief, as they witnessed their allies, under control by the Antilight.

"Our allies have been taken over by the power of the Antilight, we need them to restore the Purelight. Palutena said, as they heard the voice of Emi, the little girl, that's been orchestrating everything laughing at what she is doing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Where is your precious Purelight plan now; you failed hard, now prepare to serve Lord Daraku FOREVER!" 

"You listen here, you're still a human, and a spoiled brat at the most." Viridi said to Emi as the Possessed Child approached the Goddess of Nature.

"You dare to call me spoiled, you hate humans and punish them with your reset bomb all because they're messing up your precious nature, isn't that right Viridi?"

"Maybe, but we all share the common enemy in Daraku, and as for you Emi, you're a human possessed by Daraku, your parents were killed and...." before Viridi was finished a ball of Dark Energy struck her  knocking down the Nature Goddess.

"Never ever speak about me having any Human relations, you may be a Goddess but the power of the Antilight, can destroy even the mightiest of Gods; enough talk, minions, finish them off, right now!" Emi ordered, as all of a sudden time itself began to freeze, as Chronos the God of Time came through a portal and approached Mario and his allies.

"Mario, I have stopped the flow of time so you and your allies can gather the objects to reform the Purelight, grab them and hurry through the portal to Subtime, Time will be restored and I can't hold this forever, so get moving."  Chronos ordered As Mario, Link, Pit, Yoshi, and Kirby dashed over to grab the following The Krazoa Spirits which were held inside of a Krazoa Stone, The Sound Stone with the Eight Melodies, The Azure Flute, The Sools, and the Luminoth Crystals. After gathering them and the Star Rod they along with The Princesses and the Two Goddesses all followed Chronos through the Portal to Subtime as Time returned to normal with Emi breaking free from being temporarily frozen in time. 

"So that time God thought he could freeze time just to get the Purelights formed, well then looks like i'll half to send my Master's Right and Left Hands to follow them adn crush them; come my pets, let us go and terrorize the very world that you tried so hard to save." Emi said as she lead the Possessed Heroes out of the Gathering Hall as Chronos and the remaining heroes all found themselves in the Realm of Subtime.

"Lord Permissible, we have returned with the things needed to restore the Purelight."

"It's about time; please hurry, I feel the power of the Antilight already starting to break through here." Permissible said as he pointed out what looked like the Antilight cracking through the skies of Subtime." There isn't much time, get the items, and let's bring the fight to the Antilight." Mario and his allies gathered the Luminoth Crystals, the Sools, and The Rod and activated them together along with releasing the Krazoa spirits around them. "Now can one of you take the Flute and play it to the melody of the eight melodies and can someone sing the lyrics?"

"My ancestor played the Ocarina to go through time to defeat Ganondorf, I can try the Eon Flute." Link said picking up the Eon Flute.

"The First Zelda, was able to sing a song about the Gods, and being the reincarnation of Hylia, her voice is my guide, and i'll look at the words and sing them." Zelda said picking up the Sound Stone.

"Zelda activate the Sound Stone so Link can remember how the sound goes and he can record it on the Eon Flute than at the same time, Zelda, you can start to sing the Lyrics." Permissible said as Link and Zelda both looked at the Sound Stone as they activated a Beautiful Melody from the stone as the Two Hylians closed their eyes and let their long ears listen to the sound. After the Melody ended Link looked at the Notes and began to play them on the Eon Flute as Zelda let her voice be heard.

"Take a melody, Simple as can be Give it some words and Sweet harmony Raise your voices, All day long now, Love grows strong now Sing a melody of love Oh, love. Love is the power Love is the glory Love is the beauty And the joy of spring. Love is the magic Love is the story Love is the melody We all can sing." Zelda sang while Link played the Melody on the Eon Flute as all of a sudden beams of light began to swirl around them.

"This is it, the Purelight, it's reforming, Rosalina, Palutena, Viridi, do you know the Chant?"

"Yeah, Yeah, we remember the silly chant, well maybe not Rosalina but me and Palutena do, so try to follow along Rosalina." Viridi said as they all gathered to make some chant. "Light of the Purelight, protect us from the wicked of the Darkness of the Antilight; Light of the Purelight, please save us from your eternal enemy, Daraku."

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" said a voice as both Master and Crazy Hand had found a way into Subtime.

"It's Master and Crazy Hand and it appears that they both are under the control of the Antilight; we can't let them stop the Purelight from forming.

"Mario and I will give these Hands a Handful, let's do this." Pit said making a bad pun as Mario nodded as the Angel and the Heroic Plumber all made their way to Master and Crazy Hand ready to fight. As The Goddesses continued to make the chant to restore the Purelight until all of a sudden some shooting was heard which broke the Goddesses concentration.

"Now what?" Palutena asked as a figure, flying in the sky came down and a gate opened and a shadowy foot stomped on the ground knocking everyone back. The figure descended and it appears to be a woman with black glasses, a mole on her face, black hair and wearing a black outfit wielding two pistols and even had some pistols mounted on her shoes; and had a lollipop in her mouth. "Who are you?"

"The name is Bayonetta, I am an Umbra Witch, and you appear to be connected to the Lumen Sages?" The woman said as she stared at the Goddess of Light.

"Lumen Sages, i'm afraid i've never heard of those before, we're trying to restore the Purelight to save the world from the power of the Antilight, and you interrupted us."

"Oh my apologies, it's just i at the clothing and the light, it made me think you were one of those damned Lumen Sages."

"Excuse me, this is a Family Story, can you please watch the language, and also would you please tell us what these Lumen Sages are?"

"Well little girl, if you want to know, Lumen sages are a group of light dwelling angels that protect a realm known as Paradiso, and my Father was a Lumen Sage and my Mother was an Umbra Witch; however their pact together caused a war between both clans that engulfed Europe in chaos with the Umbra Witches eliminating just about most of the Lumen Sages, all except for my Father, Balder." Bayonetta explained as Palutena, Viridi, and Rosalina listening to her story.

"So you're a witch born from both a Lumen Sage and a Umbra Witch, and it caused a war between the two clans; don't you think there needs to be peace between the two clans?" Palutena asked as Bayonetta twirled the Lollipop in her mouth. 

"My Father was corrupted by Loptr, a being that represents half of the God of Chaos: Aesir; he was the one who orchestrated the Witch Hunts and to kill every last Umbra Witch, and I became the Target of those Angels, as My Father looked to resurrect Jubileus, to allow Pardiso to rule over the Universe."

"So Aesir was the reason behind your hatered for us Angels; listen, we can understand your grudge, but we are not your enemies, we are trying to prevent the powerful Antilight from consuming the Entire Universe, and defeat the Demon God Daraku." 

"Did you just say, Daraku? I believe i've heard something about an evil God that wanted to consume the Universe with Antilight, but only thought it was just a Fairy Tale us Umbra Witches heard about, so if you Goddesses are not with the Lumen Sages than I will go ahead and let you go back to forming your Purelight, though some little girl told me that you were Lumen Sages working to try to banish us Umbra Witches with your Purelight."

"Who told you that?"

"I believe her name was, Emi."

"That Emi is a little girl that is being controlled by Daraku; her Family was taken by the Antilight Army and Daraku is using Emi to help spread terror to all of humanity."

"That's terrible, i hope there's a way we can save this little girl, for now, restore this Purelight so we may put an end to Daraku's ploy once and for all." Bayonetta said as Palutena, Viridi, and Rosalina once again made their chant.  "Light of the Purelight, protect us from the wicked of the Darkness of the Antilight; Light of the Purelight, please save us from your eternal enemy, Daraku." They chanted as some lightning began to spark around them as they would see a glowing light, shine all around them.  Master Hand and Crazy Hand was overpowering Mario and Pit and were making their way towards the platform that the Purelight was reforming at, but all of a sudden Bayonetta's Weaves created the form of two giant hands and punched both Master Hand and Crazy Hand sending them both flying. After that the entire surroundings began to morph together and feel like they are becoming merged with the light side of the Twilight Realm, Light Aether and just about every world that represents light as the Power of Purelight began to shine around the fighters as Master Hand and Crazy Hand both retreated back to the Antilight.

"We did it we have restored the Antilight!" Palutena said as Permissable approached them.

"We have restored the Power of the Purelight, now it is time we take the fight to the Antilight, and put an end to their evil, but first we need to restore your comrades that have been taken over by the power of the Antilight.

"Right, so we just make our way back to the Gathering Hall and use the Purelight to restore everybody back to normal?" Rosalina said as Permissable shook his head.

"Unfortunately Emi has taken our allies out of the Gathering Hall and is using them to wreak Havoc all over the world, while under Daraku's control."

"We need to find where they are and restore them immediately before they cause anymore damage; I hope we're not too late." Palutena said as Mario and Link made their way to the platform as everyone nodded in agreement.

"Right now our allies have been separated into different parts of our world causing Havoc; the first group we need to save is Robin, Lucina, Shulk, and Ness they are attacking Ness's Hometown of Onett, and Ness's Family is worried for him, we need to restore him along with Shulk, Robin, and Lucina."

"What about Mewtwo, he's more important in helping us?" Rosalina asked as Permissible looked over at Bayonetta.

"Umbra Witch, if you want to truly prove that you are a trustworthy ally, than please use some of the power of the Purelight to restore Mewtwo, he has been a leader to everybody in the fight against the Antilight, and we really need to restore him back to his old self." Permissible said as Bayonetta looked at the lord of Subtime, unsure what to do.

"Who is this, Mewtwo?" Bayonetta asked while licking a Red Lollipop.

"Mewtwo is a Psychic Pokemon and one of the most strongest Pokemon ever, he is a clone of the Pokemon Mew, I can't explain in full detail, just take this Purelight Crystal and use it on Mewtwo to restore him back to his old self, i'll open a portal to send you at the location he is at right now." Pemissible said creating a portal as Bayonetta ran over to the portal and found her self inside the Cathedral like Kalos Pokemon League, however it was in ruins after the attack from the Antilight Army.

"Reminds me of Vigrid in a way." Bayonetta said as she began to hear a noise, and saw a Bipedal Cat Creature with the Antilight surrounding it. "So you must be Mewtwo, well than, looks like it looks like it's up to me to make this Cat, behave. Bayonetta said as she took out er pistols and began shooting at Mewtwo as Mewtwo would use it's psychic powers to dodge the bullets.

"HAHAHAHA! So Umbra Witch, you've decided to help those heroes out, well let me tell you something, you will never restore Mewtwo." said Emi appearing behind Mewtwo.

"We'll see about that, Little one; i'm not here to kill, i'm here to save."

"You think you can save a Pokemon with an evil heart, HAHAHAH take a look for yourself." Emi said as she and Bayonetta were transported to the Island where Mewtwo resides in, as several Trainers and their Pokemon were under attack by Mewtwo. 

"Hey you, it's time for you to be brought back to reality, you are a hero that's supposed to lead heroes, to save the world." 

"I am no hero, I am Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon in the world, and my intentions are to destroy this world."

"Well my intentions is to whip a Naughty Cat like, and I can see your under the control of the Antilight." 

"I am under no control, I am in charge of my own destiny; now prepare to be destroyed." Mewtwo saud firing a Psychic Ball at Bayonetta's Direction, but the Umbra Witch would jump in the air and avoid the attack and then tossed a Purelight Crystal and activated it's power, as Purelight began to surround the area. "What is this, no, NOOOOO!" Mewtwo screamed as Mewtwo's eyes went back to normal and he looked over at the power that was surrounding him. "The Purelight, it's..."

"NO; you are under my control, now destroy that Umbra Witch!"

"No one controls me, especially you Emi, you should not allow yourself to be under Daraku's control; It was him that killed your parents." Mewtwo said as Emi looked over at Mewtwo as something flashed through her eyes.

"Mommy, Daddy, how did you....No my only family is......." Emi was starting to feel conflicted as Purelight surrounded her as she saw a vision of a Little House in a Little Village with hills, trees, and everybody is friendly. There lived the same little girl, in her house playing with Pokemon Toys.

"Jigglypuff can sing, and so can I; one day I want to find a Jigglypuff, be it's friend and become a singer, everyone will love our duet, I can imagine it now. "The Light, as bright as the sun, looking through my window and seeing my friends have fun. Bright Blue Skies, tall trees and birds flying up above; taking into the beauty of the world I love." sang Emi as she heard a voice call out to her.

"Emi, time for breakfast?" called out a voice as Emi put down her toys and moved away from the window. 

"Coming Mommy." The girl said as she made her way downstairs as the Present Emi began to shake her head in and tried to stop the memory. "No this isn't real, this is only an illusion; how can that vile light, create such a false memory?"

"That is no False memory; that is your home, before it was destroyed by Daraku; try to remember, your love of Pokemon, Your Family and Friends, your dreams of becoming a singer."

"No, I will not listen to you, I will go back to Master Daraku and continue to consume this world with Antilight, just because you broke the Power of the Antilight, doesn't mean you can save the others; this world will belong to Lord Daraku, and every soul from every race in this Universe will belong to Master Daraku as well, try to play your mind games the best you can; because it's already to late." Emi said as she dissapeared into a Portal of Antilight as Mewtwo and Bayonetta looked at eachother.

"Thank you for saving me; I was able to be saved because deep down in my mind, I was struggling to fight the hold Emi had over me.

"It was no problem; though at first Emi tried to Manipulate me thinking you Purelight Heroes were against my Clan known as the Umbra Witches."

"We don't even have any idea what Umbra Witches are, the true enemy is Daraku and the Antilight, for now I need to rejoin the others so we can save the rest of our allies."

"Right, however my dear friend Jeanne is trapped in the Inferno and I need to save her."

"The Inferno; what is the Inferno?"

"It's pretty much Hell, where all of us Witches go for making a pact with the Devil."

"Similiar in a way to the Underworld, ruled by Hades; in any case, if you help us stop the Antilight Invasion, we can help you free your friend from this Inferno place."

"Ok it's a deal."Bayonetta said as she and Mewtwo nodded together. Meanwhile back in The Antilight Realm, Everyone had gathered around as they had Eavesdropped on Bayonetta's conversation with Mewtwo.

"Did you hear that, Lord Daraku; apparently there's this realm called Inferno, where Evil Souls gather in the Afterlife; I think there's a chance we can merge their world with our's and the Antilight will be so strong, that those Purelight Heroes will fall to their knees at our might." said Majora, looking over as Daraku's Voice could be heard.

Indeed, We must make our way to Mount Fimbulvter, and take the Inferno and make it a part of the Antilight, in the meantime, Shadow Queen, I want you to go to the Underworld, and kill Medusa; we can merge the Underworld with the Antilight as well, and I want every purgatorial soul, for myself; as soon as that;s done, we finished off this Universe, by covering the Entire Universe with the Antilight." Daraku said as all of his minions nodded ready for their next move.

The Purelight has bee nrestored, and with new allies joining, it looks like there might be some hope; however, the Antilight Army is looking to further expand; what plans does Daraku have that involves both The Underworld and Inferno; and what about Emi, what else will we find out about her origins, and how she became affiliated with Daraku? More answers to the questions will be revealed in the next chapter of The Antilight Invasion."

To Be Continued.
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 9
Can the heroes restore the Purelight, now that their allies have been taken over by the Power of the Antilight. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Falling Stars, Bloody Scars

Star Haven, a peaceful utopia where the Star Kids that are fully raised in Starborn Valley become adult stars, looking to fulfill the wishes of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom alongside the help of the Seven Star Spirits, and the Star Rod. Mario, Link, Pit, Kirby, Yoshi, Peach, Zelda, Rosalina, Palutena, and Viridi all made their way to the peaceful Star Haven taking a look in awe of it's beauty.

"This place looks so pretty; i get a feeling of peace everywhere I turn, this looks like something out of a fairy tale." Pit said in his usual, upbeat tone.

"Pit, try to stay focused, we need to get the Star Rod, luckily Rosalina has ties here, so we can snag the Star Rod, before Daraku's forces learn of this place."

"Princess Peach, is that you?" cried a voice, as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom looked around, somewhat recognizing the voice.

"Huh, is that....TWINK?" said Peach as a little Star being, as it floated over Peach and Mario. 

"Princess Peach, Mario it's me Twink, you remember me, when we took the Star Rod back from Bowser and saved the Mushroom Kingdom."

"Hello Twink, it's good to see you again." Peach said as she smiled as Twink floated over the group. "Who are these guys?"

"There are our friends, this is Link he's a Hero from the land of Hyrule, That's Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, Pit the Angel of light and a general in the Skyworld Army, The Goddess of Light Palutena, and the Goddess of Nature Rosalina, oh do you happen to know Rosalina?"Mario said as everybody nodded  and smiled as Twink approached Rosalina.

"So you're the Queen of the Cosmos?"

"Hello Star Child; it's good to know that you are safe under the care of the Star Spirits."

"Indeed Queen Rosalina, Eldstar and the others have helped me out in granting wishes to all those in the Mushroom Kingdom, however, the Guardian down at Shooting Star Summit, has told me that all of the wishes from the stars are fading as a result of the Antilgiht."

"This is indeed a terrible situation, but Twink, we need to obtain the Star rod in order to restore the Purelight, and combat the Antilight."

"All right, my Queen, let's go tell Eldstar and the other Star Spirits what's going on?" Twink said, just then, the bright and sparkly Star Haven began to get covered in the Darkness of the Antilight As Mario and his allies looked in horror. "Oh no, we're too late, they're here." 

"Not if we put a stop to it, before it spreads, Link you and Pit defend Star Haven from the Antilight, i'm going into the Star Shrine with Peach, Yoshi, and Kirby to take the Star Rod, anybody else just stay with Link and Pit." Mario said as everybody nodded. Mario jumped on Yoshi and Road off into the Palace with Peach riding a Warp Star with Kirby as they make their way inside the palace as Link, pit, Zelda, Rosalina, Palutena, Virdi, and Twink stood ready to fight as Shadow Beasts, Ings, Aparoids, and Shadow Soldiers began to drop from the Antilight Portal. Mario made his way inside the Shrine to find the Star Rod still in the Center and the Seven Star Spirits Guarding it, with their very existence. "Seven Star Spirits, I need the Star Rod; the world is in serious danger, right now Star Haven is under attack by the power of the Antilight.

"Greetings Mario, Wait a minute, did you just say the Antilight; and they're here at Star Haven?" Eldstar asked looking worried as Mario nodded."This is indeed grim, The Antilight has been reformed, and it's true, the Star Rod is needed to reform the Purelight; Mario go ahead and take the Star Rod with you, you and your allies are this Universe's Hope for freedom." Just as Mario was about to approach the Star Rod all of a Sudden the Star Rod shattered into pieces and the Seven Star Spirits turned into Star dust, as the bright sanctuary would be morphed into a nightmare made by none other than the Antilight.

"Twinkle Twinkle, little stars; how I hate, everything you are; may your light, shatter like glass; may the nightmares, haunt the mass. Shatter Shatter little stars, how I love, humanity's scars. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Girl began to sing as Mario began to hold his head, and looked over at the girl.

"Who are you?" Mario asked the girl as she skipped over to him.

"I'm Emi; tell me, are you really a true hero, all you do is rescue this dumb Princess; she is useless to you."  Emi said as she looked over at Princess Peach.

"Mario is a real hero, he saves me from Bowser and from the Shadow Queen."

"HAHAHAHA! Do you think the Shadow Queen would die after Mario defeated her and saved you; no she lives, those that share the blood of Daraku can never truly be destroyed."

"Little Girl, why are you here, and where is your family?"

"My name is EMI, and my family is the Antilight!"

"That can't be right, please come with us, we can help you."

"Help me, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA; it's you that needs help, you always need help because you are weak." Just then Peach found herself in some candlelit corridor as she began to hear a very bone chilling laugh.

"Hello, where am I, Mario, where are you?"

"MARIOOOOOOO, isn't going to save you this time, Princess!" Princess Peach turned around to find the Shadow Queen behind her, as Peach was struck with fear, as the very Shadow Queen possessed her body, and has returned. "We meet again, Princess Peach, last time I took your body, but your knight saved you and defeated me, but now i'm back with the blood of the Antilight, and now I shall have your SOUL!" The Shadow Queen said as the candles began to bleed, and the Antilight it self began to surround the corridor, as Princess Peach took off running. Peach saw a door but a wall of fire blocked her way as she was trapped as the Princess began screaming for Mario to rescue her.

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Peach cried as the Shadow Queen closed in on her until she heard a voice. 

"Peach....Peach.....PEEEEEEEAAAAAAAACH!" Peach all of a sudden was snapped back into reality along with Mario by the Star Spirits who we're still floating over guarding the Star Rod. "An illusion created by the Antilight."

"That was a horrible nightmare, i'm happy it wasn't real." Peach said holding onto Mario, as Mario approached the Star Rod. 

"Mario, go ahead and take the Star Rod and make haste back to Mewtwo and then we will bring the fight to the Antilight." Eldstar said as Mario picked up the Star Rod as explosions outside were heard. "Mario, defend tar Haven at all costs, and bring the Star Rod to Subtime, I'll contact Mewtwo to pick you up." Mario nodded as he took the Star Rod with him as he along with Peach, Kirby, and Yoshi dashed outside with Link, Pit, Rosalina, Pauletena, and Virdi all under attack by the Koopalings.

"Surrender the Star Rod, or all of the stars will be shattered at the Mercy of the Antilight." Bowser Jr. said as he and the Koopalings charged at Mario and his allies as the heroes held their own against the group of heroes, however Pit was blindsided from behind as he looked up at Dark Pit standing over him.

"As always, copycat is in my way; too bad for you; this will mark your end." Dark Pit said pointing his staff at Pit only to get a kick in the gut as Pit jumped to his Feet

"I refuse to be finished; you joined the Antilight, now it's time for me to bring you back to your senses." Pit said as he began to fight with his Darker Doppleganger; meanwhile above the Battlefield was Majora and Zant that were facing the direction of the Moon.''

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA; now to bring our plan into motion; and make sure the Purelight doesn't fully reform." Zant said as Majora extended his hand and began to chant a Spell.

"SA MA FU LE NI NO LA SO TO HAIL DARAKU" Majora chanted as some Dark energies began to surround the moon as a Face appeared and the eyes of Majora glowed and began to move. The Moon began to make it's descent, as the Purelight heroes was able to get a break from fighting and looked in horror at the moon that was slowly descending on Star Haven.

"Oh no, the Moon; this is just like what my Ancestor had to deal with in Termina; Majora and Zant." Link said as Zant and Majora moved over into Link's direction and approached the Hylian Hero.

"So you're the next of the blood line, it's just too bad he never found his true friend, because she's dead and soon this whole Universe will be as well." Link drew his sword as he charged at Majora only to be blasted by one of Zant's Hand Projectiles. Zant approached Link and drew a blade out of his sleeve only to be attacked by Palutena.

"So you're trying to bring the moon down on us, well we got news for you, we're taking the Star Rod and restoring the Purelight, so try and stop us, demon."

"How convenient, A Goddess that wants to join with mortals to try to stop us the Antilight Army; face facts, you Gods don't stand a chance against Daraku."

"We sealed him before, we'll seal him again." Palutena said taking her staff against Majora's Dark Magic; meanwhile Mewtwo was receiving a telepathic transmission from Eldstar.

"Mewtwo, this is Eldstar, Mario has taken the Star Rod, please make a portal sending him back so the preparations to restore the Purelight can be made."

"Roger, i'll open a portal right....just then portals began to open and Shadow Beasts, Ings, Shadow Sirens, Aparoids, Antilight Cyber Demons all began to surround the heroes in the Gathering Hall. "Oh no,  how did they find us?"


"It's that girl again, listen Emi, if that's your name, how did you find us, and why now?"

"I dunno; Master Daraku tells me who to attack and that's how I find them."

"Why don't he attack us himself, instead oh hiding behind a little girl; like a coward."

"HEHEHE! You insult my mater; he's only biding his time; the Invasion and Attack on Earth is about to start, and he knows what you're doing and sent me to stop you."

"Emi, you're a human child, I can't harm you, your family is dead and yet, somehow you ended up being a part of the Antilight; we can restore you, just break free of Daraku's control."

"No, Master Daraku is my true family; you never had a family, you are a genetically inferior clone of a Pokemon; you are but a mere shadow." *some Shadow Beasts and Ings began to surround Mewtwo. "HAHAHAHA, if you want to know about my full power and what i'm capable of; just see with your own eyes." Mewtwo would find himself transported to what appears to be the inside of a Test Tube, it was something Mewtwo remembers all so well.

"No this memory it can't be....?"

"It looks like our creation is almost complete, the creation of the World's Strongest Pokemon; we'll let Giovanni know so he may test out his functions."

"I'm starting to remember this now; this was where I awakened, born into the world as only a clone, used as an experiment for humans."

"HAHAHAHA, do you like this stroll down memory lane, how about I refresh it even further."  The glass of the Test Tube Shatters and Mewtwo is free as he sees the researchers approach him; except they have blood red eyes and the aura of the Antilight surrounding them.

"Now clone, you will learn your place and help Giovanni, No Lord Daraku cover this Universe with the Antilight."

"No, I would never join that monster, I am against everything that monster stands for."

"Than die!" One of the researchers pointed a gun at Mewtwo, just then Mewtwo's psychic powers caused the gun to explode, however some shadowy hands began to grab a hold of Mewtwo as Mewtwo struggled to break free.

"HAHAHAHAHA, nice try Mewtwo, now prepare to meet your maker, oh Lord Daraku, another Soul for you." Mewtwo however broke freem and was able to use his Psychic Powers on Emi.

"I don't want to hurt you Emi, Daraku is using you, if you join me, we can find your real family.

"I have no family, but your friends will make for an excellent meal."

"What!" Just then, dozens of screams can be heard as it sounded like everybody from the gathering hall. "What have you done!" 

"HAHAHA Lucas wants his mommy and brother, and big brother Red's daddy is dead; Lucina could not save Daddy Chrom, Iris is dead Zero, and she's never coming back, Fox your dad is dead, and he just wants you to give up, the list goes on and on and on and on, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"So you're playing with their emotions, as a way to win?"

"Yes, it's game over for you heroes; Let the Invasion Begin!"

In the City of Tokyo Japan, it was a beautiful day; people everywhere going about their business, playing the new video games, checking out the new animes, collecting trading cards and battling with eachother; however the Rising Sun over Tokyo soon began to darken as shadows crept forth starting to surround Japan's Capital City. Before long Shadow Beasts, Shadow Sirens, Ings, Antilight Cyberdemons and more all began to attack the citizens of Tokyo. As the attacks went on, innocent people were getting slaughtered, cars, buildings, all sorts of structures began to crumble. With every life that was taken, humans souls began to fly out of the bodies of the slain and began to gather as a massive shadowy hand stretched out, and the souls began to be absorbed into the hand. The hand than approached the mouth of the face that haunted the psyche, of the purelight heroes.

"Delicious Souls, but I crave more, more, MORE........May the Antilight consume this pathetic planet." The Demon opened it's cape to reveal Human Faces that were screaming out in agony as the Antilight itself began to cover the entire Earth. The Antilight itself stretched out and cover the skies from China to Singapore, stretching al lthe way to Europe as France, Italy, Ireland, England all began to be covered with Antilight, even all the way to the United States, this Demon began to laugh at his accomplishments as Emi appeared from the portal.

"Master Daraku, I have done exactley what you said, those heroes are trapped in their own nightmare, and soon their souls will belong to you." Emi said bowing her head at Daraku.

"Excelent work Emi, those Heroes shall not restore the Purelight, and the Age of the Antilight begins now, my Army, it is time that we finish the last phase of this invasion."

Back in Star Haven, The heroes were overwhelmed by the Onslaught from the attack by the Antilight Army, as the Moon was mere moments from crashing onto Star Haven, as Mario desperately defended the Star Rod, which was the only thing they needed to fight the Antilight with. However Majora and Zant appeared to be calling off the attack.

"Children, our master calls us, we have stalled long enough, the Antilight Invasion has begun, Earth is now but a distant memory." Majora said as he, Zant, Dark Pit, and the Koopalings all escaped, leaving the heroes stranded, with a falling Moon about to strike Star Haven., Mario used the Star rod to try to create something to stop the moon, but it was to no avail, just then a Portal opened and Chronos came out of it.

"Mario, Link, hurry up into this portal with the Star Rod." Chronos called out as Mario looked over and the others nodded as they had no choice but to retreat, as they all made their way through the portal, with the Star Rod, as the Moon crashed into the Star Haven, obliterating it. Mario and the others made their way back to the Gathering Hall to find everybody there surrounded by Antilight, but standing still.

"What happened, has everybody been infected; I bet this is the work of that Witch, Emi?" Pit said as Chronos nodded.

"Yes they have been infected with the very Darkness of the Antilight that messes with the Human Psyche, however you were awakened because someone was able to snap you out of their thoughts, however everybody else appears to be in a deeper state, including Mewtwo; right now, we half to restore the Purelight." Chronos said, just then Emi's laugh could be heard.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, not so fast, if you think you're just going to easily restore the Purelight, than how about I show you a new trick." Emi snapped her fingers and all of a sudden Robin, Lucina, Shulk, Ness, Red, Lucas, Marth, Zero, Mega Man, Sonic all began to move in the form of a Zombie.

"What have you done to them?" yelled Link, as Emi laughed.

"The Antilight goes through their pores and as a result, infected them allowing their souls to be trapped in a nightmare, while their bodies become my personal weapons, in the forms of zombies. Now attack those that oppose the Antilight! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Laughed Emi, As Mario, Link, Pit, Yoshi, Kirby, Peach, Zelda, Roslalina, Palutena, and Viridi all see the zombified corpses of their allies controlled by the Antilight.

With Mario and his allies now having the Final Key to unlocking the power of the Purelight, can they use it's power to stop the spread of the Antilight, and with the power of the Antilight, infecting the Earth, and slowly killing every human being; could the Human Race be finished? What are the origins of Emi, is she really under Daraku's control, and can Mario and friends save the rest of their allies, and will they be able to overcome the control of the Antilight? find out in the next chapter of The Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued!
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 8
Mario, Link, Pit and more go to Star Haven to obtain the Star Rod, but it appears that the power of the Antilgiht may be growing even stronger. All characters belong to their rightful owners.
The Infection Spreads

There was what appeared to be a young girl looking over at the Mass of Antilight covering the skies; the girl had blood red eyes and began to sing in a very eerie yet sweet voice.

"Hush little babies, don't say a word; Master Daraku is going to take away the pain, and if you try to fight with him, than the earth shall be poured with a bloody rain. and when that crimson rain, stains the Earth, My Master's Plan will be all what it's worth; and if you ever saw his face, you will start to scream in fear, and cry to yourself once you know, the end is near." The girl sang, as her voice could be heard as the Antilight Army, we're plotting something.

"Ah sweet child, her voice bring a tear to my eye, as we begin our attack on humanity and any other race of beings in this world." said the Shadow Queen, as the others nodded, as they heard some footsteps. "Who might you be?" The Queen asked noticing a few strangers; One of them was a small old man, with a grey skullet and mustache, wearing a white labcoat, with a white shirt, red tie, blue pants, and brown loafers, he was followed by a large, cybernetic man, with a bald head with face tattoos, metalic armor, and a cape. The third was a man with raven colored hair along with a beard and mustache of the same color, a purple monocle over his right eye and a purple cloak.

"I am Dr. Wily, I am the smartest scientist there ever was, and this here is Sigma leader of the Reploids and this is Dr. Regal a scientist from Nebula; we each we're recruited by the witch sisters that look like you to contribute our ideas with the Antilight." 

"Tell me, what are your talents?"

"I create powerful robots, and with my scientific talents, I can create some powerful weapons to destroy any of those light dwellers, Sigma here can back yu up, and knows about the Sigma Virus that can corrupt any living being that it infects, and would make for a valuable asset to the Antilgiht, lastly Dr. Regal here is the creator of Dark Chips, and is the mortal nemesis of Lan Hikari, his Dark Chips can infect Net Navis corrupting their Data and turning them into Darkloids, and together, our assets will make for a brilliant addition to the Antilight."

"Indeed your talents would make for a great addition, ok get to work by creating weapons for us!" The Shadow Queen instructed, as Zant made his way towards them.

"It appears that the Heroes are off searching for a way to restore the Purelight, we need to find a way to prevent them, from doing that."

"So they figured out, how to restore the Purelight, where might they be making their way to?"

"Some of them are going to the Dinosaur Planet known as Krazoa, to acquire the Krazoa Spirits, and some of them are going to Star Haven to acquire the Star Rod."

"Well then, I better inform the Ing Emperor to dispatch the Ings and Space Pirates to Krazoa then."

"Also to Dr. Wily, your enemy Mega Man, is going to Krazoa to help find these spirits to restore the Purelight!"

"Well in that case, I'm going to go and create some Robots, and Sigma, I want you to go and crush Mega Man, i'm pretty sure X is with him as well."

"I think so, I believe Mega Man has some ability to summon other  variations of Mega Man to assist him in battle, anyways, it's time to prepare for our next attacks." The Shadow Queen said as her followers all nodded in unison.

Some of the gathered heroes had made their way towards the Dinosaur Planet of Krazoa, by way of portal travel; Fox has memories of this place as does Krystal, Falco however doesn't due to him leaving Starfox at the time as everybody started to explore Thorntail Hollow.

"Krazoa still looks as peaceful as ever, but we better make our way to Krazoa Palace, while everything is safe." Fox said as they began to hear some stomping in the distance as a Triceratops like being made it's way over to Fox with a smile on it's face.

"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!" The Triceratops cried out, somehow knowing Fox as Fox turned around and smiled.

"Tricky!" Fox said as he went over and petted the Triceratops on it's head. "Tricky, it's good to see you again, you've grown up so much, since the last time I saw you."

"I know, how have you been Fox, and what brings you back on Krazoa, are you and Krystal on your Honeymoon?" that question made Fox blush as he began to scold Tricky.

"How many times have I told you not to ask that?"

"Aww come on Fox, I think the two of you should."

"We're here on more important matters, an evil power known as the Antilight is threatening to destroy the Universe, and we need to obtain the Krazoa Spirits, to add their power to help fight it."

"Sounds really serious, in any case i'm ready to help out the best way that I can; Well let's go to Krazoa Palace, and meet with the Krazoa Spirits." 

"Can't let you do that StarFox!" said Wolf, landing on Thorntail Hollow along with his team, some Space Pirates, and what appeared to be some evil looking robots.

"Wolf again, and it looks like he's brought a couple Space Pirate Goons with him, but where did those robots come from?" Falco said looking at the robots as they appeared to be infused with Antilight. Mega Man ran over and began firing off at the Robots, as the Robots retaliated on the Blue Bomber.

"I will not let you defeat me, I was created by Dr. Light, and it will shatter your darkness."

"Is that what you think, Mega Man?" said a voice that Mega Man recognized, as Dr. Wily appeared, now altered with the blood red eyes of any of the followers of the Antilight. "I have found enlightenment from the Demon God Daraku, now this time Mega Man, you will be reduced to scrap metal and I will have my revenge on Dr. Light once and for all; now Antilight Cyberdemons, destroy Mega Man!" A group of Cyberdemons swarmed Megaman as they all began to ambush him without warning and it looked like Mega Man was about to be destroyed until a slash appeared taking down the Cyberdemons as another human robot hybrid similar to Mega man with Red and White mechanical armor, with a long blonde ponytail, wielding a cybernetic sword in his hand.

"You must really think your tough when you send your army of mindless robots to attack another!"

"Zero, you ungrateful creation, Sigma was right about you, so you think you can stop me, I am your creator and you will do as I say."

"I don't follow your orders, I am a Maverick Hunter, I was approached by some weird cat thing called Mewtwo, who answered my question, What Am I Fighting For? Now I fight alongside the ones who are trying to put a stop to this Antilight Invasion."

"Foolish Reploid, you will be destroyed!" Wily said as he sent more Antilight Cyberdemons to attack Zero as he and Megaman would combine their attacks to take down the demons, then a beep was heard as Zero made contact with a female voice.

"Zero come in, this is an emergency, some Strange Meteorite is heading your direction!"

"What, oh no, this is not good, I think we better evacuate!" Zero said as Mega Man approached him

"We can't just yet, we need to obtain the Krazoa Spirits to reform the Purelight."

"Are you crazy, if that thing crashes, we'll all be dead, we better find a way off this planet fast." Zero said as Samus approached and scanned the Meteor that was heading their was as it looked familiar to her.

"It's a Phazon Leviathan, if it crashes here it'll spread Phazon throughout the area corrupting anything that it infects." Samus said as she received and incoming message as she opened up her arm console. "Commander Malkovich."

"Samus, that Leviathan is stronger than that of Phazon, it appears to be made with the Antilight, listen if that Leviathan touches Krazoa, all of those Dinosaurs, including yourself and your comrades will all be obliterated by the Antilight, hurry and try to get everybody out of there immediately."

"I'll try!" Samus said as she pushed some buttons on her console to contact another person. "Fox, come in, it's Samus, please hurry and find the Krazoa Spirits, a Leviathan made up of Antilight is about to crash onto the Planet, and I fear for not only us, but everyone of the Dinosaurs here on Sauria.

"Oh no that's terrible, all right we'll hurry!" Fox said, as he, Falco, Krystal, and Trick made their way to the Krazoa Palace. "Tricky, go back to your family and warn them of what's going on, and find somewhere that you can take cover from."

"All right, Fox take care!" Tricky said as he dashed back to find his Mother, as the Starfox Trio made their way inside Krazoa Palace. The Trio made their way through the palace towards a shrine, as the place looked familiar to both Fox and Krystal.

"It was here, where I was trapped inside that Krystal and you rescued me."

"I remember it, but now's not the time to reminisce, Krazoa Spirits, we really need your help." Fox said as a strange light began to form as the face of what resembled the faces in the palace approached Fox.

"Fox McCloud, you have returned the Krazoa Palace, is there something we Krazoa spirits can help you with?"

"First we need your powers to add and help restore the Purelight, to combat the Antilight; and also a Leviathan made of Antilight is about to crash onto Krazoa and all of the tribes here are in serious danger and that is what we need your help with."

"So the power of the Antilight has been reformed, this is indeed a very dire situation, we better get together and form a barricade to stop this Leviathan from wiping out the Planet." The Kroazoa Spirits looked up in the direction of the Leviathan as it was coming closer as they banded together to create some form of barrier to try to halt the Leviathan. "Fox, while we try to halt the Leviathan for as long as we can, get every Dinosaur Tribe to Evacuate the Planet immediately."

"Right, i'll contact General Pepper to deploy Ships big enough to fit them, though, we half to try our best." Fox said as he took out a Radio to contact the Cornerian Army. "General Pepper, this is Starfox, do you read me, over?"

"Starfox, this is General Pepper, where is your location?"

"We're on Sauria, but we need to get some immediate Shelter for the Dinosaurs of Sauria; a Leviathan containing the Antilight is about to crash on Sauria and all of the Tribes here are in serious danger and we need to get them to safety as quick as possible."

"It sounds like a very serious matter, all right i'll deploy some ships hopefully large enough to be able to hold the Earthwalkers and Cloudrunners."

"Thanks General, the safety of these Dinosaurs is a priority at the moment." Fox said ending his communication. "Let's return to Thorntail Hollow and help out the others." Fox said leading Krystal and Falco back to Thorntail Hollow to find everybody struggling against Space Pirates, Cyberdemons, and now Ings that were starting to not only attack them, but infect the Dinosaurs as well. "This is terrible, what just happened?" Fox asked seeing Earthwalkers and Cloudrunners both becoming infected with the Antilight.

"FOOOOOOOXXXXX!" Tricky's Voice echoed as Fox was approached by his one time sidekick, the Cloudrunner Tricky, this time Tricky's eyes were Blood Red and the Antilight began to illuminate around him.

"Tricky, NO!" Fox said as all of a sudden the Antilight began to surround everyone, as the same little girl from before appeared.

"Looks like this friendship is history, just like the rest of the world shall be; now Tricky, be a good pet, and feast on the Fox, Lord Daraku is craving more Souls." The girl said as Falco aimed his blaster at the girl.

"Listen you little brat, you can tell your crummy master, that he ain't gettin Fox's Soul, not whie i'm here."

"Well let's see if your friend feels that way, because he seems, Hungry!" the girl said as Tricky charged at Fox knocking him down; both Falco and Krystal didn't want to attack Tricky because he was still their friend, but Fox was in trouble. As Fox looked in horror at his possessed friend looking ready to feast on his one time friend, Zero came dashing forward with his blade slashing Tricky. 

"No one should ever eat their friends; I don't know who you are, but if you're really this Fox's friend, you'll snap out of it, and fight the Antilight."

"So you want to interfere with my meal, well fine than, i'll eat you too." Tricky said Dashing over to Zero as Mega Man began to fire away at Tricky. While Fox was laying on the ground trying to recover, Mewtwo appeared next to him with a look of urgency.

"The Krazoa Spirits are not going to be able to hold that Leviathan, I hate to do this but there's no possible way to save all of these Dinosaurs; everyone, please take the Krazoa Spirits and follow me back to the Gathering Hall.

"But the Dinosaurs?" Fox asked as Mewtwo shook his head.

"Look, it's not possible to be able to save all of these Dinosaurs; look we really need the Krazoa Spirits, if we lose them, than we can kiss our whole Universe Goodbye; I know you want to sdave Tricky, but there's nothing you can do, retreat and we'll get our revenge as soon as we have everything we need."

"Falco, Krystal, we need to get the Krazoa Spirits and retreat, there is nothing we can do."

"Foxy, you sure about dat?"

"I am, Falco let's get the Sprits and get the others to follow Mewtwo out of here." Fox said as he approached the Spirits who we're struggling to stall the Leviathan. "Krazoa Spirits, there's no other choice, we half to let the Leviathan fall, it's a sacrifice we need to make in order to ensure we stop the Antilight completely.

The Krazoa Spirits looked at Fox and one of them entered Fox's body like it did in the past. "Fox McCloud, you are right, we can't stall this Leviathan, i'm afraid we half to go with you and make sure we reform the Purelight; the rest of us will enter the bodies of your allies." Fox nodded as the other Krazoa Spirits entered the bodies of Falco, Krystal, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Captain Falcon as they met with Samus, Olimar, Calem, Serena, Mega Man, and Zero as Mewtwo would stand at the front opening a portal.

"Everybody, follow me into the portal, we half to let the Leviathan hit, time is running out, and there isn't much we can do to help these Dinosaurs, we need the Krazoa Spirits to form the Purelight and stop Daraku, we'll get our revenge soon, but for now, return to the Gathering hall with me." Mewtwo said as they all followed him through the Portal and back to the Gathering Hall as the Antilight Leviathan Crashed into Dinosaur Planet, transforming it into a wasteland of nothing but Antilight, as the little girl from before was seen standing all alone in the center of the ruins once known as Thorntail Hollow of Sauria.

"Dinosaurs were meant to be extinct, and soon all of humanity and everything else will be soon, and soon, the New Universe will begin, all that's left to eliminate, is that ugly eyesore known as the Sun." The Little girl said as she skipped and hopped away from the wasteland as she disappeared into the darkness of Antilight. "The Itsy Bitsy Humans, Climbed up the Purelight Spout, Down came the Antilight, and killed the humans off, the sun never came cause The Antilight Destroyed it, and The Itsy Bitsy Humans, all became extinct. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Back at the Gathering Hall Mewtwo brought back with him the ones who went to Sauria to retrieve the Krazoa Spirits. It was bittersweet for Fox, seeing his one time friend Tricky become a puppet for the Antilight, and the planet of Sauria now destroyed by the Antilight, as he received a message from General Pepper.

"Fox, Sauria has been...."

"Yeah I know General, sorry but it was a sacrifice we had to make in order to be able to fight the Antilight."

"Well i'm sure you did what was best."

"We will avenge all of those Dinosaurs that were killed by the Antilight, that is a promise." Fox said ending the transmission as Zero looked over at him.

"Hey I understand how you feel about losing someone important to you, I have felt that pain myself, when I lost someone."

"Yeah, but Tricky was a good friend, and he really helped me out a lot back there, but that wasn't the Tricky I know, I wonder how he got infected with the Antilight?"

"Don't ask me, i'm new to this whole Invasion, besides i'm trying to find what my purpose is for fighting."

"Z...Z...ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said an eerie voice that somehow sounded familiar to Zero

"Iris, is that you?" Zero said as he began to hear, what sounded like the voice of Iris.


"Iris, I thought you we're dead, where are you?"

"I'm right here Zero." said the voice of what appears to be a Reploid with brunette hair, green eyes, blue and red mechanical armor, but the aura of Antilight surrounded her and her green eyes soon changed to blood red. "You let me die, it's your fault, you wanted to fight for me but.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU FAILED!" Just then a large blade, Impaled Iris's body as she fell into Zero's Arms.

"No Not again, WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR!" Zero cried as all of a sudden Iris's Soul began to escape her body and was consumed by the same monsterous face from before, however Zero didn't recognize it, as he looked at it in fear. "You....Y.....You...M..MONSTER!"

"NOW, Get ready to join her, your Soul is....."

"ZERO....ZERO!" Zero woke up as it was all an illusion as he saw Mewtwo in front of him. "That was an illusion created by the Antilight.

"But it was so real, Iris, she...." Zero said as Mewtwo looked at Zero

"The Antilight has the power to create illusions to prey on the mental weakness of those that oppose it, it's an easy way for Daraku to take the Souls easily just by playing Mind Games."

"That's Insane, we need to hurry up and put a stop to this, I don't want to relive that nightmare ever again."

"Don't worry Zero; as soon as Mario, Link, Sonic, Pit, and the Others return we will have all that we need to bring the fight to the Antilight." Mewtwo said as everybody all nodded in agreement.

A Frienship has been severed, a Planet was destroyed by the Antilight, and more mind games are being played; will Mario and his comrades obtain the Star Rod, not that the Krazoa Spirits have been obtained all that is left is the Star Rod, will that be the last light of hope in putting an end to the horrors of the Antilight? Find out in the next chapter of the Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued!
The Antilight Invasion Chapter 7
Several of our heroes travel to the Dinosaur Planet of Sauria to obtain the power of the Krazoa Spirits to add their power to the Purelight, but as always the Antilight Army has some tricks up their sleeves. All Characters belong to their rightful owner, sue me and Lord Daraku will devour your soul.

(Also Zero joins the battle and let's just say I tried to do my best interpretation of Lucas Gilbertson's version of Zero, since his voice over is a fan favorite and thought I would go along with that as the interpretation.)
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