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Happy Harvest

Both Red and Lucas were walking along Route 4 taking a look at the environment and landscape, as the boys found themselves walking along the path where a beautiful garden stretched out for miles. Both Red and Lucas looked at the hedge walls and flowers and were amazed by how beautiful it looked.

"Wow check out these flowers, they look so beautiful." Red walked over to some flowers as he knelt down to stare at the beautiful flowers. Lucas also knelt down beside Red, and then a flashback flooded into his mind of the time when he and Claus would run around in a beautiful field with sunflowers along with their mother, Hinawa. He remembers the times he played tag with Claus as well as picking up flowers and giving them to their mother Hinawa as she would keep the flowers with her as memories of those days the family would share going out to those flowery fields. "Hey buddy, what are you thinking about?" Red placed a hand on Lucas's shoulder which snapped the blonde boy out of his thoughts as he looked up to his taller, brunette friend ready to speak.

"Well whenever I see flowers, it reminds me of the times me and my brother would play tag in the flowery fields back home; we also picked up flowers and gave them to our mom and she would keep them with her as memories of the days we spent out there in the fields." tears began to form in Lucas's eyes as Red took out a tissue from his jeans pocket and wiped Lucas's tears away from his eyes. 

"That sounds amazing Lucas, and I can see why you were looking at some of these flowers like that, because it reminds you of your family before that tragedy happened." Lucas gave a nod as he would embrace Red. "Even though we're on a Pokemon Journey, I don't see why we can't make some memories here on our journey for us to share as we get older."

"What do you mean by that, Red?" asked Lucas, as Red approached him with a devious smile as gently tapped Lucas's shoulder with the palm of his hand.

"Tag You're it!" cried Red as he began to run off, as a smile formed on Lucas's face, as he gave chase to Red.

"I'll get you for that, Red." Lucas took off and began to chase after Red as both boys were giggling, Red might have the advantage due to him having longer legs than Lucas; but the blonde psychic was pretty fast on his feet as he was able to catch up to Red as he tapped Red on the back with the palm of his hand. "Tag, you're it!" said Lucas as he started to make a dash down Route 4, as Red made chase to Lucas. "HAHA, you can't get me!"

"We'll see about that, little buddy!" laughed Red while Lucas taunted the Trainer, as Red began to chase Lucas around the fountain. Lucas might have been fast on his feet, but Red always had some sort of sneaky clever plan; Red turned around into another direction opposite from where Lucas ran off to, as the Blonde turned around to see where Red was at.

"Come on slowpoke, keep up with me!" Lucas taunted Red but turned around to notice, Red wasn't following him. "Red....Red, Hey Red, where did you go?" called Out Lucas as the boy heard a rustling in the bushes, and as Lucas turned to see what it was; out came Red from behind one of the hedge walls, as the Pokemon Trainer came at Lucas and playfully tackled him to the ground. "HEY; no fair!"

"HAHAHA; I got you." Red was Laughing as he had Lucas pinned down on the ground for the moment, but once Red let go of Lucas Lucas stood up and as Red was starting to get up, the blonde psychic tackled Red to the ground.

"Payback time, now, HAHAHAHA!" laughed Lucas as he now had Red pinned down for the count. The boy then looked over to one of the hedge walls and had an idea. "Want to play, Hide and go seek?"

"Ok sure, and since I hid behind the wall to get you last time, I think it's fair if you go and hide, and i'll go count to three." said Red as he turned around and closed his eyes, as the the psychic boy ran off into the Hedge maze to hide. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten ready or not here I come!" Red than took out two Pokeballs. "Ivysaur, Squirtle help me find Lucas." Red was whispering so Lucas wouldn't hear Red's plan to find him, as Red's Squirrtle and Ivysaur ran into the hedge maze to find Lucas. Squirtlle saw a spec of yellow peering through the hedges as Squirtlle let out a water gun spraying Lucas from the other side. As Red ran over to the other side and found his water soaked friend.

"RED; play fair!" yelled Lucas as Red laughed but raised his hands in surrender as he took out his pokeballs and called back Squirtlle and Ivysaur.

"OK; ok i'll go hide, and you count." said Red as he ran of to the opposite hedge maze to hide as Lucas closed his eyes and started to count

"One, Two, Three. Four, Five..." Lucas stopped at five and then had a plan, as he jumped up in the air and let out a cry. "PK Thunder" as the boy concentrated an electric projectile that looped behind him and struck him from behind giving the boy a boost through the air, as Lucas saw Red running to find a spot on for Lucas to drop in on him and fall over top of him as the boys now found themselves lying on the ground.

"Hey; that wasn't fair." said Red with a grumpy face.

"All's fair in Love and War." laughed Lucas as he stood up and helped Red up to his Feet, both boys looked at eachother and saw they were both covered in dirt and grass stains. "Wow; we're dirty, if my mom was here she'd scold me for getting my clothes dirty.

"Same Here, my mom would be the same way with me; oh well it's ok." said Red as he and Lucas both shared a laughed as they both noticed a cretaure in one of the flowers outside the hedge maze. "What's this." Red and Lucas both took out their Pokedexes to record the data of this Pokemon.

"Flabebe the Flower Fairy Pokemon; Flabebe draws out and controls the hidden power from the flower it's body may be attached to. When it finds a flower it likes, it dwells on the flower for it's whole life. It floats in the wind's embrace with an untroubled heart." Both Red and Lucas closed their Pokedexes and looked at the Fairy like Pokemon in amazement.

"Wow this is a new type of Pokemon that I have never seen before." Red looked at it as did Lucas; the Flabebe looked a bit scared but Lucas pointed his finger to the Flabebe as the fairy didn't know what to do but smiled as it tried to stretch it's tiny arms at Lucas's finger. "I think it likes you, want to capture it?"

"I don't know; I don't want to scare it or anything." Lucas thought about it for a moment and then took out a Pokeball which caused to Flabebe to turn around looking frightened. "Hey don't be scared; if you come with us we can all play together." the Flabebe thought about it for a moment as Red turned around to Lucas with something to say.

"Lucas, since i'm sure you don't want to hurt Flabebe in a battle; use this type of Pokeball to capture it a lot easier. It's a Great Ball and you can catch Pokemon a lot easier with this without having to weaken it for capture." Red gave the Pokeball to Lucas as Lucas took the ball and tossed it as the ball opened absorbing Flabebe inside of it as the ball dropped to the ground and began to move a little; the Ball looked like it could open back up but it stopped and the light in the center of the ball went out signifying it's capture.

"All right, I caught my first Pokemon." said Lucas as he and Red exchanged a high five. "I have you to thank."

"Your welcome, Lucas you know I've got your back no matter what." as red and Lucas started celebrating Lucas's first capture the boys heard some noises nearby. "Sounds like something is coming!" Both boys walked over to the grass cause the sound was coming from the path in the center. It was a Truck as the truck made a stop in front of the boys as a man got out of the Truck and greeted Red and Lucas.

"Hello there; are you boys lost or are you going somewhere?" asked the man

"We're heading to Santalune City."

"Well you're in luck i'm heading that way to deliver some flowers and produce; perhaps you boys would like a ride?" offered the man as the boys turned to eachother.

"I dunno Red, my mom told me never to accept rides from strangers."

"Hmmmm, you got a point but maybe we can trust him, let's see if we can." the boys than turned to the man.

"How can we trust, you?"

"You don't trust me, awwww don't worry about me, i'm a gardener and I care about flowers, plants, vegetables, fruit, and taking care of Pokemon." the man then called out two Pokemon from his Pokeballs, a Diglet and a Polywag.

"Well I guess we can." said Red as he and Lucas nodded their heads.

"I could use a some help harvesting my fruits and vegetables, lately some bandits have been stealing my produce from me and I need to get some Produce over to Santalune City."

That's terrible, don't worry mister, me and Red will help you with your produce and keep any thieves from taking your stuff." said Lucas as he and Red both smiled as the man looked happy to have some help.

"Thanks boys, hop on in and we'll start picking up vegetables and keep a look out for any bandits in my Garden at my House nearby." both Red and Lucas got in the bed of the truck as the man started the truck and drove over to a small farm which had a beautiful fruit and vegetable garden. As the truck was making it's way to the house the boys noticed a band of punk teenagers tampering with the fruits and vegetables.

"Oh no there's some no good punks trying to take your stuff."

"So that's them, well let's take care of them."

"Come on Red, let's show these losers not to mess with us." as the truck stopped both Red and Lucas jumped off the bed of the truck to approach the teenagers.

"Hey you guys, why don't you put those fruits and vegetables back." yelled Red as the punks looked at them.

"Yeah, and what are you dweebs going to do if we don't!" threatened on of the guys wearing a leather jacket and with a blue mohawk.

"We challenge you both to a Pokemon battle."

"Ok have it your way. Go Spinarak!" one of the boys called out the Spider Pokemon Spinarak. "Go Ekans." called the other boy bringing out the Snake Pokemon Ekans.

"Go Squirtle!" Lucas called out his Squirtle. "Go Fennekin." Red called Out Fennekin as both Red and Lucas stood ready to battle the punks.

"Ekans use Poison Sting!"" commanded one of the boys as it let out a poisonous sting from it's Mouth,

"Fennekin, dodge and use Ember attack." Fennekin shot out a small breath of fire weakening the Ekans, mean while Lucas was commanding Squirttle to attack Spinarak.

"Squirtle use water gun on Spinarak."

"Spinarak, Pin Missle." both Water gun and Pin Missile both hit directly and it did rather moderate damage to eachother as both Trainers made more commands to attack. "Spinarak, use String Shot." The Spinarak shot out a webby string to attach itself to Squirttle but Lucas remembered something from what Red told him about defensive tactics.

"Squirttle, Withdraw at once." The Squirttle hid itself inside it's shell to avoid the effect of being tied up by String Shot, as the shell of Squrttle was to hard to be constricted as the webbed string broke from Squirttle's hard shell. Another thought in Lucas's mind snapped in him, as he remembered Red using withdraw on Squirttle who then would spin around in it's shell using it's Hydraulics to move it and dash forward for a time, as Lucas looked to use the same thing.

"Spinarak use tackle attack." ordered the punk as he commanded his Spinarak to tackle Squirtle as Lucas stood ready to attack back.

"Squirttle use water gun to spin yourself in your shell and attack Spinarak using a dash attack." Squirttle would use it's water gun while inside it's shell to dash itself and connect with Spinarak's tackle and with Squirttle's shell being harder, the Dash dis some damage to the spider Pokemon now weakening it's defenses completely.

"Spinarak, bite attack now." "Squirttle, Skull bash attack now." as the Spinarak looked to attack Squirttle with bite, Squirttle would knock Spinarak with a strong skull bash attack, after the skull bash made contact, Spinarak was defeated as Lucas won a Pokemon battle as Red used Fennekin's ember attack once again to finish off the other boy's Ekans. "Now you losers leave this place now, and don't ever come back to steal what isn't your's." The two punks retreated and ran away as Red and Lucas celebrated their victory with a high five.

"That was impressive Luke, you're really starting to get better as a Trainer." Red patted Lucas's hair as the blonde looked over to the taller boy with a smile.

"Thanks Red, i've learned a lot about Pokemon from watching you from our adventure during that whole Subspace Invasion." Lucas said as Red smiled at the boy, as the Gardener returned examining his crops, making sure there was no damage.

"Well thank you for helping me boys, I should reward you for your efforts." Red and Lucas both nodded their heads as they all began to hear rumbling in the distance and the skies starting to get darker. "Oh no looks like a storm is coming; can you boys help me dig these vegetables and fruit out, I need to hurry and safely deliver these to Santalune City, and i'm not going to let any type of weather to prevent me from doing so.
"Well let's do this, go Dugdrio, Ivysaur, and Geodude go and help dig up those vegetables and fruits." Red called out three Pokemon Dugdrio, Ivysaur, and Geodude as they immediateley went to work harvesting the crops.

"Chespin, help Red's Pokemon harvest everything." Lucas called out his Chespin as it helped the other Pokemon to harvest the crops.

"Here boys, take these shovels and dig as best you can, we need to get as many in the truck as we can." The Gardener gave both Red and Lucas two shovels as the boys began to shovel up the dirt around the crops as the rumble of thunder was starting to get closer. The Pokemon and the two boys were digging as hard as they could, and was able to free some crops as both Red and Lucas carried the crops over to the bed of the Truck as rain began falling down on the scene. "We better hurry before that rain gets any worse." The Gardener called out his Diglet to burrow under the ground to loosen the ground surrounding the crops as the Gardnerer carried more crops over to the truck. Red and Lucas were starting to struggles as the rain water falling on the ground was making the ground more moist and making the dirt more difficult the dig up as the dirt was now resembling mud.  But Red and Lucas were both able to gather the last of the crops along with all of the Pokemon as they finished loading the bed of the truck, as Red, Lucas, and the Gardener called back their Pokemon as the Gardener went to grab a tarp to put over the bed of the truck, as Red and Lucas both got in the Backseat of the truck as the Gardener finished tightening the tarp over the bed securing the vegetables. "All right boys, let's go." The man got in the drivers side of the truck, put the key into the ignition, started up the truck, and drove off as rain began to pour all over Route 4.

"All right, we made it." said Red as he and Lucas began to breath heavily from doing all of that work in so very little time. "Yeah, the rain came very fast, but now all of the crops are safe so we'll be heading to Santalune City shortly." both Red and Lucas were looking tired after all they started the day playing games like tag and hide and seek, to helping the gardener fight off a band of thieves from taking his crops, to digging up the crops to carry in to the truck before te storm got any worse as the man needed to get all of his crops delivered into town. Just as Red and Lucas were about to rest for the ride, the truck his a bump that shook up the truck as several crops went flying out of the bed and then the truck came to a screeching halt. 

"DAG NABBIT! the Truck is stuck in the mud." The driver had his foot on the gas pedal but the truck wasn't budging as both Red and Lucas got out of the truck and noticed one of the back wheels was stuck deep in a mud hole; also Red and Lucas also noticed several vegetables were missing.

"Some of your vegetables fell out i'll go back and get them." Red than took out a Pokeball and out of it came Charizard. "Charizard use strength to push the truck out of that whole; Lucas help push the truck with Charizard, i'll let you know when I got the left over vegetables." Red said as he ran off to retrieve the vegetables that fell out of the Truck as Red called out Ivysaur. "Ivysaur use vine whip and get a hold of as many vegetables as you can to take back to the truck." Ivysaur nodded and stretched out it's vines to gather as many vegetables as it could while Red ran over to pick up some vegetables and ran over to the truck to drop them off as both Lucas and Charizard was trying as hard as they could to budge the truck but it wasn't enough. Ivysaur got a hold of all of the other vegetables as Red took them and placed them back into the bed of the Truck as Red looked at Lucas and Charizard attempting to push the truck but it wasn't enough. "Ivysaur help push the truck." commanded Red as Ivysaur stood next to Charizard and used it's head to push the truck. Red also went up to the back of the truck and stood next to his best friend Lucas, as Red also helped push the truck as the truck was starting to budge and the wheel was starting to slowly rise out of the whole it was stuck in; however a pumpkin rolled out of the truck unaware to the group of kids and Pokemon that was pushing the truck out of the hole, fell underneath Red and Lucas's legs as Red's foot unsuspectingly stood on top of the pumpkin which caused Red to lose his balance and slip and fall on his left knee on the ground as Lucas looked over to Red who was clutching his knee.

"Red are you ok?" Lucas asked as he was concerned about Red being hurt and noticed the pumpkin the rolled out of the truck as Lucas picked it up and tossed it back into the bed of the truck. "Yeah, it's just a slight sprain, we got to get this truck out of the hole." Lucas helped Red up to his feet but Red was limping on one leg as he used whatever strength he still had as he, Lucas, Charizard, and Ivysaur all made another effort to push the wheel out of the hole, as they were finally able to remove the truck from the hole, as the Gardener was relieved that he can now finish his delivery. The Rain had stopped and the clouds began to break up as the sun started to shine on Route 4 was again as Red called back Ivysaur and Charizard, but at the same time leaned himself against the bed of the truck clutching his knee. "Here let me help you back into the truck." "Thanks buddy, I appreciate it!" smiled Red as he placed an arm over Lucas as Lucas helped support Red who was limping on one leg back into the bed of the truck, but before they got back in, the boys began to notice something strange as what looked like the Legendary Pokemon Mew, was floating in a bubble and ascending into the sky. "that's Mew, how did it get here?" thought Red wondering how Mew got into the Kalos region as Mew disappeared off into the distance from where they saw it. 

"Come on boys, we need to get to the Santalune Market before it closes." said the Gardener as Lucas and Red both nodded as Lucas helped Red into the truck as the boys both returned to the back of the truck as the driver started the truck again, continuing it's run to Santalune City. 

During the ride Lucas lifted up Red's pants leg and noticed a cut on Red's left knee, as well as some bruising around his knee. "I got some rubbing alcohol and bandages in my backpack." Lucas picked up Red's backpack and searched around and found some tissues, rubbing alcohol, and some bandages, as Lucas opened up the alcohol and applied some to a tissue and began to clean the blood off of Red's knee. Red winced as the alcohol burned at the open wound that Lucas was applying the tissue to but Red knew Lucas was helping him out, and after cleaning the blood of the cut on his knee, Lucas applied a bandage to cover up the cut on Red's knee and Lucas applied his lips to Red's Knee and gave it a kiss which made Red blush a little. "What was that for?" asked Red a bit confused as Lucas looked up at him

"Sorry I was just kissing your knee to make it better." Red Laughed as did Lucas since a lot of parents kiss their child's boo boos to make them better, and since Lucas was like family to Red; he didn't mind at all of Lucas kissing his knee to make it better. The Truck had come to a stop as the Gardener, Red, and Lucas were now in Santalune City, and they made it just before dusk. 

"All right, we're here boys, let's unload these vegetables and get paid." said the Gardener, as he along with Red and Lucas took out some crates of fruits and vegetables and carried them over to the town's market. After they finished unloading the Gardener shook hands with another man in front of the Market.

"Thank you for delivering these beautiful assortments of fruits and Vegetables from Route 4. Here is your money, for all of your hard work." said the man as he took out some money as the gardener looked over to Red and Lucas.

"I couldn't have done it without the help of these two boys; they deserve most of the credit." the man smiled and gave both Red and Lucas some money for helping the Gardener deliver the fruits and vegetables.

"There's nothing wrong with earning nice things after a day of hard work; which is why we as Pokemon Trainers look to work hard at everything we do in order to achieve our goals and for that we were very happy to help volunteer our services to help those in need in order to gain more experiences on our adventure and to learn what it's like to show what hard work can pay off." Red said as he was still being held on by Lucas and was still limping on one leg.

"We want to reach for our goals and will work hard and help each other out and anyone else out along the way; because the best way to be remembered for what you do, is to go out and work hard to help those and that will take you a step further in living your dreams; that is something me and Red will learn on our Pokemon Journey." 

"That's great to hear, how the two of you boys have such passion to work hard and achieve your goals; and since your trainers the Santalune City Gym is just a short way from here." the man noticed Red limping on one leg as did the Gardener. "Son I think you might need to go see the Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center to examine your leg to make sure you're ok." 

"Right, that and it would probably be the best idea for us to take our Pokemon there and let them rest there before Lucas here battles the Gym leader; what do you say Lucas?" Red looked over to Lucas as the smaller blonde boy smiled at them

"Right, i'm starting to get tired after all we've done today." said Lucas with a yawn as Red also let out a yawn too.

"Then you might want to stay the night at the Pokemon Center as well; and when you're fully rested and ready to go; than that would be the best chance you have at challenging the Gym Leader. Well I must be off now; thank you so much for your help boys, and I wish the both of you luck on your journey together."

"Right, and we hope to stop by and see your garden again soon as well mister." said Lucas as the man got in his truck and started it and raised his hand out the window waving a farewell wave as both Red and Lucas waved back at the Gardener as the man drove off into the sunset as both Red and Lucas made their way to the Pokemon Center "Are we ready to see what tomorrow brings?" asked Lucas looking up at Red whom he was still supporting on one bad leg. " "I'm ready for whatever comes our way, bro." said Red as both he and Lucas walked inside the Pokemon Center.

After a long day of hard work and dedication both Red and Lucas learned a valuable lesson of what teamwork, friendship, and helping out others can bring to you, as the boys now look to rest up for the night to challenge the Santalune City Gym Leader, is Lucas ready for his first ever Gym Battle? Find out next time on "Surrogate Brothers."

To Be Continued.
Surrogate Brothers: Chapter 3
Red and Lucas make their way to Santalune City, off Route 4; what kind of adventures awaits the duo? find out in this chapter. All characters belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, and HAL
"Learning Mega Evolution"

Both Red and Lucas regrouped with Oak, Sycamore, and Korrina after leaving the Pokemon Center to register Lucas for the Kalos League; the group was making preparations to leave the city by gathering up together by a car.

"Hey Boys, did you get yourselves registered?" asked Oak, looking at the two

"Just Lucas; where are you heading?" asked Red answering Oak's question seeing everybody Gathering at the car.

"We're going to Shalour City and go inside the Tower of Mastery where I will show Professor Oak the concepts of Mega Evolution." said Sycamore as Red aand Lucas approached the car. "Well hop in boys, if you're coming."

"All right, let's go Lucas." said Red as he and Lucas got in the back steat with Lucas in the middle between Red on the right and Korrina on the left.

"Hey you guys; thank agaun for your help back there."

"It's not a problem we always want to help those who are in trouble including eachother."

"You two must be really close."

"Yep, we sure are."

"It's always fun to travel with friends, when you do you begin to form a strong and unbreakable bond whenever you travel together and help eachother out along the way."

"That's true and that's something we're going to learn on our journey together."

"Our journey starts tomorrow, we both can't wait for our frist adventure together as a team."

"Don't forget that I am a Gym Leader myself and just because you saved me doesn't mean i'm going to let it easy on you guys."

"We'll half to make sure we train as hard as we can and maybe we can both beat you in battle." said Lucas with confidence.

"You both are really cute; but still I won't go easy on anyone; but still Lucas is registered but you didn't register Red; how come?"

"I'm already a Master in the Kanto region, and I have nothing really to gain; I want Lucas to have the glory and I will mentor him on everything there is about Pokemon." said Red ruffling Lucas's hair as Lucas blushed.

"Well can I still have a battle with you anyways?"

Red looked at Korrina and then looked at Lucas and thought about it and then smiled. "Sure we can have a battle sometime." Korrina Nodded back and smiled at the two and had another question on her mind.

"Are you two going to compete in Two on Two Pokemon Battles?" Red and Lucas looked at eachother and then looked at Korrina both grinning like sneaky Meowths.

"Yeah we're up to that as well." 

"Do you think the two of you will have a battle against eachother at some point?" Red and Lucas again looked at eachother and began to have a personal conversation with eachother.

"What do you think; should we battle eachother?" Red asked as he put his hand on Lucas's shoulder.

"I don't know Red, I enjoy playing games with you and hanging out; but a battle against eachother; i'm not sure." Lucas hated the thought of being in a battle with a boy that he's known for a short time but in that time became like a brother figure and a best friend to the boy. Lucas didn't have the heart to want to have a battle with his best friend, as Red also looked hesitant at the thought as well.

"I can understand how you feel, I had a friend who I thought was close to me, and then the day Professor Oak called us both up to complete the Pokedex and go on our Pokemon Journeys, he started to have a stuck up attitude and became arrogant to me. I thought we were friends but once he started calling me names like a loser and became more obsessed on wanting to beat me, he started to be my friend less; i'm not sure if me and Blue are still friends or not, but at least I have a true friend like you Lucas." Lucas blushed and tears started to form as he embraced Red with a hug.

"I can sense a very inseparable bond between the two of you; it's your choice if you want to battle with eachother or not; but there can be a time where the two of you could battle eachother, just remember that." Red and Lucas broke away from their hug for a bit as they both began to think about what Korrina was talking about.

"Well maybe we could have a Pokemon Battle; but as a way to test how strong we both have gotten while we're on our journey; and don't worry; our friendship is strong and if we have a battle it will just be for fun." said Red rubbing Lucas's shoulder.

"Well I guess we could, if it means I half to become stronger and just for fun; than i'm ok with it." Lucas said giving Red a thumbs up and Red also gave Lucas a thumbs up.

"So Is this the Tower of Mastery, Korrina?" asked Oak as the car made a stop as a large tower came into the view from the windshield.

"Yes this is the place, Professor Oak." Everybody got out of the car as Professor Oak, Red, and Lucas all stood in awe of the massive tower that stood in front of them.

"Wow this place looks a lot larger when you see it in person." said Oak as he noticed a sign with a camera on it. "my guess is this sign must have something to do with photography.

"Yes, we have photographers here in Kalos who take photos of Trainers and Tourists who visit the many landmarks of the Kalos region." said Sycamore giving his explanation as Red and Lucas ran past him and stood next to the camera sign.

"Hey can somebody take our picture?" asked Red as he and Lucas got into position to take a photo together. A man in a trenchcoat holding a camera approached the group introducing himself.

"Ok i'll take your picture boys." both Red and Lucas smiled like goofs as they put their arms around eachother and placed two fingers over eachother's head like bunny ears. The Photographer smiled and took the picture as the camera developed the picture giving it to Red and Lucas. "Here you go." 

"Thank you and here's a tip." said Red tipping the Photographer for his job.

"Thank you call me if you want me to take any more photos." said the Photographer leaving the scene as red and Lucas rejoined Korrina and the Two Professors at the front of the Tower of Mastery.

"All right boys; if you're done with your photo shoot we need to do some studying about Mega Evolution." said Oak harking the boys as the boys followed Oak, Sycamore, and Korrina into the Tower of Mastery and were in awe of the interior with a giant Lucario statue surrounded by a massive spiral staircase.

"Whoa, check out the huge Lucario statue, Lucas."

"I see Red, but what does it half to do with Mega Evolution." As Red and Lucas were both looking up at the large statue, a door underneath the statue opened and out came a elderly man who greeted the group.

"Korrina I see you've brought Sycamore here along with some guests." said the man as he looked to Korrina

"Yes Grandfather, this is Professor Oak; he's a Pokemon researcher from the Kanto region, and these two are Pokemon Trainers named Red and Lucas." Korrina introduced the Out of Towners to her Grandfather as the man extended his hand out for Professor Oak to shake.

"I am Gurkinn the Mega Evolution Guru; I see you're all here to learn about the secrets of Pokemon Mega Evolution." as everybody nodded their heads "My Ancestor was the first Pokemon Trainer to ever Mega Evolve a Pokemon." Professor Oak was astonished to find out that trainers long ago were able to Mega Evolve Pokemon. "Mega Evolution takes the evolution of Pokemon to a whole new level beyond the standard, natural evolution of Pokemon."

"After years of recording data from Pokemon throughout Kanto and recording their natural evolution; I never thought it was possible for a Pokemon to evolve any further from their furthest form." said Oak in astonishment listening to Gurrkin's Explanation.

"However Mega Evolution is more classified as a temporary transformation of a Pokemon's fully evolved form transforming them and making the Pokemon stronger in battle. To Make Mega Evolution work you need two items; a Mega Stone for the Pokemon that can Mega Evolve and a Mega Ring that has a mysterious stone inside the Ring which reacts to the Mega Stone which allows for the Pokemon's Mega Evolution Transformation in Battle to happen."

"Wow; this is so amazing; I hope we get the chance to witness this for ourselves, Lucas." said Red talking to Lucas as Lucas nodded; than Gurrkin approached the two boys.

"Perhaps you boys would like to see a demonstration of Mega Evolution in battle?" both Red and Lucas nodded their heads as the elderly man turned his back to them and approached the spiral staircase. "Ok boys, follow me to the top of the tower. Korrina, you, Sycamore, and Professor Oak follow me as well.

"Right grandfather; let's show Professor Oak and his Colleagues how Mega Evolution is done." said Korrina as everybody made their way up the stairs and out onto a large balcony; Red and Lucas looked at the view from above the tower and were a bit amazed at how high up they both were.

"Being this high up reminds me of the battle with that robot."

"Well at least we're on solid ground and not plummeting towards the ground, after being released from the clutches of a Giant Robot.

"True but you know what; I like doing when 'm a top hogh places like this?"


Red cupped his hands over his mouth and let out a big yell into the air."HELLLOOOOOOO DOOOOOOWWWWNNNN THEEEEEEEREEEEEE!" Red cupped his hands over his ear to listen for an echo, however his yell startled Lucas a bit, but the blonde gave a blank stare wondering what Red just did.

"What was that all about, Red?"

"If you yell loud enough into the air, you can hear your own echo; come on give it a try." Red was encouraging Lucas to try it as the Blonde smiled and cupped his hands over his moutch and let one out of his own

OMELEEETTEEEEEES AAAAAAAARRRRREEEE YUMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!" yelled Lucas, as he cupped a hand over his ear to listen for an echo." I can hear my self echo."

"Awesome let's do one together."

"ok what shall we say together?"

"We're on top of the world."

"Ok let's do it."

Both Red and Lucas cupped their hands over their mouths and let out a very loud synchronized yell. "WE'RE ON TOP OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDD!" than the boys cupped their hands over their ears to listen for their echos; however Oak stepped in to remind the boys of why there at the tower.

"Ok boys that's enough making noises for now; we're here to look at Mega Evolution not make echos." harked oak as Red and Lucas gathered up to him to see both Sycamore and Korrina standing across from eachother getting ready to do battle.

"All right Professor Oak, if your boys are done making noises let us show you Mega Evolution, and by doing so myself and Korrina will stage a battle here and use the Mega Stones we have to Mega Evolve our Pokemon." Sycamore took out a Pokeball and threw it towards the ground opening it up. "Go Blastoise" out came a large bipedal Tortoise Pokemon with two large pipes sticking out of it's shell.

"All right Professor let's show them what Mega Evolution is all about." Korrina took out a Pokeball and threw it to the ground opening it up. "Go Lucario." out came the Aura Pokemon Lucario whom Red and Lucas remember from earlier when they both saved her from those thugs in Lumoise City.

"Now the moment you've been waiting for." Sycamore stretched his arm and hooked his embow as he pressed a button on a ring he was wearing around his wrist which has a symbol on it; and after pressing it a ball of energy swirled around the Blastoise as the Blastoise emerged from it moments later completely altered with one huge pipe coming out of it's shell along with two smaller shell armour around it's arms with a pipe on each of the two arm shells.

"Whoa, this is so cool." said Red as he and Lucas were both now witnessing Mega Evolution for the first time.

"Let's show them how we do Mega Evolution, Lucario!" Korrina did the same thing Sycamore did with his wrist wring and activated a stone inside it transforming Lucario's original state, where now it featured red markings on it's hands, feet, and it's head, as well sporting a yellow coat of fur, and black marks on it's body as the Mega Evolved Lucario and Blastoise both stood ready for battle.

"This is incredible; I can't wait to take these studies back home with me and to let the other researchers know about this." Oak was taking notes of the Mega Evolution as both Sycamore and Korrina commanded their Pokemon into a battle.

"All right Blastoise use water pulse on Lucario!" commanded Sycamore as Blastoise shot out a wave of energy resembling water at Lucario.

"Lucario dodge it and use Bone Rush!" Lucario would take out a bone like weapon and would use it's speed to dodge the water pulse and come charging at Blastoise.

"Blastoise use Aqua Tail to take Lucario down." An aquatic rush surrounded itself around Blastoise tail and was able to hit Lucario spot on but Lucario at the same time was able to attack Blastoise by tossing the bone like a boomerang into Blastoise's head as both Pokemon took some damage.

"It appears that Mega Evolution not only enhances a Pokemon's natural strength but also it's speed and agility as seen here." Professor Oak was taking more notes and was becomming impressed with the abilities the Mega Evolution Pokemon have with their overall stats increased by Mega Evolution.

"Lucario, go for a Power up Punch!" Lucario would then gather up strength to deliver a devastating punch to Blastoise but Sycamore would think of a move to counter that.

"Blastoise use your skull bash attack now!" Blastose would come charging at Lucario and it seems that it's hard shell would send Lucario flying; but the Aura Jackal Pokemon would finish charging up and would deliver a solid punch just as Blastoise was ready to deliver skull bash causing the Tortoise to take a few steps back after being hit, however Lucario also felt a bit of the skull bash and also took a few steps as both Pokemon were starting to show signs of fatigue.

"Lucario, charge up aura sphere and finish Blastoise off." Lucario cupped his arms as a beam of energy swirled Lucario ready to end the battle.

"Blastoise, use Hydro pump before it's finished charging up energy." Blastoise shot out a mager gush of water aimed right at Lucario.

"Lucario NOW!" commanded Korrina as, Lucario fired the Aura sphere in the same direction of hydro pump as both attacks met with an explosive bang as a cloud of smoke formed with Oak, Red, and Lucas covering their eyes so they wouldn't get smoke in them. As the dust settled both Lucario and Blastoise reverted back to their regular forms; worn out from the battle."

"Blastoise return!" Sycamore took out a Pokeball as a beam of red light absorbed Blastoise into the Pokeball. "You put up a great fight Blastoise; I can see why you've become such a strong trainer Korrina."

"Lucario return!" Korrina also took out a Pokeball and a red beam of light absorbed Lucario into the Pokeball. "Good work Lucario, and you're right Professor; i'm glad we were able to show what Mega Evolution can do." Korrina and Sycamore looked over at Oak, Red, and Lucas who were applauding Korrina and Sycamore for the battle they had.

"You both battled really hard; and all I half to say is that i'm very impressed with Mega Evolution and witnessing what it's capable of." said Oak as he closed his notebook, as Sycamore and Gurrkin approached Oak.

"Samuel, please take this Mega Stone and Mega Ring with you back to Kanto; we figured you might like to do some research on Mega Evolution in Kanto and figure out some of it's secrets." Sycamore handed Oak both a Mega Stone and a Mega Ring to Professor Oak, as Oak gave the Kalos Professor a smile.

"Thank you, Sycamore, I'm heading back to Kanto tommarow and I will begin doing some studies of my own with Mega Evolution as soon as I return to my Lab in Kanto." Oak, Sycamore, and Gurrkin looked over at Korrin who was approaching Red and Lucas.

"I hope you boys were taking notes; since i'm a strong Gym Leader I want nothing but every Trainer's best." Red and Lucas both nodded in agreement.

"I promise that I will make myself into a great Pokemon Trainer just like Red and be able to catch Pokemon, win battles, and make it into the Hall of fame." said Lucas will all of the Confidence in him.

"I also promise that I will help Lucas get stronger and that we'll have eachother's back, no matter what gets in our way, here." said Red as he ruffled Lucas's hair a bit.

"My advice is that for your first Pokemon Gym battle, would be to go to Santalune City and challenge the Gym Leader Viola. She is a Bug Type Pokemon Trainer, but don't be fooled thinking it's going to be an easy battle; she's actually pretty tough for a Bug Trainer." Korrina then took out two Mega stones and Two Mega Rings and handed them both to Red and Lucas. "Here you go guys, since you want to Mega Evolve your Pokemon it would be a great idea to take these with you on your journey so that way when your Pokemon Evolve and can use Mega Evolution; you both will become a lot stronger in battle."

"Thanks Korrina we'll both return here stronger trainers and I hope to beat you in a Gym Battle." said Lucas taking his Mega Stong and Mega Ring

"I'll be looking forward to it, and also thank you for helping me in town against those thugs; if you have the courage to stand up to anything that threatens you or anyone else; than make that stand and it will make you a much stronger person." Red and Lucas smiled and nodded as Professor Oak called them both up.

"Red, Lucas I think we better head back to Lumoise City and go to the Hotel it's getting late and I got to head back to Kanto in the morning and it's best if you two also got some sleep to be fresh and ready for your journey to begin; Sycamore will give us a ride back to town." Red and Lucas walked to Oak and Sycamore's directon as Red and Lucas waved goodbye to Korrina and Gurrkin as they also waved back as well. Everybody made it to Sycamore's car as he drove Oak, Red, and Lucas to the front of the Lumoise Grand Hotel. "Thanks for the Ride Sycamore; i'll see you later." 

"Catch you later as well, Samuel." Sycamore would drive back to his Lab as Oak, Red, and Lucas would check in at the desk and make their way to the Elevator to their room.

"Wow this room is nice." "This is so cool." said both Red and Lucas as they were amazed by the Hotel Room that they were staying in.

"You both better get ready for bed, you have a long day ahead of you tommarow." Oak walked into the bathroom and shut the door as Red and Lucas noticed there bed in the room.

"Wow this bed feels really soft and comfortable." said Red, as he threw his shoes off beside it as Lucas also began to remove his own shoes. "Reminds me sort of, my parents bed that Me and Claus got in trouble all the time for jumping on it. "You like to jump on the bed, so do I, back when I was a kid, and you know what else?" "What?" Red took a pillow and whacked Lucas on the back with it. "Ow, what was that for?" "Pillow Fight" Red stood on top of the bed as Lucas turned around and a smile formed on his face. "Pillow Fights are my specialty; you won't win." Lucas grabbed a pillow and stood on the bed and hit Red in his knee with a Pillow. "Ow; Oh yeah, i'll show you." Red began to hit Lucas with a pillow and giggled at the same time while Lucas also attacked Red with his pillow as the two also started jumping on the bed, having a pillow fight, and laughing about it all at the same time; Professor Oak got out of the Bathroom to see Red and Lucas jumping on the bed having a Pillow Fight.

"Boys, knock it off; we don't want to disturb anybody else on this floor; now get ready for bed." said Oak acting like a father to both Red and Lucas as the boys stopped their pillow fight, as they both changed into their pajamas and both made their way into bed.

"Well Lucas, tomorrow our Pokemon Journey begins; are you excited?" asked Red who was sitting on the Bed with Lucas talking about their upcoming adventure. "Yep, I can't wait until we can Mega Evolve our Pokemon." "Tommarow i'll tell you about every Pokemon's strength and weakness before we go out and capture any." "Cool; I can't wait." Both Red and Lucas saw Professor Oak sleeping in the bed next to them as they both stopped their convorsation, because they didn't want Oak to hark at them for not being in bed. "I guess we better get to sleep." "You're right, good night Red, I love you." said Lucas giving Red a hug. "Good night Lucas, I love you too bro." said red giving Lucas a hug back as the two boys pulled their covers over them and both began to drift asleep. 

The Next Morning Red, Lucas, Professor Oak, and Professor Sycamore we're at Lumoise Airport with Oak standing across from Red, Lucas, and Sycamore. "It's been good seeing you Sycamore, I will keep in toch with you about the studies that I make regarding Mega Evolution.

"I can't wait to hear what you have found, Samuel." 

"Red, Lucas you boys behave yourselves out here in Kalos, and remember to be by eachother's sides when the going gets rough and the both of you; do your best at everything you do on your adventure."

"Thanks Professor; be sure to visit my mom, so that she doesn't become lonely." "If you ever find Tazmilly Villiage, be sure to say hello to my dad." said Red and Lucas respectively

"I will if I can find Tazmilly Villiage, and yes Red, i'll check on your Mom everyday while you're here in Kalos, and be sure to keep in touch with me whenever you find any Pokemon here in Kalos and how the progress of your Journey goes. Well i'm off to Pallet town take care boys, and you too Professor Sycamore." said Professor Oak as he made his way on to the Airplane back to Kanto; while Red, Lucas, and Sycamore wave goodbye to Professor Oak.

"Well looks like our Journey begins now." said Red as he placed his hand on Lucas's shoulder.

"Right let's do this, to our first stop, Santalune City." just as Red and Lucas were about to leave sycamore stopped them both for a minute.

"Hold on a second, I think i better get you boys a map of Kalos so you'll both know where to go." Sycamore took out a Map of Kalos and handed it to Red and Lucas as the two boys studied the map carefully.

"So where is Santalune City?"

"It's right here, all you got to do is to take the Southeast gate out of Lumoise City which will take you to Route 4, which will then take you to Santalune City; There is a Trainer School there in the City; you both might want to check it out and get some tips for Lucas, also beware of any wild Pokemon out there, if you see any use whatever Pokemon you got to attack them and if you weaken them up enough, you can capture them."

"Got it." said Lucas as he nodded as both he and Red made their way to the doors of the Airport with Sycamore following.

"Let me take you both to the gate to Route 4."

"Ok." said Red as he and Lucas followed Sycamore to the Gate to Route 4 which would take them both to Santalune City.

"All right go through this gate and you'll be on your way to Santalune City."

"Thanks for showing us the way, Profeesor Sycamore."

"No problem, I wish the both of you the best of luck."

"Right, we'll see you again soon." as both Red and Lucas made their way through the gate to Route 4 leading to Santalune City as Sycamore waved farewell to Red and Lucas as Red and Lucas waved back as the duo were now on their Kalos Pokemon Journey.

With Red and Lucas witnessing Mega Evolution and parting with Professor Oak the two boys are ready to begin their Pokemon Journey in this all new world. What kind of adventures await the two boys? What kind of trouble will they both get into? All these questions will be answered as their Pokemon Journey in the Kalos region, begins.

"To Be Continued"
Surrogate Brothers : Chapter 2
Red, Lucas, and Professor Oak witness how Mega Evolution works. All Characters and Games belong to Nintendo.
"The Journey to Kalos"

Both Red and Lucas were hustling towards an Airport with Professor Oak standing by the front doors waiting as the boys were running as fast as their legs could carry them with the Professor now coming into view.

"Hey, over here, hurry." commanded the Professor waving his arms getting the boys' attention, as both Red and Lucas now made it to the front door, as the two stopped for a moment to catch their breath. "You made it Red, glad to see that you've finally arrived; so you must be Lucas." said Oak looking down at the Blonde boy he's never met before as Lucas looked up while panting after running with Red to the Airport.

"Who are you?" asked Lucas not knowing who Professor Oak is.

"Lucas, this is Professor Oak, the World's greatest Pokemon expert and researcher; he knows just about everything that there is about Pokemon; such as abilities, habitats, weaknesses if you have a question about Pokemon, you should ask him." said Red as Professor Oak extenden his hand out to Lucas and Lucas shook hands with the Professor.

"Cool, I guess Red's already told stuff about me to you, is that right.?" asked Lucas with a sheepish grin.

"Yep, he sure has, anyways we better hurry up and get to our Plane it's about to take off here, soon." said Oak as he made his way inside the Airport with Red and Lucas following. The three took their luggage onto a conveyor belt to be taken onto the Plane by personal as the three made their way to the Reception Desk.

"All right who's next?" asked the Receptionist, as Oak, Red, and Lucas stood in front of the Receptionist.

"We have a flight to Lumoise City in the Kalos Region did we make it?" asked Oak, hoping they weren't late

"Yes, you're flight will be getting ready to take off in just a few minutes; may i please see your tickets?" asked the Receptionist, holding out her hand as Oak handed three Plane Tickets to the Receptionist, as she took the tickets. "All right go have a seat on your plane and be ready for take off."

"All right then thank you, come on boys let's go find a seat on the Plane." said Oak as he, Red, and Lucas made their way into the plane and found a row of empty seats as Lucas took the window, Red took the seat next to Lucas, and Oak took the seat next to Red. As the three were starting to get situated on the Plane, Red looked over to Lucas who was feeling a bit uneasy.

"Hey, what's the matter Luke?" asked Red as he noticed Lucas looking nervous.

"I'...I...I'm a bit scared." said Lucas, shaking nervously

"Of what? Takeoff?" 


"Awwwww, don't worry about it dude, think of it like the time during the Brawl Tournament when we took a ride on Charizard's Back."

"Well I guess I could, even though that was still pretty terrifying."

"Hey don't worry about a thing bro, i'm going to be right here the whole time with you." said Red, putting his hand on top of Lucas's hands, as the Plane's P.A. system came on.

"Attention Passengers; please strap in your seat belts as we prepare for takeoff." said the voice on the P.A. System as the engines inside the Plane Roared to live as the Plane made it's way down the runway and took the air. Inside Lucas swallowed his spit but Red was holding his hand the whole time as the Plane took off high into the sky and then minutes later leveled itself in motion, as Lucas breated a sigh of relief knowing the take off is over and now that the Plane is now in the air.

"There that wasn't so bad; how are you feeling now?" asked Red, patting Lucas on his shoulder.

"Well I was nervous before but I guess it can take some time to get used to." said Lucas with a smile, as a Flight attendant approached their row. 

"Here is the Menu we will be serving Dinner shortly, take a look at the Menu and let me know when you're ready to order." said the Attendant as Oak took a look at the Menu as did Red and Lucas.

"I guess i'll have the Lasagna what about you boys?" asked Oak looking away from the menu at the boys.

"Hmmmmmmm? maybe i'll just have a plate of Pasta, what about you Luke?"

Same here, i'll have Pasta as well." said Lucas as the Attendant returned.

"So have you decided what you want to eat.?"

"Yes, i'll have the Lasagna, and the boys here will both have Spaghetti." said Oak, as he handed the Attendant their Menu books.

"All right then; I will be back with your drinks what will it be?"

"Iced Tea." said Oak

"Soda." said Red

"Soda for me too." said Lucas

"All right Two Sodas and an Iced Tea, i'll be right back with your drinks." said the Attendant taking the menus heading towards the back. After the attendent came back with their food and drinks and the three ate their dinner. Then an In flight movie began to play and during the movie; Lucas began to fall asleep as the Blonde Boy's head cushioned itself, perched on Red's shoulder as Red began to stroke Lucas's hair. The Attendant returned with some pillows and blankets, as Red lifted Lucas's head up gently and placed a pillow under his head as he laid Lucas's head on the Pillow; Red then lifted up the legs of Lucas's chair and his own as Red pulled off Lucas's shoes and took off his own as Red pulled a shared blanket for himself and Lucas and pulled it over them both. Red then wrapped his arms around Lucas cuddling him in a very soft and comforting manner.

"Goodnight bro, sweet dreams!" said Red as he kissed Lucas on the head and began to drift a sleep themselves as the boys were in eachothers' arms, flying on a Plane thousands of feet in the air surrounded by people; as the boys began to drift asleep.

Lucas was once again in Tazmily Village living life with his Mother Hinawa, his Father Flint, and his brother Claus. They we're having a picnic on the mountains  however a Dragon came along and ran it's claw into Hinawa's Chest.

"No, Mom." said Lucas in both fear, and tears as he looked around not knowing what to do until voices began to spoke to him.

"You let us all down, why do you let everyone you love down, why are you such a crybaby." said the voices as they appear to be Hinawa, Claus, and Ness all talking to Lucas who were yelling at him for letting him down and calling him a crybaby for being the reason they all died.

"No, I'm stronger now, Red said."Then Red is being shown about to be killed by some figure in a Red Suit, as Lucas tried to run over and save Red, Claus grabs Lucas's leg. "No let me go, Claus!" cried Lucas trying to get to Red.

"We were brothers, he is not family; we are, please come back." said Claus

"No, Red, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD!" yelled Lucas as the man put his knife through Red's Chest as, Lucas than opened his eyes seeing he was still on the Plane, cuddled up to Red who began to wake up from his sleep.

"Hey buddy; did you have a bad dream?" asked Red, in a tired tone.

"Yeah, I dreamed about that day when the Dragon killed my Mom, and then she along with Claus, and Ness began calling me a crybaby; I called out to you but some man in red clothes was trying to kill you; I tried to save you but Claus stopped me saying you're not family; than you were killed and I couldn't get to you to save you." cried Lucas as he buried his face in Red's Chest.

"Awwwww; that sounds like a terrible dream; don't ever worry little bro, nothing like that will ever happen to me with you around me; after you saved me from that robot we became very close, I owe a lot of my life to you; and whatever happens we face together as a team. Also don't ever forget we may not be related by blood; but we are brothers by heart and nothing can ever take that away from us." said Red, hugging Lucas, it was still late at night and early in the morning as the Two cuddled each other both back to sleep, as morning finally arrived with everybody on the Plane waking up.

"Good Morning, this is your Captain Speaking, we will be landing at Lumoise Airport in five minutes, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing; thank you for flying with us." said the Plane's P.A. system as the Plane began to descend on the ground and made it's landing at Lumoise Airport. Everybody made their way off the Plane as Oak led Red and Lucas into the Airport.

"Well here we are Boys Lumoise City; i'm going to go get us a Cab to Professor Sycamore's Laboratory wait here." said Oak as he got on a Phone in the Airport to call for a Cab outside the Airport to take them to Sycamore's Lab. Red and Lucas approached a window and looked at the city outside and saw how big the city is.

"Wow this place looks bigger than New Pork City."

"HAHAHA; maybe but at least this place isn't ruled by any dictators."

"True; hey I wonder what that tower is over there." said Lucas pointing out to a large tower in the center.

"Not sure; maybe we'll find out later when we go for a tour of the city."

"OK boys, the cab is outside, let's go." called out Professor Oak, as Red and Lucas followed the Professor to the Cab as Oak took the front seat and the boys took the backseat; the Driver started to drive the Cab as Red and Lucas was in awe of how big Lumoise City is.

"This City has a lot to offer, Museums, Cafes, Battle Restaurants, a Film Studio, several Stores, a Luxury Hotel, and in the center you see Prism Tower and inside the Tower is a Pokemon Gym." 

"Really, maybe we can go there and battle the Leader later." said Lucas in excitement.

"Well the Gym Leader has been out of the Gym as of late and it's hard to tell when he'll be back, but the Tower is open for Tourists, just not Gym Battles." said the Driver as he stopped the Cab in front of a Building with Pokeballs on it.

"Here we are, Professor Sycamore's Laboratory; that'll be $25." said the Driver as Oak took out his Wallet and paid the Driver for the Cab Fare." Ok thank you for driving Lumoise Cab Services, please enjoy what the city has to offer." said the Driver waving goodbye as he drove off; as Oak, Red, and Lucas made their way inside the Laboratory, and approached a Secretary at the front desk.

"Hello do you have an appointment with Professor Sycamore?" asked the Secretary

"Yes, I am Professor Oak from Kanto, and I was asked by Sycamore to do some studies about Mega Evolution."

"Oh hello Professor Oak, nice to see you here in Kalos; go on ahead up the elevator to the top floor where Sycamore is at."

"Ok, let's go boys." said Oak as he, Red, and Lucas made their way inside the elevator as Oak pushed the button to the top floor, activating the elevator as it moved to the top floor. Being on the elevator made Lucas a bit nervous but as always Red was there to assure him not to worry about anything as the elevator stopped and the doors open as Oak led the boys out of the Elevator as they saw a tall man with dark blue hair wearing a lab coat working on his computer.  "Hello Professor Sycamore.

"Samuel, it's been a long time, welcome to Kalos; so you here to do some research on Mega Evolution?" asked Sycamore turning around his chair to look at Kanto's Professor.

"Absolutely; Mega Evolution is something I never thought would be possible, I've always known about the standard evolution of Pokemon, but Mega Evolution seems like a groundbreaking new discovery when it comes to any further development of a Pokemon's natural evolution."

"The effects of Mega Evolution are only used in battle and can be made possible whenever a Trainer has a Mega Stone for the right Pokemon that can Mega Evolve and a Mega Ring to activate the Mega Stone to allow the Pokemon to Mega Evolve during battle."

"Wow; that's amazing, I would like to see it for myself in person; which is why I came all the way here to Kalos."

"All right then, Korrina from Shalour City told me she was coming to Lumoise City and me and her were going to have a battle to show you in person Mega Evolution; however the last I heard from her was an hour ago; I hope she didn't get into any trouble." Sycamore had a worried look on his face hoping nothing bad happened to Korrina, than Sycamore noticed Red and Lucas both standing next to Oak. "Who might these two be?"

"This is Red, he's the Pokemon League Champion from Kanto, and this is his friend Lucas that he meant from some Battle Tournament he was in." said Oak no wanting to go to far into detail about Red meeting Lucas cause it would've taken him all day to explain. Anyways Red and Lucas nodded their heads as Sycamore approached the boys.

"So you're the Champion from Kanto; it's good to see that you decided to come to Kalos; are you here to compete for our Gym Badges and Battle our Elite Four?"

"Well sort of; i'm here because my buddy Lucas here wanted to know more about Pokemon and I promised to take him on a Journey, and there's no better place for him to start than here in Kalos." Red placed his hand on Lucas's back causing Lucas to blush a little.

"Oh ok, so you're a rookie huh; well then allow me to welcome you to the World of Pokemon where you will meet all sorts of Pokemon as you travel this Vast region. Over time you will develop an amazing bond with your Pokemon; you will battle along side eachother, train them, and even play with them, so to start your journey pick one of three Pokemon; here in Kalos We have the three starter Pokemon from Kanto and three of our own species found here in Kalos, and since Red is from Kanto he doesn't half to pick, but you can pick one from Kanto to take with you and maybe you'll get to witness Mega Evolution in battle."

"All right then." said Lucas, as he rested his chin on his hand thinking about what Pokemon he should choose. After a bit of thinking Red picked a Pokeball up and opened it and out came Squirtle. 

"Squirtle!" greeted the water turtle Pokemon, as Lucas picked it up and embraced it with a smile.

"Excelent choice, Squirtle will be your starter Pokemon on your journey, but don't forget to train it hard so you can level it up and as you do your Squirtle will get stronger and then evolve into a Wartortile and then Blastoise. Then once you find a Mega Evolution Stone for Blastoise than you can witness Blastoise Mega Evolve when you battle with it someday."

"Awesome." Red placed his hand on Lucas's shoulder and began to speak to him

"This is going to be awesome, and don't worry about anything I will help you train your Pokemon and make you into a stronger Trainer, and I will have your back like always whenever we come across any dangers on our Journey." 

"Thanks Red, I really appreciate it." said Lucas smiling at Red, as Red smiled Back.

"Oh Red, I know you're probably not really going to Challenge any Kalos Trainers; but would you like to take a Kalos Pokemon and also Lucas go ahead and pick a Kalos starter Pokeball." 

"Ok sure i'll do that, but you can go on ahead first, Lucas." 

"Thanks Red." said Lucas as he looked at the three balls; after thinking it over for a minute he picked up a ball and opened it and out came the Bipedal Mammalian Grass Type Pokemon Chespin.

"You have selected Chespin, good choice."

"Chespin!" greeted the Chespin as Lucas embraced Chespin.

"Wow this is so cool, I can't wait for us to start our Journey. Hey Red what are you going to pick?" 

"Oh, I dunno." Red thought about what of the other two Pokeballs to pick; after putting some thought Red finally picked up a ball and opened it and out came the Fiery Fox Pokemon Fennekin.

"You have selected Fennekin, excellent choice." 

"Fennekin!" greeted Fennekin as Red smiled and embraced his first Pokemon from the Kalos region.

"Here's you both a Pokedex for this region; I wish the both of you the best of luck on your Journey. There are many different Pokemon in this region, some evenoriginate from the other regions in our world like Johto, Hoenn, Shinnoh, and Unova along with those who originate here in Kalos. Well I hope you both have a safe Journey; in the meantime I need to go outside and see what happened to Korrina, you both should head to one of the Pokemon Centers here in Lumoise City and register for the Kalos League." said Sycamore getting out of his chair and making his way to the elevator.

"I think i'm going to go check us in at the Lumoise Grand Hotel." aid Oak following Sycamore.

"We're going to be staying at a Luxury Hotel?" asked Red in excitement as Lucas also felt excited about that idea

"AWESOME!" said both Red and Lucas at the same time.

"Come on boys, you better go sign up at one of the Pokemon centers."

"Right, let's go Lucas." said Red as he and Lucas followed the two Professors to the Elevator and made their way outside of the Laboratory. The Boys made their way into the city streets, approaching a Pokemon Center, as they were about to walk inside they hears some one yelling.

"GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU CREEPS!" said the voice as a girl with blonde hair, wearing a Skate helmet, and white and red dress, was being intimidated by a gang of street thugs.

"We don't care what the rules say, we want to battle you for that badge, here and now." said one of the guys who had a Blue Mohawk, black lipstick and eye make up, and wore a bunch of torn up clothes.

"No if you want to battle me, than you half to come to my gym and fight me Individually." cried the girl

"Sounds like trouble we better step in." said Red as he and Lucas went over to confront the street gang, who was harassing the poor girl.

"Rules are for fool, and if you're not going to accept our battle the easy way, than will take you on the hard way; Go Beedrill!" said the guy, calling out a Bee Pokemon. Two other guys who appear to be following the guy with the Mohawk also called out a Growlith and a Rattata. Just as the three guys and their Pokemon was going to attack the girl who was about to call out a Pokemon; both Red and Lucas stepped in.

"You think the three of you are real tough, ganging up on someone like that."

"Who do you think you are, butting into our business?"

"Leave the girl alone; don't make us challenge the three of you stooges." 

"Stooges huh? That's it you want to battle fine; go and attack them Beedrill with Poison sting." ordered the Mohawk guy ordering his Beedrill to attack.

"Go Lucario!" said the girl getting out a Pokeball and out came the Fighting, Aura Jackal Pokemon: Lucario. " Now Lucario use Aura Sphere. commanded the girl as her Lucario fired a blue sphere of energy hitting the Beedrill directly knocking it out.

"No not my Beedrill; guys attack it with Rattata and Growlith." ordered the men; but both Red and Lucas were ready to attack back.

"Don't get scared Lucas this is the moment you've been waiting for; i'll use my Squirttle to attack Growlith, you go ahead and use Chespin on Rattata." said Red calling out his Squirttle. "Squirttle use Watergun on that Growlith.

"Squirtle!" cried Squirtlle as the Water Turtle Pokemon let out a gush of water at the Fiery Dog Pokemon defeating it.

"No not Growlith; Use Bite on the little Blonde Boy's Chespin; Rattata."

"Lucas have your Chespin use Tackle."

"Right; Chespin use Tackle." ordered Lucas as the Chespin charged at the Rattata with Tackle, but at the same time Rattata connected with bite. Lucas's Chespin was only starting out in battle against Rattata and Lucas didn't know any moves. Until the Chespin out of nowhere hit the Rattata with it's vines.

"What is that?" thought Lucas

"That's Chespin's Vine Whip."

"Keep using Vine whip Chespin." ordered Lucas

"Rattata use Tail Whip." ordered the Boy as the Rattata attemped to use Tale whip but Chespin's Vine's attacked the Rattata and lassoed itself around the Rattata's tail and tossed it onto the ground, defeating it. "Rattata return! Fine then have it your way, jerks." said the Mohawk boy as he and his cronies both ran off, as Red and Lucas approached the girl.

"Thank you guys for helping me against those jerks."

"Do you know who they were?" asked Red curiously

"Well they followed me from my Gym; they wanted to battle me but I told them at my Gym only but they kept bullying me into a battle, not to mention their Pokemon was pretty weak seeing how you three handled yourselves."

"Thanks; so you're a Gym Leader?" 

"Yes I'm Korrina the Leader of the Shalour City Gym."

"You're Korrina; Professor Sycamore was looking for you."

"I know, sorry if I worried him; I was trying to shake those losers off me, and is the reason i'm late, but thanks to you guys I can go and meet up with him. Who are you two guys anyways."

"I'm Red, a Pokemon Trainer from Kanto

"I'm Lucas a Pokemon Trainer in Training." 

"We both came with Professor Oak to do some research on Mega Evolution, and I also am here to mentor my friend Lucas as we travel the Kalos region.

"That sounds awesome, maybe we'll get to have a battle at my Gym sometime."

"That would be great." just then, Sycamore and Oak noticed Red and Lucas with Korrina.

"Korrina there you are." said Sycamore approaching the girl.

"Sorry to worry you, Professor, some jerks kept following me, but luckily these two came to my aid."

"You did great you two; anyways did you get yourselves registered yet?"

"Not yet, we'll go do that right now." said Red as he and Lucas both made their way into the Pokemon Center

"Oh hello and welcome Visitors; do you have any Pokemon that need to be treated?" asked a Nurse Joy looking at Red and Lucas

"I'm here to register for the Kalos league." said Lucas

"Ok what is your name?"

"My name is Lucas."

"where are you from

"A Place called Tazmilly Village."

"Never heard of that place but let me have your PokeDex, and i'll register you." said Nurse Joy, as Lucas gave the Pokemon Nurse his PokeDex as the Nurse scanned it." Ok Mr. Lucas you're all set here's your Pokedex back." said Joy giving Lucas back his PokeDex. "Also here's a case for your Gym Badges; their are Eight Pokemon Gyms in the Kalos region; every time you defeat a Gym Leader you Earn a Badge proving your victory; the More Badges you win, the better your Pokemon will become at listening to your commands in battle. When you collect all Eight you will become eligible to compete in the Kalos League and Challenge the Elite Four, and if you challenge the Eliete Four you will be entered into the Kalos Hall of Fame.

"Cool." said Lucas

"What about you; who are you?" said Joy looking at Red

"I'm Red; I'm from Kanto

"Oh, are you here to Register too?"

"Nah; i'm already in the Hall of Fame in Kanto; i'm here to help and support Lucas on our Journey together."

"Well ok then; good luck to the both of you." said Joy 

"Will do, come on Lucas let's go do a little training and maybe catch up with Professor Oak and Sycamore." said Red as he lead Lucas out the door of the Center.

"Right, this is the begining of our Pokemon Journey." said Lucas as he and Red both made their way outside ready to take on the Kalos Region.

"Lucas is now officially a Pokemon Trainer; what kind of Adventures will he and Red have together in the Kalos Region; and what discoveries will they make in regards to Mega Evolution? Stay tuned as Red and Lucas's Pokemon Journey in the Kalos region, begins.

"To Be Continued!"
Surrogate Brothers: Chapter 1
Red and Lucas make their way to the Kalos Region to learn about Mega Evolutions and to make Lucas an official Pokemon Trainer. All Characters belong to Nintendo
When the Subspace Army attacked the Nintendo Universe many heroes from across Nintendo's Vast universe joined forces to eliminate this threat. Many alliances were formed from a unity of heroes with Mario, Pit, Link, Kirby, and Yoshi to the strange combo of Captain Falcon and Olimar but there was one pair who worked together and treated eachother like if they were brother the Pokemon Trainer Red and Lucas. Both two young boys from different world were brought together after Ness was turned into a trophy by Wario as Lucas ran away but when Lucas encountered Red the two boys worked together and made their way out of the Ruined Zoo as Lucas would join Red and the two got revenge on Wario, captured two Pokemon for Red named Ivysaur and Charizard, and after a fight with a robot monster named Galleom; Lucas was able to break free from the robot's grasp and held onto Red before being saved at the last second by Meta-Knight as the two became true friends. After the events from the and the Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament where every Nintendo Hero would go their separate ways both Red and Lucas both made a promise to eachother that they would go on their own adventure someday and promises to keep in touch with eachother since they were both true friends.

Some time has passed since the Subspace Invasion and Brawl tournament as both Red and Lucas were living separate lives in their Respective worlds. Red had finally completed his quest to complete the Pokedex in Kanto as he made his way to Professor Oak's Laboratory.

"Hey Professor Oak it's me Red." said the Trainer entering Oak's laboratory.

"Oh Red, come on in, did you complete the Pokedex?" asked Oak with a look of anticipation etched on his face.

''Yes, right here." Red took the Pokedex out of his jacket pocket and handed it to the Professor.

"All right i'll begin my examination of your Pokedex, follow me Red." commanded Oak as he would lead Red to a machine as Oak took Red's Pokedex and began examining the data from every Pokemon that Red encountered on his journey. 'So Red how did your journey go, i was starting to worry about you after i heard you dissapeared on your journey.

"Well Professor after I collected all eight gym badges and beat the Elite Four and Blue; I went up to Mount Silver where I got in a battle with a Trainer from the Johto Region and after that I was attacked by a group named the Subspace Emmisary and i followed them to some Abandoned zoo where I met a kid named Lucas.' said Red as Oak looked at him with a look of confusion

"Wait you met a Trainer from Johto on Mt. Silver, how did you get here, and what's this Subspace Emissary, and who's this kid named Lucas?" asked Oak confused with Red's long story.

"Well it's a long story but i had they had taken Ivysaur and Charizard but this kid named Lucas I met has psychic powers and he used his powers to help me out, we took down this bully named Wario, and then I captured Ivysaur and Charizard with his help until some Giant robot attacked us and then grabbed us both. I thought we were going to die until he used his Psychic thunder attack to free us both and we were saved by some winged, masked creature and met two swordsmen and after that we saved the world." said Red telling Oak the whole story.

"Sounds like you had quite an adventure; so tell me more about this Lucas Kid, is he a Pokemon Trainer and where is he from?" asked Oak, curiously.

"No he's not a Pokemon Trainer, he's never heard of them, so i told him about them and he said he's like to know more about them, and he's from a place caleed Tazmily Villiage." 

"Tazmily Village? Never heard of that place before; you sure this Lucas isn't an imaginary friend of your's? HAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Oak as Red reached inside of his jacket pocket for something.

"Here i'll show you this photo of me and him together.' Red took out a photo taken during the Brawl Tournament where he and Lucas were taking a very friendly photo, smiling and acting like friends.

"So this Blonde boy is Lucas; well sounds like you've met some new friends on your journey."

"Yeah; however the thing is Lucas has had some hard times, his mother and brother were both killed and he couldn't do anything to save them."

"Sounds very awful; but at least you stayed by him like any friend would.'

"True, though his Father's still around; Lucas hasn't heard much from him; though i'm wondering what he's been doing since the Tournament?"

"Does he carry a telephone with him?"

'Well he agave me his email maybe i can send him a message seeing if he'll reply." A beep was heard as the machine completed it's scan of Red's Pokedex.

"The Scanner is complete and it says you have found all 150 Pokemon in this Region; way to go Red."

"Thanks Professor."

"Well I recently recieved a call from Professor Sycamore from Kalos and he says he's made a breakthrough discovery in regards to Pokemon Mega Evolution."

'Mega Evolution?"

"It's a evolution that goes beyond the standard evolution of a Pokemon however the transformation is only used in battle as it is used to increase a Pokemon's strength and overall attributes."

'Cool; I want to check it out; however I want to send an e-mail to Lucas and maybe see if he might want to come with us."

"But where will you meet him, and are you sure he'll answer you?"

"I hope so yes, and if he does i'll ask him where he wants to meet and give him directions where to meet."

"Ok, sounds fair enough."

"Cool i'm going to go message him now." said Red as he got on a computer, entered his password to his e-mail and began to write a message to Lucas's e-mail account. After typing a lengthy message Red clicked 'Send" hoping Lucas will recieve and respond to his message, as the Trainer waited for a hopeful reply from Lucas.

In Tazmily Villiage the young psychic boy named Lucas was living peacefully since the events of the Subspace invasion. Lucas was taking care of some stuff in his hometown, with the only family he has left now, his father Flint; Lucas was taking care of his father but knew that if any trouble came to the village Lucas was not going to let anything harm the village, now that he has new found courage and confidence after joining up with the Pokemon Trainer, Red during the subspace Invasion. Lucas thought about Red and was hoping he was ok, Red was like a big brother to Lucas due to the fact that Red was tall and really showed Lucas how to be brave during battle and that it was ok to be afraid but to never give up, those words led Lucas to gaining more confidence in him self and to believe in himself more. Lucas was saved originally by another psychic boy named Ness after coming to his aid to confront his mortal enemy Porky, after they took down the Pig King they were attacked by Wario  and Ness was turned into a trophy as Lucas ran away until he met Red and from that point on Lucas and Red's partnership developed into friendship, which led to Lucas being more courageous and confident until the very end. After the smash Bros Tournament when everyone went their separate ways, Red and Lucas both made a promise to meet again; Lucas wanted to know more about Pokemon and Red promised to Lucas that he would show him one day, the day they would meet again; before parting ways they gave eachother their email addresses in the hopes of trying to keep in touch despite a long distance friendship.

"Dad, i'm home." said Lucas as he opened the door to his house and took his shoes off at the door.

"Lucas is that you; where have you been all this time?" asked Flint as he made his way down the stairs to meet with his son.

"I'm sorry i got caught up in a lot of stuff, I didn't mean to worry you." cried Lucas as Flint put his hand through Lucas's blonde hair

"Don't worry about it we'll talk about it over some lunch." said Flint as he walked into the kitchen to cook himself and his son up something to eat as Lucas sat down in a chair waiting for his father to finish what he is making. "Would you like some Omelettes?" asked Flint, loking over at Lucas

"Sure, i'd love to have some Omelettes." replied Lucas as he kicked his legs around in his chair.

"So where have you been all this time?" asked Flint cracking some eggs into a bowl.

"I went to that Zoo, to gather my thought about mom and Claus until I saw these scary figures; than that fat Porky guy tried to chase me in a giant stature, robot, thing until some other kid with Psychic powers like mine helped me take Porky down for good. After that some ugly man came and tried to shoot something at me before that kid sacrificed himself to save me and I ran away after he got turned into a statue. Then I met some tall looking kid, his name is Red, he's a Pokemon Trainer and we were able to work together to fight off some monsters at the Zoo." 

"Sounds like a long story so you met another kid with Psychic powers but you left him and then you found another Kid and you and him were able to fight alongside eachother?" asked Flint mixing some milk together with the eggs.

"Yes! He comes from a town called Pallet Town in the Kanto region and he's a Pokemon Trainer; he was looking for two Pokemon named Ivysaur and Charizard and we were in a Desert looking for them and I helped him catch them."

"Pokemon; never heard of them, but it sounds like you began to find inner courage in yourself if you were with this Red boy." said Flint now placing several peppers into the Omelet Mix.

"They are these animal like creatures, but they have special powers; some can breath fire, squirt water, produce electricity, they are so cool and Red told me a lot about Pokemon and promised he would take me on an adventure one day if we meet again."

"Now hold on there, you just got back home, and now you're saying you want to go on an adventure with some kid you hardly know?" Flint was now placing the Omelet Batter on the skillet to fry

"Yes, but he gave me an e-mail address and I was going to go write to him to see how he is." said Lucas getting out of his seat.

"Well ok, but don't be long these Omelets are just about done." said Flint as Lucas ran upstairs as fast as his socked feet could carry him over to the computer that he and Claus used to share to play games on as Lucas would enter his password onto his email account and saw he had a message in his inbox, and it was from Red

"It's from Red, he actually sent me a message." thought Lucas as he clicked on the message and read it.

"Hey Lucas, it's me Red i made it back home to Pallet Town, i'm going to be going with Professor Oak to a place called Lumoise City in the Kalos Region to do some discoveries of Pokemon Mega Evolution; and I wanted to ask if you want to come along with me and see for yourself. Please respond if you get my letter i'd like to hear from you again, and if you want to go tell me a place you'd like to meet at." Lucas read the message and sent him a response, as Lucas was feeling excited that Red sent him a message and offered him a chance to go with him on a Pokemon Adventure. After writing his reply and sending it to Red's e-mail, Flint was calling for Lucas.

"Lucas, come and eat." said Flint calling up to his son

"I'll be right down." said Lucas smelling Omelet as he went back downstairs and sat at the table to have some Omelets with his father.

In Pallet Town Red opened the door to his house and kicked his shoes off at the door as he was greeted by his mother as she gave her son a big hug.

"Welcome home, Red I missed you so much." cried Red's mom as she hugged Red

"I missed you to Mom, sorry if I was gone so long, but now i'm back." said Red with a smile hugging his mother back.

"I want to hear all about your adventures; let's talk over some lunch."

"Ok but first I want to check my e-mail."

"What for?"

"I just need to see something and then i'll be down to have some lunch." said Red as he and his mother broke away from their hug, as Red ran up the stairs sock-footed  to his room, as the Trainer logged into his e-mail account and to his surprise received an e-mail from Lucas.

"He replied, awesome!" thought Red as he read the letter sent to him from Lucas.

"Hey Red, glad to hear from you, i'm doing great, Yeah of course I would love to go with you to this Lumoise City and get to know more about Pokemon. If you want to meet let's meet up at that Zoo again where we first met each other; if you remember where it was? Anyways i'm going to let my father know, so let me know when you're going so we can meet each other and give me a reply whenever you can, ok. Love you, Red." 

"Awwwww!" cried Red blushing as he typed in his response. "Well if we're going to meet at that Zoo I got to let Mom and Professor Oak know now before  leave again." thought Red as he heard him mom calling him down

"Red, time for lunch!" called Red's mom, as Red logged off his computer and made his way downstairs to eat, as Red took a seat and pulled his chair up to the table as Red's Mother handed him some Hamburgers. 

"So Red, Professor Oak called me and said you were on some adventure and became friends with some boy named Lucas; is that true?" asked Red's mom as Red was about to take a bite of his burger before he chose to speak.

"Yeah it's true." said Red digging into his jacket pockets and taking out a picture of him and Lucas during the Brawl Tournament. "That's me and him together."

"AWWWWWWW; that's so adorable." said Red's mom looking at the picture, as Red told his mother the entire story of the Subspace Adventure and how he got to know Lucas. "Bless his heart to lose both his mother and brother; but it's good to see how you and him stood by each other and helped each other out and for that you two must have became very close friends in the short amount of time you boys got to know each other for."

"Yeah and that's why I went upstairs to check my e-mail, I sent him an e-mail message at Professor Oak's lab earlier when I showed him the Pokedex when Professor Oak talked about going to Lumoise City to study Mega Evolutions, and he'd say yes he'd love to go with me."

"But does he know how to get here from where he lives?"

"I asked him to meet me at an Abandoned Zoo where we first met."

"Well that's fine; am I going to meet your friend someday."

"Of course so; i'll bring him over for you to meet someday."

"That's great." said Red's mom as they finished their lunch as Red went back upstairs to pack up for his trip to Lumoise City.

"Back in Tazmily Village Lucas was telling his father Duster the whole story of the Subspace Invasion and how he and Red worked together and became pretty close friends with each other. 

"Sounds like this Red became a very good friend to you and really helped give you some confidence into your own abilities." said Flint, as Lucas was digging in the pockets of his shorts and took out a photo of him and Red during the Brawl Tournament. "So this is Red, huh; so i'm guessing he became like a big brother to you; how old is he?" asked Flint curiously

"11" said Lucas

"He's 11, I find that hard to beleive that you're older than him but he' taller than you." 

"Yes that's correct and also I got an e-mail from him asking me to go with him on a Pokemon Adventure to a place called Lumoise City

"But Lucas you just got home, don't you want to stay here and enjoy your home?"

"I do, but I promised Red that I would go with him and travel with him and learn more about Pokemon."

"Well I guess it's ok with me, you do need to go out and explore the world and make new friends, anyways," 

"Thanks Dad." said Lucas as he hugged his father as Flint hugged Lucas back

"Do you know where he'll meet you at?"

"Yeah, at the abandoned Zoo where we first met."


"Well i'm going to go see if he replied to my e-mail, than i'm going to go pack up my stuff." said Lucas leaving the kitchen to respond to Red as he wen't upstairs to pack up for his adventure with Red.

Days have passed since both Red and Lucas returned to their respective homes and promised to meet each other on this day at the Ruined Zoo. Both Red and Lucas arrived at the same time through opposite entrance ways, and soon later Red and Lucas both met each other face to face in the same spot that they first met each other during the Subspace Adventure.

"Hey Lucas!"

"Hey Red!" 

Both Boys gave each other a hug, since it's been some time since the Brawl Tournament and they never knew if they were going to see each other again but now they have and both were ready to go on an adventure together

"Are you ready to go with me on a Pokemon Adventure?" asked Red with his hand on Lucas's shoulder

"Of course, I can't wait, Let's go, Red." said Lucas as he and Red both began to make their way out of the Zoo and on to a new adventure to the Kalos Region to learn about Pokemon Mega Evolution.

Red and Lucas have reunited and are now ready to go on an adventure together; what type of stuff will they get themselves into; find out in the next chapter as Red and Lucas's Pokemon Adventure begins.

"To Be Continued"

Surrogate Brothers: Prologue
A Post Brawl fanfic set before and during the events of Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U which explains why Red and Lucas didn't make it to the new tournament. Super Smash bros, Pokemon, and Mother 3 all belong to Nintendo.
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