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The Infection Spreads

There was what appeared to be a young girl looking over at the Mass of Antilight covering the skies; the girl had blood red eyes and began to sing in a very eerie yet sweet voice.

"Hush little babies, don't say a word; Master Daraku is going to take away the pain, and if you try to fight with him, than the earth shall be poured with a bloody rain. and when that crimson rain, stains the Earth, My Master's Plan will be all what it's worth; and if you ever saw his face, you will start to scream in fear, and cry to yourself once you know, the end is near." The girl sang, as her voice could be heard as the Antilight Army, we're plotting something.

"Ah sweet child, her voice bring a tear to my eye, as we begin our attack on humanity and any other race of beings in this world." said the Shadow Queen, as the others nodded, as they heard some footsteps. "Who might you be?" The Queen asked noticing a few strangers; One of them was a small old man, with a grey skullet and mustache, wearing a white labcoat, with a white shirt, red tie, blue pants, and brown loafers, he was followed by a large, cybernetic man, with a bald head with face tattoos, metalic armor, and a cape. The third was a man with raven colored hair along with a beard and mustache of the same color, a purple monocle over his right eye and a purple cloak.

"I am Dr. Wily, I am the smartest scientist there ever was, and this here is Sigma leader of the Reploids and this is Dr. Regal a scientist from Nebula; we each we're recruited by the witch sisters that look like you to contribute our ideas with the Antilight." 

"Tell me, what are your talents?"

"I create powerful robots, and with my scientific talents, I can create some powerful weapons to destroy any of those light dwellers, Sigma here can back yu up, and knows about the Sigma Virus that can corrupt any living being that it infects, and would make for a valuable asset to the Antilgiht, lastly Dr. Regal here is the creator of Dark Chips, and is the mortal nemesis of Lan Hikari, his Dark Chips can infect Net Navis corrupting their Data and turning them into Darkloids, and together, our assets will make for a brilliant addition to the Antilight."

"Indeed your talents would make for a great addition, ok get to work by creating weapons for us!" The Shadow Queen instructed, as Zant made his way towards them.

"It appears that the Heroes are off searching for a way to restore the Purelight, we need to find a way to prevent them, from doing that."

"So they figured out, how to restore the Purelight, where might they be making their way to?"

"Some of them are going to the Dinosaur Planet known as Krazoa, to acquire the Krazoa Spirits, and some of them are going to Star Haven to acquire the Star Rod."

"Well then, I better inform the Ing Emperor to dispatch the Ings and Space Pirates to Krazoa then."

"Also to Dr. Wily, your enemy Mega Man, is going to Krazoa to help find these spirits to restore the Purelight!"

"Well in that case, I'm going to go and create some Robots, and Sigma, I want you to go and crush Mega Man, i'm pretty sure X is with him as well."

"I think so, I believe Mega Man has some ability to summon other  variations of Mega Man to assist him in battle, anyways, it's time to prepare for our next attacks." The Shadow Queen said as her followers all nodded in unison.

Some of the gathered heroes had made their way towards the Dinosaur Planet of Krazoa, by way of portal travel; Fox has memories of this place as does Krystal, Falco however doesn't due to him leaving Starfox at the time as everybody started to explore Thorntail Hollow.

"Krazoa still looks as peaceful as ever, but we better make our way to Krazoa Palace, while everything is safe." Fox said as they began to hear some stomping in the distance as a Triceratops like being made it's way over to Fox with a smile on it's face.

"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!" The Triceratops cried out, somehow knowing Fox as Fox turned around and smiled.

"Tricky!" Fox said as he went over and petted the Triceratops on it's head. "Tricky, it's good to see you again, you've grown up so much, since the last time I saw you."

"I know, how have you been Fox, and what brings you back on Krazoa, are you and Krystal on your Honeymoon?" that question made Fox blush as he began to scold Tricky.

"How many times have I told you not to ask that?"

"Aww come on Fox, I think the two of you should."

"We're here on more important matters, an evil power known as the Antilight is threatening to destroy the Universe, and we need to obtain the Krazoa Spirits, to add their power to help fight it."

"Sounds really serious, in any case i'm ready to help out the best way that I can; Well let's go to Krazoa Palace, and meet with the Krazoa Spirits." 

"Can't let you do that StarFox!" said Wolf, landing on Thorntail Hollow along with his team, some Space Pirates, and what appeared to be some evil looking robots.

"Wolf again, and it looks like he's brought a couple Space Pirate Goons with him, but where did those robots come from?" Falco said looking at the robots as they appeared to be infused with Antilight. Mega Man ran over and began firing off at the Robots, as the Robots retaliated on the Blue Bomber.

"I will not let you defeat me, I was created by Dr. Light, and it will shatter your darkness."

"Is that what you think, Mega Man?" said a voice that Mega Man recognized, as Dr. Wily appeared, now altered with the blood red eyes of any of the followers of the Antilight. "I have found enlightenment from the Demon God Daraku, now this time Mega Man, you will be reduced to scrap metal and I will have my revenge on Dr. Light once and for all; now Antilight Cyberdemons, destroy Mega Man!" A group of Cyberdemons swarmed Megaman as they all began to ambush him without warning and it looked like Mega Man was about to be destroyed until a slash appeared taking down the Cyberdemons as another human robot hybrid similar to Mega man with Red and White mechanical armor, with a long blonde ponytail, wielding a cybernetic sword in his hand.

"You must really think your tough when you send your army of mindless robots to attack another!"

"Zero, you ungrateful creation, Sigma was right about you, so you think you can stop me, I am your creator and you will do as I say."

"I don't follow your orders, I am a Maverick Hunter, I was approached by some weird cat thing called Mewtwo, who answered my question, What Am I Fighting For? Now I fight alongside the ones who are trying to put a stop to this Antilight Invasion."

"Foolish Reploid, you will be destroyed!" Wily said as he sent more Antilight Cyberdemons to attack Zero as he and Megaman would combine their attacks to take down the demons, then a beep was heard as Zero made contact with a female voice.

"Zero come in, this is an emergency, some Strange Meteorite is heading your direction!"

"What, oh no, this is not good, I think we better evacuate!" Zero said as Mega Man approached him

"We can't just yet, we need to obtain the Krazoa Spirits to reform the Purelight."

"Are you crazy, if that thing crashes, we'll all be dead, we better find a way off this planet fast." Zero said as Samus approached and scanned the Meteor that was heading their was as it looked familiar to her.

"It's a Phazon Leviathan, if it crashes here it'll spread Phazon throughout the area corrupting anything that it infects." Samus said as she received and incoming message as she opened up her arm console. "Commander Malkovich."

"Samus, that Leviathan is stronger than that of Phazon, it appears to be made with the Antilight, listen if that Leviathan touches Krazoa, all of those Dinosaurs, including yourself and your comrades will all be obliterated by the Antilight, hurry and try to get everybody out of there immediately."

"I'll try!" Samus said as she pushed some buttons on her console to contact another person. "Fox, come in, it's Samus, please hurry and find the Krazoa Spirits, a Leviathan made up of Antilight is about to crash onto the Planet, and I fear for not only us, but everyone of the Dinosaurs here on Sauria.

"Oh no that's terrible, all right we'll hurry!" Fox said, as he, Falco, Krystal, and Trick made their way to the Krazoa Palace. "Tricky, go back to your family and warn them of what's going on, and find somewhere that you can take cover from."

"All right, Fox take care!" Tricky said as he dashed back to find his Mother, as the Starfox Trio made their way inside Krazoa Palace. The Trio made their way through the palace towards a shrine, as the place looked familiar to both Fox and Krystal.

"It was here, where I was trapped inside that Krystal and you rescued me."

"I remember it, but now's not the time to reminisce, Krazoa Spirits, we really need your help." Fox said as a strange light began to form as the face of what resembled the faces in the palace approached Fox.

"Fox McCloud, you have returned the Krazoa Palace, is there something we Krazoa spirits can help you with?"

"First we need your powers to add and help restore the Purelight, to combat the Antilight; and also a Leviathan made of Antilight is about to crash onto Krazoa and all of the tribes here are in serious danger and that is what we need your help with."

"So the power of the Antilight has been reformed, this is indeed a very dire situation, we better get together and form a barricade to stop this Leviathan from wiping out the Planet." The Kroazoa Spirits looked up in the direction of the Leviathan as it was coming closer as they banded together to create some form of barrier to try to halt the Leviathan. "Fox, while we try to halt the Leviathan for as long as we can, get every Dinosaur Tribe to Evacuate the Planet immediately."

"Right, i'll contact General Pepper to deploy Ships big enough to fit them, though, we half to try our best." Fox said as he took out a Radio to contact the Cornerian Army. "General Pepper, this is Starfox, do you read me, over?"

"Starfox, this is General Pepper, where is your location?"

"We're on Sauria, but we need to get some immediate Shelter for the Dinosaurs of Sauria; a Leviathan containing the Antilight is about to crash on Sauria and all of the Tribes here are in serious danger and we need to get them to safety as quick as possible."

"It sounds like a very serious matter, all right i'll deploy some ships hopefully large enough to be able to hold the Earthwalkers and Cloudrunners."

"Thanks General, the safety of these Dinosaurs is a priority at the moment." Fox said ending his communication. "Let's return to Thorntail Hollow and help out the others." Fox said leading Krystal and Falco back to Thorntail Hollow to find everybody struggling against Space Pirates, Cyberdemons, and now Ings that were starting to not only attack them, but infect the Dinosaurs as well. "This is terrible, what just happened?" Fox asked seeing Earthwalkers and Cloudrunners both becoming infected with the Antilight.

"FOOOOOOOXXXXX!" Tricky's Voice echoed as Fox was approached by his one time sidekick, the Cloudrunner Tricky, this time Tricky's eyes were Blood Red and the Antilight began to illuminate around him.

"Tricky, NO!" Fox said as all of a sudden the Antilight began to surround everyone, as the same little girl from before appeared.

"Looks like this friendship is history, just like the rest of the world shall be; now Tricky, be a good pet, and feast on the Fox, Lord Daraku is craving more Souls." The girl said as Falco aimed his blaster at the girl.

"Listen you little brat, you can tell your crummy master, that he ain't gettin Fox's Soul, not whie i'm here."

"Well let's see if your friend feels that way, because he seems, Hungry!" the girl said as Tricky charged at Fox knocking him down; both Falco and Krystal didn't want to attack Tricky because he was still their friend, but Fox was in trouble. As Fox looked in horror at his possessed friend looking ready to feast on his one time friend, Zero came dashing forward with his blade slashing Tricky. 

"No one should ever eat their friends; I don't know who you are, but if you're really this Fox's friend, you'll snap out of it, and fight the Antilight."

"So you want to interfere with my meal, well fine than, i'll eat you too." Tricky said Dashing over to Zero as Mega Man began to fire away at Tricky. While Fox was laying on the ground trying to recover, Mewtwo appeared next to him with a look of urgency.

"The Krazoa Spirits are not going to be able to hold that Leviathan, I hate to do this but there's no possible way to save all of these Dinosaurs; everyone, please take the Krazoa Spirits and follow me back to the Gathering Hall.

"But the Dinosaurs?" Fox asked as Mewtwo shook his head.

"Look, it's not possible to be able to save all of these Dinosaurs; look we really need the Krazoa Spirits, if we lose them, than we can kiss our whole Universe Goodbye; I know you want to sdave Tricky, but there's nothing you can do, retreat and we'll get our revenge as soon as we have everything we need."

"Falco, Krystal, we need to get the Krazoa Spirits and retreat, there is nothing we can do."

"Foxy, you sure about dat?"

"I am, Falco let's get the Sprits and get the others to follow Mewtwo out of here." Fox said as he approached the Spirits who we're struggling to stall the Leviathan. "Krazoa Spirits, there's no other choice, we half to let the Leviathan fall, it's a sacrifice we need to make in order to ensure we stop the Antilight completely.

The Krazoa Spirits looked at Fox and one of them entered Fox's body like it did in the past. "Fox McCloud, you are right, we can't stall this Leviathan, i'm afraid we half to go with you and make sure we reform the Purelight; the rest of us will enter the bodies of your allies." Fox nodded as the other Krazoa Spirits entered the bodies of Falco, Krystal, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Captain Falcon as they met with Samus, Olimar, Calem, Serena, Mega Man, and Zero as Mewtwo would stand at the front opening a portal.

"Everybody, follow me into the portal, we half to let the Leviathan hit, time is running out, and there isn't much we can do to help these Dinosaurs, we need the Krazoa Spirits to form the Purelight and stop Daraku, we'll get our revenge soon, but for now, return to the Gathering hall with me." Mewtwo said as they all followed him through the Portal and back to the Gathering Hall as the Antilight Leviathan Crashed into Dinosaur Planet, transforming it into a wasteland of nothing but Antilight, as the little girl from before was seen standing all alone in the center of the ruins once known as Thorntail Hollow of Sauria.

"Dinosaurs were meant to be extinct, and soon all of humanity and everything else will be soon, and soon, the New Universe will begin, all that's left to eliminate, is that ugly eyesore known as the Sun." The Little girl said as she skipped and hopped away from the wasteland as she disappeared into the darkness of Antilight. "The Itsy Bitsy Humans, Climbed up the Purelight Spout, Down came the Antilight, and killed the humans off, the sun never came cause The Antilight Destroyed it, and The Itsy Bitsy Humans, all became extinct. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Back at the Gathering Hall Mewtwo brought back with him the ones who went to Sauria to retrieve the Krazoa Spirits. It was bittersweet for Fox, seeing his one time friend Tricky become a puppet for the Antilight, and the planet of Sauria now destroyed by the Antilight, as he received a message from General Pepper.

"Fox, Sauria has been...."

"Yeah I know General, sorry but it was a sacrifice we had to make in order to be able to fight the Antilight."

"Well i'm sure you did what was best."

"We will avenge all of those Dinosaurs that were killed by the Antilight, that is a promise." Fox said ending the transmission as Zero looked over at him.

"Hey I understand how you feel about losing someone important to you, I have felt that pain myself, when I lost someone."

"Yeah, but Tricky was a good friend, and he really helped me out a lot back there, but that wasn't the Tricky I know, I wonder how he got infected with the Antilight?"

"Don't ask me, i'm new to this whole Invasion, besides i'm trying to find what my purpose is for fighting."

"Z...Z...ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said an eerie voice that somehow sounded familiar to Zero

"Iris, is that you?" Zero said as he began to hear, what sounded like the voice of Iris.


"Iris, I thought you we're dead, where are you?"

"I'm right here Zero." said the voice of what appears to be a Reploid with brunette hair, green eyes, blue and red mechanical armor, but the aura of Antilight surrounded her and her green eyes soon changed to blood red. "You let me die, it's your fault, you wanted to fight for me but.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU FAILED!" Just then a large blade, Impaled Iris's body as she fell into Zero's Arms.

"No Not again, WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR!" Zero cried as all of a sudden Iris's Soul began to escape her body and was consumed by the same monsterous face from before, however Zero didn't recognize it, as he looked at it in fear. "You....Y.....You...M..MONSTER!"

"NOW, Get ready to join her, your Soul is....."

"ZERO....ZERO!" Zero woke up as it was all an illusion as he saw Mewtwo in front of him. "That was an illusion created by the Antilight.

"But it was so real, Iris, she...." Zero said as Mewtwo looked at Zero

"The Antilight has the power to create illusions to prey on the mental weakness of those that oppose it, it's an easy way for Daraku to take the Souls easily just by playing Mind Games."

"That's Insane, we need to hurry up and put a stop to this, I don't want to relive that nightmare ever again."

"Don't worry Zero; as soon as Mario, Link, Sonic, Pit, and the Others return we will have all that we need to bring the fight to the Antilight." Mewtwo said as everybody all nodded in agreement.

A Frienship has been severed, a Planet was destroyed by the Antilight, and more mind games are being played; will Mario and his comrades obtain the Star Rod, not that the Krazoa Spirits have been obtained all that is left is the Star Rod, will that be the last light of hope in putting an end to the horrors of the Antilight? Find out in the next chapter of the Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued!
The Antilight Invasion Chapter 7
Several of our heroes travel to the Dinosaur Planet of Sauria to obtain the power of the Krazoa Spirits to add their power to the Purelight, but as always the Antilight Army has some tricks up their sleeves. All Characters belong to their rightful owner, sue me and Lord Daraku will devour your soul.

(Also Zero joins the battle and let's just say I tried to do my best interpretation of Lucas Gilbertson's version of Zero, since his voice over is a fan favorite and thought I would go along with that as the interpretation.)
The Gathering

In a Cave outside of Cerulean City, the powerful, cloned psychic type Pokemon Mewtwo stood alone, with it's eyes closed, in a train of thought, as a voice began to speak inside Mewtwo's mind.

"Mewtwo, can you hear me?"

"Who's there?" Mewtwo asked, as the voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

"It is I, Arceus, The World is going to be in serious peril, and I need you to help an army of heroes to save the world."

"Save the world?"

"I understand your feelings towards humans, for cloning you from Mew's DNA, and how you were intended to be used as a weapon for Team Rocket; however you wanted to change your ways, and began to show more emotions. Which is why, the world needs your help, Hoopa has been gathering every legendary Pokemon to fight eachother in Kalos, but that's not the worst part, villains from all over the world have joined forces and have reformed the ancient power known as the Antilight, and worst of all, I have a great feeling that the Demon God Daraku, has been awakened."

"Is that so; if that's true than this Planet will be destroyed if we don't act right away."

"We've lost contact with Master Hand, and it's up to you to go to the Super Smash Bros Tournament once again, and find as many heroes as you can, and gather them all so we can let them know of the plan to save the world."

"All right, it's been a long time since I competed in that tournament, but now I have a new purpose; tell me, do you know the whereabouts of most of these heroes, Arceus?"

"Well the newcomers Shulk, Robin, and Lucina are traveling with Ness and Captain Falcon to Mute City; and Marth, Ike, Meta-Knight, Red, and Lucas are at the Kalos Pokemon League, you may want to get them first since they are the closest."

"All right, since I have history with Red, I think it's time I helped him out once again, i'll make my way to Kalos, do you know where I am supposed to take them?" 

"There's a Gathering Hall in the Center of the World, it is used to gather many heroes all over the world; Mario and his allies are already there, go and find Meta-Knight's group first, and do whatever you feel is necessary to help them, if they are in any trouble."

"Understood!" Mewtwo levitated into the air and flew off out of Cerulean Cave and took off as fast as he could for the Kalos region. Along the way he noticed, Resharim, Zekrom, Palkia, and Dialga all fighting eachother as Mewtwo looked at the carnage it was causing. "So Hoopa is causing all of this, I half to find Red and his friends before this becomes impossible." Mewtwo said as he then saw what appeared to be an Airship with a strange mask flying above attacking another Airship in the sky, as Mewtwo approached the larger Airship and noticed something familiar about the other one. "Bowser, so that means..." A cannonball nearly hit Mewtwo as the psychic clone, teleported just in time to avoid contact. Then out of the Airship came an army of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Hammer Bros. Mewtwo charged up a Psychic blast which made easy work of the enemies as the Halberd blasted the Airship with it's laser.

"Who are you, and why are you on my Airship?" said the voice of Meta-Knight as he looked at Mewtwo.

"Are you Meta-Knight?" Mewtwo asked as Marth, Ike, Red, and Lucas also joined Meta-Knight on top of the Halberd. Red was shocked to see Mewtwo, as he looked at the Psychic Cloned Pokemon.

"Mewtwo, it's been a long time."

"I know Red!"

"So you know this thing, Red; in that case you must be an ally, right?"

"I am, and I've come here, looking for those who are participating in the Super Smash Bros tournament; and to guide heroes in the upcoming battle against the Antilight."

"We appreciate the help, you were able to help stop the attack from those Koopa Troopas."

"Listen, I will open a portal, go through it and you'll arrive at a Gathering hall, stay and wait there as I gather more heroes and we discuss the plan." Mewtwo said, as the skies began to darken and Mewtwo began to sense the Antilight. "Hurry!" Mewtwo than noticed the Monstrous, Unbound Hoopa coming out of a ring and the sky. "Hoopa, so you're the reason why Legendary Pokemon are showing up and attacking eachother." Mewtwo then noticed the Antilight, shrouding Hoopa, as the skies continued to get darker. "Let's Hurry!" Mewtwo said as he and the Halberd carrying Meta-Knight, Marth, Ike, Red, and Lucas went through it sending them to a massive Hall where they would be greeted by Mario, Link, Pit, Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Little Mac, Mega Man, Sonic, Pac Man, Calem, Serena, Tierno, Trevor, and Shaunna. "There they are, go and talk with them, I half to go to Mute City, and find Captain Falcon *opens portal* listen, everything will be explained in full detail, as soon as we have all of our allies gathered.

Meanwhile in the realm of Antilight, all of the villains were looking at a map of the world, making plans to attack.

"So we attack the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, and maybe we can take out Skyworld as cover the very realm of angels with the Antilight." suggested Ganondorf as Bowser looked over at him.

"How about we attack multiple parts of the galaxy; The Space Pirates have plenty of resources, there's the Lylat System, but how about we go after the Galactic Federation, and send them a clear message." Bowser suggested as Ganondorf nodded.

"So you want to attack the Galactic Federation?" said the voice of a being wearing mechanical armor and a red cape. "Call me Deathborn, champion of the Underworld F-Zero Grand Prix.

"You're from the Underworld, do you know Hades?"

"I have no allegiance to that buffoon, but I do want Medusa out of the way, so we can consume the Underworld as well, but I would like revenge on Captain Falcon first.

"Well right now, Mute City is under attack; Captain Falcon should be on his way right now; so I think i'll go meet him."

"Ok then, need any allies to help?"

"Well the Space Pirates, and Phazon Aparoids are assisting me in destroying Mute City, but thanks for the offer." Deathborn said as a portal opened, taking him to Mute City that is starting to break out in Utter Chaos. As Deathborn looked around, he saw a giants bird shaped ship flying in the distance and smiled. "Right on time."

Meanwhile inside the Falcon Flyer, the group the group that consists of Captain Falcon, Robin, Lucina, Chrom, Ness, and Shulk all looked down at Mute City in horror seeing the destruction that was happening to it.

"This is awful; what kind of monsters could do this?" Lucina asked as Robin was looking out in disbelief.

"If this is the work of those Antilight monsters, than i have a terrible feeling the worst is yet to come." Robin said as Ness looked over at Shulk who's eyes was glowing blue, as if he's seeing another vision.

"The Space Pirates and the Phazon Aparoids are attacking Mute City, and they're going to help spread the Antilight here, we got to help save as many people here as we can before it's too late."

"if what you say is true, than there's no time to waste." Ness said as he and Shulk nodded as Falcon descended the Falcon Flyer to the ground as the group got out to look for anybody in need of help.

"Help!" said a voice that Falcon recognized.

"Jody, guys come on, a friend of mine is in trouble!" Falcon said as he ran over and saw Jody hiding behind some dubre, taking cover from some attacking Space Pirates. You guys handle those Space Pirates, i'll save Jody." Falcon said making his way over to Jody, as Shulk took the Manado and slashed the Pirate while Ness used PK Thunder to strike, along with Lucina and Robin also using their swords to fight the Space Pirates.

"Falcon!" Jody cried as Captain Falcon approached her. "The Space Pirates have destroyed Mute City, the Galactic Federation has been destroyed as well."

"Well let's get on my ship, i got to see if there are other survivors as well."

"Please let's just get somewhere safe, i'm sure some of the others have evacuated." 

"Captain Falcon!" said a voice as Falcon stopped and turned around to see Deathborn standing across from him.

"Deathborn, I thought I defeated you?"

"Well let's just say, the forces of the Antilight brought me back, and now I shall have my revenge." Deathborn said as Falcon looked at Deathborn, however he was still holding Jody, while his allies were dealing with Space Pirates.

"Jody, get to my ship, i'll handle Deathborn!" Falcon said, as Jody Summers ran towards the Falcon Flyer, however, several Ings emerged from the ground and began to attack Jody. "Jody!" However Falcon turned his back at Deathborn, and Deathborn would hit Falcon with a shadowy projectile, followed up by a stomp to the head.

"HAHAHA; let's see you try to save your girlfriend now!" Deathborn taunted as Jody tried to fight back against the Ings, but she was outmatched by their evil power.

"Backslash!" "PK Fire!" Both Shulk and Ness came to Jody's aid with Shulk using the Manado, and Ness using his PSI to stop the attacking Ings.

"Thank you, boys!"

"We knew you were in danger, we'll accompany you to Captain falcon's Ship!" Shulk said as he and Ness fended off any attackers, while accompanying Jody, to the Falcon Flyer, as Robin, Lucina, and Chrom were handling some attacking Space Pirates, and Falcon just recovered to kick Death Born, as their fight continued. However a Shadowy, psychic blast, blindsided Deathborn as he turned around to see Mewtwo in the distance as Captain Falcon remembered him from the Melee Tournament.

"Mewtwo?" Captain Falcon asked as several more Ings approached, as Robin, Lucina, and Chrom stood ready to fight, along with Ness and Shulk after successfully escorting Jody to the Falcon Flyer.

"I have been asked by Arceus to seek out heroes throughout Nintendo's Vast Universe; please come with me, we all need to figure out a plan, to put a stop to the evil that is growing stronger by the second." Mewtwo said as everybody gathered around Mewtwo, while the Ings were starting to charge as more Space Pirates began to descend. "There's now a lot of time to explain, get inside the Falcon Flyer, and i'll open a portal to a Gathering Hall where many heroes are gathering to help solve this crisis.

"But Mute Cite?"

"I know, but there's nothing we can do; look, just get in your ship and get out of here; i'll explain everything once we are all gathered." 

"I don't know about you, but the weird Cat creature is right; we can't fight those demons that are coming this way." said Lucina as a communication came from Captain Falcon.

"Captain, we have discovered that Samus is located on some strange planet, and she is with the Starfox team as well; don't worry about Mute City, just find Samus, she is an important asset after all."

"Hn, well you do send her to tackle the more dangerous missions, anyways, i'll go and help her out." Falcon said as he looked at the others, as Shulk's eyes began to glow as he was startinng to see a vision.

"Samus is in trouble; some strange Aliens, as well as the very demons we've been fighting from the Antilight; are going to attack Samus and the Starfox Team, we better go and find where there at and help them." Shulk said, as Captain Falcon made a dash for his Ship.

"Hey wait for us!" Ness called out, as he, Shulk, Lucina, Chrom, and Robin also dashed over to the Falcon Flyer with Mewtwo at the rear guard as he made his way to the Ship as Falcon hit the throttle and took off. Captain Falcon's Ship Radar, picked up a signal and it was coming from a nearby planet, as Falcon made his way towards the planet and saw both Samus's Gunship and the GreatFox on the ground as Falcon parked his Ship there along with the others, as everybody except for Jody got out to look for Samus.

"No sign of her, or the Star Fox team!" Captain Falcon  said exploring the area, as everybody was in awe of the Giant objects, strewn around the environment.

"Sure are a lot of man made objects here, though they seem a bit over sized though; perhaps this world is inhabited by some giant?" Robin asked as a sound coming from the bushes startled the group as they turned around to find a Yellow Pikmin sticking out of the grass, as Captain Falcon made a smile, remembering something.

"Those are Pikmin, than that must mean?" Falcon said as he slowly approached the Pikmin as a whistle was heard, as the Pikmin dashed over to a small man wearing a Spacesuit, as Falcon recognized him. "Olimar, Hey it's you!" Captain Falcon teamed up with Olimar during the Subspace Invasion and made quite the odd couple, as they helped stop the Subspace Invasion and took down the Bomb Factory, despite Subspace Bombs still existing, which lead to the reformation of the Antilight. "Olimar, we need to know, where  are Starfox and Samus?" Captain Falcon asked as Olimar said something.

"You're looking for Starfox and Samus, well they're..." Just then Fox, Falco, and Samus we're accompanying some Pikmin who we're carrying what looked like Metal over to the Damaged Greatfox, and Gunship, as they noticed Captain Falcon.

"Douglas, how did you get here?"

"It's a long story, but the Galactic Federation, lost contact with you and Mute City was under attack; also how did the Starfox Team get here?"

"Dark Samus attacked the Great Fox, and then Ridley showed up, worse of all Space Pirates sent a Phazon Leviathan to the Aparoid Homeworld, and now we feel like the safety of the Galaxy is in Peril, and these Pikmin are helping fix our ships. Hey, who are those guys, and is that Ness?"

"Oh Hello Fox good to see you again, this here is my buddy Shulk, as these guys are Robin, Chrom, and Lucina."

"Nice to meet all of you." Fox looked at Lucina and it reminded him of someone. "You look like that Marth guy from the Smash Tournaments."

"Well let's just say, well, nevermind." Lucina said off Guard as all of a sudden a loud boom was heard.

"What was that?" Robin as as Shulk's eyes glowed.

"Something big is coming this way."

"What is it, bro?" Ness asked looking over at Shulk as a projectile made it's way towards them as Shulk used the Manado to bat it back, as Ridley came flying down to the Planet.

"Ridley!" Samus said looking at her most hated enemy, as Captain Falcon noticed Ridley looked different, and was shrouded in what appeared to be the Antilight, as a dark mist began to cover the sky.

"It's the Antilight, it appears that now it's starting to reach different parts in Space Now,; this isn't good!" Shulk said while holding the Manado as he, Ness, Robin, Lucona, and Chrom all charged at Ridley, but Ridley's flapped it's wings, causing a whirlwind that blew everybody away, as Samus started firing off at Ridley.

"You murdered my family, and I have waited a long time to see you burn, but my scanner is indicating that the Antilight has made you stronger." Samus said as she began to charge up her Arm Canon as Ridley began to charge a fireball as both projectiles collided with eachother; as Samus and Ridley were standing across from eachother, both Fox and Falco fired their lasers at Ridley, and captain Falcon also decided to use his brute Strength against the Winged Space Monster. As everybody was going for an all out attack on Ridley, out of no where some laser began to fire at the heroes, as a voice familiar to Fox was heard.

"Can't let you do that, Star Fox!" said the voice of a Bipedal Humanoid Wolf, piloting a ship similar to that of Fox's Arwing.

"Wolf, what is the meaning of this?" Fox said as Wolf descended out of his ship, now with a more eviler look, with a similar Red Eyes, and Dark Mist shrouding him.

"You thought we we're going to be allies, well you're wrong, I am evil, and always will be, now to meet your demise, Fox!" Wolf said as he charged at Fox, but Fox would use is spped to combat Wolf; while everyone was fighting Mewtwo appeared and hit Wolf and Ridley, with Psychic blasts, to get everyone's attention.

"Everyone, we can't fight the Antilight right now, follow me and we'll think of a strategy!" Mewtwo said as Captain Falcon, Shulk, and Ness all nodded as they made their, way toward the Portal, as Robin would use his Levin Sword on Ridley, allowing Samus to run along with Lucina and Chrom; and Falco blindsided Wolf, which gave Fox a chance to shake away from wolf, as everybody followed Mewtwo through the Portal including Olimar and his Pikmin, who was carried by Falcon, leaving behind their Spacecraft, as their were more important things at the moment.

"Looks like they're plotting something, anyways we better report back to the others and let them know of this." Wolf said as he returned to his ship with Ridley following him.

Everybody had now gathered at the Gathering hall as groups of heroes began to have conversations about the Smash Tournament, catching up, and about this Antilight Invasion. Among them were Ness and Lucas who were introducing themselves to some of their new friends.

"Hey Lucas, it's been a while"

"It has been, well Red and I were on a Pokemon Adventure, and I won the Kalos League."

"That's amazing, by the way, this is my Buddy Shulk." Ness said as Shulk approached both Lucas and Red and extended his hand out for a handshake as both Lucas and Red shook hands with Shulk.

"Nice to meet you Shulk, where are you from?" Lucas asked as Shulk gave a smile to him and Red.

"I come from Colony 9 on the Bionis, and I can see visions of the Future, using the Manado."

"Really; that's a nice talent."

"Is there any Pokemon, where you live?" Red asked as Shulk shook his head.

"I've never heard of these, Pokemon things, i'm sorry." Shulk said, while Meta-Knight, Marth, and Ike we're talking with Chrom, Lucina, and Robin.

"So you're my descendants from the future?" Marth said, looking at both Chrom and Lucina.

"Yes, I took your identity, after my father Chrom was killed by a dragon named Grima, and I went back in time to meet my father in the past to try to prevent his death.

"Vary valiant, but now, according to Mewtwo, it appears that we are dealing with a much greater threat." Marth said as Mewtwo stood in front of everybody, getting their attention.

"Listen everybody, the time has come for all of us to unite, and fight the Forces of the Antilight; however, we're going to need something to aid us in this battle." Mewtwo said as the row of heroes all began to nod in Unison. The only way to stop the Antilight, is by combining all things that produce and represent a bright light; it is known as the Purelight." Mario and Link looked at eachother, and we're both trying to figure out, the Purelight.

"Purelight; how are we going to put that together?" Mario asked, as Mewtwo continued to speak.

"The way to reform the Purelight, is by combining the light of the Luminoths, the Sols that contain the light from the Twilight Realm, The Sound Stone containing the Eight Melodies, the Azure Flute, The Krazoa Spirits, and lastly the Star Rod from Star Haven. Once we have the things we need, we bring them to a world, called Subtime, and we cast a chant to merge all the light into one, forming the Purelight, and bring the fight to the Antilight.

"Wait there's a world called Subtime?" Link asked confused about the existence of the realm known as Subtime.

"Subtime if the Opposite of Subspace, Subtime is a realm, that consists of light, as well as the balance of time. It makes the base of the Purelight, and we need to gather the things we need to reform the Purelight before it's too late." Mewtwo looked over at Ness and Shulk as he approached the Psychic Boy. "Ness, you have the Sound Stone?"

"Yes, I do!" Ness opened his backpack and took it out as it had all Eight Melodies already recorded on it.

"Excelent, Do any of you Pokemon Trainers, have a hold of the Azure Flute?" Mewtwo said as Calem and his friends all looked through their things as Calem, took some type of Musical Instrument out of his backpack.

"I believe it's this thing, we found it when we were traveling Shinnoh together." Calem said as he handed Mewtwo the Azure Flute.

"We already have all of the Luminoth Crystals and Sols, so now all that's left is to gather the Krazoa Spirits from Sauria and the Star Rod from Star Haven, and make our way to the realm of Subtime. Right now we need to separate you into different groups, divide and conquer; now Mario, Link can you and several others go to Star Haven to obtain the Star Rod?" Mario and Link nodded as Pit stepped in.

"I want to go and help Mario and Link;I want to be the Angel that also assists in this fight." Pit said as Palutena also stood up as well,

"I'm going with him, after all, somebody has to keep Pit out of trouble."

"Yeah and I think i'll help him out too, plus Link's really hot." Viridi said making Zelda cross her arms.

"I'm going too, but this bratty Goddess, better stay away from Link!" Zelda said, as Peach also joined in

"I'm going too, I promise, i'll heal Mario when he's seriously getting hurt." Rosalina joined as well.

"The Stars are my Family, and I will do anything to protect them." Rosalina said, as Yoshi and Kirby also joined them as well.

"Ok then, who will go to Sauria, to obtain the Krazoa Spirits?"

"Myself and Falco both Know Krazoa pretty well, we'll go." Fox said as Falco Nodded

"I think i'll go as well." Samus said as she was joined by Mega Man.

"I want to help them as well, I am indeed a hero, and will help save the world from this Antilight, plus this Samus would make for a good rival someday." Calem and Serena also stepped in as well.

"I think, our Pokemon can also be an assist as well; Trevor, Tierno, Shaunna do you think you can hold the fort for us, while we're away?" Calem asked looking over at his three other friends.

"Absolutely, we wish you and Serena luck, save the world you guys."

"I think i'm going to show them my moves as well." Captain Falcon said as Olimar stood by his side, nodding as well.

"All right then, that'll be enough, the rest of you stay and help guard the gathering hall, and we'll send some of you to help if things become too difficult." Mewtwo said as everybody else nodded. However the Light surrounding the Gathering Hall, began to darken as a dark aura surrounded them, and the sound of children laughing can be heard.

"Ring Around The Rosie, Pockets Full of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down. Evil 'Round the Rosies. Cape Full of Soulsies, All lives, all souls, All Belong to HIM!" The Children sang, as they stared at the Group of heroes, with Blood Red Eyes, and evil smiles, as the very same dark mist, surrounded, them until they heard a voice!

"Very well my Children, Now let them feel what True Terror is all about!" hissed the voice as everybody looked in fear.

"No it's him, we're too late!" said Mewtwo, as the Face of a Demon with Sharp Horns, Blood Red Eyes, a body composing of a dark matter, that has the Antilight itself, inside it's torso, and a Massive Cape, with what appears to be human faces, screaming in agony, appeared, covering all of them in Antilight. Mewtwo snapped himself back as did everyone else, as it was all an illusion." Mewtwo said as everybody was stunned in horror, about what the Antilight could do. "Everybody the portals are open, hurry, there's no time left." Mewtwo ordered, as all of the Heroes gathered, and went to the respective portals to obtain the final objects to restore the Purelight.

With heroes from all over gathered to help stop the Antilight Invasion, can they reform the Purelight before the Antilight completly consumes the world, and with the power of the Antilight given the ability to create disturbing illusions, can our heroes overcome them, to be able to pull through, and reform the Purelight? Find out in the next chapter of the Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued!
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 6
More heroes gather, as the odds are continued to be stacked against them. All Characters belong to their rightful owners.
The Invasion Begins

The Pure Evil Substance, known as the Antilight has been reformed, and standing around them was a vast mist of pure darkness, where no light could penetrate. The Dwellers of the Antilight all stood, happy for what they set out to achieve.

"My fellow Antilight dwellers; we've done it; we have restored the Antilight; now let us begin the invasion." The Shadow Queen said as she looked over at Majora, Zant, Dark Samus, Dark Pit, Bowser, and Ganondorf as they all smiled evilly ready to attack.

"We have no use for those stupid bombs; we have Dark Magic; and we'll use this very magic to cover the Earth with Antilight." Majora said as the Shadow Queen nodded her head.

"Hoopa and the Koopalings are attacking Lumiose City in the exchange for covering the Pokemon Regions with Antilight, Hoopa would bring every Legendary Pokemon to one spot to fight eachother, and in the end not a legendary Pokemon to get in the way as the Antilight starts to cover the world."Zant said as he looked over to Bowser and Ganondorf.

"Why attack one place, let's attack multiple places, and really leave our mark." Bowser suggested as the others nodded.

"Excellent idea Bowser; this whole Smash Tournament connects multiple worlds, so why don't we send them all a message by spreading the Antilight throughout their Homeworlds.

"Why don't we recruit some allies into our army and that way we can spread more fear into the hearts of those, pathetic light dwellers." Ganondorf suggested as everybody began to think, as Dark Pit spoke up.

"What about the Star Wolf Team, they were once the followers of Andross before StarFox defeated him."

"Well they did help Fox with the Aparoid Invasion, but who's to say we can't bring back the evil in them." Ganondorf said as Zant had an idea.

"Here's an idea, we can Clone the Chaos Kin and merge it with Aparoid DNA and Phazon and then merge it with the Antilight to create an Antilight Parasite."

"That sounds like a great idea; that way we can use these parasites as a way to bring out the evil in people and recruit them to the Antilight; OK, Dark Pit we need to experiment on the Chaos Kin, inside of you."

"Ok, go for it; and soon the world will tremble on the might of the Antilight." Dark Pit said as he followed Zant; as the Shadow Queen looked at the others thinking about the attack plan.

"It's about time we crashed the Super Smash Bros Tournament, and let the horrors begin; now let's take a look at what's happening at that Tournament." said the Shadow Queen as a screen appeared showing what appears to be a Blue Haired Swordsmen fighting a Space Pilot in a brutal fight in some form of Coliseum. 

"If it isn't that Captain Falcon, from the F-Zero Grand Prix; as for that blue haired swordsman, I have no idea who he is; I remember two others, similar to him though." Bowser said, remembering Marth and Ike from the Melee and Brawl Tournaments respectively.

"Well why don't we go and interrupt this fight, and send these so called, "Smashers" what the power of the Antilight will bring?" Zant said as the others nodded, plotting for who should invade next.

Meanwhile on the same battlefield, Captain Falcon would nail the Swordsman with a devastating punch sending him flying across the Coliseum, as he appeared to be in some serious pain. After the fight ended a young, blue haired girl came running down to assist the defeated Swordsman.

"Father, are you ok?" said the girl looking down at the guy who she says is her father, even though she looks old enough to be his sister.

"Lucina, it looks's up to you." said the swordsman, as the girl named Lucina looked up at Captain Falcon who still looked like he was ready for a fight. 

"I will avenge my Father, Chrom and defeat you." said Lucina charging her blade only to get knocked back by Captain Falcon's physical strength. "What's this Power?" thoughts ran through her mind, as she looked at the muscled up Space Pilot, as she looked down at her Father, who was trying to get up but couldn't. "For My Father!" Lucina said, as she charged once again at Captain Falcon with her sword; as she took a swing a Falcon only for him to dodge it, as he then made an attempt at a devastating punch, but Lucina was able to avoid contact, as she swung her sword again, only for Falcon to do a backflip to dodge. Lucina again charged with her sword but Captain Falcon would hit Lucina with a painful kick, and then stepped back, as he balled up a fist that was now covered in fire, as he looked to finish this fight.

"FALCON..." cried Captain falcon as he stopped his attack, as two green projectiles would hit Falcon, as the Space Pilot did a backwards jump to make some space as he looked up and saw, what appeared to be a boy wearing a hooded cloak, holding some type of book; as the boy closed the book with a smile on his face as he made his descent onto the battlefield also wielding a sword that was sparking with electrical energy. Lucina who was on her knees, catching her breath, looked up at the boy, as the boy turned around to look at Lucina as it appears that the two of them, somehow know eachother.

"It's going to be alright!" said the boy as he then turned his attention to Captain Falcon; as the boy removed his hood revealing his face and spiky white hair, as he stood with his sword in hand, ready to fight. "Time to tip the scales!" he said waving his sword, as the boy looked ready to take on Captain Falcon.

"Robin!" Lucina said, as she knew the boy by name, as now it was his turn to try and defeat the F-Zero Space Pilot.

"Smash, has many powerful foes, Lucina but I am no ordinary swordsman." Robin said, opening up his book, as Falcon charged at Robin for the attack. "Thunder!" Robin summoned at electrical projectile that hit Falcon as he then charged up for what appeared to be a much more stronger attack. "Elthunder!" hitting Falcon once again with a much stronger attack, as Robin took out his sword and clashed with the Space Captain.

"Pretty impressive, Kid but still I'm going to show you my moves!" Falcon said jumping in the air and shrouding himself with flames, as he came down on Robin with force. "FALCON KICK!" cried Captain Falcon hitting Robin with a kick as Robin was taken down but not for long.

"ARCFIRE!" cried Robin summoning a fireball as it hit Falcon as both the Swordsman and Pilot all stood across from eachother, with battle wounds while Lucina was tending to her father Chrom with his injuries; however some noises could be heard; as Falcon and Robin stopped as the noise grew louder.

"What's going on?" Lucina asked not sure what was happening. Then what appeared to be Chrom was seen attacking Captain Falcon as Lucina looked at her father, confused. "Father, but you were hurt?"

"No Lucina, I was able to recover, now help me kill this man for what he did."

"Father, you would never kill another person, that's now you at all." 

"Lucina, that's not me, that has to be some type of impostor." said the real Chrom who was still laying on the ground injured as she raised her sword at the other Chrom.

"Imposter, who are you?" Lucina asked as she was hit with an Icy projectile and the Fake Chrom revealed itself to be Doopliss; and then all of a sudden Shadow Beasts began to descend onto the Colliseum as Robin and Captain Falcom stood ready to fight.

"This doesn't look good, these monsters have shown up out of nowhere, are they connected to you?" Robin said looking at Captain Falcon as Falcon shook his head and stood ready to fight. Falcon then noticed a certain breed that had invaded the battlefield.



"There Demons from Space and are the inhabitants of Dark Aether, look kid you've got two choices, kill or be killed."

"Well I think it's time to tip the scales." said Robin as all of a sudden they would be confronted by the Shadow Sirens as they ascended from the ground. "Who are you, demons?"

"We are the Shadow Sirens, and we have come to help spread the evil, known as the Antilight."

"Antilight, so are you responsible for bringing these monsters with you?"

"Well aren't you a smart one."

"Hm, i'm always three steps ahead."

"No matter, Beings of Antilight, destroy all that stands before you." Bedlam commanded as the Ings and Shadow Beasts all began to ravage the Coliseum as Captain Falcon and Robin tried as best as they could to hold off on the attack. However they were outnumbered , as Lucina was defending her father, who was under attack by Ings as well. 

"PK FLASH!" Yelled a voice as it took out some attacking Shadow Beasts, assisting both Robin and Falcon as they finished off the Shadow Beasts; as another voice was heard.

"BACKSLASH!" said the other voice as Shulk came down with force using the Manado to slash the Ings and save Lucina, as the Antilight forces began to back off.

"Thank you, where did you guys come from?" asked Lucina looking over at Shulk.

"The name is Shulk, and it's a long story but we're participants in the Smash tournamant, and according to my buddy Ness, we're saving the world from this Antilight."

"Antilight; so it appears that these demons are from this Antilight group. Thanks for your help, but my Father Chrom, was injured by that Space guy."

"Fatherr? But he looks like he could be your brother." Shulk was confused as Ness, Robin, and Captain Falcon approached Lucina and Shulk.

"I come from the future, where I was born from both him and my mother; sorry if it's such a long story."

"Yeah, I reaaly know how you feel; anyways, I think Ness, can help your Father."

"Huh; this Kid, can help my Father?" Lucina asked as Ness approached the injured Chrom and placed his hands over him.

"PSI Lifeup!" cried Ness, as a magical light appeared from his hands as it surrounded Chrom as Chrom now felt his injuries being healed as he got back up to his feet.

"Much appreciated, kid." Chrom says, as Captain Falcon made a smirk as he heard a beep, as he put his arm in front of his face, listening to what sounded like a voice.

"Douglas come in; we have a problem; it appears that Aparoids we're seen in Mute City and it appears that they have been infected with Phazon; this situation looks bad; not to mention the Galactic Federation has lost contact with both Samus Aran and the Starfox Team.

"All right i'm on my way; listen you guys, i know how you may feel about me, but please listen to me; the Aparoids are a Danerous breed of Alien Insects that nearly destroyed the Lylat System, and Phazon is a dangerous poison, that is highly toxic; I'm sure the Space Pirates are Involved, so if you want to help me out come on board."

"Why should we trust you?" asked Lucina as Shulk's eyes began to glow, as he saw a vision of what looked like destruction all over a futuristic city.

"I think you should bury the hatchet and help him; remember those demons that attacked us and how they are connected to the Antilight? Well my visions are telling me that the Antilight could be involved in this attack, and we need to save as many lives as we can.

"Shulk's right, I can already sense the presence of the Antilight, at work in Mute City; I think we better go with him, and stop the Antilight Army, before there are any casualties." Ness said as Lucina nodded.

"Ok, but just remember, if you try anything funny, I will, take my blade through your heart." Lucina said giving a icy stare at Captain Falcon as the Space Pilot smirked as a Large Spaceship Descended onto the ground.

"Ok you guys, get in!" Falcon said as Shulk, Ness, Robin, Lucina, and Chrom all got into the Blue Falcon as Captain Falcon operated inside the Cockpit and took off into Space.

It was chaos in Kalos as Legendary Pokemon all over were fighting bringing destruction to Lumiose City; meanwhile inside the Kalos Pokemon League was a heated battle between Champion Diantha and Lucas the PSI Boy, who had been adventuring with the Pokemon Trainer: Red who was outside assisting Professor Sycamore, Birch, Korrina, Brendan, May, and Wally fighting off shadow Beasts, that were attacking Victory Road. Lucas looked at Diancie and stood ready for battle.

"You've come far, boy but now, get ready for the Battle of your life." Diantha said as she tossed a Pokeball and first came out Hawlucha as Lucas called forth Alakazam. Hawlucha would attempt to use it's fighting abilities but Lucas commanding Alakazam to use Psychic powers were able to defeat Hawlucha. Next Diantha called out Tyrantum, who would take the fight to Alakazam, as Lucas would then summon Blastoise to defeat Tyranatrum, as Lucas would call back Alakazam against Diantha's next Pokemon, Aurorus. Aurorus took down Alakzam as Lucas summoned Chesnaught, as he did his best to take down Aurorus as then defeated Gourgeist and then summoned Florges against Goodra to defeat Goodra. Diantha summoned her last Pokemon, Gardevoir as Diantha, pressed the Mega Stone on her Mega Bracelet, and Mega Evolved it; as Gardevoir defeated both Florges and Chesnaught, as Lucas summoned Blastoise and Mega Evolved it.

"I'm not done yet; My Blastoise will lead me to victory; and I promised Red that I would come out the New Champion." Lucas said as he would use Blastoise to attack Gardevior.

Meanwhile outside, the others were taking care of the Shadow Beasts as they continued to attacks while more Pokemon had been gathered and began fighting with one another as Sycamore looked over at Red who was using Charizard to fight a Shadow Beast.

"Red go inside and check on Lucas, he's been gone for a while, so don't worry about me; go stay with Lucas, he's your friend and all."

"You sure?"

"Yes, now go to Lucas, the rest of us can take it for here."

"Right, Charizard return!" Red said as he returned Charizard to his Pokebal land ran back into the Pokemon League, as Lucas,s Blastoise finished off Gardevior with Hydro Pump; defeating Diantha and won the Pokemon League.

"Congratulations Lucas, you have defeated me and have become the Kalos League Champion." Diantha said, as she shook hands with Lucas as red, came running behind and Lucas turned around to hug Red.

"Lucas, you did it!"

"I Did it, Red!" Red and Lucas embraced eachother with tears of joy, as Lucas was the new Champion.

"Lucas you will be entered into the Kalos Hall of Fame, come this way please." Diantha said as Lucas followed her into the next room to enter his name and Pokemon into the Hall of Fame; however a loud noise was heard that sounded like glass shattering as Diantha, Red, and Lucas ran over to find a stained glass window broken open and eight strange children inside attacking the League Temple.

"Who are you?"

"HEHEHHE; we are the eight Koopalings, and you guys are in our way, but we will let you know, real soon, this world will be consumed by the Antilight."

"Koopalings, Antilight?" so are you guys behind the Pokemon attacking eachother?" Lucas asked as the leader looked over with a smirk.

"Address me as Bowser Jr. My Papa, Uncle Ganondorf, and the rest of their allies are forming an evil darkness that will cover this world, so yo better kiss your buts goodbye, because the light will be no more.

"So your Bowser's Kids, in that case how about we fight the eight of you." Red said as he and Lucas stood ready to fight the invaders; as a new struggle was about to happen. Red and Lucas fended off the Koopalings with Lucas's PSI powers and Red's Pokemon; but the boys were outmatched by the weaponry of the Koopalings; that was until a familiar voice was heard.

"AETHER!" yelled the voice of a muscular man; with spiky blue hair wielding a powerful sword; both Red and Lucas recognized the man.

"Ike, is that you?" Red asked recognizing the man in front of him and Lucas

"You know I always fight for my friends." Ike said as the Koopalings focused their attacks on Ike, until Roy Koopa was hit by another blue haired swordsman that the boys also recognized.

"Ha, how you've changed so much since the Melee Tournament, Roy; wait a second i'm kidding your a monster." 


"Hey guys, long time no see!" Marth said looking at Red and Lucas as the boys smiled as a whirlwind came through and swept up the Koopalings as a small Winged and masked creature also showed up that both Red and Lucas remembered.


"Hey you guys!"

"What are you doing here, and how did you find us?"

"It's kind of a long story you guys; but a dangerous threat is looming over our world, far more dangerous than Subspace."

"What is it, and does it involve all of the Pokemon that has been attacking lately?"

"Yes; Hoopa along with Giritina have joined up with Bowser and Ganondorf among other allies to forge a power known as the Antilight."

"The Antilight?" Red asked as he and Lucas both looked confused

"It's a mix of Twilight, Shadows, and Darkness, and our enemies plan to use it to cover the entire universe with." Marth said which scared the boys a bit.

"That sounds terrifying."

"I know Lucas, but we need to get out of here and join up with the others to think of a way to fight the Antilight; here, i'll call the Halberd to pick us up." Meta-Knight said as Red just remembered Sycamore and the others outside.

"I think we should tell, Professor Sycamore about this."

"All right, go on ahead and i'll have the Halberd pick us up." Meta-knight said as the group ran outside to see Victory Road empty, but unfortunately they found blood splattered and a bloodied Professor Sycamore on the ground.

"Professor, what happened?" Red asked the Professor as Sycamore was in a lot of pain and near death.

"Boys, please find a way to stop this Chaos; some stranger wearing a mask attacked me; he said something about; the Antilight."

"Where are the others?"

"I helped them escape on a Rescue Chopper; after that that Masked Person attacked me, and left me to die."

"We have some friends with us; we'll get you some help." Red offered as a projectile struck the Professor and in the distance stood Zant along with the Koopalings. "Who are you?"

"I am Zant, Heir to the throne of the Twilight Realm, your friend here just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"So that's why you murdered him?"

"The Antilight Invasion begins now, SU WA MU YO TEI MEI DARAKU!" Zant said as he began to make some chant as the Skies over Kalos began to darken as a veil of Darkness began Darkness began to surround itself all over Lumiose City as several Shadow beasts, Ings, Apparoids, and Shadow Sirens all began to descend and wreak Havoc all over Kalos. "All Souls belong to Lord Daraku!" Zant said as Pokemon Trainers in Kalos who were having friendly battles; now found themselves running for their lives as The Demons of the Antilight began to descend and attack Kalos; worst of all they were attacking both Pokemon and their trainers, and as a result, it enraged both Red and Lucas.

"You monster; you will pay for what you've done!" 

"Red, Lucas go with your friends and get out of there; everything will be explained in due time." A Mysterious voice said as the Halberd made it's descent; with Meta-Knight getting on board.

"Red, Lucas please get on the Halberd; there is nothing we can do here, let's fall back and think of a plan to stop these monsters." said Meta-Knight as Red and Lucas both ran over and made their way inside the Halberd as Meta-Knight, took off with the Halberd along with his comrades and got a bird's eye view of the Kalos Region as the Demons of the Antilight were ravaging the Peaceful Region along with Legendary Pokemon at war with eachother.

"This is just awful, I hope the same thing hasn't happened in Kanto." Red said worried about his mother.

"I can also say the same thing in Tazmilly; my Dad is all that's left of my family." Lucas was also worried about his father as Marth and Ike both looked at their young comrades.

"This looks far worsse than the Subspace attack."

"Daraku, I shudder to think what this Daraku is like, and if it's anything like Zant mentioned as his lord; than we all are in serious danger." Marth said as the Halberd flew off over the destroyed land of Kalos.

Meanwhile in some strange Realm of what appears to be made up of light; all of the Gods from Nintendo had appeared in this realm led by the time god, Chronos.

"Well we've made it, this is the realm of Subtime."

"Looks just like a oversized clock in here." Viridi complained.

"Do you want a timeout." Chronos said as Virdi crossed her arms and turned her head at him, as a voice was heard.

"Greetings Gods; so you've found the realm of Subtime; I Am Permissable, overlord of Subtime."

"Lord Permissable, it has come to our attention that the Antilight Demon God Daraku, is breaking free from the Master Core and the Antilight has been reformed, and Villians everywhere have joined forces to help spread the Antilight all over the Universe.

"I can already foretell the events of what is happening; Daraku has already broken free from the Master Core, and with the Invasion already beginning; his followers are already feeding Daraku a supply of Souls from the world, to make Daraku stronger."

"That's terrible, it looks like now it's a race against time; we need to reform the Purelight." Palutena said as the others nodded in agreement.

"Indeed, this world serves as a base for the merging of all things that are of the light, however, we need to make sure we have everything."

"So far we have both the Sols from the Twilight Realm, and the Luminoth Crystals from Aether."

"Excellent those are indeed important things that serve as a way to power the Purelight, but there's still more that we need."

"What else do we need?" Rosalina asked as she thought about what else would be needed to Merge the Purelight together.

"We need to get the following; the Star Rod from Star Haven, the Krazoa Spirits, The Azure Flute, and lastly the Sound Stone that contains the Eight Melodies with these items all brought here along with the Luminoth Crytals and Sols will help make the realm of Subtime, transform into a world of pure bright light, that we will use to fight Daraku's Antilight."

"Well we need to get to Star Haven and let the Star Spirits know that we need the Star Rod, we half to convince the Krazoas on Sauria that we need their power; I think Ness still has the Sound Stone." Rosalina said with her knowledge.

"The Azure Flute is in Shinnoh." said Arceus remembering it's spot

"All right then, you may want to get those fighters of the Super smash Bros Tournament to gather and let them know of the plan; unfortunatley we've lost contact with Master Hand, so we need to find a new guide."

"Well I think, I know of someone, and I think it's time that we asked for his help." Arceus said as he began to use some form of Telepathy yo contact someone or something.

"While Arceus is contacting someone, there is a messenger that I feel like, that needs to help Mario, Link, and the others." Rosalina said as she began to make her own call out to someone.

The Antilight Invasion has now begun and with heroes gathering, and new and old friendships reuniting; they all have a common goal, and that is to save the world from the Antilight Invasion. Can the Gods, get our heroes to reform the Purelight to combat the Antilight, or will the Antilight consume all? Find out in the next episode of the Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued!
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 5
Now the Invasion begins. All characters belong to their rightful owners.
Rings of Mystery

It's been a memorable Pokemon Journey for Lucas as he and Red continued to travel to Kalos region; along the way Red helped mentor Lucas with his Pokemon Training, such as how to catch Pokemon, what types of Pokemon have an advantage over another, and evolution. Lucas's Squirtle and Chespin evolved over time into Wartortle and Quilladin and then after several battles and training would fully evolve into Blastoise and Chesnaught; then after Lucas's Wartortle evolved into Blastoise he would discover the power of Mega Evolution, and would use that very ability in battle against Laverre City Gym Leader, Valerie as Lucas used the Power of Mega Evolution to defeat Valerie's Fairy Type Pokemon and earn himself the Fairy Badge. Lucas would also use Mega Evolution Blastoise against Gym Leader Olympia, of Anistar City; since Anistar was a Psychic Pokemon Trainer, Lucas was able to use his psychic abilities to counter any of Olympia's moves as well as use a Alakazam that he caught to fight back and defeat Olympia for the Psychic Badge.

Lucas challenged Lumiose City gym leader, Clemont, as Clemont would use the power of Science to help him in battle against Lucas; Clemon's sister Bonnie cheered on Clemont while Red cheered on Lucas; but Lucas was able to use his Alakazam against Clemont's Heliolisk and obtain the Voltage Badge, as well as gained the knowledge of Science, Lucas even told Clemont the story of a Scientist named Andonuts which interested Clemont to want to study about him. The Boys would travel to Courmarie City and looked in Awe of the Gym consisting of a large tree, in which Red and Lucas would have a bit of fun swinging on the vines hanging down pretending like they were Donkey Kong. When Ramos the Gym Leader saw the boys, playing on the vines, he asked for them to help with his garden before Lucas could battle him, this time no knees got bruised as the boys Happily helped Ramos with his garden and learned some life lessons. It was then Lucas challenged Ramos's Grass Type Pokemon, as Lucas caught a Litleo along the way as it used it's Fire abilities against Ramos's Grass Types as it proved to be effective, which gained Lucas the Plant Badge. The boys, then returned the Snowbelle City for Lucas to challenge Gym Leader Wulfric, who was an Ice Pokemon Trainer, which in turn Lucas remembered that Fire has an advantage over Ice and would use his Pyroar that evolved from Litleo, to obtain his eighth and Final Badge, the Iceberg Badge.

Both Red and Lucas were both on Route 22, taking a break from Pokemon Training having a picnic lunch on a blanket as Lucas was thinknig about the Pokemon League while asking Red about what it was like to battle them.

"Hey Red, what was battling the Elite Four in Kanto like for you?" Lucas asked taking a Rice Ball out of the basket looking at Red, who was giving his Ivysaur a Pokepuff to eat.

"Well Lucas, they are Four of the Toughest Trainers in their respective Region, each of them have a certain element of Pokemon who's level is higher than any Gym Leader, that you have fought, not to mention, once you enter the Pokemon League, you can't exit to heal or switch Pokemon, you half to challenge all four trainers and the Champion with the Pokemon you have; but luckily you can bring some stuff with you to heal your Pokemon before you start the next battle." Red said giving Lucas a bit of a pep talk.

"Well I think it's best if I stock up before going to battle the Elite Four then; Hey Red, want to do some fun stiff before we do some training?" Lucas asked as Red hasd a bit of a mischievous smile on his face.

"Let's go mess with people; it'll be funny." Red said as Lucas looked at him with a smile as well, it reminded him of the time he and Claus used to play pranks, now he's doing some with Red.

"Well what's your first idea?" Lucas asked as Red began to think about ways to mess with people; Red then saw a man sleeping underneath a tree, and had a smile on his face.

"Why don't we give this sleeping man, a rude awakening?" Red asked as Lucas nodded.

"Do you want to use a Pokemon?" Lucas asked as Red looked around and saw some musical instruments.

"I have a better idea, let's use tubas."

"Tubas huh, ok let's do it." Lucas said as he and Red approached the Tubas and slowly approached the sleeping man with their tubas, as the boys took a huge breath and blowed into the mouthpieces making a very loud noise coming from the tube, which woke the man up from his slumber as both Red and Lucas ran away laughing like a couple of dorks. "Oh man that was so awesome." 

"I see you two are enjoying yourselves." said a voice as Red and Lucas turned around to see Professor Sycamore behind them along with Korrina and a Man with Spiky Teal Hair, wearing a black suit.

"Sycamore, Hey what are you doing here, and who's this guy?"

"This is Steven, he's the Champion from Hoenn, he's come here as we're looking to take a look at some mysterious phenomenon happening all over Kalos."

"What kind of Phenomenon."

"Well for some reason these strange rings have been appearing in different regions and Pokemon have been going through them; i'm not sure what's going on, but it most likely has something to do with a undiscovered Legendary Pokemon." Korrina said as Red and Lucas looked a bit surprised.

"An Undiscovered Legendary Pokemon?"

"It is believed to be a Pokemon named Hoopa, it can use it's rings to travel through Space, even bring stuff and Pokemon through it's rings; according to research, the rings that have been appearing all over the world, could very well be Hoopa's Rings." Steven said, as Red and Lucas both looked stunned to know that a P{okemon that has the power to do, those sort of things, actually exists.

"I came looking for you boys, to see if you wanted to help assist with finding a Ring with me, and see if we might find any certain clues about Hoopa's Discovery." 

"Sure, we can't pass up an opportunity to discover a new Pokemon." Red said as Lucas nodded his head.

"Ok then, follow me to the Helicopter, where we along with some trainers from Hoenn are waiting." Steven said as Red and Lucas followed Steven, Sycamore, and Korrina inside of a Large Helicopter where they see a boy wearing a white cap, with a black headband on it, a red shirt, black shorts and ankle socks, and white sneakers, A Girl with a red ribbon in her hair, red and black top with white and black shorts, red socks, and yellow sneakers, and a boy with green hair wearing a grayish blue suit. Brendan, May, Wally I want you three to meet Red and Lucas; guys this is Brendan, May, and Wally they are trainers from Hoenn."

"Nice to meet you; so you must be the legendary trainer from Kanto; I heard stories about you." Brendan said as Red scratched his head.

"Yeah, but I don't really care all about the fame, it was just a quest."

"Well still people do talk all about you, and who's your adorable friend." May said as she looked at Lucas who blushed from that comment.

"I'm Lucas, it's a long story, but me and Red are best friends and he's taught me all their is about Pokemon." 

"Just like how May and Brendan taught me about Pokemon and allowed me to gain confidence in myself." said Wally as the five of them we're now getting into a conversation as Korrina joined in.

"Hey you guys, tell me what you know about the rings where Legendary Pokemon were coming out of and why they were seen in Hoenn?"

"Well when we were using Latios and Latias to soar the skies of Hoenn, we found these strange portals and rings in the skies and on unmarked Islands in Hoenn where we would find Legendary Pokemon from other regions, we talked to my Father Professor Birch, and he had no idea what it was about, but heard it might half to do with the Kalos region, so he called Sycamore, and he believes that it has to do with a Pokemon called Hoopa." May said as Red, Lucas, and Korrina were following the three Hoenn Trainers' story closely. Sycamore approached the group and began to speak about Hoopa.

"Well hoopa is a Pokemon that according to legend is evil and looks to try to gather all Pokemon to a certain spot to battle eachother; the battle itself could very well bring Armageddon to this world. However it is believed that it's Hoopa's Unbound form that is the true evil where his regular form just wants to make Mischief."

"Whoa; from the sound of it, it seems that we really gotta be careful with this Hoopa, no telling what other powers that it might posses." Red said as all of a sudden the Pilot began to see something dark in the skies.

"Attention passengers, just up ahead is a strange portal, that resembles the ones Professor Sycamore talked about, and some strange beings coming out of the portals in some time of Air, Pirate Ship thing?"

"What, are you serious?" Sycamore asked as he looked out and saw a bunch of strange beings in an Airship coming out of the Portal and it looked like they were heading their direction. "They're coming this way; and they appeared to be armed; we better get out of here." Sycamore said as the ship fired a cannonball straight at the helicopter, damaging it.

"The Chopper has taken severe damage, we need to make an emergency landing." The Pilot said who looked over at the six kids, who all looked to be afraid.

"Kids, hang on to something, we're about to make an emergency landing." Sycamore ordered as Red, Lucas, Korrina, Brendan, May, and Wally all took hold of nearby handlebars for safety as the Helicopter spun around before making a hard landing in the middle of a fields as everybody escaped the chopper unharmed. "You kids are ok; well it looks like we've landed in the middle of Victory Road."

"Victory Road, that means Lucas can go challenge the Elite Four."

"Well he can, but right now we have more important matters, that Airship that attacked us; I have a bad feeling something is going to happen."

"Yeah, perhaps that Airship has something to do with Hoopa, and could they be in Cohoots?" Brendan said, as Red and Lcuas looked over at the Cathedral like building nearby.

"Guys, look up in the sky." Wally said as he pointed up to the sky to what appears to be both Lugia and Ho-Oh in a fight up in the skies coming out of what appears to be rings.

"Oh No; Hoopa has already brought two of Johto's most legendary Pokemon to battle, this is no good; Red and Lucas go on ahead inside and warm the Trainers and Diantha about this situation."

"Right, let's go Red." Lucas said as he and Red ran over to the entrance to the Kalos Pokemon League while the others stayed behind, watching the fight between Lugia and Ho-Oh.  While the others remained over where the Chopper Wreckage was; they would be joined by several, Shadow Beats that descended from another Dark Portal that opened up over the Skies in Kalos.

"Oh no monsters; and they don't appear to be any type of Pokemon, I've ever seen." May said as she and Wally stood behind Brendan with their Pokeballs in hand.

"Whatever they are, let's take them down." Brendan said as he and his friends called out their Pokemon to fend of the attacking Shadow Beasts.

Meanwhile inside both Red and Lucas stood in what appeared to be a Cathedral; as the two would come face to face with five Pokemon Trainers, that stood right in front of them.

"I am Diantha, Kalos League Champion, and these are the Elite Four; Fire Trainer: Malva, Water Trainer: Siebold, Steel Trainer Wikstorm, and Dragon Trainer Drasna; now which one of you boys is the first to challenge.

"It'll be Me; Red is already the Kanto League Champion, and has taught me everything that there is on how to be a Pokemon Trainer, and i'm ready to take you all on." said Lucas as Red placed his hand on Lucas's shoulder.

"Hey bro, i'm going to go and help the others outside; come out and ell me how you do; good luck Lucas." Red said as he and Lucas shared a handshake as Red would leave the League as Lucas would stand alone to face the elite four as the pink haired girl named Malva approached Lucas." I will be your first challenge, are you ready to play fire with fire?" Lucas nodded as he stood ready to battle the Elite Four Trainer.

Lucas battled Malva by using his Blastoise to combat with Malva's Fire Type; Malva's Fire Type as at some very high levels, but it didn't intimidate Lucas as he used Blastoise's Water attacks against Malva's Fire Pokemon defeating her and moving on to the next battle. Lucas would then challenge the blonde haired, water trainer: Siebold as he would let loose his water Pokemon, and after remembering what Red has taught him, as he would use Chesnaught to take on Siebold's Water type; Lucas would win another battle as he would then move on to take on Wikstorm, the steel type, trainer. Lucas remembered that Red told him about steel type Pokemon being weak against Fire type, as Lucas would use Pyroar and easily defeat Wikstorm's steel Type Pokemon as Lucas would make it to the next challenge which was Dragon Type. Lucas would use his Alakazam and Florges to battle against Drasna's Dragon Types and in the end made it to the Final challenge which was against the Champion Diantha, as Lucas would use his PSI Lifeup to heal his Pokemon completely as he was now ready to take on the champion as he looked at Diantha.

"You've come far, boy but now, get ready for the Battle of your life." Diantha said as she tossed a Pokeball and first came out Hawlucha as Lucas called forth Alakazam. Hawlucha would attempt to use it's fighting abilitiesd but Lucas commanding Alakazam to use Psychic powers were able to defeat Hawlucha. Next Diantha called out Tyrantum, who would take the fight to Alakazam, as Lucas would then summon Blastoise to defeat Tyranatrum, as Lucas would call back Alakazam against Diantha's next Pokemon, Aurorus. Aurorus took down Alakzam as Lucas summoned Chesnaught, as he did his best to take down Aurorus as then defeated Gourgeist and then summoned Florges against Goodra to defeat Goodra. Diantha summoned her last Pokemon, Gardevoir as Diantha, pressed the Mega Stone on her Mega Bracelet, and Mega Evolved it; as Gardevoir defeated both Florges and Chesnaught, as Lucas summoned Blastoise and Mega Evolved it.

"I'm not done yet; My Blastoise will lead me to victory; and I promised Red that I would come out the New Champion." Lucas said as he would use Blastoise to attack Gardevior.

Meanwhile outside, the others were taking care of the Shadow Beasts as they continued to attacks while more Pokemon had been gathered and began fighting with one another as Sycamore looked over at Red who was using Charizard to fight a Shadow Beast.

"Red go inside and check on Lucas, he's been gone for a while, so don't worry about me; go stay with Lucas, he's your friend and all."

"You sure?"

"Yes, now go to Lucas, the rest of us can take it for here."

"Right, Charizard return!" Red said as he returned Charizard to his Pokebal land ran back into the Pokemon League, as Lucas,s Blastoise finished off Gardevior with Hydro Pump; defeating Diantha and won the Pokemon League.

"Congratulations Lucas, you have defeated me and have become the Kalos League Champion." Diantha said, as she shook hands with Lucas as red, came running behind and Lucas turned around to hug Red.

"Lucas, you did it!"

"I Did it, Red!" Red and Lucas embraced eachother with tears of joy, as Lucas was the new Champion.

"Lucas you will be entered into the Kalos Hall of Fame, come this way please." Diantha said as Lucas followed her into the next room to enter his name and Pokemon into the Hall of Fame; however a loud noise was heard that sounded like glass shattering as Diantha, Red, and Lucas ran over to find a stained glass window broken open and eight strange children inside attacking the League Temple.

"Who are you?"

"HEHEHHE; we are the eight Koopalings, and you guys are in our way, but we will let you know, real soon, this world will be consumed by the Antilight."

"Koopalings, Antilight?" so are you guys behind the Pokemon attacking eachother?" Lucas asked as the leader looked over with a smirk.

"Address me as Bowser Jr. My Papa, Uncle Ganondorf, and the rest of their allies are forming an evil darkness that will cover this world, so yo better kiss your buts goodbye, because the light will be no more.

"So your Bowser's Kids, in that case how about we fight the eight of you." Red said as he and Lucas stood ready to fight the invaders; as a new struggle was about to happen.

Lucas is now the Kalos League Champion, but it appears that he and Red have got themselves into the struggle of the Antilight Invasion, can the boys defend themselves from the Koopalings, and will they be joining the Super Smash Bros Tournamant; well find out in my other story the Antilight Invasion and see what happens to Red and Lucas next time.
Surrogate Brothers: Chapter 9
We fast forward through the rest of the journey as Red and Lucas make their way to the Kalos League
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