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Final Smash

It was a beautiful sunny day, everything was perfect, the sun shinning over the sky, children playing and most people going about their business as a voice could be heard.

"Oh, it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you, Oh, such a perfect day, You just keep me hanging on, You just keep me hanging on." Then all of a sudden static began to interfere with the beautiful picture and interrupted the singing voice as the scene was only on a tv as the tv showed only static in the middle of the war torn ruins as both Forces of the Purelight and The Antilight, continued to clash. Mario, Link, Pit, Kirby, Marth, Pokemon everywhere all fighting with the likes of Bowser, Ganondorf, Dark Pit, 02, Giritina years of battles have culminated into one massive war.

"For years you have tried to stop my conquest to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, but the Power of the Antilight has made me powerful enough to crush you, once and for all Mario." Bowser said using his claws to try to attack Mario with as Mario would dodge and deliver several fiery punches at the mammoth Koopa King.

"Why don't you give up already Bowser, you will never win against me, and no matter what plans who always scheme, I always win in the end." Mario said as he went for a punch as Bowser would leap in the air and try to slam his weight down on the plumber; meanwhile Link was in a sword fight with Ganondorf.

"You and your ancestors have long stood in the way of my conquest of Hyrule and to obtain the Triforce, and I will destroy you once and for all." Ganondorf said charging at Link with a Wizard's foot Kick as Link would jump up to try and slash at the Gerudo King.

"I know you are not truly evil, you are Demine's Reincarnation and draku's Power has made you blind to see the real truth, I will show you, that the evil power that you have is nothing more than influence." Link said as he continued to trade slashes with Ganondorf, meanwhile Pit was in a battle with his Dark Doppleganger.

"You know, it's never to late to break free from the hold the Antilight has on you, you could be a great ally for Viridi, oh what am I saying, please, you're not really evil, just misunderstood." Pit said as he started trading attacks with Dark Pit, as Dark Pit took his padded sandal and kicked Pit right in his exposed knee.

"We are nothing alike, and I am truly evil, and Lord Daraku showed me, who I truly am," Dark Pit said as he came charging at Pit with an Electroshock attack before Pit countered with an Upperdash Arm as the two Pits continued to fight.

As the battles continued the Shadow Queen, Majora, Dark Samus, and those who are Antilight Born began to step away from the battlefield, all with smiles.

"It's time that everyone learned their true purpose in this war." The Shadow Queen said as a dark ooze of Antilight began to surround, the very Army of Antilight as the Heroes of Purelight stopped their attack, confused about what was happening.

"What the, what's going on?" cried Marth as he lowered his sword as the Shadow Queen and Majora all laughed as the ooze that was surrounding their enemies all began to take off and absorb itself into Daraku who was still fighting off Legendary Pokemon and Omne. The Power than absorbed itself into Daraku, as Daraku once again attacked the Legendary Pokemon and then used a projectile of Antilight to obliterate Omne as everyone who was standing their watching looked over in fear as the Former Antilight Army all laid on he ground defeated as Mario, Link and all of the heroes all looked in shock.

"Oh no, it just looks like he just keeps getting stronger, and before you know it, all will cease to exist and be consumed by Daraku and his Antilight." Link said as all of a sudden they then felt another aura of Antilight as it began to latch onto Majora, The Shadow Queen, Dark Samus, Zant, The Shadow Sirens, and any others who are descendants of Daraku as Daraku began to consume and merge their power with his, as everybody looked in absolute Horror.

"Now bow before the true ruler of this Universe, all bow before your new God. Daraku said as Antilight began to pour out from him starting to consume the Entire Earth and slowly every star in the Universe began to be consumed as Daraku laughed as his power even began shattering the Purelight itself.

"I guess it's all over now, we can't defeat him, he's just going to consume everything until nothing is left." Shulk said falling to his knees as Ness walked over and placed his arms around the older boy as Shulk comforted Ness back, just then Ness began to hear a voice in his head.

"Ness, can you hear me, it's Paula, please do not think about giving up this fight, I will send my prayers to you, your friends and help reach those all over the Universe, we cannot allow Daraku to win." Ness closed his eyes and saw Paula, and saw a world that was no more and then heard the voices of millions of people all in agony, calling out for help, then as Ness was seeing this Sulk also began to hear something through the power of the Manado.

"I'm seeing visions, of a future with only destruction, and innocent lives being taken, we cannot allow this to happen."

"Shulk, Shulk can you hear me?" called out a voice in Shulk's mind as the young hom recognized the voice.

"Fiora, is that you?"

"Yes of course it's me silly, listen Shulk, don't you dare give up, the future of the entire Universe is on the line, please Shulk don't give up, your little friend their called out to a girl named Paula who reached out to me and the others." Fiora said as Fiora along with Reyn, Sharla, Juju, Dunban, Melia, and Riki all appeared in Shulk's Mind as he recognized all of his Companions back on Bionis.

"Everybody is that you?"

Of course it's us Shulk, please you can't give up, that's not the Shulk we know, please get up and keep fighting, we can't let Daraku win." Reyn said with words of encouragment to Shulk.

"Shulk please don't give up, there is so much riding on this battle, not only for all of us here on Bionis, but all over this vast Universe, please Shulk, keep fighting." Dunban said as the others all nodded.

"Riki want world of light, Antilight is scary for Riki, Shulk must be Heropon and fight." Riki said bouncing around as the others nodded as Shulk began to smile.

You're right everybody, this fight isn't over yet, we can and we will win this fight. Shulk said standing on his Feet as he and Ness nodded to eachother as a burst of Purelight surrounded the boys as Robin and Lucina looked over at them.

"The Future is not written with Antilight, I can't give up either, I promise, to my Father, that we will win this fight." Lucina said as Purelight began to surge through her.

"This fight has only just begun, we can not allow Daraku and the Antilight to win, we will destroy them all once and for all, Prepare yourself, Daraku." Robin said as Purelight began to flow through him as well.

As the fighters all began to recover and stand up more voices could be heard trying to contact the heroes of Purelight; the very voices that were encouraging them to fight and making the light of the Purelight, shine brighter in the Antilight.

"Zero please get up, you found your purpose to fight again, don't lose it, do it for Iris, X please keep fighting." said the voice of a Navigator as Zero and X both felt energy flowing through them as the Purelight started to surround them.

"Megaman, join them and help put an end to this nightmare." said the voice of Dr. Light as he stood beside Zero and X his two successors as Cross Fusion Megaman.Exe.

"Lan don't let your father's sacrifice go in Vain, do it for him, your mother, for your friends Maylu, Chaud, and the others, and for all of the Net Navis, join the other Mega Men and Fight by them Lan. Called a voice as the Cross Fused Mega Man also has a Purelight Aura surrounding him as he stood next to Classic Mega Man, Z, and Zero ready to fight.

"Issac, please keep fighting, please do it for all of us here in Vale, do it for me and for your mother, and for the rest of our comrades, you just can't give up." Said the voice of a Red Haired boy named Garret as Issac heard his voice call out to him.

"Garrett, is that you,?......You're right, we can't give up, we can't let Daraku win." Issac said as he got to his Feet, as a Purelight Aura surrounded the Psyenergy Gifted Swordman.

"Lucas, you can't give up, please do it for your Mother, do it for Claus, and also do it for your new friend Red and his family, follow your dreams, don't let them be shattered by this Antilight Nightmare, you half to keep fighting." Lucas heard a voice call out to him as the Blonde Psychic started to stand up and noticed Red on his knees as the boy went over to the Pokemon Trainer.

"Red, we can't give up, A voice called out to me it told me...." Red placed his hand on Lucas's shoulder as Lucas took his hand and helped Red to his Feet.

"Yeah, my mom, your dad, Professor Oak, Koriina, Sycamore, and Pokemon all over the world, and the dream of every Pokemon Trainer, this fight isn't over we can't let him Daraku, we got to do this bro." Red said as he hugged Lucas as Lucas hugged Red back as the friendship the two of them share helped shine a massive aura of Purelight that shined the brightest out of everybody else, as Marth, Ike, and Meta-Knight approached the boys.

"It's good to see that you boys realized that the power of friendship that the two of you share is very strong, and it's strength is making the Purelight even stronger, because if there's anything that really powers the true power of the Purelight, and it is the power of Love and friendship." Marth said as he closed his eyes and thought of his wife Shiida and their descendants Lucina and Chrom as Purelight began to surge through his body, feeling stronger than before.

"My Friends, I will always fight for you, we can not and will not allow Daraku to defeat us." Ike Said as Purelight began to surge through him.

"Victory is our destiny, and in order to aceive that, we must use our power to fight Daraku." Meta-Knight said as Purelight began to shine through him adding their power as well. Many voices could be heard cheering on the Heroes of Purelight, and those voices couldn't be heard more loud and clear as they cheered on all of Nintendo's Greatest Heroes.

"Pit, listen you're an Angel, and Angels fight the darkness, so are you going to sit on your knees like a coward or are you going to stand on your smelly feet and fight." said the voice of Magnus as Pit stood up, a bit angrily.

"My Feet don't smell, if they did they would have noses."

"Whatever, just remember, everyone here is rooting for you, Human, and Angels alike, so don't you dare give up this fight, Pit." Magnus said as a Aura of Purelight surged through the Skyworld Warrior.

"Cereza, Bayonetta The fate of the entire Universe is with you and your allies, both the Lumen Sages and Infernal Demons all have put their faith in you to put an end to this war between Antilight and Purelight, if only I could, now that I think of it, I have a way I can help her." Said Rodin as a swirl of both light and darkness surrounded him.

"Wait what are you doing Rodin, don't tell me, hey wait a minute, Don't forget Bayonetta, you still owe me a Car." cried Enzo as Rodin appeared from the smoke of light and darkness as he appeared to be a hybrid of both light and darkness, one side he was cloaked in a robe of white and red, with golden wings, and the other half a Black jacket with Red designs, and Red demon wings.

"I want a piece of Daraku, even if I die, which I won't at least somebody is taking a stand against Daraku." Rodin said as he lit a cigar and took a brief smoke. "Besides those Ink shooting Squid Kids will get crushed as will those PokeyMan Kids, I just can't let that happen, just be sure to send Bayonetta your support, and don't forget about all of that debt you owe me.

"Fine i'll send her my support, and dis is why I can never have nice things." Enzo said as his thoughts and wishes were sent to Bayonetta as a small yell can be heard.

"WWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" cried a man wearing a black hat over long brown hair, a black jacket and pants, and a scarf around his neck while swinging into action on a grappling hook.

"Oh no not dis clown again." cried Enzo as the man dropped off the hook and approached Enzo.

"Never fear, journalist exquisite Luka is here, so I see that Bayonetta is in trouble and that the entire Universe itself is about to be swallowed by this thing called Antilight." Luka said as Enzo just rolled his eyes.

"Do you have a thing for stalking Bayonetta, because no matter what you always show up, but right now we all need to support her and the rest of these so called heroes, including those two mustached plumbers who look like they owe money to me.

"Well if they do i'm pretty sure they would pay you in coins, but enough talk let's make sure our thoughts are heard loud and clear." Luka said as he and Enzo both thought of Bayonetta as Purelight began to surround them while Enzo with his hammer in hand looked to fight the Antilight Demon God Daraku.

Also joining in with the rest of those fighting against the Antilight were the sounds of voices all over Nintendo's Vast Universe. The Cries of many different beings all sending their thoughts and prayers as the fight to determine their future was about to decide their fate. Pit could hear the voices of the Angels in Skyworld and humans below cheering him on, Mario can hear those all over the universe calling him, and as for Link something was starting to hit his memory.

"Link my descendant, listen to me, it is I the Hero shade." A voice called out as Link eyes focused an image of a skeletal body wearing armor holding a sword and shield. "My whole life has been nothing but regret, I became a hero through time but in the end I had to leave the future that I saved behind only for it to be defenseless as Ganon came back and the whole land of Hyrule was ultimately flooded from existence. I ended up parting ways with my companion Navi after I was returned to my original time as a child, I then hd to say goodbye to Zelda even though I promised I would come back to Hyrule to see her; I also left behind many others such as Nabooru, Impa, Ruto, Darunia, Malon, and even my long time friend Saria, I went to see if she was home before I went to the woods, but I couldn't find her, and I felt like I was loosing friends. I then went to Termina and saved the land from a Falling Moon, made a lot of people happy, fixed broken hearts such as Kafei, Anju, and the Skull Kid, but even though I lift Termina, I felt like they were reminding me of my life in Hyrule and worried that they all might not be waiting for me at home, and that the people of Termina, were they real, I could've made friends with them at least. Then as the years went by I realized Navi was long gone, I never saw her again, and worst of all, Ganondorf attacked Hyrule, and I wasn't there to stop him, and a lot of people died, not to mention my home the Kokiri Forest was completely devastated, and I never saw Saria or any of my Kokiri Friends around, and worst of all Navi was gone. I passe myself over as the Hero's Shade in order to teach my strength to my successor, and that happened to be you, so please do not forget what all I taught you, please take those feelings that I shared with them, and use them to help finish off Daraku once and for all; the future of our world lies in the hands of you and all of your allies, good luck." The Hero's Shade said as Link opened his eyes and readied the Master Sword to fight as he stood along side both Mario and Pit ready to fight.

"Are you ready to fight, Link?" Pit asked readying his bow.

"Of course I am, I cannot let my ancestors down.

"I cannot let the wishes and hopes of those who love me and see me as a hero down either, we fight for them." Mario said as his gloved hands were now a raging inferno as the three heroes stood ready to fight Daraku as an aura of Purelight radiated from them as well.

Meanwhile inside the Master Core both Geno and Mewtwo were getting exhausted as they continued their attack on Daraku's weakened form, but Daraku's wakened form is still too powerful.

"Even in it's weakened form it's still to powerful." Mewtwo said firing a Psychic Ball at Daraku's Form but it deflected back at them, as the two avoided it as Geno would fire bullets but they just bounced off.

"None of our attacks are working, I guess are strength has been depleted after dealing with him in our time." Geno said as all of a sudden Daraku's face began to form inside the core.

"HAHAHAHA Do you fools think you had it easy trying to defeat me by attacking me inside here; I am a Demon God, I am immortal, I have even conquered time itself, and no matter what you try to do, the Antilight will consume all of existence, molded into my vision, and all of your allies will belong to me." daraku said as Mewtwo and Geno both looked at eachother to decide how to attack next until they heard some voices calling out for them.

"Do you hear that?" Mewtwo asked as all of a sudden a very familiar voice called out to Geno.

"Geno, you can do it, please hang in there and defeat Daraku; I know you can do it Geno, even though i'm al lgrown up and going to College, and I know I can't take you with me, but you promised me we would play one last time together; please defeat Daraku, an save the world, you are not only my toy, you are my best friend and Hero, so please do it for not only me, but for the wishes of everybody in the Universe." called out the voice of the Toad named Gaz who Geno recognized as the Doll Body's longtime owner as all of a sudden a rush of Purelight energy surged through Geno as did Mewtwo as a glowing orb surrounded him and began to transform him.

"No I will not allow this." Daraku said as he tried to spit an Antilight Projectile at both Geno and Mewtwo until a voice cried out from nowhere to counter the attack.

"HADOUKEN!" cried the voice, as a Blue Projectile made contact with the Projectile causing an explosion, as emerging from behind Mewtwo and Geno was a man with spiky black hair, wearing a white robe, with a black sash, Red gloves, and a Red Headband. "So you're the Antilight Demon God known as Daraku? You can call me Ryu, I travel all over the world looking for a fight, and I will fight you, and help save the Universe from this evil poison you call the Antilight." Ryu said as Daraku began to laugh.

"You think you along with these two are going to defeat me, nothing can destroy me." Daraku said as all of a sudden some Dragon like being appeared weilding an unknown sword came also surrounded by Purelight would unleash a devastating Slash at Daraku's Weakened state.

"My fate that I choose is to fight along side the Heroes of Purelight, and defeat you, Demon God Daraku, you can call me Corrin." Said the Dragon as it transformed into a young blonde haired man with Red eyes, and wearing silver and black armor, weilding the same sword which was glowing and had teeth like edges around the blade.

"Where are all of you coming from? No matter, I will still defeat all of you." Daraku said as a Tentacle sprung forth trying to attack the four standing there until a young Blonde Haired man wearing a black coat dashed over and slashed it several times including Daraku's Weakened State.

"Limit Break, Omnislash." The man said as he let out a onslaught of attacks, then he stopped his attack as he moved back and joined the others. "The name is Cloud Strife, and even though i'm not familiar with this world known as Nintendo, i'm still here to fight, and to put an end to your tyranny, Daraku." Cloud said as he raised his sword at Daraku, as Mewtwo also transformed with an alternate form as well.

"Listen we need to unleash our strongest attacks on Daraku, if we do we may have a chance at victory." Mewtwo said as he began to charge up an attack as Geno, Ryu, Cloud, and Corrin all joined as well. Mewtwo would launch a Purelight surrounded Psychic Ball, as Geno raised his arms as a swirling whirl of Purelight was seen above his head as Geno launched the projectile, Ryu would fire another Hadouken except it was made of Purelight, Corrin would power up her sword which is known as the Yato, now glowing with Purelight, as he transformed into his Dragon form to attack Daraku with his Yato Sword and use his abilities as a Dragon to attack Daraku as well. Finally Cloud charged at Daraku with his sword slashing at Daraku as he would jump in the air as all four projectiles came at Daraku's weakened state full force as Cloud delivered one last slash as all of a sudden a beam of Purelight created by Geno, and Mewtwo and the attacks given by both Cloud and Corrin caused an explosion of Purelight Energy destroying Daraku's Weakened State inside the Master Core and sent them back to the present where everyone was using their new found Purelight Strength to attack Daraku in his current state with as the Demon God was now severly weakened from battle

"How did we end up back here in the present?" Geno asked as the Six Purelight Gods appeared behind them.

"All of you, used the Power of the Purelight, to combine your greatest attacks and destroy Daraku's weakened state inside the Master Core, along with that, Daraku was greatly damaged, by the power of the Purelight that the rest of your allies posses." said the Purelight God Trinen, as they all noticed stretches of Purelight, beaming through the Antilight Covered Skies.

"The Purelight, it's starting to shine over the Antilight." said Geno as the others still noticed and were a bit confused to see Daraku still alive in their timeline. "But how is Daraku still alive, if we destroyed him in the past in his weakened state?"

"What we did was destroy Daraku's weakened state in the past, but he mentioned he has conquered time itself, however Daraku has been severely weakened in the past and as part of the message that our Fallen Brother Iwata, sent to us, We must attack Daraku in the past when he was weak, and then go back to the Future, and finish him off for good there." Trinen said as Mewtwo, Geno, Ryu, Corrin, and Cloud all regrouped with Mario and the others ready to fight Daraku.

"Geno, Mewtwo where have you been, and who are those guys?" Mario asked looking at Ryu, Cloud, and Corrin.

"That's not important, they are powerful Allies, and we nee their strength , we defeated Daraku in his weakened state in the past, and he's been severely weakened here in the present; I know it's confusing but we need to use the Power of the Purelight to take down Daraku, once and for all." Geno said as he floated above the Ground reaching Daraku's head as he raised his hands as an aura of Purelight surrounded him. "It's time for me to unleash my Final Smash, The attack that will surely finish off Daraku; I was told, only to use it, when I really need to, and right now, I really need  to use this last attack to finish off Daraku once and for all. "While I gather the strength I need, please keep on the attack on Daraku, until I am ready." Geno instructed as Mario, Link and the others stood ready to do whatever it takes, to stall for time to allow Geno's full power to be reached.

"You heard, him let's do this. Mario said as his hands became a raging inferno as he launched a barrage of fire at Daraku.

"Right behind you." Link said as he readied a light arrow which was now made into Purelight as Link took aim with his bow and fired the Purelight Arrow at Daraku as well as charging at him with the Triforce surrounding him, as Link started slashing Daraku with the Master Sword.

"In that case, Equip, the Three Sacred Treasures." Pit said as a Golden Trojan Helmet appeared on his head, as some Gold armor appeared on his toga and on his shin guards along with surrounding his bow as well including a shield with a mirror inside of it. As Several Arrows surrounded by Purelight came at Daraku's Direction attacking the Antilight Demon God, followed by Blasts of Purelight Energy aimed at Daraku, and finally Pit fired a Barage of Purelight arrows that rained down on Daraku, wounding the Demon God, as Geno started to form a swirling ray of bright Purelight, as the sound of crying voices could be heard giving Geno the strength he needs to charge up the attack.

"PK STARSTORM." Cried both Ness and Lucas in Unison who both summoned a meteor Shower of Purelight surrounded Meteors.

"Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, I choose you, use Triple Finish on Daraku, now." Red said as he summoned Squirtlle, Ivysaur, and Charizard out of their Pokeballs as they unleashed Hydro Pump, Solar Beam, and Fire Blast respectively, as all three attacks were powered by Purelight, as they also made contact with Daraku.

"Dunban, Riki follow me and let's do a chain attack."Shulk cried as the Manado was surrounded by Purelight as he along with Dunban and Riki would unleash a series of attacks with Shulk using the power of the Manado to slash Daraku, damaging the Antilight Demon God.

"Critical Hit!" Said Marth, Roy, and Lucina as they all delivered devastating one hit blows with their swords on Daraku as Ike, Robin, and Chrom all joined together to rapidly slash at Daraku who was now being overwhelmed by this onslaught.

"Landmaster." Cried Fox as he appeared in a Landmaster tank firing Purelight blasts at Daraku.

"Personally, I prefer the Air." Falco said also in a Landmaster as he joined fox to fire beams of Purelight at Daraku. Just then Samus's gunship began firing beams of Purelight, as Samus herself appeared now with an altered power suit resembling her light suit she wore on Aether she unloaded a beam of Purelight on Daraku.

"PIKACHUUUUUUUUUU!: cried Pikachu as Pikachu came dashing forward using a volt tackle attack, surrounding it's body with electricity and Purelight.

"Super Sonic." Cried Sonic the Hedgehog, as his body was now glowing gold and even brighter by the power of the Purelight as he dashed oveer to lay some punches and kicks on Daraku. 

"Mega Buster!" Cried the voices of Megaman, X, EXE, and Legends all unleashed a Purelight Powered Multi Mega Buster at Daraku's direction.

"Ultimate Form, now I know what I am fighting for." Zero said as he had changed into his Ultimate Form as he charged for to slash at Daraku now surrounded by Purelight. Cloud would join them using his Omnislash Limit Break, Corrin would transform into his Dragon Form and relentlessly attack Daraku with his Dragon Fang and Omega Yato all in Purelight Form, and  , Ryu, a powerful Haduken and Mewtwo would unleash a powerful Psychic attack.

Meanwhile Mario was looking at all of the Damage that was being dealt to Daraku, and yet Daraku was still coming back with attacks. "We can't keep this up, if we do we're going to drain all of our energy and not have enough strength left to finish off Daraku." Mario said as he stood by Link and Pit only to find, what appeared to be Bowser in Giga Form, and Ganondorf transformed into Beast Ganon as they made their way towards Daraku and started attacking him.

"What the Bowser and Ganondorf are fighting Daraku, oh man things just got serious." Link said as also a projectile of Twilight came directed at Daraku and made contact, as Link turned around to see Midna behind him.

"Light and Shadows should always be separate form eachother, not completely take over everything, I stand by the Purelight Heroes and rebel against your rule, Daraku." Midna said with anger as a ball of fire also came at Daraku's Direction exploding in his face, as a Shadow Siren with a Red and White striped hat appeared.

"I'm done with being a bused by my Evil Sisters, I no longer fight for the Shadows of the Antilight, I fight to save those shadows and keep them seperate from the light, like it was meant to, now prepare to meet your end, Daraku." said the Shadow Siren Vivian as more and more heroes joined the fight

Meanwhile Cloud was using the power of summons to summon a beast known as Ifrit who was using it's power of fire to attack Daraku with a blazing inferno, Ramne that used the power of lightning, in which it rained down lightning on Daraku, Odin which casted a powerful sword slash to deal some damage to Daraku as well, Leviathan which summoned a powerful wave of water to try and push Daraku into it's current, and Bahamut Zero who used who would fire a strong beam of light from a distance at Daraku who was trying to fight Leviathan's Current, as Daraku would get hit with the beam and would be washed away int oa nearby landformation doing some heavy damage to the Antilight Demon God, as everyone looked over at Geno who was still gathering his strength to fight Daraku.

"It looks like I have enough power, here it goes; SPIRIT PURELIGHT WHIRL!" cried Geno as the massive Disk of Purelight launched towards Daraku's Direction; The Antilight Demon God recovered and emerged from the mountains he was thrown into and used a projectile of Antilight that made contact with the Disk of Light, countering it, and sending back into Geno's Direction as everyone looked on in horror.

"Geno it's coming back to your direction, stop it NOW!" Mewtwo shouted as Geno pushed his hands forward to catch the whirl, as Geno then started to hear that familiar voice once again calling out to him, this time it was much closer.

"Geno, i'm here for you right now, You can't let Daraku win, you remember my final wish, is for us to play together one last time, before I go to College, please you can't let him win, do it for me, for the stars, and the Universe, because Geno you are not only my Toy, you are also my Hero, and my best friend in the whole world, and even though we got to part ways soon, I was very happy with all of the years we spent together playing, and was surprised the day you came to life, and all I want is for us to play together one last time so please, Geno do this for me." Gaz said as tears began to develop in Gaz's eyes as did Geno as all of the heroes all said "AWWWWWWW", as some kind of power developed in Geno as he was able to raise the Purelight Powered Whirl attack over his head and it grew stronger, as another familiar voice could be heard.

"Mr. Dolly Guy, please destroy that monster, he took away my mommy and daddy and made me work for him, get that monster and make him pay for what all he's done to me, my mommy and daddy, and everyone in the world." said the voice of Emi as she stands beside Gaz, cheering on Geno as the wishes of both Gaz and Emi gave Geno even more power to the Purelight Whirl, as Mario, Link, and the others below saw what was happening and they all began to clasp their hands together to send Geno their wishes as their power was added to the massive Purelight Whirl. Also Bowser and Ganondorf, two of the most evil villians ever known to the Universe also nodded as Bowser took out the Star Rod he stole from Star Haven again as a beam of Star Power surrounded Geno as multicolored Beams of Light surrounded the Star Guardian.

"I never wanted to be evil in the first place, all I wanted was a peaceful life and to be able to provide for my people the Gerudo; but the day I came to Hyrule I saw that Demon approach me, Demise, he was defeated long ago by the Goddesses's Chosen Hero, and his spirit was sealed away, and placed a curse to be reincarnated to continue the battle he lost. I ended up becoming Demise's Vessel and I ended up betraying the King of Hyrule and becoming mad with Power that I realize now, that everything that has happened to me, was all a big mistake, not only that but Demise's Power also created the true Demon King Ganon which lives inside me, but now I am here to say that I am done with being the King of Evil and start the life I always wanted to have, and if we all die here, I don't want to die an evil and corrupt monster, I want to die as a hero and lend my support to this Doll and actually send him my wishes as well." Ganondorf said leaving Link and Zelda both speechless as both Ganondorf and Bowser clasped their hands together sending Geno their wishes expanding the Purelight Whirl.

Just then on a TV Screen a New Bulletin showed, as two female humanoid squids appeared on Screen reporting from the sight where Geno and Daraku was engaging in final battle.

"Hold on to your tentacles, it's Inkopolis News, with a special bulletin, Marie check this out, the Battle between Antilight and Purelight is coming to a Climax and people al lover the Universe is sending Geno their wishes to increase his strength to defeat Daraku, once and for all." said the Inkling known as Callie

"You got that right Callie, it's been some dark times, that us Inklings can't do our turf battles because it's so dark, but now the Star Guardian Geno is gathering enough strength, to finish off Daraku, please save us Geno." said Marie as Callie and Marie both looked at an army of Inkling Boys and Girls. "Come on everybody send your wishes to Geno and let's put a stop to the Antilgiht once and for all."

"Yeah heh, all right let's show this monster, that we are the cool squids in town, and we're ready for some turf war, dudes." said a boy Inkling clasping his hands together sending Geno his wishes.

"That Daraku, messed with the wrong Squids, I know it sounds weird, but if that Doll can save the world, I will so play with toys again, oh well what am I saying." said a Girl Inkling doing the same thing as all of the Inklings had their hands clasped as their wishes began to help expand Geno's Power. Then out of nowhere the Music Pokemon, Meloetta appeared right between both Callie and Marie.

"Hey check it out, it's that singing Pokemon known as Meloetta, do you want to sing with us?" Callie asked as Marie made a weird face.

"Callie you know now is not the best time to have a concert."

"No Marie, I think if we sing loud enough are voices might reach out to Geno giving him more strength."

"Uhhh you know how I end up with a sore throat after every Splatfest, but in these desperate times, we half to do anything to stop Daraku from winning, so there Melloetta, is there a song you know?" Marie asked as she and Callie looked at Melloetta as the Pokemon began to sing a Melody that sounded familiar, like the very song from the Forest that Geno entered, where he went to confront Bowyer, to collect a Star from Star Hill. "Oh that song, ha I loved that song, let's sing along Callie." Marie said as she and Callie both began to follow along with Meloetta singing the song fro mthe Forest Maze, the same song reached Geno, as the song brought memories back of his adventure with Mario and how they met in the Fores Maze; this song also helped expand Geno's Power along with hearing the wishes of beings all over the Universe call out to him.

"That song, it feels so nice to hear that again not only that but I can sense people from all over the Universe in places such as The Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Every Galaxy and Planet in it, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Shinnoh, Unova, and Kalos and every Pokemon that inhabit those lands and every Trainer and their dreams of becoming Pokemon Masters, I can feel their power being added to mine. The Beings that live on the Bionis and Mechonis, the beings of dreamland, wildlife that live on Donkey Kong's Island, and those who came here from other worlds, that joined us to fight Daraku, I am using your wishes, and together, we will defeat Daraku." Geno said a the Purelight Whirl was now a massive ray of Purelight, but at the same time Daraku had taken to the sky and created an orb of Antilight as the Demon God let out a collective laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, I will not allow you to defeat me this time Star Guardian, you were able to destroy me in the past, but I will rule over this universe, I conquered time itself, and even if I was destroyed in the past or even in the future, I can never be truly destroyed, so no use wasting your time. Now it's time for me to end this fight and consume this Universe with my Antilight, I have used what's left of my power into this blast, and if this blast makes contact with this world and you, than this entire Universe, will be engulfed in my Antilight, and the Light will be extinct as will all of you." Daraku said as he charged up the Orb and then tossed it over into Geno's Direction. "ANTILIGHT DOOMSDAY BLAST." Daraku shouted as Geno looked over ready to launch his attack, as he felt more Power coming to him, and that power was coming from the Overseer of the Stars Rosalina, the Lumas, and even the Seven Star Spirits from Star Haven as they all added their Power to Geno, as Geno was now ready to launch his attack.

"SPIRIT PURELIGHT WHIRL!" cried Geno sending his attack at Daraku's direction as both it, and Daraku's Doomsday Antilight Blast both made contact as Daraku and Geno both began using what's left of their Power to push one's attack to their direction, with neither side backing down. However the power of these attacks were causing some massive shakes, as it seems like the very Universe was on the verge to collapse.

"Oh no, the power of both the Purelight and Antilight between both Geno and Daraku respectively is so strong, and this battle has gone on for so long that the powers of both have gotten too powerful that it's causing wear and tear on the Universe, and if neither side gits hit with the others attack, than the Universe itself will collapse and all of us including Geno and Daraku will be history."

"Upon hearing that everybody looked in horror wondering what they could do, but then realized all of their power went to Geno and there was nothing left to give him, as Geno looked down at everybody and over at Gaz and Emi who were watching, as a tear shed Geno's wooden face.

"If none of our attacks hit then, there will be no Universe left, which is why, I half to use this last attack to finish off Daraku, and at the same time........" Geno looked over at Gaz as Gaz stared at Geno teary eyed.

"Geno, what are you doing?"

"Gaz i'm sorry but I half to break my promise to play with you one last time, what I'm about to do will save us all, sacrificing myself, I can however make one more wish happen, but it just can't be one more play day, i'm sorry Gaz." Geno said as Gaz's tears began to flow uncontrollably.

"No you can't please don't." Gaz begged as Geno looked at him as the Universe was slowly starting to crumble.

"I'm sorry Gaz, but it has to end this way, Think of Emi there, she lost her parents because of Daraku, the whole world has become ruins, and those that inhabit it are in danger of becoming consumed by Daraku; please Gaz, think of those things, and also good luck in College and in life, just don't forget i'll always be in your heart forever, goodbye my friend." Geno said as Gaz held his hand and thought about it, and made a wish for everything to be returned to normal before Daraku destroyed everything. Geno transformed into a Cannon, as a beam of energy began to suck the Purelight and Antilight from both attack as Daraku looked over confused.

"What are you doing?" Daraku asked still holding onto his Doomsday Blast, as an explosion bursted out of the canon sending the Antilight and Purelight blasts along with Daraku, as a face in the blast that resembled Geno sent the blasts and Daraku into the Sun. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I CAN"T BE DESTROYED." Daraku cried as the Antilight and Purelight along with Geno's spirited blast and Daraku himself all made contact with the sun causing a Supernova explosion of Antilight and Purelight destroyng Daraku for Good as the Antilight Demon God was no more and along with that, Geno was gone too.

"GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Gaz as he began to cry uncontrollably knowing the bittersweet taste of victory knowing that Daraku was finally gone, but at the same time the sacrifice which also destroyed Gaz's longtime companion Geno.

Daraku has finally been defeated but at the cost of Geno, as peace shall now return to the Universe, but what's about to happen next? Find out in the Epilogue of The Antilight Invasion.

To Be Concluded.
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 15
The Heroes of Purelight make their final stand against the Antilight Demon God Daraku, all characters belong to their respective owners.

Inside of a Temple, a man awakens, he is unsure where he is at, or why he is at this place, however the man gingerly gets to his feet, as he sees a wound on his white and gold cloak. The Man touched it, and there was nothing more than dried blood, as the man took a look to his surroundings.

"Where am I, and why am I still alive, I thought?......." Before he could finish a small, green, leafy fairy like creature swirling around the man. "Who and what are you little creature, did you save me, and are you a messenger of the Lumen Sages or Umbra Witches?" The man asked as the Creature floated into the opposite direction. "Wait, I need answers from you?" The man said as he followed the creature throughout the Temple. The Man followed the creature into a small shrine as the creature stood still, allowing the man to catch up with it. "Why did you stop, and where have you brought me too?"

"Lumen Sage Balder, we sent Celebii to your Timeline, because your power as a Lumen sage and your knowledge of the Umbra Witches is needed, as a way to combat Daraku's Power." said a Voice as the man revealed to be the Lumen Sage Balder, who was previously attacked by the Antilight Army and thought to have been killed by Bowser and Ganondorf, finds himself alive and being met with the six spiritual beings along with creature now revealed as the Time Traveling Pokemon, Celebii.

"How do you know me, and why have you brought me here, where am I and who are you?" Balder asked as he looked to his surroundings at the six spiritual beings.

"We are the Six Purelight Gods, and we foresaw this war at the beginning of time, you as a Lumen Sage despite being viewed as evil, your power was of key importance to the true formation of the Purelight, and your enemies, the Umbra Witches who are viewed as both good and evil both play a role when it comes to balancing light and darkness; a very balance that we need as a way to defeat Daraku once and for all.

"So you are the Purelight Gods, but I thought there was seven of you, so why are there six of you?" Balder asked as one of the Purelight Gods began to speak.

"I think we should reveal our names, I am Miyamoto one of the Purelight Gods and these are my fellow Purelight Gods Sakurai, Aonuma, Tajiri, Fisamie, and Trinen sadly though our leader Iwata, didn't make it after the battle with Daraku; he was truly a hero to all of us, but his spirit still lives on in all of us; but before the battle with Daraku; our leader Iwata, actually knew of a way to truly defeat Daraku once and for all."

"All right please tell me, I don't think there is much time left for the entire Universe." Balder pleaded as The Purelight God: Fisamie began to explain.

"Dear heroes of the Purelight, we will lend you our greatest strength to take down our greatest enemy, The Antilight Demon God, Daraku; he wants to consume the entire Universe and plague it, with the dark power known as the Antilight; so Please Understand what I am about to say, as it is the only way to put an end to Daraku, once and for all. We the seven Purelight Gods will seal Daraku inside of the Master Core, we also can foresee that Daraku's power will influence other enemies across the Universe, known as Nintendo; even though Daraku's Power is sealed inside the Master Core, we the Purelight Gods are not able to destroy it, however Daraku's spirit is neutralized inside of the Master Core and any Hero who sees this; please travel inside of the Master Core, the power inside the Core is holding Daraku's Power inside of it; please destroy Daraku in his weakened state inside the Core, and in the Future; Daraku, will be finished for good." Fisamie said, quoting, Iwata's Message to Balder, as Balder nodded.

"That sounds Risky, however I am no hero, I was a Villian for the most part, so why exactly did you summon me here?" Balder asked, still unknown why he was summoned to this part in time.

"Both Jubileus and the Queen Sheba have been destroyed in the present, however both of them still exist here in this Timeline, there is a way to unite the both of them and use their powers of light and darkness to combat Daraku's Power." said The Purelight God, Trinen, explaining to Balder, his plan.

"Wait a second, I think I remember, the combines powers of both Jubileus and The Queen Sheba both form the Controller of Creation, known as Omne, I dunno how I can summon her, because her Powers are far to great to create.

"You have the ability to summon Jubelieus in this Timeline, and we happen to know the one that can summon The Queen Sheeba." said The Purelight God Sakurai as a Lady who looked similiar to Bayonetta, wearing Dark Clothing appeared as Balder immediately recognized her.

"R...R...ROSA, my love, Rosa." Balder said as he went over to the Umbra Witch recognizing her as Rosa.

"Balder, my love, I know our love is forbidden, but we must unite Jubelius and Sheba together to form Omne and take the fight to Daraku." Rosa said as she and Balder began to dance around making a chant together. Afterwards The Massive Titans of the Universe Jubelius and Queen Sheba were fused together to form the Universal Being known as Omne.

"Now we shall open the time portal to the future, send Omne to the future and bring the worthy hero to the past to destroy Daraku on the inside." Miyamoto said, as he opened a time portal back to the Future where Geno was still in battle with the mortal form of Daraku.

Meanwhile on the Summit of Fimbulventr All of the Heroes were still attacking Daraku's Cocoon, but all attacks we're barely having any effect; the Oozy Cocoon began to move and then leap into the air as the heroes on the summit all looked in horror, as the Ooze swarmed it's way over to Daraku, as Daraku would hit Geno with an Antilight Attack sending the Star Guardian into a nearby mountain as Daraku's Mortal Form and the Ooze began to merge forming Daraku back into his Demonic, God life form.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now it's time to end this game. Daraku said as he began to summon even darker clouds of Antilight that began to slowly cover the Earth, even, darkening the brightness of the Purelight.

"Oh no this is awful Daraku has reformed himself with his mortal form and his godlike form and with that absorbed the power of Aesir, now we are all in deep trouble now." Mario said from the distance as all of a sudden he along with the others were teleported off the Summit of Fimbulventr and gathered with the others. "What happened?" Mario asked as he saw himself along with Link, Pit, Bayonetta, Samus, Fox, Falco, Marth, Ike, Meta-knight, Red, Lucas, Shulk, Ness, Lucina, Robin, Zero, Issac All of the MegaMen, The Pokemon Trainers, and all of their Pokemon, The Kongs, Yoshi, Kirby, Peach, Zelda, Palutena, Rosalina, Captain Falcon, Olimar, King Dedede and Roy who appeared looking for a fight and has joined the others in order to save the world from the Antilight attacks. On the other side was the likes of Bowser, Ganondorf, Majora, The Shadow Queen, Dark Samus, Dark Pit, Hades, Giritina, Dr. Wily, Sigma, Dr. Regal, StarWolf, King K. Rool, DeathBorn, Black Shadow, Porkey, Mumkhar, Wario, Bowser Jr, The Koopalings, and 02 all charged at one another, as the war between the Antilight and Purelight Armies was waged,; meanwhile Daraku, was laughing at his accomplishment is obtaining the ultimate power.

"Now the light of this Universe shall Crumble and all that will be left is the Antilight." Daraku said as lightning began to strike the Earth, but that lightning was made of Antilight as the ground began to have fissures, opening the Earth as lava from below began to flow through the open cracks, as the power of the Antilgiht began to slowly cover even the light of the sun. Geno was laying on the ground starting to lose conscious as nobody was in Daraku's way to oppose him, as all of the heroes were stuck fighting all of their long time enemies in a bloody battle, as all hope was starting to fade.

"The Light, The Stars, Everyone and their wishes, G....G....Gaz I F................." Geno said as he starts to slowly lose consciousness, as a voice began to call out to him.

"Geno, you can not die, think about Gaz and all of those you are letting down if you give up right now?" said a voice as some liquid splashed Geno as all of a sudden Geno felt a second wind come through him as he looked at the one that revived him, it was none other than Mewtwo. "I hope you're ready to continue fighting, no matter what it takes, we cannot allow Daraku to win." Mewtwo said as they felt the Earth continuing to crumble, and as Geno and Mewtwo looked ready to make their move, the two heard a chant as a Giant Arm of light came from a Portal and Punched Daraku and knocked the Antilight Demon God into a series of buildings. "No that can't be?" Mewtwo said as the being emerged as a fusion of the Godlike Beings Jubelius and Queen Sheba. "Omne."

"WHAT, YOU? I thought I consumed your power, how did you get revived?" Daraku said as he stared at the fused being known as Omne. As Omne began to fire Fists at Daraku as Daraku also began to launch an onslaught of attacks. Geno and Mewtwo began to watch as both Balder and Rosa approached them.

"Wait a second, I thought Bowser and Ganondorf killed you, and Bayonetta is that you?"

"My name is Rosa, I am an Umbra Witch, you must be talking about my Daughter Cereza." Rosa said as Mewtwo nodded.

"Some weird leafy creature named Celebii saved me, I believe that is a Pokemon just like you; it took me to the past where I met the Purelight Gods, where one of them had this plan to defeat Daraku once and for all.

"So you met Celebii and the Purelight Gods, in that case, we will listen to what you got to say and follow your words, as we are in serious desperate times.

"The Purelight Gods had Daraku sealed inside the Master Core in the Past, inside the Core Daraku's power was weakened, if we can go inside and attack Daraku in his weakened state in the past, than there's a chance we will defeat Daraku here in the present and save the Universe." Balder said as Mewtwo and Geno nodded.

"Mewtwo it is up to us to go in the past and enter the Master Core and defeat Daraku once and for all." Geno said as he and Mewtwo both began to make their way through the Portal while Daraku was starting to get the upper hand on Omne now starting to make the colossal being feel like just a regular mortal as Daraku's power began to overwhelm it as Daraku's Furious punches, claws, and Antilight Magic began to tear Omne apart.

"Is that your best, you contain the power of light and dark, but you can't match my power, you are nothing more than another worthless being for me to to destroy." Daraku said as he then noticed a portal opening as Daraku noticed something about it. "So that's their plan to try to stop me." Daraku than launched a beam of Antilgiht right into the Portal.

Meanwhile inside the Portal Geno and Mewtwo enter the palace of the Purelight Gods and were greeted by the Gods only to get a startling Surprise as Daraku's Antilight beam made it's way into the Portal, to the shock of the Purelight Gods.

"Oh no, Daraku has discovered what we are doing, Omne has failed, if he comes close to the portal he will try to get close to the Master Core and possibly absorb himself from it, and if that happens......" Sakurai said as everybody had a look of pure horror.

"We need to hurry up and get inside that core, before Daraku get's here." Geno said as the six Purelight Gods all began to make a mystical chant which teleported Geno and Mewtwo inside the Master Core as Daraku tried to break his way through the time portal, however an injured Omne continued to try to stop Daraku from entering the past.

"Let go of me, you worthless being." Daraku said as he made an attempt to try to attack Omne before some Multicolored Ammunition began to fire off in Daraku's Direction. "What is this, show yourself?"

"Yo this darkness isn't cool, it's soooo gloomy, not really the type of weather for turf battles." Said a Yound Boy with weird Blue Hair that resembles a Squid, wearing a white shit, black shorts, white socks, and white and blue sneakers.

"You cocky little punk, do you know who I am, I will consume you." Daraku yelled as more multicolored Ink began to distract Daraku even more.

"We know who you are, and we can tell you this, Demon God, you're not fresh, your Antilight is making the World Unfresh, I can't even hear the Squid Sisters Sing." said the voice of a Girl with range Hair where the tails look like Squid tentacles, white shirt, black shorts, and white and orange sneakers.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY before I turn the two of you into Calamari." Daraku said as he tried to fire and Antilight Attack at the inlings before a blast of both Fire and Water hit Daraku on contact as the Legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre Appeared. "Who sent you two worthless Pokemon, GET OUT OF MY WAY."

 "How about you get out of this Universe, Demon God." said the voice of a Young Pokemon Trainer wearing a White and Black Hat over his brown hair, wearing a red and black shirt, black shorts, black ankle socks, and white and green sneakers. Accompanying him was a girl about the same age as the boy with brown hair with a red bow tied up at the top, wearing a red shirt, black shorts, and yellow and red sneakers; along with a smaller boy with green hair wearing a blue jacket over a white shirt, beige pants, and white shoes.

"Do you children know who you are dealing with, I AM DARAKU, THE ANTILIGHT DEMON GOD I can crush your bones and drink your blood, and I will do just that for getting in my way." 

"We're not afraid of you anymore Daraku, we're done being afraid, and we are standing up for every Human, Pokemon, and every other being on this Universe that you have destroyed, Daraku, myself along with my friends Wally and May here, will join the fight." The Boy said as The Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre would continue to Attack Daraku and at the same time, Omne also recovered and continued to attack Daraku just giving Mewtwo and Geno the time they needed to enter the Master Core.

Geno and Mewtwo both entered the inside of the Master Core and found a Dark Mass in front of them, the two of them took to their surrounding to notice that this mass was no ordinary mass, it was Daraku in his weakened state.

"This has to be Daraku after he was sealed inside this core, left in a dormant state where is form is nothing more than a mass of his own Antilight." Mewtwo said as he used his eyes and found a throbbing Red mass of energy, as the Psychic Pokemon surrounded himself with Purelight and began to attack the place with Geno joining the attack with him. As they continued the attack both Geno and Mewtwo both felt a shaking inside the Core as the Mass began to move.

"Did we defeat Daraku?" Geno asked as Daraku's Face began to form in the mass.

"You think you can defeat me in my dormant state than try, I will win this fight, I will never die, I will consume all life until there is nothing left." Daraku said as Geno and Mewtwo would launch Purelight based attacks at the form of Daraku while Daraku would spit Antilight Swarms at both Mewtwo and Geno.

"We will destroy you here in the past and we will finish you off and free the future and this Universe of your Evil Antilight once and for all, Daraku." Geno said as he and Mewtwo stood side by side next to eachother ready to attack as both sides were ready to fight as Omne, Groudon, and Kyogre would get some assistance from Rayquaza and Deoxys as they would continue to prevent Daraku from making any kind of effort to go to the past to merge his past dormant state with his present Godlike form.

Daraku has successfully reformed his physical and spirit forms and at the same time consuming the powers of Aesir, Queen Sheba, and the Damned Souls of the Inferno; and has become so powerful not even a God can touch him and worst of all now that the Purelight Gods have found a solution to defeat Daraku in the past, during the time when he was sealed in the Master Core; Daraku now plans to merge his sealed form to make himself even stronger; and with all of the Heroes and Villians across Nintendo's Vast Universe engaged in Armageddon; it is up to Geno and Mewtwo to destroy Daraku in the past to finish him off in the Future; will they succeed or will Daraku make sure it's game over? Find out next time 

To Be Continued
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 14
Can The Purelight Heroes try to stop Daraku or will Daraku's Power continue to increase. All characters belong to their rightful owners.
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It is a very sad day to hear that some heartless bastards killed dozens of innocent people and held others hostage; I hope the Killers suffer for an eternity and burn in Hell for all of the innocent lives they took yesterday; and my heart and prayers go out to all of those affected by this cowardly act of terrorism. Dear friends of mine, please take anytime that you have you have today, to please pray for everybody in Paris right now. :(

The Skies we're being devoured by the Antilight, plants, trees, and nature itself was dying at the mercy of it's power, and monsters everywhere we're murdering innocent lives and destroying cities turning the entire Earth, into a barren wasteland. Above the Antilight covered Skies was the Plane carrying Zero, Ness, Shulk, Lucina, Robin, Roy, Issac, Fox, and Falco as they were all looking out the windows, thinking as Shulk held Ness in his arms as the boys looked out the window both looking pretty scared.

"The sands in the Hourglass is running very low, and I get the feeling we're on Borrowed time, hopefully we can restore whatever allies of their own power before The Antilight completely consumes all of us." Robin said as he saw all sorts of Demons hovering over the sky but none of them we're in their direction.

"I hope we get there in time to rescue Zero's friends and any other allies we have, I only have one last Purelight Gem left, and I hope we can use it to restore whoever's left." Lucina said as Shulk approached them, carrying Ness in his arms.

"Hey I think a vision is coming to my mind, remember how Zero along with Fox and Falco were able to break free from the hold of the Antilight, and I think it has to do with that Emi Girl." Shulk said while cuddling Ness in his arms.

"Now that you mention it, I think you're right, that Girl did have everybody under her control but some how the Antilight that was held on Fox, Falco, and Zero was able to separate leaving only a taint in their bodies, which we were able to easily free them from the control of it." Robin said as Fox, Falco, Zero, and Issac looked on confused but still went along with the conversation knowing what was on the line.

"Yeah, that Emi was under Daraku's control, but Mewtwo was able to see what power Daraku had while controlling her and was able to use the Purelight to develop the memories of Emi's past with her family, and was able to open her heart, and broke the control she was under." Shulk said as his eyes glowed as he saw the visions in his mind.

"Yeah, not only that, but since she took control over our friends, the purelight which we represent and our hearts were able to allow the Purelight to destroy the taint inside of them made by the Antilight, restoring everybody to normal." Ness said, as Shulk stroked the younger boy's hair.

"If Emi's control over our allies has broken than I wonder why they haven't managed to break free on their own?" Robin asked as the others weren't sure of a clear answer; then all of a sudden they felt the plane shake as they heard a scratch coming from the outside.

"Oh great, not now of all times, something is attacking the Plane." Zero said as Ridley appeared in front of the ship as Zero stopped the controls. "All right you ugly monster, you want to fight, than we'll give you one." zero said but Fox and Falco intervened.

"Just keep us from crashing, blondy, both me and Foxy will handle Big Ugly here." Falco said making Zero feel a bit insulted.

"Just don't leave any bird crap on my windows, Tucan Sam." Zero said as Fox was communicating with something and motioned Falco to follow him. 

"Let's go Falco our Arwings are ready, thankfully they're still functioning." Fox said as Falco nodded as the two opened the door and jumped out of the plane and landing into their spacecrafts known as Arwings as they began firing off at Ridley.

"Sounds like Big Ugly here wants to fight, well I say let's fire the lasers into that big mouth of his." Falco said as he began firing off at Ridley, meanwhile Zero's Plane had found itself hovering over a city in complete ruin.

"The city is in complete chaos, everyone, I appreciate the help,, you guys have friends to save and so do I, so let's put an end to this right now." Zero said as the others nodded, as the plane began to land safely in a area, that looked suspiciously calm; as Lucina, Robin, Shulk, Ness, and Issac followed Zero off the Plane, as the area seemed too quiet. "Don't be fooled by the silence, I have a feeling, we're not alone.

"I got to agree with you zero, i'm seeing a vision, that something is coming our way." Shulk said readying the Manado as Ness readied his Bat, Lucina, Robin, Issac, and Zero all readied their weapons, as some metallic footsteps could be heard.

"So you've brought all of the other versions of yourself, X I promise I will bring you back to your senses, I was freed from the same poison, and i know you can too." Zero said taking out his sword as X also looked at Zero along with Mega Man, Legends, Exe, Star Force, and right behind them was a young boy with spiky brown hair, wearing a Blue headband, a long white sleeved shirt, black shorts and socks, and orange sneakers.

"Well if it isn't the mighty Zero, I learned all about you, you were created by the Genius Dr. Wily but you betrayed him, you traitor, but I saw the true path, you see my father, Dr Hikari was murdered by Dr. Regal, and it's all the fault of my friends Maylu and Chaud, I got rid of them, all friends do is get in your way, of the truth, I also learned that X is your best friend, so after I was approached by that girl Emi and became infected with the Antilight, I learned about all of the different variations of Megaman, from my world, and in this world that Parallels mine, I was put in charge of controling them, including making my Net Navi exist outside of the Cyber World, and now there is nothing you can do to stop me."

"Lan Hikari, Grandson of Dr. Tadashi Hikari, the equivilant of Dr. Light; this isn't you, you have let the Antilight taint you, I broke free, and so can you, your friends did nothing to you, Dr. Regal murdered your father, and you've allowed  the Antilight take full control over you." Zero said as Lan began to laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, the Antilight showed me the truth, and I will destroy anybody, that rejects the Antilight, I will take you down Zero." Lan said puling out a device and inserting a glowing dark chip into it, as Lan's eyes turned blood red as all of a sudden he along with Mega Man.Exe were merged together as one Human, Robt hybrid.

"So that is your crossfusion, anyways, if you want to fight, i'll give you one, but you will see that the Purelight will show you everything that you've done wrong, Hikari." Zero said as he and Lan traded sword attacks while all of the other Mega Men attacked the others but at the same time began to feel the control of the Antilight, slipping away from them.

"Now's our chance to cleanse them with the Purelight." Lucina ordered but not before Lan began firing shots at her, while Zero came in with a sword slash.

"Lucina use the Pure Light and save the other Mega Men now." Zero ordered, as Lan took his knee and hit Zero in the face before slashing at the Reploid with his Bamboo sword.

"No, those things will never blind me, ever again, I saw the true path to Darkness, and no one is going to stop the spread of Antilight." Lan said once again charging at Zero.

"Do you have any idea what you are doing; you've attacked your friends, and allowed the the Antilight to completely consume you after Dr. Regal murdered your Father; we may come from different timelines, but when the day comes, when those from two other worlds meet, those that meet those that are like them, expect them to be almost like them; you were like my friend X; however, X would never attack me or anybody else." Zero said as he began to slash at Lan taking the Crossfussed human Navi down. "I lost someone very important to me, Iris; I became consumed by Antilight, butt these allies of mine helped bring me to my senses, and I can to, and together, we can put a stop to the Antilight, and save the World, if you just let me cure you of that evil poison."

"NEVER." Lan screamed as he started blasting at Zero with nothing but Malice and Hate. As Lan was Blasting Lucina began casting the Purelight around the area, as a way to restore the others of their true selves. 

"Power of the Purelight, activate and cleanse the evil taint of Antilight from these beings that stand in front of us." Lucina cried as the Purelight Gem began to glow and surround the area around the five Mega Men and hit Lan as well.

"NOOOOOOOOOO, I refuse to be blinded by this LIGHT." Lan cried a Zero took the Opportunity to attack Lan with his sword taking down the Net Op as the Mega Men all fell down to their knees as the Purelight began to shatter the remaining Antilight from their bodies, Afterwards everybody was unconscious as Zero approached X, while the others tried to awaken the rest of the Mega Men, than a blast came towards their direction as Samus Aran appeared holding her Arm Cannon in front of the others as she appeared to be tainted with Antilight.

"It's Samus, it appears she's also hit by Anti, whoa look out." Lucina cried as Ridley descended from the sky flapping it's wings as it landed right behind Samus. "Samus, listen to us, you are a Hero to the Galaxy, please break free, Ridley is your enemy, do you remember what he did to your Family?" Samus aimed her canon but soon fell to her knees as she was also starting to feel the same pain that others felt when Emi's control over the heroes had fallen.

"Lucina, restore Samus's power, myself and the others will take care of this Winged Freak." Zero said as he charged at Ridley as Ridley used it's wings to try to push Zero back. Robin and Shulk began Slashing at Ridley too with Ness using his PSI Powers on the Winged Alien Beast as Fox and Falco jumped on Samus to hold her down.

"Lucina, use the Purelight now." Fox cried as he and Falco held the corrupted Bounty Hunter down as Lucina began to chant the same spell as a beam of Purelight began to hit the Galactic Bounty Hunter as the taint of Antilight was expelled from her body, as the Purelight began to take over, Samus awoke completly unaware of what happened, but then she saw her Arch Enemy Ridley and began firing off at the Winged Alien, before Ridley took to the air and flew away.

"Ridley's getting away, I can't...." Shulk interrupted Samus as he saw a vision in his mind.

"Ridley is heading to Fimbulventr, all of our allies and enemies are gathering their, Bowser and Ganondorf have made their way inside Inferno and are trying to merge the LEft Eye and Inferno with the Antilight, we need to hurry and be sure the Right Eye and Paradiso becomes part of the Purelight, or it's Game Over, Daraku has transfomred into a Mortal Being but his God Form is able to merge anything and as a resulted he merged the two halves of the God of Chaos: Aesir, if Daraku returns to his God Form, he will be unstoppable and we're all done for, we need to get to Fimbulventr now and put an end to this nightmare once and for all.

"Bad news, my Plane's out of Fuel, great how are we going to get to Fimbulventr now?" Zero said as a wind began to blow and an engine was heard, as an Airship in the form of a Falcon appeared and began to land in front of the others, as Captain Falcon came out of the Ship to greet them.

"We don't have much time left, everyone, get on my ship, i'll fly us to Fimbulventr." Captain Falcon said as the others nodded.

"Despite what he did to my Father a while back, we have no choice but to board his ship, we need to hurry up and reach Fimbulventr, or else, it's all over." Lucina said as the others nodded; Zero than contacted a Navigator, as he helped X up.

"I need you to look over this Lan kid and all of the other Mega Men, I only want X to come with me, we're on our way with this dude in Spandex on his Airship to Fimbulventr to put an end to the Antilight, if any of them awaken can you send them to Fimbulventr?"

"You got it zero, good luck for now, and be careful."

"If I die, I just hope, I can be with Iris again, anyways i'm heading Out." Zero said ending his Transmission as he ran towards The Blue Falcon with the others already on Board, as Captain Falcon took control and took flight as high speeds towards Fimbulventr.

Bowser, Ganondorf, Zant, Majora, and The Shadow Queen stepped inside the World of the Damned, known as Inferno, which was made of nothing but fire, brimstone, and inhabited by nothing but Demons, who torment those that have caused sins on Earth.

"This is the place, now let's begin the merger." Majora said as he and the others began to make a chant as the shadows of Antilight began to swirl around the Realm of Inferno.

"Now Antilight Merge with This Dark World known as Inferno and expand the Antilight even more." The Shadow Queen said as they then heard a loud screech, as a shadowy, tall female figure then approached the group. "Hello Sheba." Shadow Queen said as she came face to face with the Ruler of Inferno.

"Shadow Queen, you dare bring that power here to merge it with your Master's, I will not allow that to happen." Queen Sheba said as she threw a Punch at the Shadow Queen before the Shadow Queen shot a Lightning Bolt at the Queen of the Underworld. Queen Sheba took a step back after the attack, then Daraku's Ozze began to pour in and latch itself onto Queen Sheba as The Antilight began to cover all of Inferno. "Now become one with Master Daraku." The Shadow Queen said as Mario, Link, Pit, Bayonetta made their way and saw in Horror as Inferno was being covered with Antilight.

"Oh no we're too late." Pit cried as they were seeing Inferno and even Queen Sheba.

"Queen Sheba is being merged with Daraku, we can't do anything because that Ooze and The Antilight is merging Inferno a lot faster, i'm afraid we half to go back to Fimbulventr, there is nothing more that we can do here." Palutena said as Bayonetta looked at Palutena with a upset expression.

"But Jeanne."

"I'm sorry Cereza, but we half to get out of here now and return to Fimbulventr, Jeanne's soul is going to be merged with Daraku, and the only way we can save her now, if we defeat Daraku." Palutena said as Bayonetta had no choice but to follow the others out of Inferno as the Antilight began to fully Meerge with Inferno as they raced their way back up to the Summit of Fimbulventr. As they made their way to the Summit of Fimbulventr, they met with Meta-Knight, Marth, Ike, Red, and Lucas who were attacking the Ooze of Daraku's Monster Form that was merging Queen Shiba and Aesir together, as the five we're not having any luck trying to take down the Grotesque Ooze of Antilight, as Bayonetta began firing Bullets at it, with Mario using Fireballs, Link using the Master Sword, and Pit using his Arows to help out their struggling Allies as best as possible.

"I don't think this is going to be enough, we need more help." Pit cried as the Falcon Flyer arrived with Captain Falcon dropping and delivering a strong punch to the Ooze, with Zero, Robin, Lucina, and Shulk using their weapons to attack the Ooze, Ness would use his PSI Powers on Daraku's Ooze, and Fox and Falco fired their lasers at the Ooze too. then Samus appeared now wearing a Light suit began firing Light Beams at the Ooze as she arrived in her Gunship to Fimbulventr. Then Mewtwo who was previously in a fight with Daraku and still battered, returned to the Summit to also fend off the Ooze as Mewtwo looked to the sky, as the Antilight was starting to cover The Sun.

"We need to hurry and Merge the Purelight now, Ness, we need you to sing the Eight Melodies, the rest of you combine The Purelight with Paradiso's light and let's end this once and for all." Mewtwo said as Ness took out the Sound Stone and began to sing right from the recorded melody, as the others began to leave Purelight Crystals on the Summit and began uttering a chant.

"Take a melody Simple as can be Give it some words and Sweet harmony; Raise your voices All day long now Love grows strong now Sing a melody of love Oh love. Love is the answer  Love is the glory Love is the beauty And the joy of spring. Love is the magic Love is the story Love is the melody We all can sing." Ness sang as the others began to activate the Purelight gems as a radiant shine of Purelight illuminated itself into the sky as the sky itself began. Howcer Daraku's Ooze tried to shatter the crystals and prevent the Purelight from fully merging. Until a Powerful Hyperbeam attack struck Daraku, as Arceus stood on Fimbulventr alongside Zeus who was also firing lightning at Daraku's Ooze.

"We'll keep the Ooze distracted merge the Purelight all together and give the Universe a chance to fight back." Zeus said as he used more of his lightning to strike Daraku's Ooze, as Mewtwo and the others all nodded as Bayonetta lifted the Right Eye into the air as the Light of Paradiso can be felt shining from above as the Purelight gems and even the light from Subtime al lbegan to find themselves merged into one as Permissable was also lending the light from Subtime to allow for the full merger as the entire Pureklight began to illuminate and stretch all the way to the sun; and now the Purelight was fully merged and now it along with the Antilight were now swirlled all over the Universe as this war, which started at the beginning of time, now continues in the modern era, that will determine the fate of the Universe.

Meanwhile Geno was in a fight with Daraku, with Daraku and Geno exchanging projectiles, punches, and kicks in midair, with each attack causing the other to fly int oa building or a mountain.

"Don't you sense it Daraku, the Purelight is reforming, it's game over now." Geno said firing several Bullets out of his arm only to get a Tendril wrapped around him and swung into several buildings of a ruined city.

"Inferno has now been merged with the Antilight, but I always have a back up plan." Daraku said as he created an a projectile of Antilight towards Geno, but the Star Guardian recovered and created a counterblast to cause an explosion the moment both attacks met as Geno and Daraku once again traded attacks, destroying the environment in the process.

"I have another idea, i'll lead the heroes of the Purelight, and you lead your Antilight Minions, and we'll both put it all on the line, whoever's left standing, either the Antilight, or the Purelight will be the winner of this war." Geno offered as a smile spread across Daraku's Evil face.

"So you want to put it all on the line in order to end this war, fine I accept, if it means destroying you and your friends, than the Antilight will rule over all." Daraku said as the Heroes of Purelight, and the Dwellers of The Antilight stood across from eachother, as both sides charged and engaged eachother in a wat like settig as Daraku and Geno were still at a standstill. "I have a special place for us to do battle, follow me." Daraku said as he began to take off rowards the sky and into Space as geno began to follow, as Space is self was also in a swirl of Antilight and Purelight.

"Is this where you want us to fight?" Geno asked as Darku had an evil smile and nodded as the two stood ready to fight.

The War between Antilight and Purelight begins, what will happen in this war between two opposites, and which side wil lcome out the winner? Find out in the next chapter of The Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued

The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 13
The Heroes of the Purelight are desperate to find a way to stop the Antilight, even if it means going to Hell itself.
Attack on Antilight.

The Halberd was hovering over the skies making it's way to Fimbulventr to meet with the others, as the Antilight in the sky was slowly starting to devour the Earth. Inside the Cockpit, Meta-Knight was watching through the windshield, with Marth and Ike keeping a watch over any nearby threats, as everyone was engaged in conversation. Lucas had fallen asleep on Red's shoulder with Red comforting Lucas, Ness was sharing food with Shulk, while Roy, Lucina, and Robin were joining Marth and Ike as Meta-Knight Piloted the Halberd. 

"I think we should also keep a look out for anybody that we can save and any heroes that are willing to help us out in this fight." Lucina said as the others noded.

"I think that is the best, however, time is not on our side right now, we need to get to Fimbulventr and stop Daraku's Forces before they merge Inferno with the Antilight and all hope becomes lost." Meta-Knight said, as he steered the Halberd through the clouds as Robin looked over and noticed something in the distance.

"I think I see a something flying this way, but it appears to be blurry?" Robin said trying to get a look at the flying object, the flying object would get closer and appeared to be Dark Pit as he flew towards the Halberd, as Meta-Knight looked at Dark Pit as he flew over towards a nearby mountain.

"It's Dark Pit, he must be up to something and it sounds like trouble, we better take a look at what he is doing; but is this Mountain Fimbulventr?" Meta-Knight said looking at the Mountain that Dark Pit was flying over to, then all of a sudden the Halberd felt a slight explosion which shook the Halberd as Wolfen Ships appeared in in the distance attacking the Halberd. "It's Star Wolf everybody, we better take care of these guys." Meta-Knight said as he opened up some hatches and fired off at the Wolfen's that were attacking, just then something came flying through the windshield of the Halberd hitting Meta-Knight causing him to lose control of the Halberd, as The Halberd made a Crash Landing in front of a small village. Everybody emerged from the wreck a bit shaken as the Halberd was completely wrecked as Marth, Ike, Lucina, Robin, Roy, Red, Lucas, Ness, Shulk, and Meta-Knight all found themselves in a Village that was under attack by the Antilight.

"The Antilight Army is here too, we better stop this attack right now." Lucina said drawing her Falchion as the others nodded as they would attack the army of Shadow Beasts, Ings, and Shadow Sirens; until Meta-Knight would again be ambushed from behind, as Ike stepped in to see who was attacking Meta-Knight.

"Zero, was it you that attacked us on the Halberd." Ike said as he saw the Reploid Maverick Hunter: Zero, but with Red Eyes and the Aura of the Antilight surrounding him.

"I Don't know what I am fighting for, Iris......IRIS." Zero said whipping out his Z Saber while Ike takes out the Rangel. 

"Well I fight for my friends, and you hurt, Meta-Knight by attacking from behind, Zero you are under the control of Daraku and we will use the power of the Purelight to restore you and the others." Ike said as he charged at Zero as the two clashed with eachother's swords. Zero would launch a fury of attacks at the Radiant Mercenary, butt Ike's Power was able to fend of Zero's onslaught, as Ike would toss his sword up in the air, and then jumping to catch it and come crashing down on Zero. "AETHER!" Ike said bringing his sword down on Zero taking the Reploid down as all of a sudden the Antilight around Zero began to extinguish it self and Zero eye's began to change from Red to Green as Zero fell to his knees holding his head.

"No...what is" Zero said as Ike wasn't sure what to do so he was about to charge at Zero before several lasers began to fire at Ike, as Fox Falco, and Wolf appeared behind Zero with Fox and Falco under the possession of the Antilight.

"Can't let you do that, Traitor you were weak just like Zero you could never fully hold the true power of the Antilight, those who are truly weak would allow themselves to dispose of the Antilight, and those that dispose are nothing more than traitors." Wolf said as he shot a laser at Zero's head, knocking him out, then all of a sudden the same thing began to happen to fox and Falco as they began to feel the Antilight leaving them as well. "I knew the two of you were weak just like your father, Fox and just like those Hooligans you were apart of Falco, now to." Wolf was interrupted as Ike came dashing at Wolf with his sword.

"Lucina, Robin, use the Purelight on Fox, Falco, and Zero." Ize yelled, as Robin and Lucina was able to fend off two Shadow Beasts as they ran over to Fox, Falco, and Zero as they began to activate a Purelight Spell, until they heard a voice.

"I don't think so." Cried Dark Pit as he flew over and began to fire an Electroshock Projectile as Robin and Lucina, preventing them from helping their allies. "Your not saving any weaklings anymore, all beings that betray the Antilight, will die, and now they face their death for they're betrayal." said Dark Pit as he took the edge off one of his blades to attack Zero with first before, a Projectile in the shape of a Hand pushed the Fallen Angel away from the Unconscious Reploid. "Who dares interrupt the execution of a Traitor." Dark Pit said as a Young Man with spiky blonde hair, Blue armor, and a yellow cape like scarf appeared as he took out his sword and looked at Dark Pit.

"This ends here for you Demon, you came and brought your army to destroy my home, what is your purpose here?" Issac asked as Dark Pit took out his weapons.

"We're here for the Elemental Stars, Lord Daraku wants to destroy  it's power with the Antilight to prevent the Purelight from ever having a chance to shine in this war."

"So you wish to destroy the power huh, i'm not sure what this Purelight is about, but you are an enemy, and have destroyed my Village, and now I will make you pay, Demon." Issac said as he clashed with Dark Pit as the two began fighting eachother, while Ike was still dealing with Wolf, and Robin and Lucina made their way over to Fox, Falco, and Zero to cast a spell on them using the Purelight, to restore them back to their normal selves. 

"Are you guys ok?" Robin said as Zero regained consciousness and looked at the white haired swordsman.

"Who are you?......wait your that sword fighter, your name is Robin right?" Zero asked getting up to his feet.

"Yes, I am Robin, it's good to see that you have recovered from the Antilight Possession."

"Is that what happened, the last thing I remember we were all gathered together in that place waiting on those guys to bring those Purebright things."

"Purelights, and we were all possessed by the Antilight, by that girl Emi, but somehow you along with Fox and Falco was able to break free from it's power somehow." Robin said as a beeping noise was heard and a voice accompanying it as well.

"Zero come in, do you read me?" the voice said as Zero opened up a console on his arm as a holographic screen apeared where a pink haired reploid appeared on the hologram.

"This is Zero, what's going on?"

"Zero, finally you pick up, where have you been this whole time?"

"It's a long story, what's going on?"

"The City is under attack, it appears that X and several other variations of Mega Man are wreaking havoc on the City, not only that but Sigma along with some massive talking robot, a Winged Demon, and two similar looking Androids are destroying the City, and I don't know how much longer we can last." 

"All right send aircraft to my location, i'm in some destroyed village in front of a big mountain."

"Roger, we are unsure where you are, but we'll locate your whereabouts and pick you up, just stay where you are at until we arrive." The Navigator said as she closed her communication with Zero as Robin looked at him.

"I guess you are needed right now, I wish you could come with us to Fimbulventr."

"Fimbulventr?" Zero replied unaware of what was going on."

"The others are gathering there, Daraku plans to merge the world known as Inferno with the Antilight, if that happens, we're all done for unless we get more power for the Purelight."

"I see, but at the same time my friends are under attack and they need me right now." Zero said as Shulk and Ness approached them.

"That girl you were talking to mentioned a large mechanical being that talks, I know who that is, it's Metal Face, a Mechon that killed my best friend Fiora." Shulk said as he saw visions of the attacks that were happening. "My visions are showing me everything that is happening in that city, you're going to need some help, myself and Ness will accompany you?"

"It's too dangerous for you guys to come along, this is my fight, and now I know what I am fighting for." Zero said as the two psychics looked at the reploid.

"My sword the Manado is strong enough to cut through even the heaviest of metal, and Ness here, has his PSI Powers that he uses to take down enemies, we both are very strong heroes, and we want to assist you." Zero than thought about it as Lucina, Robin, Fox and Falco gathered with them.

"Wait what about Fimbulventr, we are needed their to stop Daraku from merging Inferno with the Antilight?" Lucina said as Ness sepped in.

"I have an idea, me, Shulk, you, Robin, Fox, Falco, and Zero will go to where Zero is from and help out there, it sounds like some of our allies are there as well and we need to save them before it's too late."

"That would mean that Marth, Ike, Red, Lucas, and Meta-Knight are going to need some ride to Fimbulventr and the Halberd has been destroyed." Robin said, as Ike and Issac are still fighting with Wolf and Dark Pit. Just then something came over Dark Pit as he gathered Wolf.

"Our time here is done, now off to Fimbulventr, our Lord is waiting for us." Dark Pit said as Wolf got into his ship and flew away with Dark Pit at the lead, leaving behind the Elemental Stars, as Issac approached them.

"They left the Elemental Stars behind, that's strange."

"It is considering they can be added to the Purelight, oh well, let's take them and make our way to Fimbulventr."

"What is Fimbulventr?"

"I can't explain there's no time to lose we need to figure out a way to get there." Marth than approached Ike and Issac carrying Meta-Knight in his arms with Red and Lucas following him.

"I just wonder how we're going to get to Fimbulventr?" Marth asked as he looked over at the others who were enganged in a conversation as the other joined in.

"Well do you think we can ask who's picking you up to fly the others to Fimbulventr?" Robin asked as zero shook his head.

"We have no idea where this Fimbulventr is, but I hate leaving your comrades behind." Zero said as Ike stepped in.

"What's going on here?" Ike asked looking over at the others.

"I'm going to be picked up to help out my friends that are in danger, and these guys offered to help, however we know you guys need a ride to this Fimbulventr to help save the World, and we hate leaving you behind." Zero said as Ike looked a bit startled to hear that. Then a Plane can be heard as it began to descend upon the Ruined Village. "Wait that doesn't look like my ride who is?" Zero was cut off as a intimidating tall man and a short man both appeared out of the Plane as the tall one began to speak.

"The name is Rodin, and the God of Subtime told me you cats need a ride to Fimbulventr?"

"Wait how did you find us?" Marth asked as The Other man was complaining

"Look are you freaks boarding Enzo Airlines here, we ain't got no time left, the world is going to end if we don't get to Fimbulventr."

"All right then, what about the rest of you?" Marth asked as Ness, Shulk, Robin, Lucina, Roy, Fox, and Falco all stood behind Zero.

"They are coming with me to help my friends, you guys go ahead, and make your way to Fimbulventr, after we take care of my friends, than we will find your location and help you guys out."

"Thank you, we hope you are able to save your friends and catch up with us, we need all of the help in the Universe if we are going to defeat Daraku and put an end to this nightmare once and for all." Ike said as he along with Marth, Meta-Knight, Red, and Lucas bid farewell to the others and got on the Plane with Rodin and Enzo as they would make their way towards Fimbulventr, as Zero's Ride picked him and the others up to save the Reploids from the Antilight attack there.

Bowser, Ganondorf, The Shadow Queen, Majora, and the other dwellers of the Antilight approached a large door as a smile came across their faces.

"I believe these are the Gates of The Inferno, now let's open up and merge this with the Antilight." The Shadow Queen said as the Antilight Dwellers extended their hands as the Aura of Antilight all glowed around them.

"We have our own way of opening these gates, our own magic will destroy these doors and we will merge this realm of lost souls, even The Devil himself will bow to Lord Daraku, after we merge this world and many others with The Antilight." Majora said as several bullets were fired at them along with two arrows, and a fireball.

"Bowser, Ganondorf, Majora, Shadow Queen we will not allow you to merge The Inferno with the Antilight." Bayonetta said with her pistols pointed at their direction as the Shadow Queen approached The Umbra Witch.

You say you're a witch and yet you help these so called heroes save the world, by using a power that banishes your kind, you disappoint me Cereza." The Shadow Queen said as Loki came running over.

"Stay away from Bayonetta, Demon." Loki said as several Shadow Hand reached out and grabbed Loki by his sneakers as the boy struggled to get free. "What did you do, let me go and get away from Bayonetta." Just then The Spiritual cloaked being Loptr appeared and approached Loki.

"So we are now reunited, the two separate forms of Aesir, we can merge together and reform the very being we once were, however something else has came to be." Loptr said as Loki continued to try to free himself from the dead hands, until Pit showed up to deliver a flying kick to Loptr, pushing Loptr back as he turned his attention to the Angel. "You dare stick your nose in my business, you are nothing more than a mere Soldier of a False Goddess, I can easily bring you to your knees, if you dare challenge me."

"Than why don't you make me get on my knees, by fighting me, Loptr." Pit said taking out his Bow seperating them into Swords, as he dashed at Loptr clashing with the Half God like being, as Pit was fighting Loptr, all of a sudden an Ooze of Antilight began to drop from above and began to descend on both Loptr and Loki. 

"Oh no how did the Antilight descend into here, what did you guys do?" Link asked taking out his sword.

"We did nothing, that portion of The Antilight, belongs to Lord Daraku." Ganondorf said as the oozing Antilight attached itself to both Loptr and then Loki who lost his shoe breaking free from the hands as now the oozing Antilight began to latch itself onto him along with Loptr.

"Oh no it's as we feared, Daraku took a physical form, and when he does that, the Spiritual Monster Form that he left behind on the Summit of Fimbulventr can easily ooze Antilight into the area merging it with Antilight, not only that but Daraku knows that Loptr and Loki are the Seperate forms of Aesir, which means, Daraku is absorbing the power of Aesir into his own being while Daraku in his Physical Form, and if Daraku returns to his Monster Form, than that means, Game Over." Palutena said, as then they felt the ground shake as the Gates of Inferno began to Open.

"The Gates of Inferno are opened but how did?" Viridi asked as she noticed several cards laying on the ground in front of the door as the same Antilight Ooze from Daraku's Monster Form began to Drop into the Opened Gates of Inferno as Bowser, Ganondorf, Majora, and the Shadow Queen began to make their way into the Realm of Inferno.

"We can't let them fully merge Inferno, I also half to save Jeanne, we need to get in there before they merge Inferno with the Antilight." Bayonetta, said as Mario, Link and the others looked ready to join Bayonetta however the Palutena, Rosalina, and Viridi were looking at a gem that Palutena was holding.

"The Right Eye of the World, the Eye That Represents the Light, we need this for the Purelight, Permissable can you hear me it's Palutena, we are running out of time, The Gates of Inferno have been opened and Antilight is Oozing from Daraku's Monster form and has merged both halves of Aesir, we really need a miracle at this point."

"I hear you Palutena, this is indeed a very serious situation, Rodin and Enzo are on their way to Fimbulventr with the others that are holding the Elemental Stars, I will get them to the Summit as fast as Possible, Palutena you and the others who hold the Purelights please head up to the Summit and summon the Power of the Purelight with the Elemental Stars, and the Right Eye, and Merge it with the Purelight, when that happens the Purelight will be able to combat the Antilight, and we will have all of the strength we need to put a stop to Daraku, once and for all." Permissable said as the Goddesses nodded in unison.

"Mewtwo is fighting Daraku right now, but he alone will be destroyed in an instance, it is time I summoned my strongest soldier out of all of my Lumas, his name may be tough to pronounce, but their is no time to waste, I will tell him to find the Doll and Hurry here to Fimbulventr." Rosalina said as Palutena and Viridi all fllowed her back to the Summit of Fimbulventr while the others made their way inside Inferno to try to stop The Antilight from fully merging Inferno and for Bayonetta to rescue her friend Jeanne.

Rose Town, once a beautiful Village in the Mushroom Kingdom with Flowery Gardens inhabited by Toads that have spiral designs on their caps instead of dots; was under attack by the Antilight Army, and in the Rose Town Inn, many residents had taken Shelter, despite attempts to evacuate, as a Young Toad holding a Blue Capped Doll.

"Geno, I know you came to life the first time when Smith attacked Star Road, and I believe, I wish you would come back, the World is in total chaos, you helped Mario before and I really wish you would come back to life and save the world again like you did before, and maybe, before I half to give you away when I go to College, I want to play with you one more time, and I wish to play with the Geno that came to life." Gaz said as tears began to soak the wooden doll as Gaz's mother approached him.

"Honey I know you love your Geno Doll but Geno's not going to come to life to save us, but let's not lose hope, Mario will save us from these Monsters." said the Rose Town Innkeeper.

"I know Mom, but he did come to life years ago and helped Mario defeat Smithy, I know Mario is a hero but the world has turned completely dark, Mario would have saved us by now like he always do, and i'm sure all of us can pray to the Star Spirits that Mario is having a lot of trouble right now, which is why monsters have been seen all over the world." Gaz said as the Innkeeper cuddles her son.

"I know Gaz, but if this world ever does return to normal than you do realize it's off to College and you will half to give Geno away." The Innkeeper said as Gaz nodded.

"I know mom, but Geno has been with me my whole life and I just want...." Gaz was interrupted as a Toad in the Inn looked out the window screaming in Horror.

"Monsters are here in Rose Town, we're all done for." A Toad said as a Group of Ings and Shadow Beats move towards the Rose Town In, then a Bright shiny light hovered above the refugees, as the spirit appeared over Gaz's Geno Doll and went inside the Doll, the Doll dropped from Gaz's grasp as Geno began to form into a life size being,

"Geno, it's you, you came to life again." Gaz said as tears of joy appeared in his eyes.

"I have been called by the Higher Authority to help defend the wishes of the world again, and from the looks of things the Antilight is covering the Earth, it is time for me to act now, listen Gaz, I half to go help Mario and his allies, and my Mama, I promise when I return we will have a play date." Geno said as he patted Gaz's head as the crowd looked shocked as Geno exited the Inn and opened up his arm as a beam of light shout out of it, taking out the attacking Ings and Shadow Beasts, as he looks at the Inn Refugees. "Everybody please go find safety, Gaz take care of your mother, and I promise after I take out Daraku, we will play one last time, I promise Gaz."

"You're going to fight, Daraku?" Gaz said looking a bit startled.

"Yes Gaz, you believed that this doll was the strongest doll out of all of your toys, that's because this doll was made after the Hero that originally stopped Daraku at the beginning of time; this doll is ageless and timeless and no matter how hard you play with it, the Doll never breaks, you can always count on me, Gaz, now it's time for me to answer everybody's wish and destroy Daraku once and for all, just stay safe and take care of your mother, and I promise, I will return for us to play one last time." Geno said as he took off into the Sky as Gaz waved goodbye to Geno.

"Good luck Geno, save the world." Gaz said calling out to Geno as the other Rose Town Refugees couldn't believe that they saw a Doll come to life to talk and fly in the air, but there were more important things such as trying to stay alive and finding safety away from the Antilight Army.

Mewtwo was fighting the Physical Form of Daraku, as Mewtwo would use his arsenal of Psychic attacks, but would be taken down as Daraku wrapped tentacles around Mewtwo and threw Mewtwo into several buildings as Daraku would drop a orb of Antilight as Mewtwo but Mewtwo would counter with a Psychic Ballas Mewtwo would recover and fire Psychic Blast but Daraku would also fire Antilight Projectiles at Mewtwo as explosions followed as Mewtwo would charge up a Psychic Ball only for Daraku to launch himself like a missile covered in Antilight as Daraku would slam Mewtwo into nearby buildings.

"HAHAHAHAHHA, do you think you stand a chance against my power Mewtwo, you're gonig to wish you stayed in the Test Tube, I will let you know, I left my monstrous form on the Summit of Fimbulventr, and it will slowly consume everything on Fimbulventr and Merge with the Antilight, I've already absorbed Loptr and Loki giving me the strength of Aesir, you and your Purelight Dwellers stand no chance now." Daraku said as he began to charge up for a massive Antilight Blast before a spinning disk of light hit Daraku. "What, who's there?"

"Remember this form, Antilight Demon God." said the voice of Geno as Geno stood in front of Daraku as Daraku looked at the star warrior.

"What, you, so you've come to try to stop me again from covering the Universe with the Antilight, well you're too late. I have almost completed the merger of the Universe with The Antilight, all I need now is to destroy the Purelight, and anyone that tries to get in my way."

"You're wrong Daraku, this fight is just begining, now what do you say we fight." Geno said as Mewtwo recovered and floated alongside Geno as the two stood ready to fight The Antilight Demon God Daraku.

Daraku has managed to find himself in a fight with a being that helped seal his power the first time, can Geno and Mewtwo be the World's last hope, can the rest of the Purelight be restored, or will the Antilight consume the entire Universe, and will Zero be able to get to his friends on time, find out in the next chapter of The Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued.
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 12
The Battle against the Antilight heats up as more heroes look to restore those under possession, but what tricks does Daraku have under his sleeve? find out. All characters belong to their respective owners. 
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