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Over 50 people were murdered in a night club in Orlando Florida and over 50 are injured. The Gunman was shot by a SWAT team and I pray that the killer gets barbecued over the Fires oh Hell for attacking so many innocent lives who were just trying to have a night out. Right now my prayers are out to those affected by this senseless act of violence and to all families of the victims of this tragedy. 

New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer the game will be out November 18, 2016 and I am excited the New Region is the Aloha Region, based on Hawaii as predicted and the new starters are Litten, Rowlett, and the one i'll be picking as my starter Pokemon Popplio. I can't wait for November 18 no to mention hope we see some more info along the way in the coming months.
It's been a very sad week in the world of entertainment Doris Roberts, Chyna, and Prince have all passed away this week Rest in Peace to all of those who have all passed away this week as wel las those who have passed away this year such as Lemmy and David Bowie.
The War was over, Daraku was finished and all traces of the Antilight and the Purelight were gone. Geno and Daraku's attacks were too powerful and if neither side gave in, the Universe would collapse, so Geno made one last atonement and sacrificed itself to stop Daraku. As a result the Antilight vs. Purelight war was now over, but Geno's long time friend Gaz was now heartbroken knowing his favorite toy and best friend was now gone. All of these remaining heroes from the war stood up and some villains who survived also stood, but both sides show no signs of wanting to fight as the two armies stood across from eachother in the wastelands as a result of the war.
"This war is over villains, we can't fight anymore." said Link
"You're right, as much as we want to finish you off, we half to save it for another time, place, and game without conflict we wouldn't exist, and now we must all go our separate ways until the next time." said Ganondorf.
"After all I always have my plans of capturing Princess Peach and always will." said Bowser
"I will always be there to save her from you, Bowser." said Mario, as Bowser nodded. as both Bowser and Ganondorf turned their backs to Mario and Link with Bowser Jr and The Koopalings following until they were out of site as Mario and Link looked at eachother. "Now that this war is over, I guess it's time for us to go home and back to our own adventures, except, this world has been left in ruin after the war with Daraku." Mario said as the area that he and the others were standing in was now a barren wasteland of what was once a world known as Nintendo. As he and Link were about to make another move, a light shined down a the Six Purelight Gods descended upon the wasteland.

"I wonder, has Daraku truly been defeated, have we really won the war once and for all with him?" asked Trinen ans the other Purelight Gods looked at the sky as the Sun was starting to shine through the wastelands where the war with Purelight and Antilight was fought.

"I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of if the Sun itself has truly burned what's left of Daraku, but we must not forget, the battles between good and evil will always be a struggle in this world, and as long as that happens, there will be plenty more chapters to write in this world." Miyamoto said as they looked over at all of the Heroes and Villains all moving in the opposite direction, knowing the fight with Daraku was over and both sides were badly injured from this war.

"I think it's best for everybody rest up, the Super Smash Bros Tournament had to be halted because of the Antilight Invasion, and now that Daraku is gone for good, I say let's pick up where we left off with this Tournament as soon as everybody heals up." Sakurai said as the other Purelight Gods nodded in Agreement.

"Indeed not to mention there are many more adventures to come, Link has a new Journey coming up, he doesn't know much about it, but he'll know sooner or later." Aunoma smiled as Tajiri also looked over at the group.

"Also a new region has been discovered, and will have a theme involving the Sun and the Moon and i'm sure the next generation of trainers will be excited to know about this new region." Tajiri said as Fisaime took the lead.

"Also let's not forget to mention we still have plans for project NX and i'm sure everybody is going to be happy with what the future holds regarding it, for now I think it's time for us to return to our world, as our greatest heroes and villains will rest up their battle wounds and SETTLE IT IN SMASH." Fisaime said as the Six Pure Light Gods became surrounded by an aurora of light, as they would ascend to the heavens as all of Nintendo's heroes and villains were all standing in the wasteland left by the fight with Daraku. However standing in the distance was the Young Toad named Gaz who was emotional, knowing that his life long companion Geno, the Star Guardian possessed Doll was now Gone after sacrificing itself for the Future of the Universe.

"Geno, I can't believe after growing up with me my entire life, you're now gone." Gaz cried as tears was coming down his face; than small footsteps can be heard as Gaz turned around and saw the little girl named Emi, who was possessed by Daraku and restored by the Purelight approach Gaz.

"Mr. Mushroom Man, are you ok, you seem sad?" Emi asked approaching Gaz.

"You must be Emi, it's just that Geno meant a lot to me growing up as my favorite toy all of my life, and now I find myself bound for College and having to give him up, and after wishing for one more play day, he sacrificed himself to put an end to Daraku, and save us all from the Antilight." Gaz said wiping tears from his eyes.

"Daraku also took my Mommy and Daddy from me too and now I no longer have a home to go to anymore." Emi said also crying as Gaz hugged the human child both losing things that were very important to them, to Daraku's Evil, just then a voice called out to Gaz as Gaz raised his head and saw his mother approaching him.

"There you are, it's good to see you're safe, son who's this human girl you're hugging?" Gaz's Mother said looking at Emi as the girl looked up at the Adult Toad with tears in her eyes.

"Her name is Emi, her family was killed by Daraku, and that monster possessed her to do her dirty work for her."

"That's awful, does she have a home to go to?"

"My home was destroyed by Daraku and the rest of those monsters."

"We need to find her a place to stay, we can't let this child wander the Earth with nowhere to go."

"Yeah, come on Emi let's go find you somewhere safe to stay instead of being out here all alone." Gaz said as Emi had a smile on her face.

"Ok thank you, though it sounds weird staying with Mushroom People, teehee." Emi giggled as she took the hands of Gaz and his mother as they would travel towards Rose Town while surveying the ruins of the Antilight Invasion and seeing all of the heroes and villains all gathering and healing their battle wounds. Among those they saw was the injured Star Fox team along with the Kongs.

"It's all over you guys, Daraku is finally gone, it looks like it's time for us to head home." Fox said as he was favoring an injured arm of his.

"I hear you on that one Foxy, after being in a battle like that, i'm ready for a long vacation, perhaps we could go to Sauria for some r and r." Falco said also favoring his battle scars and Fox smiled while both Donkey and Diddy Kong were recovering from injury.

"Well Diddy, I think after this battle, i'm really sure we're going to need a long nap in the hammock back no the island." Donkey Kong said as Diddy smiled

"Yeah i'm ready for a long nap maybe chill with some bananas." Diddy smiled as they saw Gaz, Emi, and Gaz's Mother walk beside them as they saw more wounded heroes along the way the next group included Captain Falcon, Samus Aran, Mega Man, and Zero.

"The Battle is over for now, however I feel like there's some unfinished business in my life, The Galactic Federation are just as blood thirsty for power just like the Space Pirates, I know one day i'll be able to get back out there and take them on and not watch from the sidelines as they try to do battle with the Pirates and play some stupid game of Blastball; the only thing they need to do, is to dread me." Samus said as she looked at her power suit armor which was damaged after the war with the Antilight Army as she looked over at Falcon, Mega Man, and Zero.

"Yeah as for me, i'm not sure if i'll ever return to battle, but it was awesome seeing all of you guys and helping fight the Antilight, though I did hear about this robot who's just like me called Mighty Number 9 he seems very similar to me, though I really wish it was me doing all of the fighting though." Mega Man said as he also examined the damages to his metallic body as he looked over at Zero.

"Yeah I do wish the best of luck for that Mighty Number 9 though we should be on the frontlines for battle, this battle however took a lot out of us and now that Daraku is gone and the Antilight has been destroyed, I think some time of peace would be a great thing plus I still need to collect my thoughts about Iris and still find another reason to fight." Zero said also damaged from Battle as Captain Falcon removed his helmet revealing his short blonde hair looking up at the sky.

"I think i'm going to go back to racing in the F-Zero Grand Prix, I want to take a break from fighting and go back to my passion for racing, who knows maybe one day I might be able to enter a Mario Kart Race some day." Captain Falcon said as he and the others also saw Gaz, Emi, and Gaz's Mother pass by them as they saw another group recovering from injuries which included Shulk, Ness, Robin, and Lucario who appeared to be having some fun to try and forget about the war they were just in.

"I'm really feeling that battle and it's great to know how we helped save the world but there's still Fiora." Shulk said sitting down as he examined the cuts on his exposed legs as Ness came over and put his hand on the older boy's shoulder.

"I hope you find who you are looking for someday Shulk, though being in this battle for so long has made me feel homesick and miss my mother and sister back in Onett, but i'm happy I made a friend like you Shulk who became like an older brother to me." Ness said as Shulk looked over at Ness and gently placed his arm around Ness's shoulders as the two embraced as Robin and Lucina approached them.

"Awww that's super adorable, i'm glad to see how you guys became very close friends during this whole battle, however Father is Gone now after the war with the Antilight, but now I realize it's up to us to build a new future." Lucina said as the others nodded.

"May the scales be tipped on our favor so we can start new beginings and hopefully the world's memories of this nightmare of the Antilight will be forgotten in time." Robin said as he and Lucina sat in front of Ness and Shulk as Shulk began to move his together attempting to remove his shoes.

"Yeah but for now I think some relaxation and maybe some fun is in order. "Shulk said as he kicked his shoes off revealing his black socks where a very strong odor emanated from them which caused Ness, Lucina, and Robin to all cover their noses. "Sorry guys I guess my Feet are Really Stinking it, wel lif you want to blame anybody blame Reyn for putting a Caterpiller in my Sock Drawer." Shulk laughed as he also noticed his big toe sticking out of his left sock as he looked over at Ness who was untying his shoes while giggling.

Wow Shulk, you stood up to the Antilight but afraid of Caterpillers, don't worry you're not the only one with Smelly Feet." Ness said as he removed his Sneakers revealing his dirty white socks as Shulk covered his Nose.

"Awww man, they smell worse than Reyn after Training looks like we both have smelly feet than." Shulk laughed as he shifted his socked feet towards Ness as Nes shifted his towards Ness and the two engaged in a game of Footsies as Lucina was covering her nose due to the stench and Robin had a devious smile on his face.

"What a couple of Kids at least we aren't that immature, right Robin?" Lucina looked over at Robin who was starting to take off his Boots.

"Sorry but what they're doing sounds like fun, i'm going to join them." Robin said removing his boots revealing his purple socks and liten his left foot in front of Lucina which caused her to cover her nose and take three steps back.

"ROBIN, not you too, ughh what is it with you guys and having smelly feet, I think i'm going to be sick." Lucina complained as the white haired magician went over and stretched his socked feet in front of Ness and Shulk who held their noses at the stench of Robin's Feet.

"Ughhh that stinks." Shulk complained holding his Nose

"Want to join us?" Ness asked holding his nose as Robin nodded

"Yes, now it's time to tip the scales." Robin said as he along with Ness and Shulk all played a three way game of footsies as Lucina facepalmed at the three boys, as some footsteps were heard as she turned around and noticed the newcomer named Corrin. 

"So you're Lucina, i'm Corrin the Prince from the Kingdom of Nohr and I have the blood of a Dragon inherited by my Father, I have family in two kingdoms Nohr and Hoshido I am bound by the fates of either Birthright or Conquest and it was me who was recruited by that cat creature to join the fight with Daraku and destroy the Antilight as well as join the Super Smash Bros Tournament." Corrin said as Lucina nodded at the young Prince.

"Nice to meet you Corrin and it'll be great to be able to battle you in Smash, you seem like a very strong fighter."

"I have the ability to transform into a Dragon and will use that power in battle so you better becareful."

"I will watch out for you, also be on the look out for my ancestor Marth and the Radiant Mercenary Ike, and the General known as Roy so maybe when we're all on the battlefield, we'll see who to the better warrior is." Lucina said as she and Corrin shook hands in respect as they watched Ness and Shulk gang up on Robin by putting their smelly socked feet in eachother's face as Lucina shook her head in disbelief while Corrin chuckled a little watching the three boys attack eachother with their smelly socked feet, as Gaz, Emi, and Gaz's Mother also walked past them as the three of them continued to move forward and noticed the Angel Pit soaking his wounds in a hot spring.

"Ahhhh nothing like soaking in a hot tub to relieve all of yuor battle wounds after a log fight." Pit said splashing around in the spring as he would be joined by his dark doppleganger Dark Pit. "Oh hey Pittoo, glad you can join me.

"Oh shut up, I'm just healing my wounds with the very spring that Viridi made after all we both got to heal before we have another adventure." Dark Pit said as he sat down in the spring as some heeled footsteps was heard approaching them as Bayonetta wielded her pistols at both the Angel and Fallen Angel.

How about you silly angels make some room for me in that spring." Bayonetta said as Pit and Dark Pit both started to blush

"Hey please keep it E for Everyone down there you Umbra Hag." Viridi cried as Bayonetta pointed her pistols to the sky.

"If you need to learn how to talk to a lady ask your mother, little one." Bayonetta said as the two Pits both chuckled at that.

"I am a Goddess not some human child."

"Don't make me come up there and put you to bed, you whiny brat of nature." Bayonetta said as Rodin approached them.

"Chill Bayonetta, I know you can take her but for now I think a long time of Peace is something we all need." Rodin said as he approached everyone along with Luca.

"Cereza did you forget about Jeanne?" Luca asked as it struck Bayonetta, her friend Jeanne was still trapped in the Inferno with the rest of the Demons from that realm.

"Actually I was able to bring Jeanne back myself after the destruction of the Antilight I went and found her and brought her back." Rodin said as a white haired lady wearing red approached Bayonetta as the two witches embraced.

"Cereza, i'm sorry for causing so much trouble." Jeanne said as Bayonetta put a lollipop into her mouth.

"All is forgiven now that the Antilight is gone for good, let's get some Caviar and Juice and let's celebrate, what do you say we join the hotsprings."

"Sounds like fun to me let's hope this Angel and this Devil Boy saves some room for the two of us." Jeanne said as she and Bayonetta entered the tub as both Pit and Dark Pit began to blush.

"What did I say keep it E for Everyone." Viridi cried as Bayonetta pointed her pistol towards the sky.

"Don't be such a Salty Goddess, little one."  Bayonetta said as Gaz, Emi, and Gaz's mother also walked past them and saw another group healing their wounds it was the Pokemon Trainer Red, Lucas, Marth, Ike, and Meta-Knight along with all of Red's Pokemon Lucario, Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja, and Jigglypuff, as he called all of his Pokemon back into their Pokeballs as he leaned back with Lucas giving him a bit of support as the Blonde Boy hovered his hands over some bruises all over Red's left leg as he began to heal his wounds using PSI Heal.

"Just like how you healed my knee in the past on our first journey together you're healing my wounds once again I can't thank you enough, little buddy." Red said as he weakly stroked Lucas's Hair as Lucas smiled as Red's leg was now healed of all of it's battle wounds as Lucas cuddled up next to Red.

"It's no problem Red and now it looks like we can go home to Pallet Town, Daraku is gone and so is the Antilight, looks like we're ready to go home." Lucas said as Red continued to stroke Lucas's Hair.

"Yeah, however I did hear from Mewtwo about some New Region, perhaps some day we should check it out and all of the new Pokemon from that region." Red said as a look of excitement was seen on Lucas's Face.

"Wow that's super awesome, let's check it out some day Red, it would make for another excellent adventure." Lucas said as he and Red both nodded as Marth and Ike drew away their swords and looked over at the two boys.

"Well I hope you boys don't get in too much trouble but hopefully we'll all have the chance to compete on the battlefield once again, i'd like to find some new competition to fight." Ike said cracking his knuckles as he looked over at Marth.

"I just want to be able to test my descendant Lucina in battle to see if she's ready to carry to the torch of my bloodline." Marth said as he and Ike approached Red and Lucas as Meta Knight also stood pondering.

"Red, Lucas you boys behave yourselves on your adventures, Ike continue to get stronger in battle and Marth, try and do your best to test out those who are willing to carry out the bloodline of the Hero that those who carry your lineage are destined to become; I as a Knight of Dream Land have a duty to protect as a loyal and brave Knight." Meta-Knight said and looked over at the others as Marth and Ike nodded while Red and Lucas had their arms around eachother in a brotherly fashion smiling in Meta-Knight's direction as the Dream Land Knight took a bow before seeing Emi, Gaz and his mother passing by once again looking at the remaining heroes who were standing pondering the future.

"The Antilight has been destroyed and peace shall return to the world, but what does the future hold for this world?" Rosalina said looking over at Palutena as she also looked over into the sky as Mario was escorting Peach back to the Mushroom Kingdom, Zelda and Link riding on Epona back to Hyrule Sonic dashing back to Emerald Hill Zone, Pac-Man going back to Pac Land and other heroes going back to their respective worlds.

"Well I guess as soon as everybody has their rest and relaxation the battle will begin again who knows maybe we all might do battle on this so called NX Platform sometime down the road, maybe Pit might get a new adventure, maybe Mario will explore the Galaxy a Third Time, Maybe Samus might find the truth about this Dreaded Metroid, maybe this Hammer Project will get revived.....maybe not, also I heard about these creatures named Yooka and Layle they remind me of some Bear and Bird duo who used to be apart of this world but never came back, such a shame two great characters had to stop but at least they got a good swap; anymore of these inside jokes and this whole story's going to come crashing down faster than the Antilight did." Palutena said as Rosalina laughed as all of a sudden a shooting star began to descend upon the wastelands below into the direction of Gaz, Emi, and Gaz's Mother as the three of them closed their eyes thinking the worst would happen but instead something emerged from the glowing sparkles of light, and to Gaz's surprise it was none other than the Geno Doll as it was restored back to normal as tears began to stream down Gaz's face.

"Geno you're alive, you came back." After a few minutes Gaz than realized the Spirit that possessed the Doll was gone as it sacrificed itself to destroy Daraku, however Gaz looked over at Geno and then looked at Emi and made an emotional choice, as he handed the Geno Doll over to Emi as she took the Doll from the Toad. "Emi since i'm going to College and can no longer take Geno with me, I thin it's best if you took Geno and if anything ever threatens the world again, Geno will be counting on you to help him save the day." Gaz said as a few tear drops poured from his face as Emi smiled also teary eyed knowing how much she lost but now has a new companion as she took Geno and also shed a few tears as well.

"Thank you, and also Geno wants to say Good Bye too." Emi said as she moved Geno's arm to wave a good bye as Gaz started to cry as Emi began to hug Gaz as did his mother knowing how long Geno has been apart of his life and this was where he had to say good bye and give him up and he chose to give his prized possession to Emi for her to take care of it.

"I promise I will take good care of Geno while you're in College, Gaz." Emi said as Gaz, Emi, and Gaz;s mother looked over in the Horizon, ready to begin a new future.

Months have passed since than Emi was adopted by Gaz's Mother as she would raise the orphaned human child, as unusual as it was for a Mushroom being to raise a human, Emi didn't mind at al las she spent her days playing with Geno, as the phone began to rang as Gaz's Mother picked up the phone.


"Hi mom, it's me Gaz."

"Hi sweetie how's College."

"Everything is going great, hey I'm going to go see the New Super Smash Bros Tournament, do you and Emi want to come and see it?

"Of course Sweetie, we'll be over there soon, love you Sweetie."

"Love you too mom, bye." The Mother and Son hung up the phone, as Gaz's Mother looked over at Emi who was having a pretend tea party with Geno."Emi, Gaz wants us to come see the Super Smash Bros Tournament."

"Really that's so cool let's go, and can I bring Geno with me?"

"Sure Gaz would be Happy."

"All right let's go." Emi said with Geno in her arms as they met Gaz at the stadium as they looked over and saw Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus, Fox, Pikachu, Yoshi, and Kirby all engaging in an eight player match in Smash as Emi began to cheer on while Gaz looked at Geno wishing there was a way for him to join the battle as they would enjoy the match that was happening right now.

Meanwhile Mewtwo and encountered a strange stone as his body appeared darker and a dark aurora began to emanate from him as a young girl cloaked in a hood looked on in horror.

"No this can't be, that Synergy Stone has transformed you into something that looks similar to that awful Antilight." The Girl said as the Darkened Mewtwo took off as energy began to consume him as he looked over at a nearby Stadium where Pokemon were competing with and at the same time where the Super Smash Bros Tournament was happening, what could this transformation be, who knows? The Antilight is no more and Peace is returning to the World of Nintendo but could their be a New Threat on the Horizon now that Mewtwo has transformed into something dark and powerful, my guess is time will only tell as one story ends and a new one, begins.

The End.

The Antilight Invasion: Epilogue
The End of The Antilight Invasion, all characters belong to their respective owners
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Over 50 people were murdered in a night club in Orlando Florida and over 50 are injured. The Gunman was shot by a SWAT team and I pray that the killer gets barbecued over the Fires oh Hell for attacking so many innocent lives who were just trying to have a night out. Right now my prayers are out to those affected by this senseless act of violence and to all families of the victims of this tragedy. 


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