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Rolling in to Battle

Red and Lucas arrived once again in Shalour City, as the boys started to view the Tower of Mastery that they were in at the beginning of their adventures together; the two were starting to look back at their adventures and talking about how far they've come.

"You know, ever since we started I feel like we've become a lot closer as friends and stronger as Pokemon Trainers." Red said as he was looking at Lucas who was gazing at the Ocean waves lapping against the wall that the two were standing over.

"Yeah, you're right." said Lucas as his gaze was still on the rolling waters.

"you ok bro, is something wrong?"

"Oh sorry, I was just looking at the ocean."

"I'm guessing you also had some thoughts on your mind, huh?"

"Yeah, just reflecting back on our adventure, and how close we've gotten; not to mention having our family meet eachother."

"True and i'm sure we'll all be together for Christmas, anyways, want to go to the Gym and find Korrina?"

"Sure, let's go!" 

"Hey Red, Hey Lucas!" called out a familiar voice as Red and Lucas turned around to find Korrina riding on a pair of skates approaching Red and Lucas. "Hey it's great to see you guys again."

"Oh, Hey Korrina, we we're just about to head over to the gym so I can challenge you to a battle." said Lucas, as Korrina smiled at him.

"Cool, so it seems like you've gotten stronger as a Pokemon Trainer, Lucas; i'll be happy to put you to the test, but first I want to know have you guys ever Roller Skated before?" asked Korrina as Red and Lucas looked at her and shook their heads back and forth.

"No we haven't, and it looks a bit dangerous." said Lucas as Korrina looked at the boys and gave them both a reassuring look.

"Well my gym also doubles as a Skating Rink, perhaps I can lend you both some Roller Skates and teach you both how to Roller Skate, and then after that i'll happily battle you Lucas." said Korrina as Red and Lucas followed Korrina who was skating off to her gym.

"Hey slow down Korrina, we don't have skates." Red said as he and Lucas ran as fast as they could to catch up to Korrina as they arrived over to the Shalour City Gym. 

"Well here we are, let's go inside and i'll find you some skates." Korrina said as she opened the door with Red and Lucas following her in and saw a large skating rink with several rails, and a Pokemon Battle Ring in the center of the Rink. "Go sit on a bench and i'll find you some skates that'll fit you." Korrina went over to look for some skates that would fit Red and Lucas's Feet as the boys walked over to a bench to take off their shoes at.

"Hey Lucas, do you feel nervous about this?" Red was asking Lucas as he started to untie his shoe laces.

"Yeah, this looks dangerous; what if I fall?" Lucas said in a worrying tone as he was untying his shoes.

"I'm sure Korrina will help us and show us how to skate." Red said as he peeled his shoes off and wiggled his socked toes which made Lucas giggle.

"HAHAHA, the way you wiggle your toes is so funny, Red." said Lucas as he kicked his own shoes off and wiggled his socked toes as Red poked Lucas's socked sole. "HAHA Hey, that tickles." Lucas took his finger and poked Red's socked sole

"HAHA, that also tickles." The Boys' tickle party would come to a halt as Korrina came over with a pair of Boys skates that looked about the right size for both Lucas and Red.

"Hey guys, I got you some skates, here try them on." Korrina handed the skates to Red and Lucas as they both tried them on even though Lucas felt a bit nervous, he still put the skates on and tied the laces to tighten the skates on his feet.

"Hmm, I think I can do this." Lucas tried standing up, but the wheels moved which surprised the blonde psychic as he wobbled around as Korrina and Red both tried to help Lucas but Red's wheels were also moving Red to wobble as both Red and Lucas fell on their butts. "OOOWWWWWW!"

"Are you guys ok, maybe we should try taking this slowly." Korrina stretched out her hand and helped Lucas up as Red, used a rail to help himself up, while Lucas was still wobbling a bit, as Korrina held onto Lucas with Lucas holding Red's other hand for support. "Let's practice for a bit!" Red and Lucas nodded as the three made their way to the Rink for some Skating Lessons. "The best way to balance is to not move your feet around and just keep them stood still while your body moves forward." Red and Lucas nodded as they tried to stop their Feet from moving and held them still as their skates started moving forward.

"Are you feeling nervous?" asked Red

"Yeah, but I think I'll get the hang of it sooner or later." Lucas said confidently.

"I've never done this before either, but I think this can be fun if we just remain confident and not let our nerves take over us." Red said as The three made a lap around the rink as the three all held onto the rail at the wall.

"Do you guys think you can try to skate by yourselves; i'll watch over you guys if you need any help, and Lucas we'll have our battle in a few minutes, I hope you're ready."

"I am, ready." said Lucas as he and Red decided to skate by themselves and with some trial and error, the boys started to get the hang of skating on the rink; Lucas remember sliding in his socks with Red and used that as his motivation to move his body on skates on a rink along with Red, as Lucas's skating started to look much better.

"You're getting good at this."

"I think about us sliding in our socks as then just used that as my way to hold my balance and skate on the floor here." 

"That's amazing you guys." Korrina said as she smiled at Red and Lucas as she took out a Pokeball as Lucas did as well. "Well are you ready for battle, Lucas."

"Yes I am, Korrina."

"You and Red saved me from those thugs in Lumiose City, and I consider you guys my friends, however don't expect me to go easy on you." Korrina said as she made her way to the Pokemon Stadium in the center as Lucas skated over to the Opposite side.

"I want you at your best, only losers win, when their rivals take it easy on them." said Lucas as he took a Pokeball out as Red went behind Lucas to cheer him on.

"Good luck bro, show her what you've learned on our awesome adventure." said Red as Lucas nodded and Korrina took a Popkeball out, ready for battle now.

"This will be a three on three Pokemon Battle and I will use fighting types, are you ready." Korrina tossed a Pokeball into the air. "Go Mienfoo!" cried Korrina as a bipedal, mustelid Pokemon with yellow and Red fur, with it's arms stretched out like it was ready to fight came out of the ball as Lucas took out his Pokedex.

"Mienfoo, the Martial Arts Pokémon; Mienfoo's battle moves become quicker and more precised with increased concentration." Lucas put away the Pokedex and then threw his Pokeball into the air.

"Go Flabebe!" Lucas called out his Flabebe as the adorable fairy flower Pokemon looked at the Meinfoo.

"That's really cute Lucas, but a real battle is about strength and let's show him why, Meinfoo, use Drain Punch.

"Use Fairy Wind, Flabebe!" Flabebe's Fairy wind blew away the oncoming attack by Meinfoo's Drain Punch and did quite a lot of damage to Mienfoo as the fighting type was weak to the fairy type, but due to the level difference Meinfoo didn't faint and was able to get back up to fight.

"Now Mienfoo go for a Force palm attack." Korrina ordered as Mienfoo hit the flowery fairy type with an open hand slap dad did very minimal damage."

"Use Razor Leaf on Mienfoo!" Flabebe hit Mienfoo with a series of sharp leaves that also did some damage to Mienfoo, but the fighting type was not done just yet.

"Go for a jumping kick attack!" Mienfoo leaped into the air to try to deliver a devastating kick to Flabebe.

"Dodge and use Vine whip!" Flabebe's Vines wrapped themselves around Mienfoo's leg and as Flabebe used it's vines to toss Mienfoo into the air and send it crashing into the ground; Mienfoo tried to recover but it fainted since it was weak against Fairy Types, As Korrina returned Mienfoo back into it's Pokeball.

"That was pretty cool, Lucas, but now it's time for me to take full flight; Go Hawlucha!" cried Korrina as she called out a bipedal Hawk like bard with Red and white Fur with markings on it's face that looks like a Wrestling Mask, and wings that resembled a cape. Lucas once again took out his Pokedex to record it's Data.

"Hawlucha, the Wrestling Pokémon; possessing an artistic way of executing its moves, Hawlucha takes great pride in their elegance." Lucas put away his Pokedex and continued to battle with Flabebe.

"Ok Flabebe go for Fairy Wind!"

"Spread your wings and use a wing attack to cut through the fairy wind!" a Glow of light formed on Hawlucha's Wings as Lucas's Flabebe started to blow a Fairy Wind as Hawlucha launched two glowing projectiles from t's wings as they soared through the fairy wind and hit Flabebe with contact damaging it, but at the same time, Hawluch took damage from Fairy Wind. "Now go up in the air for a Flying Press Attack!" Hawlucha jumped into the air and spread it's wings to fly over and used it's weight on the Flabebe.

"Hurry and use Razor Leaf, now!" Lucas ordered Flabebe to fire several sharp leaf pedals but the Hawlucha's Weight came down like a ton of bricks on Flabebe as Flabebe was down for the count leaving Lucas now one Pokemon short in the battle, as Lucas took his Pokeball and called back his Flabebe. "Well I guess now's a Good a time as ever to use the one Red gave me." Lucas said as thought came into his head of Red giving him a Pokemon as a gift.

"I want to thank you for comforting me, and being a true friend to me, and to show my appreciation, I want to give you this." Red handed Lucas a Pokeball as Lucas looked at Red

"I don't think I can accept this, i'd rather catch a Pokemon, not be given one." Lucas said as Red continued to persuade him.

"I know but you'll need this one in your battle with Korrina not to mention it's a Psychic type that matches who you are as a person, go ahead and open it." Red said as Lucas opened the ball and a bipedal, yellow fox type Pokemon came out of it. "This is Abra, A Psychic Type Pokemon, he will be a perfect partner for you to use in battle, and when you use him, I want you to think of me." Red said as Lucas approached him with a hug.

"Thank you, Red!"

Lucas snapped out of his thoughts, realizing a battle with him and Korrina was still going on. "Go Abra!" Lucas called out his Abra who stood ready to fight Hawlucha "Go for a Psyshock attack!"

"Hawluch, flying kick now!" Hawluch leaped into the air to deliver a strong kick, but Lucas's Abra used it's Psychic energy to create a projectile that made contact with Hawlucha as the attack was super effective on the Hawlucha making it faint as Korrina returned it to it's Pokeball. "You're getting better Lucas, now it's time for my last resort. "Go Lucario!" Korrina called out her Lucario as Red looked over and thought of something.

"If she used Mega Evolution, Lucas wouldn't stand a chance, because none of his Pokemon have Fully Evolved yet, wait a second me and Lucas both have Exp share his Wartortle, I think?" Red was thinking as Lucas looked to continue fighting with Abra against Korrina's Lucario.

"Go for Aura Sphere!" Lucario shot a blue aura sphere at Lucas's Abra as Lucas was ready to counterattack.

"Psychock attack!" Abra fired another psychic projectile as both projectiles met eachother, as an energetic explosion blew away both Pokemon damaging them both.

"Power up punch!"

"Psychic attack!" 

Lucario tried attacking Abra with a Psychic attack but Lucas's Abra pushed back and made contact with Psychic taking down Lucario's health to the Bare minimum.

"This isn't over yet, time for my secret weapon!" Korrina took out her ring and pressed down on the Mega Stone which caused a Glowing Aura to form around Lucario; Lucario was Mega Evolving into Mega Lucario. "Mega Lucario."

"No Fair, that's cheating." Lucas whined realizing Abra won't stand a chance.

"I told you, I wasn't going to go easy on you, Now Lucario charge up and hit Abra with your Aura Sphere." Lucario blasted Lucas's Abra with Aura Sphere and this time Abra stood no chance do to it's Level and was easily defeated by Korrina's Mega Evolved Lucario, leaving Lucas wondering what to use against Korrina, as he thought long and hard.

"Wartortle, you're my only hope; now GO!" Lucas tossed his Pokeball to call out Wartortle, however Wartortle looked a lot different he was huge in size with a bulkier head, a large shell with two pipes coming out of it, and much more heavier in weight. "This can't be?" Lucas cried as he took out his Pokedex to record his altered Pokemon.

"Blastoise the Evolved for of Wartortle; Blastoise has water spouts that protrude from its shell, the water spouts are very accurate, and they can shoot bullets of water with enough accuracy to strike empty cans from a distance of over 160 feet." Lucas put away his Pokedex and just remebered he was holding a Mega Ring with a Mega Stone in it and looked over at Red.

"Use Mega Evolution on Blastoise." Red said as Lucas nodded and pushed the Mega Ring in and then a light surrounded Blastoise, Mega Evolving it into, Mega Blastoise. Mega Blastoise stood across from Mega Lucario as the two Mega Evolved Pokemon, looked ready to fight.

"This battle is just getting started, Now Lucario, use Bone Rush attack." Lucario whipped out a bone like weapon and came rushing at Blastoise but Lucas was able to react.

"Use Aqua Tail on Lucario." Blastoise turned it's back as a watery aura formed on it's tail as Blastose spun around the moment Lucario came charging at it with it's bone weapon and struck Lucario with it's attack but at the ame time Blastoise was hit by the weapon as both Pokemon took damage. "Use your Watergun, now!"

"Use Aura Sphere!" Korrina commanded as Lucario fired another Aura Sphere, this time at Blastoise while Blastoise shot a watergun attack as both attacks made contact with eachother. "Power up Punch, Now!"

"Use your Skull Bash attack!" Lucario would come charging once again at Blastoise with a Power Up Punch, but Blastoise took off like a Jet and as soon as Lucario threw it's Punch it made contact with Blastoise's Skull Bash attack resulting in both Pokemon flying in opposite directions each taking damage as both Pokemon were starting to show signs of exhaustion.

"Lucario, let's finish this right now; show him the Power of the Aura with your Aura Storm attack!" Lucario floated into the air and gathered up energy to create a powerful aura attack, that both Red and Lucas remembered from the Brawl Tournament.

"Lucas hurry before Lucario attacks!" cried Red

"Withdraw at once, Blastoise!" Blastoise, hid itself inside of it's own Shell as Lucario fired Aura storm at the ground which Caused Blastoise shell to fly spiining, which made Lucas react. "Rapid Spin!" with that command Blastoise spun itself rapidly and launched itself at Lucario, painfully making contact with Lucario. "Now use Hydro Pumo!" Blastoise Then Fired A Huge Gush of Water that nailed Lucario sending the Aura Jackal Pokemon to the ground as Lucario returned to it's normal state defeated as Blastoise would be the last one standing also retuening to normal Blastoise as Lucas called back Blastoise and Korrina called back Lucario; Lucas was the winner with Lucas smilling as Red went up to Lucas and shared a high five and a hug together/

"All right you did it again, Lucas!" said Red high fiving and hugging Lucas.

"Not me, Red, my Pokemon and me, and also you as well; this was our win." Korrina approached the boys with a smile.

"That was a great battle Lucas, you really have gotten a lot stronger, and I can see how close you and Red have become; which is why I happily present you with this the Rumble Badge." Korrina handed Lucas a badge that resembled a Boxing Glove and another hand. "Even though we were rivals, I do consider you guys good friends to me and I really want us to stay friends forever."

"That's a great idea, Korrina, why don't we all celebrate together?" offered Red as Korrina smiled.

"You got it, let's do it, boys." said Korrina as she left the Gym with Red and Lucas, but not before a Nurse Joy approached the three, outside of the Gym.

"Red, Lucas there you guys are, I got a cal lfrom Sycamore; he wants to know where you guys want to spend Christmas at?"

"Ok we'll go over and give him a cal land talk to him." said Red as he, Lucas, and Korrina all made their way to the Pokemon Center to get their Pokemon healed up and so they can call Sycamore to discuss, Holiday Travel Plans. Red, dialed the Number, and Sycamore's face showed up on the screen.

"Hey guys, how's the adventure?"

"Great, I beat Korrina and won the rumble badge, not to mention my Wartortle evolved into Blastoise." said Lucas with a smile

"That's great to hear, she didn't go easy on you, did she?" Sycamore asked as Lucas shook his head back and forth. "Didn't think so, anyways, i'm planning on getting Professor Oak, your Dad,  Red's mom, and the two of you to Snowbelle City to spend Christmas together; we'll rent a cabin and there will be plenty to do there for Christmas; so what do you say?"

""Sounds awesome, we're in, and can Korrina come with us?" offered Red as Korrina looked at them.

"But the Gym?"

"Sure Korrina can come, most Gym Leaders close their Gyms for the Holidays anyways, so I see nothing wrong with bringing her along; anyways, go ahead and pack up your stuff and we'll all come along tommarow and drive up to Snowbelle City." Sycamore hung up as Red, Lucas, and Korrina all looked at eachother with excitement.

"Looks like we're all going to spend Christmas with our extended Family and Friends now." said Red as he put his arms around Lucas and Korrina.

"This will be a lot of fun, and being on a snowy mountain for Christmas, I can't wait." said Lucas

"Thank you guys for the offer, I really appreciate it guys, i'll invite my Grandfather to, this will be a great Christmas for all of us comming up. The three then shared a group hug together as a sign of true friendship; what adventure will await them on the Mountains near Snowbelle City? Find out on the upcoming, Holiday Episode of Surrogate Brothers.

To Be Continued. 
Surrogate Brothers: Chapter 7
It's a Showdown in Shalour City between Lucas and Korrina. All characters belong to Nintendo.
Thanksgiving Special

Red and Lucas were both taking a ride towards Lumiose City to meet with Professor Sycamore about their Thanksgiving plans, both boys were thinking about the idea of having red's Mom and Lucas's Dad meet eachother for Thanksgiving; it would seem impossible but with these boys they wanted to make it possible as the two were talking about the idea of getting their families to meet.

"Dude, my mom is so amazing she cooks a mean meatloaf and she really gives me so many great things, she's like on of the best moms ever." Red was telling Lucas about his mother while Lucas was talking about his father.

"Well my Dad did take me fishing and out for Nature walks, but ever since my Mom dies he's een getting old and hasn't been feeling well, i'm also worries about leaving him alone." said Lucas with a sad face as Red patted Lucas's head.

"I'm sure we'll be able to contact him and invite him for Thanksgiving, just have some faith, bro. with Red's encouraging words Luicas had a feint smile on his face, he really loves hanging out and adventuring with Red but he was missing his Dad and was hoping to see him for Thanksgiving. 

"Red, what happened to your Dad?" asked Lucas as Red looked at Lucas and held his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, briefly.

"I....uh.....I don't know, Lucas?" Red said as Lucas looked at Red with confusion.

"You don't know who your own Father is?" asked Lucas as Red looked down at Lucas unsure what to say.

"My Mom never told me what happened to him, I don't think I've ever met him in my life." Red said which took Lucas by surprise.

"You've never met your own dad before, that's really strange." Lucas said with a look of shock, Red's Mother never told him about his Father's Fate but with Lucas telling him of his Mother's Passing and with Red, not knowing what happened to his own father it really left Red with something he needed to ask his Mother, if she comes to Lumiose City for Thanksgiving.

"I'll ask my Mom at Thanksgiving, anyways there's Professor Sycamore's Lab, let's go in." said Red as he and Lucas got out of the Car as Lucas looked at Red wondering if there's something wrong, but it's best if Lucas waited until the time was right as Sycamore greeted the boys at the front office.

"You made it, guys well I just got off the Phone with Professor Oak and he agreed to bring your Mom with you here to Lumiose City on Thanksgiving." said Sycamore, which made Red smile a little.

"That's great, hey can Lucas contact his Dad by Phone or E-Mail?" asked Red as Sycamore thought about it.

"Where does his Father live?"

"The same place where Lucas came from, Tazmily Village."

"Hmmm, maybe i'll talk to Samuel about finding out where Tazmily Village is located at." said Sycamore as Red and Lucas both nodded.

"I think i'll call my Dad from here, I hope it covers long distance, and if I do, Red can you contact Professor Oak for me?" asked Lucas as Red nodded.

"Sure thing, Bro." said Red, as Lucas smiled as he picked up a phone and dialed a ten digit number as it started to ring a couple times.

"Dad, I hope you're ok." said Lucas in his mind as he was worried that his father might be sick or couldn't answer the phone, until he hears someone pick up on the other line and a voice was heard.

"Hello, who is this?" said the voice and Lucas immediately recognized it

"Dad, it's me, Lucas!"

"Oh Hello Lucas, it's been a while, how's your adventure going with that Red boy?"

"It's been going great so far, i've become a great Pokemon Trainer so far and have won two badges for beating these strong Trainers who run Pokemon Gyms."

"I'm really proud of you son; did you call to wish me Happy Thanksgiving?"

"Yes I did, but I also wanted to invite you here to Lumiose City and spend thanksgiving with me and meet Red." said Lucas as Flint on the other line had no idea what to make of Lucas's request.

"You want me to travel where you are at, I don't know about that son, it sounds like you're far away."

"I know Dad, but Red's talking to a man named Professor Samuel Oak from Pallet Town and he can try and find you and take you and Red's Mom on a Plane to get here."

"A Plane, and this Professor Oak, I don'y know son, maybe I can try, I just hope I can trust that this Professor Oak can find our Village."

"I'm giving Red our Home Phone Number to Professor Oak, so he can try to give you a call."

"Well ok thank you Lucas, I hope I can see you and your friend at Thanksgiving, and if I don't happen to make it I wish you good luck on your adventures and have a Happy Thanksgiving." said Flint as Lucas made a faint smile.

"Ok Dad, Happy Thanksgiving to you too, I hope you can make it, bye bye now." said Lucas as he hung up his phone as he met back with Red. Hey, Red did you get a hold of Professor Oak?" said Lucas as Red shook his head up and down

"Yep, I sure did, and I gave him your Phone Number and he'll call right back, whenever he gets a hold of your Dad." 

"Awesome, thanks Red, so what would you like to do now?"

"I guess we can train with our Pokemon outside." suggested Red

"Good idea, let's go." said Lucas as he and Red ran out the door to do some training, as Sycamore looked over at the boys trying to say something to the two.

"Don't go to far, i'll let you both know if I hear from Professor Oak." said Sycamore going over to the Video Phone while Red and Lucas went outside to have a Pokemon Battle to train their Pokemon.

Meanwhile in Tazmily Village, Flint was making himself some canned lunch, and while he was preparing his lunch, he heard his Phone ring once again wondering if it was Lucas again or someone else, as Flint walked over to the Phone and picked it up. 

"Hello, who is this?" asked Flint as he heard an older voice at the other line.

"Is this Flint from Tazmily Village?"

"Yes, who might this be?"

"I'm Professor Samuel Oak from Pallet Town, I'm the one your son Lucas was talking about."

"So your this man Lucas told me about, so you want to come find me and bring me with you to this, Lumiose City where Lucas and his friend are at, right?"

"Yes that's right, Red told me Lucas doesn't want you to be lonely on Thanksgiving and nothing is more important on Thanksgiving than family; trust me, I was able to get to know your Son a little bit well, and know how happy he and Red are right now, and nothing would make him even happier than to have you come and and see him and meet his friend Red, at Thanksgiving."

Flint thought about it, it wasn't like his to meet strangers, but it meant for a chance to be with his son and to meet his friend and for that Flint took a breath and made a decision. "Ok, I will go to Lumiose City and be with my son and meet his friend, but do you know how to get here?"

"Well i'm trying to look for Tazmily Village, unless you want to meet somewhere?"

"Well Lucas told me about an Abandoned Zoo where he met Red."

"Ok, that was where the boys reunited at, and where I was able to get them to Lumiose City, perhaps we can meet there?"

"That sounds fine to me, i'll go pack up my stuff and i'll meet you at that Zoo."

"All right then, i'll let Red and Lucas know i'm picking you up, i'm sure the boys will be really happy to hear this." said Oak as he hung up the phone and dialed up Sycamore's Lab once again.

Sycamore stood by waiting for Oak to call back while Red's Fennekin was battling with Lucas's Chespin in a pretty back and forth match; then the phone Rang and Sycamore picked it up and Professor Oak's Face appeared on the Screen. "Professor Oak, did you get a hold of Lucas's Father?"

"I got a hold of Lucas's Father Flint, he said he would like to come and see Lucas for Thanksgiving."

"That's great news, do you know how to get to Tazmily Village?"

"Me and his Father agreed to meet eachother at that Zoo where the boys first met eachother."

"That's great to hear, we'll be looking forward to seeing you tommarow, I'm going to go take the boys to the Hotel and get our Suite set up for tomorrow."

"All right then, i'll cotact you as soon as i'm at the Airport." Oak ended the Transmission as Sycamore went outside as Lucas's Chespin finished of Red's Fenekin with a Vine Whip attack.

"Looks like I win again." said Lucas as Red called back his Fennekin and smiled, as Lucas was about to call back his Chespin, A light glowed around Chespin the same way it glowed around Squirtle. "Chespin is evolving, I think." Lucas was right, Chespin was growing and was starting to evolve into some bipedal, mammalian, plant like creature, with a a growing shell and plant like features. Lucas took out his Pokedex to record it's data.

"Quilladin,the evolved form of Chespin; It relies on its sturdy shell to deflect predators' attacks; It counterattacks with its sharp quills." Lucas put the Pokedex back as Quilladin still recognized Lucas as it's Trainer, as Quilladin lowered it's head for Lucas to pet, as Lucas Petted Quilladin's head while Red smiled.

"Your Chespin evolved, dude you are really getting stronger." said Red as Lucas called his Quilladin back into it's Pokeball, as Sycamore approached the boys with a smile.

"Wow Lucas you're Pokemon really are getting stronger, and your Chespin evolved into Quilladin, congratulations; anyways boys, Professor Oak got a hold of your Father Lucas, he's comming to Thanksgiving."

"Really, how's he getting here?"

"He and Professor Oak are going to meet eachother at the Ruined Zoo and make their way to the Airport."

"Wow that's awesome I can't wait." said Lucas happy.

"Well boys we better go check into the Hotel and make preparations for their arrival." Sycamore said as he and the boys would head over to Hotel Richissime to check in, as they were greeted by a desk clerk.

"Hello there gentleman, how may I be of service to you?" said the clerk with a bit of an accent.

"We would like to check into a Deluxe Suite."

"Do you have a reservation there, my good man?"

"Yes, There's me, these two boys, and three other adults."

"So you must be Professor Sycamore, well I believe i Have your reservation here, where's the rest of your party?"

"They'll be arriving later than us."

"Okie Dokie, i'll put you three down as for the others, they'll half to sign in so I can know they're here, anyways please do enjoy your visit, and Room Service will be complimentary, have a Smashing Thanksgiving and we'll be here if you chaps need anything." said the man with a funny accent as Sycamore, scanned a Credit Card and was given a Room Key as he took the Boys to the elevator as they all rode it up to their Suite which looked almost like a little house.

"Well what do you boys think?"

"It's awesome, hey Lucas wanna go slide on the floor in our socks?" asked Red looking at the shiny marble kitchen floor while pulling his shoes off.

"Sounds like fun let's do it." said Lucas peeling his shoes off as the two both ran to the Kitchen Floor and started sliding around in their socks like hyperactive kids while Sycamore propped down on the couch and turned on the big TV in the Suite.

Meanwhile at the Ruined Zoo, the Zoo itself was crumbling to pieces as Flint was walking through the cold and rainy Zoo waiting to meet Professor Oak.

"I hope this man shows up soon." thought Flint as he looked around until he heard another set of footsteps across from him. "Hello, is anybody there?" asked Flint as he heard another voice out in the ruins of the Zoo!"

"Yes, who's there?" said the other voice sounding much closer.

"This is Flint, who are you?"

"Flint, you're Flint, this is Professor Oak." The Two men eventually met eyes with eachother, and shook hands. "It's good to finally meet you, Flint."

"Same Here, and who is this Lady?" asked Flint seeing a young woman with Professor Oak.

"This is Red's Mother, her name is Violet, she's also come to see Red for Thanksgiving just like how you're seeing Lucas.

"Nice to meet you too Violet." said Flint as he shook hands with Violet as she somehow was looking at Flint but then refocused on Professor Oak.

"We better get to the Airport and catch our flight; come on everybody, let's go." said Professor Oak as he lead Flint and Violet to the Airport. Oak then approached a Phone and Dialed Up the Hotel that Sycamore, Red, and Lucas were at, as Sycamore's face appeared on the screen.

"Oh Professor Oak, are you at the Airport?"

"Yes, I made it with Red's Mom and Lucas's Dad."

"Good news, we're here at the Hotel waiting for you..

"Well we better board our Plane, how are the boys doing?"

"Jumping on the beds having a Pillow Fight."

"HAHAHA; well those boys sure like to have fun, anyways we'll be on our way, we'll see you when you get there." said Oak as he ended the Transmission.

The Next Day Sycamore, Red, and Lucas waited for Oak's Plane to arrive as a Plane touched down on the Surface of Lumoise Airport and out of the gate came Red's Mom, Lucas's Dad who both looked at their sons with smiles as Red and Lucas embraced their parents with hugs.

"Red, look at you, you're growing up more and more every day." said Red's Mom embracing her Son.

"Lucas, i'm so proud of you, you really are maturing into an adult." said Flint as he hugged his son

"Sycamore Good to see you again, well let's head to the Hotel." said Oak, as they all made their way back to the Suite at Hotel Richissime. "Well the Turkey is in the oven, so let's all get ready for Dinner." said Sycamore as he went to get the Turkey out of the Oven as everyone else was taking stuff out of the oven.

"Professor Sycamore, I can help with the cooking if you'd like?" offered Violet, as she joined Sycamore in the Kitchen with Dinner as Flint and Professor Oak joined the Boys on the Couch to watch some Football.

"So Red, it's nice to meet you son, i'm happy that Lucas has himself a friend that he looks up to." said Flint talking to Red.

"Thank you Sir, me and Lucas have gotten really close since our adventure started as it continues we will continue to strengthen our bond as not just friends, but like brothers." Red said with a smile, as Flint patted Red's Head

"You remind me of Claus in so many ways, you and Lucas have both made yourself out to be like brothers, almost like how Claus was to Lucas before the Tragedy." Red began to frown knowing everything Lucas has been through in his life. "Hey Son, where's your Dad at?" asked Flint as Red had no idea how to answer that question.

"I have no idea." said Red with a bit of a frown.

"Well if it's something you don't want to talk about, I understand."

"My mom, never told me what happened to him, I hope i can get myself to ask what happened." Flint put a hand on Red's Shoulder

"You should ask her what happened to him, it's better to know something rather than letting it slip away from you before you get any older." Red felt a bit encouraged to do so, it was time he finally learned the truth about his Father; Red took a breath and also looked at Lucas and smiled, until Red's Mom called everyone to the table.

"Dinner's ready, let's eat." said Red's Mom as everybody got a seat at the table with Red and Lucas sitting next to eachother, with their parents across from eachother, Oak and Sycamore sitting at the edges of the table as everybody started eating Thanksgiving Dinner. While everybody was eating Red swallowed some meat and took a drink of watter and decided it was time to ask his Mother the Question.

"Mom, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it Honey?"

"I...Uh..." Red stumbled for a moment not sure if he was ready to ask, but he looked over at Lucas and then finally got the courage to ask. "Mom, what ever happened to Dad?" Red's Mom looked at her son, obviously wanting to know his father's fate; she was unsure how he would respond in front of Lucas and the others, but Violet decided it was time as she held her son's hand ready to let Red know the Truth.

"Honey, i'm not sure how you'll react to what i'm about to tell you but i'm sure you heard about the War in Kanto before you were born?" Red's Mom asked leaving Red a bit puzzled

"I think so, I thought that was a long time ago."

"Well I was at Viridian City Hospital, expected to deliver you at the Hospital, My Husband and Your Father who was one of the Strongest Pokemon Trainers, and who defeated the Elite Four, apparently got caught up in the war, trying to defend Kanto from attackers who wanted to use Pokemon for their own Greedy Desires. Your Father stood up to one of their leaders in a Pokemon Battle, he defeated the General of the enemy land, however the General did something despicable, he took a weapon a fired it at your father, he was saved by Lieutenant Surge and his Electric Type; but as stubborn as your Father was he elected to stay and defend Kanto, however, the General using his Pokemon Crafted Weapons launched an attack at your Father and Surge, Surge was saved by a Jolteon, but as for your Father, he didn't make it." after telling her story, tears began to form in Red's Eyes.

"D....Dad, is he?" Red said starting to sob as Lucas placed a hand on Red's shoulder and his mother placed a hand on Red's hand.

"Your Father was killed in the War, I received the news while I was at the Hospital delivering Birth, after you were born, we were taken to the Orange Islands for Shelter until Peace was made. The General who killed your Father would be locked up and was never released from Prison. I'm sorry Honey for keeping this from you for so long, I was afraid while you were on your Journey something like that might happen to you, and that i'd rather wait until you were a little older; but I feel like ever since you met your friend, and Flint here told me the story of what happened to Lucas I figured now would've been a better time as any to let you know the truth." 

Red had placed his hands over his face and was crying after learning the fate of his Father; Lucas comforted Red by embracing his best friend, as Red buried his face in Lucas's Blonde Hair and started crying in it while Lucas also had tears in his eyes. "I know what it's like to lose family, I witnessed my own Mother and Brother both getting murdered in front of my eyes, and you Red, never knew your father at all because he was Murdered in a war, at the time you were being born. I now realize we have so much more in common than before, I was able to get my Father you and you got your Mother here, our families have met eachother and they look at us like were siblings; I know I lost my flesh and blood sibling, but I gained another one, by heart and for that is something I am thankful for at Thanksgiving, and after all the adventures we've had together from the Subspace Battle to our adventure here in Kalos, it's been the time of our lives, and I would never trade that for anything; i'm pretty sure my real mom and brother are looking down at me with a smile knowing i'm truly happy and have made a true friend in you Red. I love you so much Red, and even more now, and when we get older and we look back at the times we've had together, even if we half to go our separate ways, the memories that we share today, will be in our hearts forever and into the End of Time." with those words Red slowly removed his face from Lucas's Hair and hugged Lucas as both boys ad tears in their eyes while hugging eachother which made both Violet and Flint nearly cry.

"Thank you for that Lucas, you're right about everything, I used to travel alone, and after you told me about your past, I realized I met someone who I had something in common with and now I realize I have a lot in common with you, Lucas you are my Best Friend in the Entire World, and i'm very Happy to Spend Thanksgiving with you and the rest of our Surrogate Family, and for that I say Thank You and that is what i'm not only thankful for on Thanksgiving, but Thankful for in Life. with that being said everyone in the room said AWWWWWW, as the Boys embraced eachother as Professor Oak tipped his fork on his Glass to get everyone's attention.

"Well everybody, since we're all starting to become more of a Family, I offer this Toast to Red and Lucas for their great adventure here in Kalos and many more in life, and to the uniting of their Families, I feel like we've become a Family ourselves with great friends and many memories for a long time to come, everybody here's a toast to Family and Friends at Thanksgiving." Oak raised his Glass as Sycamore, Violet, Flint, Lucas, and Red all raised their Glasses to touch eachother as everybody would all enjoy their Thanksgiving as one Big Happy Surrogate Family, and for that Happy Thanksgiving to all, see you in the next chapter of Surrogate Brothers.

To Be Continued!
Surrogate Brothers: Thanksgiving
Red and Lucas bring their Families together for Thanksgiving, all Characters belong to Nintendo
Climbing to the Top

Red and Lucas we're up at the crack of dawn standing across from eachother nodding as a small morning wind blew through Red and Lucas as the boys we're doing some Pokemon Training before Lucas has his Pokemon Battle with the Gym Leader of Cylliage City.

"Ok Lucas, are you ready for some Training; I want you to be at your best when you battle the Gym Leader. Are you ready for some training?" asked Red as he took a Pokeball from his Belt

"I could never ask for a better Sparring Partner than you Red, so let's do this." Lucas took out a Pokeball and tossed it up into the air. "Go Squirtle!" Lucas called out his Squirtle who looked ready to fight.

"Go Ivysaur!" Red called out his Ivysaur as the boys looked ready to fight with their Pokemon. "Ivysaur use Leech Seed Attack!" Red commanded as Ivysaur shot several seed like bullets at Lucas's Squirtle.

"Squirtle Withdraw and use Rapid Spin!" commanded Lucas, as Squirtle hid itself inside of it's shell as the Bullets would only bounce off Squirtle's Shell, as the Squirtle spun itself and dashed toward's Red's Ivysaur to attack.

"Ivysaur use Vine whip to send it flying!" Red commanded as Ivysaur would quickly use it's vines to slap the Spinning Squirtle into the air. "Now go for Razor Leaf!"  Ivysaur fired several Sharp leaf pedals at Squirtle but Lucas thought of an idea.

"Squirtle use your Watergun now!" Squirtle came out from under his shell and show a burst of water at Ivysaur dousing the Plant Dinosaur Pokemon even though Razor leaf did a bit of damage to Squirtle, Squirtle's Watergun was super effective on Ivysaur, as Ivysaur took quite a lot of damamge.

"Ivysaur, use tackle attack on Squirtle!" Red commanded as Ivysaur would dash at Squirtle

"Squirtle use your Skull bash attack on Ivysaur!" Squirtle would charge at Ivysaur as both Pokemon collided with eachother, however Ivysaur who was weakened from Watergun would begin to faint as Red would take his Pokeball out and return Ivysaur back into it's Ball.

"You're getting better Lucas, keep this up and you'll definitely be a Pokemon Master." After those encouraging words from Red, Lucas was about to call back his Squirtle until he saw a glowing white light surrounding it.

"What's going on with Squirtle, Red?" Lucas asked confused "Squirlte is Evolving, Lucas!" "What, Really?" both Boys looked at the glowing Squirlte as it would begin to morph into a slightly taller, stronger, and still fast Water Turtoise Pokemon, with long furryears and a furry tail known as Wartortle. "It evolved" Lucas took out his Pokedex to record the data of his newly evolved Pokemon.

"Wartortle the Water Tortoise Pokemon and the Evolved form of Squirtle; when it is tapped it will stick it's head inside it's shell but it's tail will still stick out. Lucas closed the Pokedex to greet Ivysaur, as Ivysaur would still recognize Lucas as it's Trainer, as Wartortle approached Lucas as Lucas would pet Wartortle on it's head as Wartotrle would smile as Lucas petted it.

"Looks like Wartortle still recognizes you, and now that Squirtle has evolved into Wartortle, he will be a lot stronger in battle." Red approached Lucas as he smiled as the boys looked up to the Rocky Cliffs where the Gym is located, "The Gym is up there, are you ready for your Second Gym Battle?"

"Yes, I am ready, let us get our Pokemon healed up first and head up those Rocks to the Gym." Lucas said as he called his Wartortle into his Pokeball, as he and Red would head to the Pokemon Center to get their Pokemon treated. After the treatment the boys would start to make their way up the Rocky Canyon in Cylliage City to get inside the Pokemon Gym.

"Are you nervous, Lucas" Red asked as the boys made their way up the Canyon on their Bikes, up the Bike path.

"A little bit, i'm only worried about getting hurt on these rocks." Lucas said as he looked at the rocks below seeing how he could very well skin his knees with one wrong step.

"Hey dude, I think I see the Pokeball symbol on top of the entrance to a cave." Red said as Lucas caught up to Red to see what he was talking about.

"This must be the Gym, well let's go in and check it out." said Lucas as he and Red pedaled their way inside the Cylliage City Gym to see a huge Rock Wall in the center of the Gym. "I wonder what the deal is with this Big Rock Wall?"

"Hmmm; I hope we don't half to climb it." said Red as they saw a figure descending from the top of the Rock wall, as the young man greeted the two boys.

"I am Grant, the Cylliage City Gym Leader, so which one of you are here to challenge me?" Grant looked at Red and Lucas to see which one of them was going to be his oppnent, as Lucas approached Grant with Confidence.

"I will be your challenger, I want to be a great Pokemon Master, and I want nothing but the best out of everybody." said Lucas as Grant looked at the blonde with a smile

"Ok, if you want to battle me, then climb to the top of this Rock Wall and we will do battle." Lucas looked over at the Rock wall, with a bit of intimidation.

"I dunno if I can." said Lucas as Red placed his hand on Lucas's shoulder

"Dude, don't be scared, I will watch over you and make sure you don't fall." with those words, Lucas felt confident now as Lucas stood in front of the wall at the multicolored climbing rocks for Lucas to put his hands and feet on. Lucas made his way towards the wall, and placed his hands on the climbing rocks and used his legs to climb on top of the rocks and Lucas placed his hands on the rocks over it to climb the rocks. "Whatever you do, don't look down!" said Red as Lucas continued to make his climb to the top of the Rock wall, hoping he doesn't make any wrong movements. "Keep going Lucas, you're doing great." Lucas felt more confident that is until his foot slipped on a rock which about caused Lucas to fall as he was able to hold on to two rocks with his hands saving himself from a fall. "Are you ok?" Red asked looking over at Lucas who was now trying to regain his balance on the rocks.

"Yeah, I think so." Lucas once again continued to make his climb as he made his way to the top of the Rock Wall where Grant was waiting at the top for the challenge.

"So you made it up here in one piece i see, well since you proved your courage by climbing to the top, let's see you put your courage to use against my Rock Pokemon?" Grant took out a Pokeball as Lucas stood forward and took a Pokeball out. "Go Amaura!" cried Grant as he tossed a Pokeball to the ground and out came a Blue Dinosaur like Pokemon, as Lucas took out his Pokedex to record it's Data.

"Amaura, the Ancient Pokemon, This Pokemon lived in a cold land for almost a century where there were no violent predators like Tyrantrum; it used both Rock and Ice type attacks." Lucas put away the Pokedex and nodded as he remembered Red's teachings, as Red also made his way to the top to cheer on Lucas.

"You can do this Lucas, you may want to try using a Pokemon they could have an advantage over both Ice and Rock." Red called out "Save your strongest for last!" with that advice Lucas nodded his head and tossed his Pokeball into the air.

"Go Chespin!" cried Lucas as he called out his Chespin who emerged from the Ball ready to do battle against Grant's Amaura.

"Amaura use Powder Snow!" Grant Amaura fired a mist of snow at Chespin as Lucas looked at Amaura's attack and was quick to react.

"Chespin, rollout now!" ordered Lucas as Chespin rolled itself to dodge the misty snow as the rolling Chespin used it's speed to make direct contact with Amaura.

"Use Takedown attack attack, Amaura!" As Chespin retreated back into it's normal state, Grant's Amaura dashed towards Chespin and took it down with contact, but Chespin was pretty tough from Lucas's Training and Chespin would get back up continuing to fight.

"Chespin, go for a leech seed attack!" "Amaura use rock Throw!" Chespin fired several grassy seeds at Amaura while Amaura fired rocks at Chespin as both attacks made contact with the other Pokemon, but due to Amaura being weaker against Grass types, Amaura took more damage but the rocks from Rock Throw did some damage to Chespin as well.

"Amaura, finish off Chespin with Aurara Beam!" Amaura charged up a multicolored beam of energy while Lucas thought about his next attack. 

"Chespin, use Vine whip before it fires!" Chespin stretched it's vines and whacked Amaura several times, but Amaura fired it's Aurara Beam as a multicolored Light shot out from Amaur's horn and exploded on the ground at Chespin causing Chespin to faint, but Amaura was beaten down from Chespin's Vinewhip do to it being weak against Grass Type, as Amaura also fainted as well.

"You did great Amaura, and you did great as well Kid but now let's see how you fair against this; Go Tyrunt!" Grant tossed a second Pokeball into the air and on the ground as the ball opened and out came a Brown Tyranasaurus, Theropod like Pokemon that was small in size but was ready for battle, as Lucas took out his Pokedex to record Tyrunt's Data.

"Tyrunt the Royal Heir Pokemon; Tyrunt's Jaws are so Big and Powerful, it can crunch up a car; If it doesn't like something, it responds with a wild tantrum." Lucas closed the Pokedex as Red called out to Lucas.

I believe this one maybe a Rock Type, do you remember what I taught you about Rock Types?" asked Red giving Lucas some encouragement, as Lucas thought about what Red talked to him about when it came to Pokemon who had advantages over other Pokemon.

"All right, I know what Pokemon to use." Lucas took a Pokeball from his belt and tossed it into the air. "Go Wartortle!" cried Lucas as he called out his Wartortle who looked ready to fight.

"Smart choice Kid, but let's see if you're Wartortle has enough Experience to take down my Tyrunt." Grant said as his Tyrunt stood across from Lucas's Wartortle as Lucas also stood in anticipation.

"Tyrunt, Stomp Wartortle!" ordered Grant as Tyrunt would jump in the air to try to stomp on Wartortle.

"Go for a Skull Bash attack, Wartortle!" cried Lucas as Wartortle would leap in to the air as Tyrunt's Foot made it's way down towards Wartortle as Wartortle would shoot itself like a missile and bash it's head against Tyrunt's Foot causing quite an impact, however both sides were damaged by eachother's moves as both Wartortle and Tyrunt retreated back to wait their Trainer's next command.

"Go for Rock Tomb attack, Tyrunt!" commanded Grant as Tyrunt would hurl several boulders at Wartortle, meanwhile Lucas was thinking of his next move.

"Use Watergun on Tyrunt, Warortle!" cried Lucas as Wartortle fired a gush of water at Tyrunt as it threw the boulders at Wartortle doing only minimul damage as Wartortle's Water Gun also did some damage to Grant's Tyrunt.

"Water Types are strong against Rock Types, however Tyrunt is a Rock and Dragon Type and water attacks only do Moderate Damage to Tyrunt now, use your Bite Attack on Wartortle!" commanded Grant as Tyrunt ran over to try to Bite Wartortle.

"Withdraw and go for Rapid Spin!" commanded Lucas as Wartortle Withdrew inside of it's Shell and spun itself inside it's shell and dashed towards Tyrunt and viciously knocked Tyrunt in the head, leaving Tyrunt at an almost defeated state.

"Ok this ends here, Tyrunt we saved our best attack for last, now go for a Dragon Claw attack on Wartortle!" commaded Grant as Tyrunt readied for a strong claw attack as Lucas was thinking about what move should he use on Tyrunt before Tyrunt comes at Wartortle with a devastating Dragon Claw attack.

"Lucas your Pokemon learn new attacks whenever they level up, and with the training we've done your Wartortle is strong enough to know moves you never thought about." called out Red as he noticed bubbles forming on Warortle's Tail. "Lucas, there's bubbles forming on Wartortle's Tail, use it to attack Tyrunt, it's called Aqua Tail." called out Red as Tyrunt looked ready to finish off Ivysaur as Lucas called out to Wartortle.

"Use Aqua Tail on Tyrunt and finish him off, Wartortle!" Wartortle turned it's back to Tyrunt as the Water Tortoise allowed the bubbles to form into a powerful gush of water as Wartortle spun around and shot the watery projectile from it's tail at the Charging Tyrunt as the Aqua Tail attack knocked Tyrunt out and caused Tyrunt to faint and ending the battle making Lucas the Winner.

"You defeated me, you were really impressive Kid, and for that I reward you with the Cliff Badge." said Grant as he handed Lucas a badge with three rectangle shapes on it, as proof of Lucas's Victory over the Cylliage City Gym Leader Grant; Red then came down as He and Lucas embraced eachother.

"Way to go, Lucas you've won your second badge, i'm really proud of you, buddy." said Red

"I owe it all to you, and my Pokemon who fought hard and in the end, earned me my second gym badge." Lucas said showing Red the Cliff Badge.

"You were great Kid, if you continue to train hard, and battle hard, and catch more Pokemon, than you will become an even stronger Trainer, the next gym is in Shalour City, the Gym Leader is Korrina." that name rung in both Red and Lucas's ears as Korrina who Red and Lucas helped back in Lumiose City and showed them the basics of Mega Evolution is Lucas's next challenger.

"So it looks like Now Korrina is going to be my next Opponent, this should be interesting." 

"I wonder what she would think of how much stronger you've gotten as a Pokemon Trainer?"

"Well one thing's for sure, I think we better head out and make our way back to Shalour City."

"Right, let's go!" said Red as he and Lucas would make their exit from the Cylliage City Gym as they would also wave farewell to Grant.

"Good luck on your adventures, and I hope you become a stronger Pokemon Trainer Lucas, I have a feeling you will be." said Grant waving goodbye as Red and Lucas made their way out of the Gym and back onto their Bicycles and pedaled off to the Pokemon Center where Nurse Joy approached the boys.

"Oh hello boys, I received a phone call from Professor Sycamore of Lumiose City he said for you to give him a call, also would you like for me to treat your Pokemon?"

"Yes please, while you do that, we'll go talk to Professor Sycamore." said Lucas as he and Red gave Nurse Joy their Pokeballs for her to heal up as the boys made their way to a Video Phone and called up Professor Sycamore's Number as Sycamore's face showed up on the screen.

"Hello Red, Hello Lucas how's your Adventures going?"

"Great so far, I've already earned two badges." Lucas took out both the Bug and Cliff Badge to show to Professor Sycamore.

"Wow that's pretty impressive so far, where are you boys heading next?"

"Shalour City to face Korrina."

Ah yes, I had a feeling you would face her sooner than later; she's pretty tough with her Fighting Type Pokemon, but i'm sure that if you Train Hard, you can probably take her down Lucas, anyway boys, I called you both up because I had a feeling you would both be in Cylliage City since I watched that Pokemon Ghost Hunter Halloween Special last week and decided to call you both up to let you know what you both are going to do for Thanksgiving?

"Uh Thanksgiving, we're not sure." said Red scratching his head.

"Well I got a call from Professor Oak, and he's talking about getting the two of you back to Pallet Town to have Dinner with your Mother Red."

"Oh man, well Family is first after all." said Red as he thought about it, but thought of something, we'll talk to Professor Oak on the Phone about maybe bringing my mom up here to have Dinner."

"That can work, after all there is a Thanksgiving Parade in Lumiose City Every Year."

"I wonder if it's Possible to bring my Dad, I know he lives far away back in Tazmily Villiage but I can perhaps give Professor Oak my Home Phone Number and see if he can get my Dad to come and have Thanksgiving with us." Lucas aid as he was worrying about his dad being alone back in Tazmilly Villiage."

"Ok then, I will pick you boys up and call Professor Oak and we'll talk to him about it in the morning, I got to go get some sleep, anyways i'll pick you both up in the morning, Goodnight Boys," The Video Chat ended as Nurse Joy returned Red and Lucas there Pokeballs.

"So it looks like Professor Sycamore will be giving you both a ride to Lumiose City to make arrangements for Thanksgiving I see."

"Yep, I hope we can get my Dad to come here, and to get Red's Mom here as well." said Lucas with a faint smile.

"Family is important to spend with at Thanksgiving so i'm sure some arrangements will be made."

"Yeah, i'm sure of it, anyways we better head to bed now Lucas so Sycamore can pick us up in the morning."

You're right, let's go Red."

"Goodnight Boys!" said Nurse Joy as Red and Lucas would both make their way up the stairs and into bed, as some Holiday plans were bound to be made for both Red and Lucas.

With Thanksgiving on the Horizon, can Red and Lucas both get their Families to meet on Thanksgiving; and with Lucas now with his second Gym Badge, how will he fair against Korrina in Shalour City? All of these Questions will be answered in due time, so stay tuned for the next Chapter of Surrogate Brothers.

To Be Continued!
Surrogate Brothers Chapter 6
Lucas challenges Gym Leader Grant for his Second Gym Badge. Al lcharacters belong to Nintendo.
Brotherly Bondings

After arriving at Cyllage City both Red and Lucas were taking a walk in the city, taking a look at all of their surroundings as the City they were in was sandwiched between several rocky cliffs and the sea, as Red and Lucas took a seat on a bench, near the beach.

"So how are you enjoying our adventure so far, Luke?" Red asked Looking at Lucas who was looking at the bug badge, as the blonde psychic stirred up to look at Red.

"It's been fun so far, but I feel like we're rushing through our adventure." Lucas said as Red looked at him with a confused look.

"What do you mean by, rushing through?"

"I mean I feel like everything is happening so fast, we should at least try to enjoy our journey; after all this journey isn't just about me training Pokemon and getting badges, it's also about is building a strong, brotherly bond."

"Yeah, you're right Lucas, this journey is important for both of us to enhance our friendship even further, what do you say we spend the day doing stuff together, Luke?" asked Red as Lucas nodded his head with a smile.

"Sounds like a plan Red, what can we do first?" Red thought about it for a moment as he looked over at the ocean, and then it hit him. 

"I know; we can go fishing." suggested Red as Lucas looked at Red with a bit of excitement.

"Cool, It's been a long time since I've last went fishing with my Dad and Claus." said Lucas as he was trying to remember the days as a kid when his father Flint used to take him and Claus out to go Fishing at the lake in Tazmily Village. 

"I got us some Rods, here take this one." Red took out a Fishing Rod, it was still in pretty good condition as Lucas took a hold of it while Red took out his Rod which was also a pretty good Fishing Rod to use. "Do you remember how to fish?" asked Red as Lucas was looking at his Rod.

"I think so, do you have any bait or lure?"

"I think so, let me check." Red said as he looked in side his backpack for any more fishing equipment and took out a lure. "Here you go, we'll use this lure to fish with." Red handed Lucas the lure, as the blonde placed it on his fish hook.

"You ready to fish, Red?" Lucas asked as Red was putting the lure on his hook.

"Yeah, just swing back and once you feel something; reel it in." Red said as Lucas looked and nodded as both Red and Lucas casted their lines into the ocean and waited for something to bite.

"I wonder if anything in the water has seen our Lure yet?"

"Just have a little bit of Patience i'm sure we'll feel something soon." and just like that the boys both felt something shake their rods. "I think I feel something; Lucas reel your's in!" said Red as he started to Reel hat he has a hold of; though the weight of the Pole felt like Red was trying to pull a heavy log.

"Yeah me too, I wonder what it is." Lucas also tried reeling in, with all his might, and after a few moments of struggle, both Red and Lucas finally reeled in their catches as Red caught a Skrelp and Lucas caught a Clauncher. It's some kind of Pokemon." Lucas and Red both took out their Pokedexes to get some information on what they were exactly.

"Skrelp, the Kelp Pokemon; it uses it's Camoflauge as rotten kelp to hide it self, so it can use it's liquid poison on unsuspecting travelers. Clauncher, the Crustacean Pokemon; through controlled expulsions of internal gas, it can expel water like a pistol shot; at Close distances it can shatter rock." Red and Lucas put away their Pokedexes to examine the Pokemon they caught with their Rods.

"Awesome looks like we got a hold of some New Pokemon, and this could be something we could use to an advantage against Rock and Fire Types." said Red as Lucas nodded but the two caught Pokemon got loose from the lures and stood ready to attack Red and Lucas.

"Looks like they want to battle; well I know just the thing; go Chespin!" called out Lucas as he threw his Pokeball into the air and Chespin came out from inside

"Go Ivysaur!" Red called out his Ivysaur as the two Grass type Pokemon stood across from the two water type of Pokemon. Clauncher first attacked with it's watergun, but Lucas was able to remember what red has taught him about elemental advantages some Pokemon have over the other.

"Chespin use your Vinewhip on that Clauncher!" ordered Lucas as Chespin extended it's vines and let out a barrage of whips onto the Clauncher as it weakened the Watery Crustacean Pokemon. Lucas took out a Pokeball and threw it open to catch the Clauncher; the ball wiggled several times beefore it stopped and the Clauncher was caught, as Red went over and picked up the ball, happy about his latest catch.

"Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf on Skrelp!" ordered Red, as he was using Ivysaur against Skrelp however; Skrelp was only taking moderate Damage from Ivysaur's Razorleaf attack, but Red's Ivysaur was at a bit of higher level, though Skrelp ws lighter than the Ivysaur as it then started to use smokescreen to surround Ivysaur in toxic gas. Skrelp then struck Ivysair with watergun but it had no effect as Ivysaur was resistant to water attacks. "Use Vinewhip now." Ivysaur extended it's vines and whipped the Skrelp weakening it as Red threw a Pokeball to capture it, and after a few shakes the ball stopped and Red captured the Skrelp. "We both caught two new Pokemon." Red and Lucas high fived eachother relishing in their victory.

"All right we caught some new Pokemon; so Red what should we do now?" asked Lucas as Red placed his hand under his chin and started looking around town for something to do; then he saw a group of Bicyclers riding bikes around the city close to the rocky hills across from the beach. "Hey Lucas do you know how to ride a bicycle?"

"I've seen them before but, I never did learn how to ride one." said Lucas, as he relized he has never rode a bike before.

"Well Big Brother Red, will teach you how to ride one." said Red as Lucas looked a bit nervous.

"Up those rocks?"

"We can talk up them maybe, anyways let me go find a bike store and rest us some bikes so I can teach you to ride one." said Red as Lucas nodded as the boys went to a Bicycle shop to look at Bikes, as they were greeted by a worker at the shop.

"Hello there you are our 10, 099 and 10, 100 customers here at our shop, and for our 10,100 customer we would like to offer you a free bike." the man said as Lucas looked a bit thrilled.


"Yep pick any color you want, as for you Red hat boy, i'll give you the chance to win one if you answer a question correctly."


"Do Bicycles come in more than just one color?" asked the man as Red already knew the answer. "Yes" "Correct, you win a free bike too, pick out whatever you want." Red went over to Lucas as the boys were trying to find bicycles that would be perfect for their respective sizes.

"Hey Red, here's one my size i could try." Lucas said as he was showing Red a small sized Bicycle that was blue in color.

"All right, man that one looks like it would be suitable for you." Red picked up a medium sized, red colored bicycle as the boys approached the Store Clerk.

"So you like your choices?"

"Yes, we'll take them."

"All right boys, have fun out there and be careful going up the cliffs." said the clerk as Red and Lucas left the store with their Bikes and looked for a spot, so Red can teach Lucas on how to ride a bike.

"Ok, the best way to ride a Bicycle is to sit on the seat, and place your feet on the pedals, and when you use your feet to push the pedals, the wheels on the Bike will move you." Lucas looked at the Bicycle for a moment as he sat on the seat and placed his feet on the pedals of the bike. "You may want to put this on your head." Red said as he gave Lucas a Helmet to wear on his head.

"Ok, safety first, anything else?" asked Lucas, as Red nodded

"Red: if I had any elbow and knee pads for you, your size I would lend you some." Red held on to the Bicycle as Lucas placed his hands on the handlebars. "Good, you can use your handlebars to help steer and it's important to keep a hold of them while riding."

"Hey Red, do you think this thing can be balanced on two wheels?" asked Lucas, as Red looked at the Bike and thought for a moment; Lucas has never rode a bike in his life, and he's too old for training wheels, so it was up to Red to give his buddy some support.

"Well it depends on if you can balance your body on it, and because of your size, I think you can balance on this bike as long as your tires are inflated good, and your seat is to where you can Pedal good, and I can see you're good to go. Anyways, i'll give you a bit of a push on the Bicycle just to give you a start, if that's ok with you." 

"Sure Red, I appreciate the help." Red smiled as he took his foot on the kickstand of the bicycle and kicked it up releasing the mechanisms to move the Bicycle as Red was holding on to Lucas, as Lucas stuck his left leg out on the ground to balance himself on the Bike.

"Ok Lucas, I got you so go ahead and place your Feet on the pedals, and put some muscle into your legs and push the pedals, and it will move you." said Red as Lucas smiled as he placed his foot back on the pedals and used his leg strength to push the pedals as the Bicycle started to move. "All right, so far so good, might want to take it slowly, so you can get used to it. Red was assisting Lucas keeping the Bike stood up as Lucas slowly pedaled the bike along the small stretch of road that they were on. "Do you want me to tell you how to stop yourself by hitting the brakes?"

"Ok, go ahead!" as Lucas stopped pedaling and stuck his leg out to stop the bike, while Red held on to the Bike.

"Luckily, i'm holding on to you, cause if I wasn't holding you, you would've hurt your leg or foot, so what you do to brake on your Bike is to take your Feet on the pedals while you're moving them and while keeping your Feet placed on the pedals, use your leg strength to push back on the pedals while your moving and it will stop your momentum, and the kickstand that I kicked off on your Bike; after you stop your Bike you take your foot and kick your kickstand down to hold your Bike while it's stopped so you can park it, when you're finished riding it; want to give it a try?" Red asked as Lucas looked at Red with a confident smile and nodded.

"I'll do it!" said Lucas as he placed his feet back on the pedals and pushed them back with his Feet. "Hey, how come nothing is happening?"

"You got to pedal forward to move yourself first, before you can pedal back to brake, silly!" Red said patting Lucas's head as Lucas laughed as he took his Feet to Pedal the Bicycle forward to move himself and then after getting enough momentum forward, Lucas took his feet on the pedals and pushed the pedals backwards, to stop the Bicycle as Lucas then placed his left foot on the kickstand and placed it on the ground. "All right; you sure are a quick learner." Lucas smiled as he kicked the kickstand back up.

"Hey Red would it be OK with you if I try to ride on my own a bit?" asked Lucas as Red smiled at him.

"Sure buddy, but if you have any trouble i'll be here to help you." said Red giving Lucas the thumbs up as Lucas also gave Red a thumbs up as he took his Feet on the Pedals of the Bike and started to move himself, while Red who was more experienced with riding a Bicycle got on his and followed Lucas around for any help and support in case something happened. After some trial and error Lucas stumbles a few times but once he saw Red his confidence started to grow and put his fear behind him, as Lucas started to get the hang of riding a Bicycle. "Hey' you're doing great buddy, do you want to have a Picnic?" asked Red as Lucas hit the brakes on his Bike and lowered the kickstand.

"Sure Red, I sure am getting hungry." Lucas said as he and Red both set up a blanket on top of the grass as both boys kicked off their shoes and sat on the blanket. Red opened up the basket and took out some sandwiches and riceballs for the duo to eat. "These sure look tasty, Red." Lucas said looking at the food and also a plate of Buffalo Chicken Wings too. "Uh Red, don't these look too hot?" asked Lucas as Red looked at them and smiled. 

"Yeah, but do you remember the Super Spicy Curry from the Smash Tournament?" asked Red as he took out some napkins too.

"How can I ever forget, how hot that was." Lucas said as he remembered how hot that Curry was.

"I know, but if you can get used to that type of heat, than maybe you can try a Buffalo Wing; would you like to try one, if it's too hot, i'll give you something to drink to cool your mouth down." Red took out a bottle of Milk from the basket as Lucas looked at the plate of wings

"Ok i'll try!" Lucas picked up a wing and took a bite out of it, and after chewing and swallowing the meat, he took a drink of Milk to cool his mouth down. "It's tastes good, but it's hot, but I'd like another!" Lucas said as he took another wing. After eating several sandwiches, wings, and riceballs both Red and Lucas laid back on the blanket to take a nice nap.

"Having fun, buddy?" asked Red as he placed his hand through Lucas's blonde hair.

"Yes, ever since we've started traveling together we've had so much fun hanging out, playing together, and catching Pokemon." Lucas said as he smiled at Red.

"I have a feeling that when we get older, we'll always have memories in our hearts forever of this adventure." 

"I'll never forget any of the adventures we've had here; you really are the best friend I've ever had Red, I can never replace you with anyone.

"Awwww Lucas that's so sweet; you're the best friend I've ever had as well; and I would never trade this for anything else." Red and Lucas both blushed as they sat up and smiled at eachother. Hours later the Sun would begin to set over Cylliage City and during the sunset both Red and Lucas were riding their bikes around with Lucas starting to get better at riding a bike.

"Hey Red, I think i'm getting better at Riding my bike." called out Lucas as Red was riding up beside him.

"I'm proud of you Lucas; you really are starting to get better at everything you do; hey I think we better go stay the night at a Pokemon Center it's starting to get dark out." Red said noticing the Sun starting to lower and the sky was starting to darken.

"Yeah you're right, I'm going to challenge the Gym Leader tomorrow and I need to be well rested to be at my best to battle." said Lucas as he began to yawn.

"All right let's go in and maybe we can talk about strategy as well." said Red as he kicked up his kickstand

"All right, but i'll race you." said Lucas as he took off on his Bike.

"Hey no fair, you got a head start." cried Red catching up to Lucas. as the boys made their way to the Pokemon Center as made their way to their room as they sat on a bed and talked about the Gym Leader.

"Says here that the Gym Leader is named Grand and he specializes in Rock type Pokemon."

"So I should use Squirtle and Clauncher for this battle?" asked Lucas knowing Red as the expert.

"Well water type does have the advantage over rock type, but you got to take level into consideration as well."

"Yep, why don't we do some Training in the Morning before we go to the Gym?"

"All right let's do it." said Red as he and Lucas would turn out the lights and get ready for bed. "Goodnight Lucas; sweet dreams bro."

"Good night Red, i'll see you in the morning." said Lucas as he and Red both would both go to sleep as night would turn to day.

After a relaxing day of friendly bonding, Lucas appears to be growing more confident in his abilities, and with a Pokemon Battle against Gym Leader Grant coming up, Lucas is determined to do his best and to come out on top; what will happen in Lucas's upcoming battle? Find out in the next chapter.

To Be Continued
Surrogate Brothers Chapter 5:
Red and Lucas take a day off to relax and try to make their brotherly bond, a lot stronger. all Characters belong to Nintendo
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