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Attack on Antilight.

The Halberd was hovering over the skies making it's way to Fimbulventr to meet with the others, as the Antilight in the sky was slowly starting to devour the Earth. Inside the Cockpit, Meta-Knight was watching through the windshield, with Marth and Ike keeping a watch over any nearby threats, as everyone was engaged in conversation. Lucas had fallen asleep on Red's shoulder with Red comforting Lucas, Ness was sharing food with Shulk, while Roy, Lucina, and Robin were joining Marth and Ike as Meta-Knight Piloted the Halberd. 

"I think we should also keep a look out for anybody that we can save and any heroes that are willing to help us out in this fight." Lucina said as the others noded.

"I think that is the best, however, time is not on our side right now, we need to get to Fimbulventr and stop Daraku's Forces before they merge Inferno with the Antilight and all hope becomes lost." Meta-Knight said, as he steered the Halberd through the clouds as Robin looked over and noticed something in the distance.

"I think I see a something flying this way, but it appears to be blurry?" Robin said trying to get a look at the flying object, the flying object would get closer and appeared to be Dark Pit as he flew towards the Halberd, as Meta-Knight looked at Dark Pit as he flew over towards a nearby mountain.

"It's Dark Pit, he must be up to something and it sounds like trouble, we better take a look at what he is doing; but is this Mountain Fimbulventr?" Meta-Knight said looking at the Mountain that Dark Pit was flying over to, then all of a sudden the Halberd felt a slight explosion which shook the Halberd as Wolfen Ships appeared in in the distance attacking the Halberd. "It's Star Wolf everybody, we better take care of these guys." Meta-Knight said as he opened up some hatches and fired off at the Wolfen's that were attacking, just then something came flying through the windshield of the Halberd hitting Meta-Knight causing him to lose control of the Halberd, as The Halberd made a Crash Landing in front of a small village. Everybody emerged from the wreck a bit shaken as the Halberd was completely wrecked as Marth, Ike, Lucina, Robin, Roy, Red, Lucas, Ness, Shulk, and Meta-Knight all found themselves in a Village that was under attack by the Antilight.

"The Antilight Army is here too, we better stop this attack right now." Lucina said drawing her Falchion as the others nodded as they would attack the army of Shadow Beasts, Ings, and Shadow Sirens; until Meta-Knight would again be ambushed from behind, as Ike stepped in to see who was attacking Meta-Knight.

"Zero, was it you that attacked us on the Halberd." Ike said as he saw the Reploid Maverick Hunter: Zero, but with Red Eyes and the Aura of the Antilight surrounding him.

"I Don't know what I am fighting for, Iris......IRIS." Zero said whipping out his Z Saber while Ike takes out the Rangel. 

"Well I fight for my friends, and you hurt, Meta-Knight by attacking from behind, Zero you are under the control of Daraku and we will use the power of the Purelight to restore you and the others." Ike said as he charged at Zero as the two clashed with eachother's swords. Zero would launch a fury of attacks at the Radiant Mercenary, butt Ike's Power was able to fend of Zero's onslaught, as Ike would toss his sword up in the air, and then jumping to catch it and come crashing down on Zero. "AETHER!" Ike said bringing his sword down on Zero taking the Reploid down as all of a sudden the Antilight around Zero began to extinguish it self and Zero eye's began to change from Red to Green as Zero fell to his knees holding his head.

"No...what is" Zero said as Ike wasn't sure what to do so he was about to charge at Zero before several lasers began to fire at Ike, as Fox Falco, and Wolf appeared behind Zero with Fox and Falco under the possession of the Antilight.

"Can't let you do that, Traitor you were weak just like Zero you could never fully hold the true power of the Antilight, those who are truly weak would allow themselves to dispose of the Antilight, and those that dispose are nothing more than traitors." Wolf said as he shot a laser at Zero's head, knocking him out, then all of a sudden the same thing began to happen to fox and Falco as they began to feel the Antilight leaving them as well. "I knew the two of you were weak just like your father, Fox and just like those Hooligans you were apart of Falco, now to." Wolf was interrupted as Ike came dashing at Wolf with his sword.

"Lucina, Robin, use the Purelight on Fox, Falco, and Zero." Ize yelled, as Robin and Lucina was able to fend off two Shadow Beasts as they ran over to Fox, Falco, and Zero as they began to activate a Purelight Spell, until they heard a voice.

"I don't think so." Cried Dark Pit as he flew over and began to fire an Electroshock Projectile as Robin and Lucina, preventing them from helping their allies. "Your not saving any weaklings anymore, all beings that betray the Antilight, will die, and now they face their death for they're betrayal." said Dark Pit as he took the edge off one of his blades to attack Zero with first before, a Projectile in the shape of a Hand pushed the Fallen Angel away from the Unconscious Reploid. "Who dares interrupt the execution of a Traitor." Dark Pit said as a Young Man with spiky blonde hair, Blue armor, and a yellow cape like scarf appeared as he took out his sword and looked at Dark Pit.

"This ends here for you Demon, you came and brought your army to destroy my home, what is your purpose here?" Issac asked as Dark Pit took out his weapons.

"We're here for the Elemental Stars, Lord Daraku wants to destroy  it's power with the Antilight to prevent the Purelight from ever having a chance to shine in this war."

"So you wish to destroy the power huh, i'm not sure what this Purelight is about, but you are an enemy, and have destroyed my Village, and now I will make you pay, Demon." Issac said as he clashed with Dark Pit as the two began fighting eachother, while Ike was still dealing with Wolf, and Robin and Lucina made their way over to Fox, Falco, and Zero to cast a spell on them using the Purelight, to restore them back to their normal selves. 

"Are you guys ok?" Robin said as Zero regained consciousness and looked at the white haired swordsman.

"Who are you?......wait your that sword fighter, your name is Robin right?" Zero asked getting up to his feet.

"Yes, I am Robin, it's good to see that you have recovered from the Antilight Possession."

"Is that what happened, the last thing I remember we were all gathered together in that place waiting on those guys to bring those Purebright things."

"Purelights, and we were all possessed by the Antilight, by that girl Emi, but somehow you along with Fox and Falco was able to break free from it's power somehow." Robin said as a beeping noise was heard and a voice accompanying it as well.

"Zero come in, do you read me?" the voice said as Zero opened up a console on his arm as a holographic screen apeared where a pink haired reploid appeared on the hologram.

"This is Zero, what's going on?"

"Zero, finally you pick up, where have you been this whole time?"

"It's a long story, what's going on?"

"The City is under attack, it appears that X and several other variations of Mega Man are wreaking havoc on the City, not only that but Sigma along with some massive talking robot, a Winged Demon, and two similar looking Androids are destroying the City, and I don't know how much longer we can last." 

"All right send aircraft to my location, i'm in some destroyed village in front of a big mountain."

"Roger, we are unsure where you are, but we'll locate your whereabouts and pick you up, just stay where you are at until we arrive." The Navigator said as she closed her communication with Zero as Robin looked at him.

"I guess you are needed right now, I wish you could come with us to Fimbulventr."

"Fimbulventr?" Zero replied unaware of what was going on."

"The others are gathering there, Daraku plans to merge the world known as Inferno with the Antilight, if that happens, we're all done for unless we get more power for the Purelight."

"I see, but at the same time my friends are under attack and they need me right now." Zero said as Shulk and Ness approached them.

"That girl you were talking to mentioned a large mechanical being that talks, I know who that is, it's Metal Face, a Mechon that killed my best friend Fiora." Shulk said as he saw visions of the attacks that were happening. "My visions are showing me everything that is happening in that city, you're going to need some help, myself and Ness will accompany you?"

"It's too dangerous for you guys to come along, this is my fight, and now I know what I am fighting for." Zero said as the two psychics looked at the reploid.

"My sword the Manado is strong enough to cut through even the heaviest of metal, and Ness here, has his PSI Powers that he uses to take down enemies, we both are very strong heroes, and we want to assist you." Zero than thought about it as Lucina, Robin, Fox and Falco gathered with them.

"Wait what about Fimbulventr, we are needed their to stop Daraku from merging Inferno with the Antilight?" Lucina said as Ness sepped in.

"I have an idea, me, Shulk, you, Robin, Fox, Falco, and Zero will go to where Zero is from and help out there, it sounds like some of our allies are there as well and we need to save them before it's too late."

"That would mean that Marth, Ike, Red, Lucas, and Meta-Knight are going to need some ride to Fimbulventr and the Halberd has been destroyed." Robin said, as Ike and Issac are still fighting with Wolf and Dark Pit. Just then something came over Dark Pit as he gathered Wolf.

"Our time here is done, now off to Fimbulventr, our Lord is waiting for us." Dark Pit said as Wolf got into his ship and flew away with Dark Pit at the lead, leaving behind the Elemental Stars, as Issac approached them.

"They left the Elemental Stars behind, that's strange."

"It is considering they can be added to the Purelight, oh well, let's take them and make our way to Fimbulventr."

"What is Fimbulventr?"

"I can't explain there's no time to lose we need to figure out a way to get there." Marth than approached Ike and Issac carrying Meta-Knight in his arms with Red and Lucas following him.

"I just wonder how we're going to get to Fimbulventr?" Marth asked as he looked over at the others who were enganged in a conversation as the other joined in.

"Well do you think we can ask who's picking you up to fly the others to Fimbulventr?" Robin asked as zero shook his head.

"We have no idea where this Fimbulventr is, but I hate leaving your comrades behind." Zero said as Ike stepped in.

"What's going on here?" Ike asked looking over at the others.

"I'm going to be picked up to help out my friends that are in danger, and these guys offered to help, however we know you guys need a ride to this Fimbulventr to help save the World, and we hate leaving you behind." Zero said as Ike looked a bit startled to hear that. Then a Plane can be heard as it began to descend upon the Ruined Village. "Wait that doesn't look like my ride who is?" Zero was cut off as a intimidating tall man and a short man both appeared out of the Plane as the tall one began to speak.

"The name is Rodin, and the God of Subtime told me you cats need a ride to Fimbulventr?"

"Wait how did you find us?" Marth asked as The Other man was complaining

"Look are you freaks boarding Enzo Airlines here, we ain't got no time left, the world is going to end if we don't get to Fimbulventr."

"All right then, what about the rest of you?" Marth asked as Ness, Shulk, Robin, Lucina, Roy, Fox, and Falco all stood behind Zero.

"They are coming with me to help my friends, you guys go ahead, and make your way to Fimbulventr, after we take care of my friends, than we will find your location and help you guys out."

"Thank you, we hope you are able to save your friends and catch up with us, we need all of the help in the Universe if we are going to defeat Daraku and put an end to this nightmare once and for all." Ike said as he along with Marth, Meta-Knight, Red, and Lucas bid farewell to the others and got on the Plane with Rodin and Enzo as they would make their way towards Fimbulventr, as Zero's Ride picked him and the others up to save the Reploids from the Antilight attack there.

Bowser, Ganondorf, The Shadow Queen, Majora, and the other dwellers of the Antilight approached a large door as a smile came across their faces.

"I believe these are the Gates of The Inferno, now let's open up and merge this with the Antilight." The Shadow Queen said as the Antilight Dwellers extended their hands as the Aura of Antilight all glowed around them.

"We have our own way of opening these gates, our own magic will destroy these doors and we will merge this realm of lost souls, even The Devil himself will bow to Lord Daraku, after we merge this world and many others with The Antilight." Majora said as several bullets were fired at them along with two arrows, and a fireball.

"Bowser, Ganondorf, Majora, Shadow Queen we will not allow you to merge The Inferno with the Antilight." Bayonetta said with her pistols pointed at their direction as the Shadow Queen approached The Umbra Witch.

You say you're a witch and yet you help these so called heroes save the world, by using a power that banishes your kind, you disappoint me Cereza." The Shadow Queen said as Loki came running over.

"Stay away from Bayonetta, Demon." Loki said as several Shadow Hand reached out and grabbed Loki by his sneakers as the boy struggled to get free. "What did you do, let me go and get away from Bayonetta." Just then The Spiritual cloaked being Loptr appeared and approached Loki.

"So we are now reunited, the two separate forms of Aesir, we can merge together and reform the very being we once were, however something else has came to be." Loptr said as Loki continued to try to free himself from the dead hands, until Pit showed up to deliver a flying kick to Loptr, pushing Loptr back as he turned his attention to the Angel. "You dare stick your nose in my business, you are nothing more than a mere Soldier of a False Goddess, I can easily bring you to your knees, if you dare challenge me."

"Than why don't you make me get on my knees, by fighting me, Loptr." Pit said taking out his Bow seperating them into Swords, as he dashed at Loptr clashing with the Half God like being, as Pit was fighting Loptr, all of a sudden an Ooze of Antilight began to drop from above and began to descend on both Loptr and Loki. 

"Oh no how did the Antilight descend into here, what did you guys do?" Link asked taking out his sword.

"We did nothing, that portion of The Antilight, belongs to Lord Daraku." Ganondorf said as the oozing Antilight attached itself to both Loptr and then Loki who lost his shoe breaking free from the hands as now the oozing Antilight began to latch itself onto him along with Loptr.

"Oh no it's as we feared, Daraku took a physical form, and when he does that, the Spiritual Monster Form that he left behind on the Summit of Fimbulventr can easily ooze Antilight into the area merging it with Antilight, not only that but Daraku knows that Loptr and Loki are the Seperate forms of Aesir, which means, Daraku is absorbing the power of Aesir into his own being while Daraku in his Physical Form, and if Daraku returns to his Monster Form, than that means, Game Over." Palutena said, as then they felt the ground shake as the Gates of Inferno began to Open.

"The Gates of Inferno are opened but how did?" Viridi asked as she noticed several cards laying on the ground in front of the door as the same Antilight Ooze from Daraku's Monster Form began to Drop into the Opened Gates of Inferno as Bowser, Ganondorf, Majora, and the Shadow Queen began to make their way into the Realm of Inferno.

"We can't let them fully merge Inferno, I also half to save Jeanne, we need to get in there before they merge Inferno with the Antilight." Bayonetta, said as Mario, Link and the others looked ready to join Bayonetta however the Palutena, Rosalina, and Viridi were looking at a gem that Palutena was holding.

"The Right Eye of the World, the Eye That Represents the Light, we need this for the Purelight, Permissable can you hear me it's Palutena, we are running out of time, The Gates of Inferno have been opened and Antilight is Oozing from Daraku's Monster form and has merged both halves of Aesir, we really need a miracle at this point."

"I hear you Palutena, this is indeed a very serious situation, Rodin and Enzo are on their way to Fimbulventr with the others that are holding the Elemental Stars, I will get them to the Summit as fast as Possible, Palutena you and the others who hold the Purelights please head up to the Summit and summon the Power of the Purelight with the Elemental Stars, and the Right Eye, and Merge it with the Purelight, when that happens the Purelight will be able to combat the Antilight, and we will have all of the strength we need to put a stop to Daraku, once and for all." Permissable said as the Goddesses nodded in unison.

"Mewtwo is fighting Daraku right now, but he alone will be destroyed in an instance, it is time I summoned my strongest soldier out of all of my Lumas, his name may be tough to pronounce, but their is no time to waste, I will tell him to find the Doll and Hurry here to Fimbulventr." Rosalina said as Palutena and Viridi all fllowed her back to the Summit of Fimbulventr while the others made their way inside Inferno to try to stop The Antilight from fully merging Inferno and for Bayonetta to rescue her friend Jeanne.

Rose Town, once a beautiful Village in the Mushroom Kingdom with Flowery Gardens inhabited by Toads that have spiral designs on their caps instead of dots; was under attack by the Antilight Army, and in the Rose Town Inn, many residents had taken Shelter, despite attempts to evacuate, as a Young Toad holding a Blue Capped Doll.

"Geno, I know you came to life the first time when Smith attacked Star Road, and I believe, I wish you would come back, the World is in total chaos, you helped Mario before and I really wish you would come back to life and save the world again like you did before, and maybe, before I half to give you away when I go to College, I want to play with you one more time, and I wish to play with the Geno that came to life." Gaz said as tears began to soak the wooden doll as Gaz's mother approached him.

"Honey I know you love your Geno Doll but Geno's not going to come to life to save us, but let's not lose hope, Mario will save us from these Monsters." said the Rose Town Innkeeper.

"I know Mom, but he did come to life years ago and helped Mario defeat Smithy, I know Mario is a hero but the world has turned completely dark, Mario would have saved us by now like he always do, and i'm sure all of us can pray to the Star Spirits that Mario is having a lot of trouble right now, which is why monsters have been seen all over the world." Gaz said as the Innkeeper cuddles her son.

"I know Gaz, but if this world ever does return to normal than you do realize it's off to College and you will half to give Geno away." The Innkeeper said as Gaz nodded.

"I know mom, but Geno has been with me my whole life and I just want...." Gaz was interrupted as a Toad in the Inn looked out the window screaming in Horror.

"Monsters are here in Rose Town, we're all done for." A Toad said as a Group of Ings and Shadow Beats move towards the Rose Town In, then a Bright shiny light hovered above the refugees, as the spirit appeared over Gaz's Geno Doll and went inside the Doll, the Doll dropped from Gaz's grasp as Geno began to form into a life size being,

"Geno, it's you, you came to life again." Gaz said as tears of joy appeared in his eyes.

"I have been called by the Higher Authority to help defend the wishes of the world again, and from the looks of things the Antilight is covering the Earth, it is time for me to act now, listen Gaz, I half to go help Mario and his allies, and my Mama, I promise when I return we will have a play date." Geno said as he patted Gaz's head as the crowd looked shocked as Geno exited the Inn and opened up his arm as a beam of light shout out of it, taking out the attacking Ings and Shadow Beasts, as he looks at the Inn Refugees. "Everybody please go find safety, Gaz take care of your mother, and I promise after I take out Daraku, we will play one last time, I promise Gaz."

"You're going to fight, Daraku?" Gaz said looking a bit startled.

"Yes Gaz, you believed that this doll was the strongest doll out of all of your toys, that's because this doll was made after the Hero that originally stopped Daraku at the beginning of time; this doll is ageless and timeless and no matter how hard you play with it, the Doll never breaks, you can always count on me, Gaz, now it's time for me to answer everybody's wish and destroy Daraku once and for all, just stay safe and take care of your mother, and I promise, I will return for us to play one last time." Geno said as he took off into the Sky as Gaz waved goodbye to Geno.

"Good luck Geno, save the world." Gaz said calling out to Geno as the other Rose Town Refugees couldn't believe that they saw a Doll come to life to talk and fly in the air, but there were more important things such as trying to stay alive and finding safety away from the Antilight Army.

Mewtwo was fighting the Physical Form of Daraku, as Mewtwo would use his arsenal of Psychic attacks, but would be taken down as Daraku wrapped tentacles around Mewtwo and threw Mewtwo into several buildings as Daraku would drop a orb of Antilight as Mewtwo but Mewtwo would counter with a Psychic Ballas Mewtwo would recover and fire Psychic Blast but Daraku would also fire Antilight Projectiles at Mewtwo as explosions followed as Mewtwo would charge up a Psychic Ball only for Daraku to launch himself like a missile covered in Antilight as Daraku would slam Mewtwo into nearby buildings.

"HAHAHAHAHHA, do you think you stand a chance against my power Mewtwo, you're gonig to wish you stayed in the Test Tube, I will let you know, I left my monstrous form on the Summit of Fimbulventr, and it will slowly consume everything on Fimbulventr and Merge with the Antilight, I've already absorbed Loptr and Loki giving me the strength of Aesir, you and your Purelight Dwellers stand no chance now." Daraku said as he began to charge up for a massive Antilight Blast before a spinning disk of light hit Daraku. "What, who's there?"

"Remember this form, Antilight Demon God." said the voice of Geno as Geno stood in front of Daraku as Daraku looked at the star warrior.

"What, you, so you've come to try to stop me again from covering the Universe with the Antilight, well you're too late. I have almost completed the merger of the Universe with The Antilight, all I need now is to destroy the Purelight, and anyone that tries to get in my way."

"You're wrong Daraku, this fight is just begining, now what do you say we fight." Geno said as Mewtwo recovered and floated alongside Geno as the two stood ready to fight The Antilight Demon God Daraku.

Daraku has managed to find himself in a fight with a being that helped seal his power the first time, can Geno and Mewtwo be the World's last hope, can the rest of the Purelight be restored, or will the Antilight consume the entire Universe, and will Zero be able to get to his friends on time, find out in the next chapter of The Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued.
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 12
The Battle against the Antilight heats up as more heroes look to restore those under possession, but what tricks does Daraku have under his sleeve? find out. All characters belong to their respective owners. 

Mature Content

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The Bonds of Friendship.

There was a stand off in the ruins of Onett as Shulk, Ness, Robin, Lucina, and Roy stood across from the Antilight Possesed Meta-Knight, Marth, Ike, Red, and Lucas as both sides charged at eachother as a full scale battle was underweay. As The fights began Lucina was up against her Ancestor Marth, as the Future Princess fenced with eachother as Lucina saw the Crimson shot eyes of Marth with the mist of the Antilight surrounding him.

"Ancestor, this cannot be your fate, I cannot allow the Power of the Antilight to further corrupt you, I cannot allow the future to be decided." Lucina said as she wiuld slash at Marth with her Falchion Blade as Marth tried to counter to take down Lucina, however, Lucina trained herself to mimic Marth's every move as she would also do the same to counterbalance every attack from Marth. Meanwhile as they continued to duel, Roy was having a clash with the Radiant Mercenary, Ike. 

"Sometimes it's not about having muscles and power, you big oaf, it's about intelligence and having a will to fight." Roy said as he used the Sword of Seals to clash with Ike's Ragnel, as the mercenary would kick Roy in the leg and tried to slash at Roy.

"Power is everything, those that are weak are never able to know what true power is, Master Daraku gave me all of the power I could ever ask for."Ike said only to get a blaze of fire directed his way as Roy would get up with his sword encased in red flames, while's Ike's was encased in Blue as the two warriors charged at eachother leaving a blaze of fire during their clash as both weapons met with eachother. Also Robin was having a Clash with Meta-Knight as the Swordsman was casting spells from his book to attack Meta-Knight with as Meta-Knight used his sword to also clash with Robin's Levin Sword. 

"Try not to use those wings to fly away, stand and fight, Demon." Robin said as he charged up the electricity in his sword to hit Meta-Knight with as the Winged Knight was knocked back but spun itself forward like a Torpedo hitting Robin, damaging him a bit. Robin then extended his hand as particles of fire began to form. ARCFIRE!" Robin shouted as he cast a fireball at Meta-Knight surrounding the dreamland knight ablaze, but Meta-Knight would extinguish himself by spinning in circles like a tornado with his sword above him and nail Robin sending him Flying for a bit, but not before Robin would cast another spell from his book. "ARCWIND!" Robin cried, summooning Green projectiles hitting Meta-Knight with as the two would than continue to exchange attacks with their swords.

Meanwhile Ness was in a battle with Lucas as the Red Capped Psychic Boy was trying to restore the Blonde Boy, Lucas back to normal as he saw the Mist of the Antilight surrounding him. "This isn't the real you, have you forgotten what has happened to you in your life, and the friends that helped make you a stronger person?" Ness asked dodging Lucas's punches and kicks.

"The Antilight made me a stronger person. I never needed friends or a family, all I needed was power, more and more power, to get myself stronger." Lucas said as his voices sounded more demonic as he then shot a fireball out from his fingers, "PK Fire!" 

"PK Fire!" Ness shouted as both fire attacks hit eachother at the same time as Lucas would use his rope snake to tie up and drag Ness by his leg and into the fire as the Blonde would than stomp on Ness's vulnerable legs.

"Now prepare to meet your end Ness, and say hello to Mommy and Tracy." Lucas said as he made an attempt to grab Ness's bat only to hear a voice from behind whack Lucas taking him down.

"BACKSLASH!" cried Shulk as he attacked Lucas with the Manado getting him off Ness, as Shulk helped Ness back up to his Feet. "Are you ok, Ness."

"Yeah i'm fine, Shulk watch out!" Ness cried as he threw himself in front of Shulk knocking the Hom down as Charizard came flying leaving a breath of fire on the ground as Red with the look of Antilight surrounding him was ordering Charizard to attack Shulk.

"Charizard, don't let those Psychic Dweebs get away for hurting my Lucas, Burn them to the bone, Charizard." Red ordered as Charizard was a bit relentless on his pursuit os Shulk, but the Hom showed no fear as he jumped in the air and swung his sword slashing at Charizard twice. "AIR SLASH!" cried Shulk slashing at Charizard sending the Fire Dragon Pokemon to the Ground only to get hit with an electrical surprise attack

"PK THUNDER!" Lucas cried concentrating a electric projectile that hit Shulk in the back.

"Now take a Rock and smash it at Shulk." Red ordered as Charizard grabbed a nearby Rock and smashed it on Shulk with it's own head damaging Shulk as Ness went over and struck Charizard with his Bat causing the dragon to go flying into a nearby rock formation, as Ness walked over to check on Shulk.

"Are you ok?" Ness asked helping Shulk up.

"I've never really felt better." Shulk said as he and Ness would then be joined with Robin, Lucina, and Roy as they looked to have a plan.

"OK guys, now is a good as time as any to use the remaining Purelight Power to cleanse these guys." Lucina looked over as at the others as they nodded.

"Lucina, do you think it will work? Robin asked looking a bit doubtful but trying to keep a bit of hope up.

"It has to, those guys are still our allies, under the possession of the Antilight, and it is up to us now to save them, here they come, this may be our only chance, let's do this you guys." Lucina said taking out the Purelight Crystal that Mewtwo gave her before leaving to deal with the Antilight Forces of Fimbulventr as the Purelight began to surround thr group of fighters as they were transported to another Antilight and Purelight battlefield. 

"The Purelight will cleanse all evil from your minds and return you back to your original state, just allow us to fight whatever control, Daraku and Emi have over you."Robin said as the group would then find themselves transported to what appeared to be the memories of the possessed heroes. Lucas was having a struggle against an Antilight version of himself who was continuing to torment Lucas over the death of his Mother  and Brother, and even letting Red down, as Red found what looked like a man covered in blood, with Red crying over the man.

"The Antilight is preying on Red and Lucas's memories; for Lucas it has to do with his grief over losing his Mother and Brother and for Red it's finding out the fate of his father, and what appears to be clones made up of Antilight has taken over their minds in order to control their bodies." Ness said as he along with Shulk carefully approached the clones in order to reach out to Red and Lucas.

"Red, Lucas please listen to us, The Antilight is preying on your weaknesses in order to control you, trust us The Antilight has preyed upon our weaknesses but the Purelight was able to free us from the taint, please, allow us to cleanse you of the evil before it completely corrupts you, if we can work together we can put an end to this nightmare once and for all." Shulk said as the Clones turned their attention to Ness and Shulk as they charged at the two boys, with Ness and Shul kalso dashing over with Ness attacking Lucas's clone and Shulk combating with the Clone of Red and his Pokemon. The Antilight Lucas would attempt to use a Tenticle to coil Ness but Ness would jump to avoid and hit the Lucas clone with a bat as the clone would recover with a kick to Ness's gut as Ness, slided on the heels of his sneakers as he would concentrate fire with PK Fire but the Lucas clone would absorb it with his PSI Magnet.

"Lucas, listen to me, you are not an evil and violent being, you are a kind and gentle spirit, you and Red are best friends, you traveled with him in the Kalos region and grew as brothers during the time you guys went looking for me after i was turned into a Trophy by Wario, you guys grew close. Red you taught Lucas a lot about Pokemon, you were a mentor to him, you guys helped eachother out, you helped Lucas catch and train Pokemon, he became the Kalos League champion, remember the brotherly bond, the Purelight can cleanse the corruption, try to remember." Ness said as a burst of Purelight hit the Lucas clone and at the same time, while Shulk was using the Manado against the Charizard Clone the same Purelight would hit the Red clone as all of a sudden Red and Lucas found themselves in what appeared to be a bright light.

"R...R...Red, where are we?" Lucas asked as Red came to his senses and looked at his blonde headed friend with a warm smile.

"Lucas, i'm not sure, what happened, all I remember we were back at that gathering place and then we were...." Red said as Lucas ran over and hugged his taller friend.

"I think we were attacked and feel unconscious, and I have this feeling we've caused a lot of people a lot of pain, we're monsters." Lucas said as he began to cry in Red's chest as Red began to stroke Lucas's hair as Red shed a couple of tears too.

"That wasn't us, that was the power of the Antilight, we let that poison prey on our weaknesses and the Antilight took over us, but now it's time for us to put an end to this nightmare, and together we can overcome this." Red said as Lucas pulled back from his hug and nodded as the two surrogate brothers clasped their hands together as the brightness of the Purelight shined over obliterating the clones as the two boys have been restored to their normal selves as they saw Ness and Shulk in front of them.

"Hey Ness, did you...?"

"Yes, me and Shulk used the Purelight to restore you back to your original selves, we were possessed too but we were saved as well."

 "I see, thanks you guys, so Ness, how close have you and Shulk grown as friends so far?" Lucas asked as Shulk put an arm over Ness as Ness smiled.

"Shulk is really cool, he has a funny catch phrase, his hair smells nice and is fun to play with, we even like to prank Robin and Lucina by putting our smelly socks in their faces."

"HAHAHAH, that's hillarious, why don't we try that Red?" Lucas asked as Red went over to giggle with Lucas.

"Of course why don't we get Marth or Ike with our smelly socks?" Red asked as Lucas nodded, as then it hit him.

"I wonder if Marth and Ike have been restored to their former selves?" Lucas thought as Shulk's eyes turned blue as he saw a vision of Lucina fighting Marth and Roy fighting Ike.

"My visions are telling me that Lucina and Roy need some help against Marth and Ike and we need to get to them before it's too late." Shulk said as the other three children nodded as they looked to find where Roy and Lucina were clashing against the possessed Ike and Marth.

"Ancestor listen to me, this isn't you, you were a brave hero in your time, those like my Father, Robin and Myself looked to follow in your footsteps to become heroes, please see the Purelight and allow for it to purify the darkness that has corrupted you." Lucina said using a Purelight beam from the Crystal on the Possessed Marth after avoiding an attack from his Falchion and delivering an attack off guard, as a surge of Purelight would hit Marth as he saw himself surrounded by light. Marth then saw the memories of Shiida and himself living happily together in Altea as Marth soon felt the inner darkness with his past from being betrayed to finding the courage to fight back and save Altea, and now Marth is faced to face with the Antilight version of himself and with the Purelight surrounding him, the Hero Prince was determined to destroy this Antilight abomination of himself. Marth charged fiercely with the Flachion at the Antilight clone of himself, but the clone would attack Marth in a way that would mirror Marth's own moves, as Marth would also counterattack with his own moves taking the clone down a few times. Afterwards Marth defeated his clone and found himself greeted by Red, Lucas, Ness, Shulk, and Lucina. 

"What happened?" Marth asked as he saw Lucina as Marth smiled. "Descendant, what happened?"

"You were under possession of the Antilight, we need to save The Radiant Hero Ike and that winged, masked creature."

"Ike and Meta-Knight." Marth said as he noticed Roy and Robin fighting Ike and Meta-Knight. "Is that...Roy?"

"Yes that is the Lycian General, he came from nowhere to help save our allies." 

"I say let's all join together and save the rest of our friends from the Control of the Antilight." Marth said as a ray of Purelight surrounded him and the others as they would charge at Ike and Meta-Knight, as the Purelight would burst out and hit Meta-Knight and Ike as they would find themselves now confronted by their Antilight clones. Ike was confronted by the guilt of losing his mother and Meta-Knight, failing his duties as a knight, as the two of them was able to defeat their clones restoring themselves back to normal as they awoke to the rest of their allies.

"What happened?" Ike asked as he was trying to come back to his senses.

"You and Meta-Knight were under the control of the Antilight, all of us were but we all were saved." Marth said as he helped Ike up to his Feet.

"Where are the others?" Meta-Knight asked as Lucina approached him.

"The others are probably still under control, Mewtwo took Mario and the others to a place called Mount Fimbulventr to try to stop the Antilight Army from merging a place called, The Inferno from merging with the Antilight." Lucina said as Meta-Knight was gesturing his gloved hands for something. The Halberd began to make it's descent as everybody turned their attention to Meta-Knight.

"Everyone, please get on my Halberd, we can locate anyone in trouble and the rest of our possessed allies that, way, now follow me." Meta-Knight instructed as the others all followed Meta-Knight onto the Halberd; as soon as everybody was on board Meta-Knight would start the Halberd and took to the Sky searching for any of those that are in need of help.

Mount Fimbulventr the Holy Mountain that is tied to the God of Chaos, Aesir stood tall above a city known as Noatun. This mountain is considered by many to be the intersection of The Human Realm, Paradiso, and Inferno, where the first eternity came to pass. At the top of the Mountain stood a White Cloaked being wearing a golden mask was overlooking the city of Noatun below, but then the shadows of the Antilight began to cover the skies as the cloaked figure looked up into the sky to find demons descending from the shadows as they began to attack the city of Noatun below.

"What is going on here, is this the work of that Umbra Witch? The man asked as he was taken down after a Shadow Beast tackled him and found himself at the feet of Bowser and Ganondorf. "Are you monsters from Inferno, down Below?"

"No Balder, we've come to merge Inferno with The Antilight." Bowser said as he and Ganondorf would remove the man's mask revealing a man with long blonde hair with a golden monocle over his left eye.

"How do you know my name, and did you say Antilight?" Balder asked in fear as the another cloaked being appeared behind Balder, whom the Lumen sage recognized. "Help me send these demons back to the Inferno, they mentioned the power of the Antilight."

"Sorry pawn, but it's about time we let this world, fall into the hands, of the true overseer of this world." The Being said as all of a sudden the Antilight began to spread all over Fimbulventr and Noatun below as Balder looked on in horror.

"Have you sold your soul to the Demon God Daraku, I should have known from the start that you had your own agendas, even if it meant damning us Lumen Sages and the Umbra Witches like if were pieces on a Chess Board." Balder sad as Ganondorf would take out his sword and impale Balder with it while Bowser would slash Balder leaving the Lumen sage in a pool of his own blood as Loptr stood over top of the dead Lumen Sage.

"Your love Rosa will be waiting for you, inside Lord Daraku as your souls will be a part of him for all of eternity, now let us make our way to the Gates inside and merge the Inferno with The Antilight." Loptr said as the Voice of Daraku can be heard.

"My followers, it appears that those traitors are on their way to Fimbulventr along with the rest of those heroes including the Umbra Witch who is the Daughter of the Lumen Sage you just killed; I need some of you to stay on top along with the rest of our possessed heroes to keep the Heroes busy, while the rest of you make your way inside the Mountain to find the Gates of Inferno, I will send Majora and the Shadow Queen to deal with Queen Shiba, now hurry I also sense that punk kid Loki with them as well." Daraku said as The Shadow Queen, Majora, and Emi all descended from the Antilight Portal.

"All right then, I along with Bowser, Ganondorf, and their possessed friends will stand here on the Summit of Fimbulventr and stall them; The rest of you, go find the Gates to Inferno and let's merge it with the Antilight." Emi commanded as Loptr lead Bowser, Ganondorf, Shadow Queen, and Majora inside of Fimbulventr to look for Inferno's Gates; and on cue Mewtwo, Mario, Link and the others had arrived at the summit of Fimbulventr.

"Emi please listen to me, Daraku is controlling you, he's manipulating everything the way he sees the world, please listen to me?" Mewtwo said as Emi's eyes glowed crimson.

"Quiet you disobedient Cat, can't you see, it is the Universe's Judgment Day, The Antilight shall cover this entire Universe, The Inferno is all we need now to finish off every one of you pathetic heroes, and destroy the Purelight once and for all." Emi said as Mewtwo returned her gaze.

"I do not Obey you, it is time you learned the truth about what really happened to your Family and Friends, Emi." Mewtwo said as he showed another Flashback this time showing Emi and her parents on a hike in the woods all having a happy time.

"Mommy, Daddy this is so beautiful, I wish every day was like today, full of sunshine and life." Emi said as she and her parents shared a hug as Emi watched and began to speak. "Mommy, Daddy?"

"You see Emi, this was your family, humans; now take a look at what happened later that day, the day the Antilight Army invaded the Earth." Mewtwo said as he showed what happened later that day as dark clouds began to cover the Earth.

"Mommy, Daddy the sky is getting dark, the man on tv said it wasn't supposed to rain." Emi said as she started to hug her father looking scared as all of a sudden Emi's mother had a look of horror on her face.

"There's monsters falling from the Sky, we better run home and lock the doors." Emi's Mother said as she along with her husband and daughter began to run away from the area to make their way back home as fast as they could trying to avoid any of the monsters that was falling from the sky. As they made their way to their house, they looked in horror and found their house on fire. "No our home, our beautiful home." Emi's mother said as she then felt a sharp pain in her body, as a blade came through her body from a hooded figure, as Emi and her father saw in horror.

"MOMMY!" Emi cried as she ran over to her mother with tears in her eyes, just then she heard her father scream, as another blade pierced through his body as blood began to spill from his body, as Emi's father would fall to the ground, as the little girl would find both her parents dead, and her home now a burning inferno as the hooded figured began to corner her in front of her burning home.

"Take her, we need her to help spread the terror." said a voice that sounded like Daraku's as the cloaked figures would grab Emi and abduct her, as Emi looked at the flashback as tears began to form in her eyes.

"Mommy, Daddy, what have I done?" Eni said as all of a sudden she realized what she has been doing. "Those monsters killed my mommy and daddy and burned my home, and they used me to help spread the Antilight." Emi said as she hugged Mewtwo as all of a sudden lightning began to strike.


"The Purelight is able to see through the lies and sins that the Antilight uses to manipulate and able to see through those that you influence, Daraku." Mewtwo said as all of a Sudden Daraku began to descend from the Antilight and took a form of a mortal being made of Antilight.

"You dissapoint me Emi, you were supposed to spread the fear of the Antilight in order to assure my full power is awakened." Daraku said as all of a sudden a small boy with white braided hair, a yellow hooded jacket, orange pants, and green sneakers as Daraku looked at the boy and smiled. "Well if it isn't the other half of Aesir, greetings, Loki."

"The Antilight Demon God, Daraku, so you have finally showed your face after the Gods sealed you inside the Master Core for Millenniums." Loki said as he stands up the Mortal Form of Daraku, as he heard Bayonetta call out to him.

"Little One get away from him." Bayonetta said as Mewtwo extended his hand to prevent the Umbra Witch from interfering.

"He may resemble a little boy, but he is half God, listen Bayonetta, I want you, Mario, Link, Pit and the others to make your way to the Gates of the Inferno before it's too late, Loki, guide them to the gates, I will handle Daraku." Mewtwo said as everybody looked shocked.

"Mewtwo don't, we're not strong enough to fight, Daraku, yet." Bayonetta said as  Mewtwo looked back at the Umbra Witch. 

"Bayonetta, your friend Jeanne is waiting on you, please hurry, if The Antilight Consumes Inferno her Soul will become apart of Daraku." Mewtwo said as Loki took off with the others following the incarnation of Aesir.

"Let's go love, we need to hurry before they consume Inferno with the Antilight." Loki said as Bayonetta along with Emi followed Loki and the other heroes inside Mount Fimbulventr to the Gates of Inferno leaving Mewtwo alone to fight the Antilight Demon God Daraku. 

"I am not afraid of you Daraku, I was cloned from Mew's DNA and was considered one of the most Powerful Pokemon in the world; i'm not sure if I can defeat you, but I will try and prevent you from gaining your full power."

"HAHAHA! Do you think i'm going to let you stand in my way, only to delay the inevitable; just try me Pokemon, I will crush you and the rest of those heroes, I will gain my full power, but if you wish to get in my way, than let's fight." Daraku said as the Demon God stood ready to fight the Cloned Psychic Pokemon, in a showdown of epic proportions.

Heroes have been cleansed of the Antilight, and friendships have been restored, but the time has come to put a stop to Daraku's Ploy, can Mewtwo take whatever is in his power to stop Daraku from succeeding in restoring his full power, or will the Antilight Army succeed in their evil plans in merging Inferno with the antilight? Now that Emi has learned the truth, she has broken free from her possesion of the Antilight, and is now going to aid the Heroes of the Purelight, in their quest to stop the Spread of Antilight, but, has the damage already been done? Find out next time in The Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued.
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 11
Heroes look to restore allies and friends who have been taken over by the power of the Antilight, and regain them their power in order to save them and take the fight to the Antilight, meanwhile the Antilight Army arrives at Fimbulventr to merge Inferno with the Antilight. All characters belong to their respective owners.
The Antilight Grows Darker

The Underworld, a world where only the souls that were banished for their crimes by the gods, dwell. This world is watched over by the Queen of the Underworld Medusa, now free from her control by Hades, Medusa looks to break free and seek her revenge on Palutena and take over the realm of angels, as she was preparing the Underworld Army for an attack.

"Ok Underworld troops, as soon as we have Palutena in her sights we launch our attack and make those angels bleed, and what's left of humanity after this Antilight Invasion, will be turned into stone."

"Foolish Medusa, you think you will turn the very humans that Lord Daraku plans to feast on, into Stone, not if I have anything to say about it." The Shadow Queen said with Dark Pit and an army of Ings, Shadow Sirens, and Twili along side her.

"Shadow Queen, it's been a long time hasn't it?"

"I would've turned this world into a burning inferno if it wasn't for those foolish heroes, now Medusa, get out of my way so I may add the Underworld to the Antilight."

"What, you will not take away, what I worked long for to rebuild, I shall turn you into stone." Medusa said as she used her eyes to create a flash to turn the Shadow Queen into Stone but it had no effect on the Shadow Queen as she laughed at Medusa's attempted attack. "What, how are you not a statue?"

"I am not a mortal being; and my power in invulnerable to your magic tricks; now BURN!" The Shadow Queen opened her eyes and a bolt of lightning struck Medusa setting her head snakes on fire.

"NO, how can this happen?" Medusa asked as Dark Pit took out what looked like an arrow containing Antilight and fired it at Medusa.

"No, this cannot be happening!" Medusa cried as the Shadow Queen summoned a bunch of dead hands to grab and drag Medusa down into the Darkness. as The Hands of the Shadow Queen began to torment Medusa, The Shadow Queen and Dark Pit all began to speak some chant.

"DO SI MEI LAH FU TO ME SU!" chanted both the Shadow Queen and Dark Pit as a Antilight Portal opened up and began to consume the Underworld. "Master Daraku, we offer you all of the lost souls of the Underworld for you to feast on." said the Shadow Queen as a number of screaming spirits would be consumed into the Antilight, which what appeared to thousands of Souls now being consumed by the Demon Daraku.

"Thank you for the offering; now the Underworld and it's thousands of Souls now belong to me, as for now, the Inferno shall be what we will consume next to further expand the Antilight." The voice of Daraku said as The Shadow Queen and Dark Pit retreated back to the Antilight Realm for now.

Meanwhile in the peaceful town of Onett, there was chaos everywhere as Shadow Beasts, and more monsters of the Antilight began to roam wild all over the peaceful town. Among the chaos causers was Onett Resident Ness along with Shulk, Robin, and Lucina but they were under the control of the Antilight. Those that were watching in horror was Ness's Mother and Sister as they saw their son and brother with a look of a boy possessed.

"Ness sweetie, why are you doing this, you're supposed to be a good kid?" asked Ness's mother as Ness had a smile on his face.

"Must destroy Pokey Minch!" Ness said as the Giant Mechon from before known as Metal Face has Pokey Minch encased inside of a energy barrier over top the Minch House.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Minch family, nothing more than a lying bunch of Fat and Greedy Pigs; and their idiot son was lead to believe that weakling Giygas is the most evil being there is, wrong, my Lord Daraku is and now it's time to make an example; Ness, go ahead and slay your Arch Enemy and we'll take care of the rest." Said Emi as she was orchestrating the attack. Lucina would hand Ness her Falchion sword as he would approach Pokey.

"Yes, Pokey is a bully, he must pay with his life." Ness said under possession as memories of being bullied by Pokey Flashed in his mind. 

"He taunted you, mocked you, his greedy family wanted money from you, he betrayed you, he deserves to have his blood spilled all over the Earth for his sins. Now take Lucina's Sword and slice him into Pork Chops." Emi said as Ness was about to take Lucina's Falchion to strike Pokey with before the attack was halted by Mewtwo who used his Psychic powers to knock the sword out of Ness's Hands. "YOU AGAIN, TRAITOR!"

"The real Ness would never Kill another human; even if it was his enemy." Mewtwo said looking at Emi.

"Hm, well let's see what Ness thanks of that; also Shulk, Robin, Lucina, attack the Traitor!" Emi ordered as The Three Swordfighters dashed at Mewtwo with their weapons as Mario, Link, and Pit thwarted the attack.

"Ness, Shulk, Robin, Lucina use this to fight the Antilight." Mewtwo said tossing a Purelight Crystal as the Purelight began to surround the area as Ness, Shulk, Lucina, and Robin all stopped their attacks, mesmerized by the Purelught.

"No step away from the light; it's trying to blind you!" all of a sudden the Purelight transported everybody to a battlefield with light and darkness crossedover as Ness, Shulk, Robin, and Lucina waking up.

"What's going on, where am I?" Robin said as he looked over and saw the others around him. "Hey you guys, do you know where we are at?"

"I have no idea Robin, either that was a dream but it all feels so real." Lucina said as Ness began to tug on Shulk's arm with a look of worry.

"Hey bro; that looks like us, only more eviler." Ness said as Shulk along with Lucina and Robin see what appeared to be Antilight versions of themselves with evil looking smiles.

"You would rather be weak than be strong, have you forgotten what they have done?" said the voice of the Antilight clone of Shulk showing the Mechons killing Fiora and Pokey betraying Ness joining Giygas.

"You are nothing more than evil manifestations of ourselves, it's time we used the Purelight to cleanse the Antilight from our bodies once and for all, let's tip the scales." Robin said as the four heroes dashed over to attack their shadowy doppelgangers. Everybody did battle with their doppelgangers, however the power of the Antilight was over powering them as they felt themselves being crushed under the power of the Antiight.

"You are nothing without the power of the Antilight, now your souls belong to Lord Daraku." said Antilight Shulk as he took the Dark Manado and was looking to strike the real Shulk before Ness intervened. 

"PK Thunder!" Ness cried focusing an electrical attack at the Antilight version of Shulk. "Don't hurt my big brother!" Just then Ness was hit in the leg with the Baseball bat from the Antilight Doppelganger of himself as the Shadowy clone tried to bash Ness's skull in with a bat before Shulk dashed over and back slashed the clone of Ness, as Shulk helped Ness to his feet.

"Are you ok, little buddy?" Shulk asked helping the boy that calls him his big brother up.

"Yeah, though my leg hurts a bit."

"We'll treat that after we help Lucina and Robin." Shulk said as Ness nodded as they dashed over with Ness helping Lucina by firing PK Fire at the Antilight clone of Lucina and Shulk using the Manado to slash at The Clone of Robin helping him out. 

"Thanks for the help."

"It's no problem we're all in this together." Shulk said as the Group looked over as the clones all began to morph into eachother forming some type of creature. "What on Bionis is going on?" Shulk asked as Ness began to tug a bit at Shulk's arm with Shulk providing comfort to his younger friend as the Antilight clones transformed into a Four Headed Bipedal Beast, made out of a swarm of Antilight. "Everyone let's go all out and attack that thing." Shulk said as he, Ness, Lucina, and Robin all lashed out against the Antilight Beast but the beast would breath a breath of Antilight trying to attack the four heroes as they did their best to avoid contact with the attack. The Beast than used tentacles to try to constrict Lucina as Robin would try to cut her free.

"Help, please!" Lucina cried in fear as the Beast opened it's mouth looking to devour Lucina as Robin and Shulk would use their weapons to free Lucina as Ness would focus a thunder attack on the Antilight Beast.

"PK THUNDER" Ness cried as his Thunder projectile would hit the Beast in it's open mouth; stunning it as Shulk and Robin was able to break Lucina Free as they would unload their attacks on the monster. Then a ray of Purelight shined down on the dark swarm of Antilight as the beast found itself weakened, as Mewtwo was using the Power of the Purelight to hold back the Monster.

"Now Finish off the Beast!: Mewtwo cried as Ness, Shulk, Robin, and Lucina charged at the beast only foe a swirl of Antilight blocked the Purelight's Power as it began to absorb the best as they all heard a laugh.

"Do you honestly think you could easily defeat one of my many manifestations; you only got lucky; but now it's time for the real fun to begin" The Voice said as Mewtwo looked over knowing what it was.

"Daraku, Where are you?" All of a sudden the Battlefield was transofrmed again this time showing Onett in Flames and Chaos. "What's going on?" Mewtwo asked as he saw Pokey lying in a pool of blood on the ground. as Ness ran over to his Rival and Neighbor but only to be stopped in his tracks by Metal Face who's sharp claws were covered in Blood.

"AWW what's the mater Psychic Boy; even though you and Pokey hate eachother, you still care for the useless Fatso; either way, it's time that Lord Daraku to have some Human Flesh and Souls to feed on." A Massive Shadowy hand appeared and Grabbed Pokey's dead body and tossed it in the air and the Face of Daraku appeared in the Sky and devoured Pokey, as Ness looked in fear, just then he heard screaming in the area, as he ran over and saw a house on fire, and a Woman's voice calling out for help.

" that you?" A voice said as Ness ran over and saw his Mother and Sister trapped inside their house while it is on fire.

"Mom..Tracey, hang on me and my friends will get you out of here?" Ness said as he and Shulk walk into Ness's burning house only for the Roof to be ripped off by the Hand of Daraku, as the Face of the Antilight Demon God with a wicked smile as everyone stood frozen in fear.

"Time for a nice, HOT FRESH MEAL." Daraku said as his hand grabbed Tracey and Ness's Mom and began to crush their bones with one hand.

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" Ness wasn't able to move, all he could do was watch in horror as his Mother and Sister would then be tossed in the air and then land inside the Mouth of the Antilight Demon God Daraku. as Ness fell to his knees as Daraku licked his demonic face.

"Their Flesh made for a delicious meals and it's too bad Ness, you stood up to Giygas, but I make you fall to your knees as you helpless watch me devour your neighbors and your family; as for you Manado Boy, I have a special Surprise for you." Daraku opened up one of his wings that housed thousands of tortured souls screaming and Daraku pulled out several of them which turned out to be Shulk's Friends from The Bionis, which were Reyn, Sharla, Juju, Dunban, Melia, Riki, and a girl that Shulk remembered.

"No...everyone...F..F.FIORA! You monster, FREE THEM!" Shulk Demanded as all of a sudden the enviroment began to change around Ness and Shulk as they began to hear what sounded like Emi's Voice as Ness and Shulk found themselves spinning around in circles and found themselves falling through air as they fell unconscious after landing inside of what appeared to be a Circus Tent, after about what felt like an Hour Ness began to stir awake.

"Where am I? Is this The Circus, just then Ness looked over at Shulk as began shaking him. "Bro wake up."

"Five more minutes, Fiora!" Shulk said oblivious that Ness is trying to wake him up, as Ness began to tickle Shulk's neck a bit. "HAHAHAHAHAHA, hey i'm really feeling it." Shulk said as he woke up and found himself face to face with Ness. "Oh Ness, what happened?"

"I don't know, one moment I witnessed seeing my Mother and Sister get devoured by that monster, and now we're inside some Circus." Ness said taking a look around the Circus as he felt Shulk's Hand touch his Shoulder.

"I'm sorry about your Family Ness, I have lost all of my friends thanks to that monster and now we have a new goal, to destroy Daraku and put an end to the Antilight once and for all." Shulk said as Ness wrapped his arms around Shulk and buried his face in Shulk's Abdomen, crying. Robin and Lucina also regained consciousness watching Shulk comfort Ness.

"That's really sweet of you Shulk, Ness Really cares for you like a brother." Lucina said as Shulk smiled comforting Ness. Then all of a sudden a laugh was heard as a strange looking Clown began to approach the group with an Aura of Antilight, and Crimson Eyes.

"HAHAHAHA, Hello Children, it's me Darko The Clown and welcome to the Antilight Circus, HAHAHAHAHA!" The Clown said as Ness took Shulk by the hand with Robin and Lucina standing their ground.

"Really, A Clown, come on guys let's take down this Clown." Robin said as the Clown continued to laugh.

"You think i'm a joke, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, i'll show you what it is to be FUNNY! Now let's start the Show." The Clown said as a Swarm of Antilight swarmed around the Clown mutating and transforming him into what looked like a Giant Spider with the Clown's Face as the head of the Spider as it took it's eight legs and approached the group of four. The Four of them acted fast and began charging at the Antilight Clown Spider, with Shulk using the Manado on the legs with Robin using his Magic to attack with, while Lucina played defense, and Ness using his PSI Powers on the Spider, but this Spider had some tricks, as it spat out a stringy web trapping the Four heroes on a Spider Web. The Four Heroes were struggling to free themselves from the Web but the Spider had it's pray has the Clown Spider would walk onto the Web ready to devour the Four heroes. As the Clown opened it's mouth a Beam of Purelight shot out and fired at the Spider, as the one that shot the Purelight was Mewtwo who used his Psychic Powers to free Ness, Shulk, Lucina, and Robin from the web as the Clown Spider would dissolve into the swarm again as Emi would appear.

"You dare interupt My Circus, you will pay." Emi said as Mewtwo would use the Purelight on Emi to create another memory in Emi's mind from her home. "Good Morning Mommy and Daddy." Emi said sitting in a Chair at the table as her mother placed a plate of pancakes on the table as she picked up a fork and knife. "MMMMMM, this looks delicious, mommy."

"Well I just want to make sure these pancakes are delicious for our sweet little girl, your dad has a special surprise planned for us today." Emi's mother said as Emi looked over at her father.

"Really daddy, what is it?" Emi looked over at her father who sat down his coffee and looked over at his daughter.

"We're going out to take a family hike, and have a picnic, and at night watch the stars and make a wish." Emi's father said as she looked over at her father with a smile.

"That sounds like fun, I want to bring my Pokemon toys with me, and maybe I can catch my very own Pokemon." Emi said as her father patted her hair as she began to laugh. Emi was watching the flashbacks and something began to struck her brain. "Mommy, Daddy."

"Yes Emi this is your family, you spent the morning getting ready for a hike with your family, now let me show you what happened after you and your family ate breakfast and went outside." Mewtwo said as Emi and her parents all were wearing backpacks on their backs as they began to make their way to the hiking path that they were about to take.

"Emi, sweetheart I want to give this to you, I know how much you love Pokemon and it's a gift from Professor Birch from Hoenn." Emi's father handed Emi a Pokeball and Emi had a look of both shock and excitement.

"You mean...." Emi takes the ball and opens it and out of the ball came a Mudkip, as Emi smiled and hugged her first ever Pokemon. "It's so cute, I love it. thank you so much Daddy." Emi said as she hugged her father, ad her mother also hugged her as well making a family hug, as memories started to flow through Emi's mind. "Mommy and Daddy gave me that Mudkip, why do I...."

"EMI, do not let these false memories cloud your judgment, this is a lie, I am your real family." Daraku said as Mewtwo would stretch his hand in front of Emi.

"Daraku, stop poisoning this child, she has a family, a family that YOU took from her, and you brainwashed her to spread fear across the Universe, you are nothing more than a monster, and the Purelight will destroy the Antilight once and for all." Mewtwo said as all of a sudden an Antilight projectile hit the projected memory shattering it, as Emi found her self back to serving Daraku.

"Emi, we must return, and continue our invasion, you are needed in Inferno, now Emi." Daraku said as an Antilight Portal opened and Emi walked through it with Mewtwo looking over at Emi, making her escape.

"Continue to shatter her memories and manipulate her for your own cowardly purposes, but soon she will know the real truth, and her heart will over come your darkness, we swear to you on that." Mewtwo said as he looked over at Shulk, Ness, Lucina, and Robin, as they found themselves teleported back to Onett which is now a wasteland of ruins.

"We're back in Onett, except there is nothing but destruction, just like Colony 6." Shulk said over seeing all of the damage caused by the Antilight Army.

"Mom, Tracey, even Pokey i'm sorry I couldn't save you, I knew we wouldn't stand a chance, which is why we need to get stronger and put an end to this nightmare once and for all." Ness said determined after witnessing his mother and sistter be devoured by Daraku, Ness has made it clear that he wants to help defeat Daraku and make him pay for the destruction he has caused as he looked over at Shulk, Robin, and Lucina, as Lucina just remembered something.

"I just noticed something you guys, Shulk said he saw his friends suffering inside of Daraku's Cape along with Ness's Family, I saw my Father in there as well, he killed my father." Lucina said as Robin had a look of shock on his face.

"Chrom is dead, one moment he was with us, but...we've been under control by Emi, how did?" Robin said confused as Mewtwo and the others approached the group.

"Emi is going to Mount Fimbulventr, with the rest of the Antilight Army to merge that with the Antilight, we need to try and put a stop to them, the Antilight's power would be so powerful that there would be no hope in stopping them." Mewtwo said as the four youngsters nodded as Mewtwo tried to open a portal, but then all of a sudden another Antilight Portal as Marth, Ike, Meta-knight, Red, and Lucas dropped out of the portal and looked over as Lucina, Robin, Ness, and Shulk.

"Ancestor, you along with the Radiant Hero, and the rest of your allies have been infected with Antilight, well we'll make sure to save you guys." Lucina said drrawing her Falchion as Marth did to.

"We're outnumbered 5 to 4, are you sure we can take them on?" Robin said looking over at the disadvantage they have, as Lucina looked at Mewtwo who was opening a portal.

"Mewtwo, where are you going?"

"I'm opening a portal to Paradiso, even though the Lumen Sages are enemies of Bayonetta, she told me her Father is a Lumen Sage that was betrayed and we need to use it's light to expand the Purelight, if we have any hope in combating the Antilight." Mewtwo said opening a Portal, as Bayonetta readied her weapons to prepare for any attacks from any Angels, as she, Mewtwo, Mario, Link, Pit, Palutena, Rosalina, Peach, Zelda, Yoshi, and Kirby made their way to the portal leaving Ness, Shulk, Robin, and Lucina to take on, Meta-Knight, Marth, Ike, Red, and Lucas at a 4 to 5 disadvantage.

"I guess we have no choice that to fight, ok we may be down, but we can't let them defeat us." Lucina said as all of a sudden a Blaze of fire appeared and made contact with Marth as the one who used the fire, appeared to be a red haired swordsman, wielding his sword looking at the possessed heroes.

"It's never a fair fight even if your one man down. Heir to the throne, it is I Roy." Roy said as Lucina and the others looked at the Red haired swordsman with Ness looking over remembering the swordsman from the Melee Days.

"Your the Lycian General, it's a good thing you showed up, now we have a fair fight, but how did you get here?" Lucina asked as Roy readied the Binding Blade.

"I'll explain later, we need to restore Marth, Ike, and their allies and save them from the Antilight." Roy said, as they all charged at the Antilight possesed heroes.

The Antilight continues to expand in more dark and twisted ways; families have been destroyed and many lives have been taken by Daraku, Emi under his control, and now their sights set on The Inferno. Is there any hope for the Heroes of the Purelight, and can Mewtwo get Paradiso to merge with the Purelight, and can the possesed heroes be restored to their normal states; and where did Roy come from? Stay tuned for the next chapter of The Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued.
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 10
The Antilight continues to grow stronger and more destruction falls to Earth. All characters belong to their respective owners.
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The Questions I was asked

1. what makes me and my art so good/bad (or just give an opinion or something idk)? you make amazing Vanguard ?Art of Aichi, Kamui, Kai, Miwa, and Misaki

2. which do u prefer: anime/manga/drama cd/live action drama/light novels/ONA/radio show/others, etc?~~ i have no idea

3. favourite colour or colours? Blue and White

4. ships (canon, fandom, OC, HOWEVER U WANT IT, GO SHIP IT) that u r just shipping SO SO MUCH cuz u r SO SO into them and they r SO SO PERFECT?~~~  OR NOTHING BEATS BEING SINGLE and u think that being single is really better than ships?~ I'd rather not say

5. what do u think of traps? arent they cute? ARENT THEY CUTE??!! You mean like trapping someone into something, a Mouse Trap

6. lets be honest~ do u think u deserve to go to heaven or hell?~ Heaven

7. would u consider urself an average or above artist?~ I'm a Writer

8. um...hows ur day? amazing

My Questions, i'm bad at trying to make them up

1. What gets on your nerves the most?

2. How hot is it?

3. Do you like Donuts or Cake Pops?

4. What are you looking forward to most?

5. A nice drink on a hot day?

6. What is you most guilty pleasure?

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Desperate Times

The Antilight was starting to cover the Earth at a slow but dangerous pace, humans and other beings all over the world were starting to see this Darkness develop and monsters dropping out of the shadows to attack any innocent civilian. The Power of the Antilight was also draining the energy of humans everywhere as they began to feel helpless against it's power as the pores of the Antilight begin to enter the bodies of any human that is standing under the veil of Antilight. Back at the Gathering Hall the Antilight has made it's way through the barriers that tried it's best to block it, but failed as most of Nintendo's Greatest Heroes have been infected with the Antilight, and they were moving like Zombies. But only a select few have been saved Mario along Link, Pit, Yoshi, Kirby, Pit, Peach, Zelda, Rosalina, Palutena, and Viridi watching in disbelief, as they witnessed their allies, under control by the Antilight.

"Our allies have been taken over by the power of the Antilight, we need them to restore the Purelight. Palutena said, as they heard the voice of Emi, the little girl, that's been orchestrating everything laughing at what she is doing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Where is your precious Purelight plan now; you failed hard, now prepare to serve Lord Daraku FOREVER!" 

"You listen here, you're still a human, and a spoiled brat at the most." Viridi said to Emi as the Possessed Child approached the Goddess of Nature.

"You dare to call me spoiled, you hate humans and punish them with your reset bomb all because they're messing up your precious nature, isn't that right Viridi?"

"Maybe, but we all share the common enemy in Daraku, and as for you Emi, you're a human possessed by Daraku, your parents were killed and...." before Viridi was finished a ball of Dark Energy struck her  knocking down the Nature Goddess.

"Never ever speak about me having any Human relations, you may be a Goddess but the power of the Antilight, can destroy even the mightiest of Gods; enough talk, minions, finish them off, right now!" Emi ordered, as all of a sudden time itself began to freeze, as Chronos the God of Time came through a portal and approached Mario and his allies.

"Mario, I have stopped the flow of time so you and your allies can gather the objects to reform the Purelight, grab them and hurry through the portal to Subtime, Time will be restored and I can't hold this forever, so get moving."  Chronos ordered As Mario, Link, Pit, Yoshi, and Kirby dashed over to grab the following The Krazoa Spirits which were held inside of a Krazoa Stone, The Sound Stone with the Eight Melodies, The Azure Flute, The Sools, and the Luminoth Crystals. After gathering them and the Star Rod they along with The Princesses and the Two Goddesses all followed Chronos through the Portal to Subtime as Time returned to normal with Emi breaking free from being temporarily frozen in time. 

"So that time God thought he could freeze time just to get the Purelights formed, well then looks like i'll half to send my Master's Right and Left Hands to follow them adn crush them; come my pets, let us go and terrorize the very world that you tried so hard to save." Emi said as she lead the Possessed Heroes out of the Gathering Hall as Chronos and the remaining heroes all found themselves in the Realm of Subtime.

"Lord Permissible, we have returned with the things needed to restore the Purelight."

"It's about time; please hurry, I feel the power of the Antilight already starting to break through here." Permissible said as he pointed out what looked like the Antilight cracking through the skies of Subtime." There isn't much time, get the items, and let's bring the fight to the Antilight." Mario and his allies gathered the Luminoth Crystals, the Sools, and The Rod and activated them together along with releasing the Krazoa spirits around them. "Now can one of you take the Flute and play it to the melody of the eight melodies and can someone sing the lyrics?"

"My ancestor played the Ocarina to go through time to defeat Ganondorf, I can try the Eon Flute." Link said picking up the Eon Flute.

"The First Zelda, was able to sing a song about the Gods, and being the reincarnation of Hylia, her voice is my guide, and i'll look at the words and sing them." Zelda said picking up the Sound Stone.

"Zelda activate the Sound Stone so Link can remember how the sound goes and he can record it on the Eon Flute than at the same time, Zelda, you can start to sing the Lyrics." Permissible said as Link and Zelda both looked at the Sound Stone as they activated a Beautiful Melody from the stone as the Two Hylians closed their eyes and let their long ears listen to the sound. After the Melody ended Link looked at the Notes and began to play them on the Eon Flute as Zelda let her voice be heard.

"Take a melody, Simple as can be Give it some words and Sweet harmony Raise your voices, All day long now, Love grows strong now Sing a melody of love Oh, love. Love is the power Love is the glory Love is the beauty And the joy of spring. Love is the magic Love is the story Love is the melody We all can sing." Zelda sang while Link played the Melody on the Eon Flute as all of a sudden beams of light began to swirl around them.

"This is it, the Purelight, it's reforming, Rosalina, Palutena, Viridi, do you know the Chant?"

"Yeah, Yeah, we remember the silly chant, well maybe not Rosalina but me and Palutena do, so try to follow along Rosalina." Viridi said as they all gathered to make some chant. "Light of the Purelight, protect us from the wicked of the Darkness of the Antilight; Light of the Purelight, please save us from your eternal enemy, Daraku."

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" said a voice as both Master and Crazy Hand had found a way into Subtime.

"It's Master and Crazy Hand and it appears that they both are under the control of the Antilight; we can't let them stop the Purelight from forming.

"Mario and I will give these Hands a Handful, let's do this." Pit said making a bad pun as Mario nodded as the Angel and the Heroic Plumber all made their way to Master and Crazy Hand ready to fight. As The Goddesses continued to make the chant to restore the Purelight until all of a sudden some shooting was heard which broke the Goddesses concentration.

"Now what?" Palutena asked as a figure, flying in the sky came down and a gate opened and a shadowy foot stomped on the ground knocking everyone back. The figure descended and it appears to be a woman with black glasses, a mole on her face, black hair and wearing a black outfit wielding two pistols and even had some pistols mounted on her shoes; and had a lollipop in her mouth. "Who are you?"

"The name is Bayonetta, I am an Umbra Witch, and you appear to be connected to the Lumen Sages?" The woman said as she stared at the Goddess of Light.

"Lumen Sages, i'm afraid i've never heard of those before, we're trying to restore the Purelight to save the world from the power of the Antilight, and you interrupted us."

"Oh my apologies, it's just i at the clothing and the light, it made me think you were one of those damned Lumen Sages."

"Excuse me, this is a Family Story, can you please watch the language, and also would you please tell us what these Lumen Sages are?"

"Well little girl, if you want to know, Lumen sages are a group of light dwelling angels that protect a realm known as Paradiso, and my Father was a Lumen Sage and my Mother was an Umbra Witch; however their pact together caused a war between both clans that engulfed Europe in chaos with the Umbra Witches eliminating just about most of the Lumen Sages, all except for my Father, Balder." Bayonetta explained as Palutena, Viridi, and Rosalina listening to her story.

"So you're a witch born from both a Lumen Sage and a Umbra Witch, and it caused a war between the two clans; don't you think there needs to be peace between the two clans?" Palutena asked as Bayonetta twirled the Lollipop in her mouth. 

"My Father was corrupted by Loptr, a being that represents half of the God of Chaos: Aesir; he was the one who orchestrated the Witch Hunts and to kill every last Umbra Witch, and I became the Target of those Angels, as My Father looked to resurrect Jubileus, to allow Pardiso to rule over the Universe."

"So Aesir was the reason behind your hatered for us Angels; listen, we can understand your grudge, but we are not your enemies, we are trying to prevent the powerful Antilight from consuming the Entire Universe, and defeat the Demon God Daraku." 

"Did you just say, Daraku? I believe i've heard something about an evil God that wanted to consume the Universe with Antilight, but only thought it was just a Fairy Tale us Umbra Witches heard about, so if you Goddesses are not with the Lumen Sages than I will go ahead and let you go back to forming your Purelight, though some little girl told me that you were Lumen Sages working to try to banish us Umbra Witches with your Purelight."

"Who told you that?"

"I believe her name was, Emi."

"That Emi is a little girl that is being controlled by Daraku; her Family was taken by the Antilight Army and Daraku is using Emi to help spread terror to all of humanity."

"That's terrible, i hope there's a way we can save this little girl, for now, restore this Purelight so we may put an end to Daraku's ploy once and for all." Bayonetta said as Palutena, Viridi, and Rosalina once again made their chant.  "Light of the Purelight, protect us from the wicked of the Darkness of the Antilight; Light of the Purelight, please save us from your eternal enemy, Daraku." They chanted as some lightning began to spark around them as they would see a glowing light, shine all around them.  Master Hand and Crazy Hand was overpowering Mario and Pit and were making their way towards the platform that the Purelight was reforming at, but all of a sudden Bayonetta's Weaves created the form of two giant hands and punched both Master Hand and Crazy Hand sending them both flying. After that the entire surroundings began to morph together and feel like they are becoming merged with the light side of the Twilight Realm, Light Aether and just about every world that represents light as the Power of Purelight began to shine around the fighters as Master Hand and Crazy Hand both retreated back to the Antilight.

"We did it we have restored the Antilight!" Palutena said as Permissable approached them.

"We have restored the Power of the Purelight, now it is time we take the fight to the Antilight, and put an end to their evil, but first we need to restore your comrades that have been taken over by the power of the Antilight.

"Right, so we just make our way back to the Gathering Hall and use the Purelight to restore everybody back to normal?" Rosalina said as Permissable shook his head.

"Unfortunately Emi has taken our allies out of the Gathering Hall and is using them to wreak Havoc all over the world, while under Daraku's control."

"We need to find where they are and restore them immediately before they cause anymore damage; I hope we're not too late." Palutena said as Mario and Link made their way to the platform as everyone nodded in agreement.

"Right now our allies have been separated into different parts of our world causing Havoc; the first group we need to save is Robin, Lucina, Shulk, and Ness they are attacking Ness's Hometown of Onett, and Ness's Family is worried for him, we need to restore him along with Shulk, Robin, and Lucina."

"What about Mewtwo, he's more important in helping us?" Rosalina asked as Permissible looked over at Bayonetta.

"Umbra Witch, if you want to truly prove that you are a trustworthy ally, than please use some of the power of the Purelight to restore Mewtwo, he has been a leader to everybody in the fight against the Antilight, and we really need to restore him back to his old self." Permissible said as Bayonetta looked at the lord of Subtime, unsure what to do.

"Who is this, Mewtwo?" Bayonetta asked while licking a Red Lollipop.

"Mewtwo is a Psychic Pokemon and one of the most strongest Pokemon ever, he is a clone of the Pokemon Mew, I can't explain in full detail, just take this Purelight Crystal and use it on Mewtwo to restore him back to his old self, i'll open a portal to send you at the location he is at right now." Pemissible said creating a portal as Bayonetta ran over to the portal and found her self inside the Cathedral like Kalos Pokemon League, however it was in ruins after the attack from the Antilight Army.

"Reminds me of Vigrid in a way." Bayonetta said as she began to hear a noise, and saw a Bipedal Cat Creature with the Antilight surrounding it. "So you must be Mewtwo, well than, looks like it looks like it's up to me to make this Cat, behave. Bayonetta said as she took out er pistols and began shooting at Mewtwo as Mewtwo would use it's psychic powers to dodge the bullets.

"HAHAHAHA! So Umbra Witch, you've decided to help those heroes out, well let me tell you something, you will never restore Mewtwo." said Emi appearing behind Mewtwo.

"We'll see about that, Little one; i'm not here to kill, i'm here to save."

"You think you can save a Pokemon with an evil heart, HAHAHAH take a look for yourself." Emi said as she and Bayonetta were transported to the Island where Mewtwo resides in, as several Trainers and their Pokemon were under attack by Mewtwo. 

"Hey you, it's time for you to be brought back to reality, you are a hero that's supposed to lead heroes, to save the world." 

"I am no hero, I am Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon in the world, and my intentions are to destroy this world."

"Well my intentions is to whip a Naughty Cat like, and I can see your under the control of the Antilight." 

"I am under no control, I am in charge of my own destiny; now prepare to be destroyed." Mewtwo saud firing a Psychic Ball at Bayonetta's Direction, but the Umbra Witch would jump in the air and avoid the attack and then tossed a Purelight Crystal and activated it's power, as Purelight began to surround the area. "What is this, no, NOOOOO!" Mewtwo screamed as Mewtwo's eyes went back to normal and he looked over at the power that was surrounding him. "The Purelight, it's..."

"NO; you are under my control, now destroy that Umbra Witch!"

"No one controls me, especially you Emi, you should not allow yourself to be under Daraku's control; It was him that killed your parents." Mewtwo said as Emi looked over at Mewtwo as something flashed through her eyes.

"Mommy, Daddy, how did you....No my only family is......." Emi was starting to feel conflicted as Purelight surrounded her as she saw a vision of a Little House in a Little Village with hills, trees, and everybody is friendly. There lived the same little girl, in her house playing with Pokemon Toys.

"Jigglypuff can sing, and so can I; one day I want to find a Jigglypuff, be it's friend and become a singer, everyone will love our duet, I can imagine it now. "The Light, as bright as the sun, looking through my window and seeing my friends have fun. Bright Blue Skies, tall trees and birds flying up above; taking into the beauty of the world I love." sang Emi as she heard a voice call out to her.

"Emi, time for breakfast?" called out a voice as Emi put down her toys and moved away from the window. 

"Coming Mommy." The girl said as she made her way downstairs as the Present Emi began to shake her head in and tried to stop the memory. "No this isn't real, this is only an illusion; how can that vile light, create such a false memory?"

"That is no False memory; that is your home, before it was destroyed by Daraku; try to remember, your love of Pokemon, Your Family and Friends, your dreams of becoming a singer."

"No, I will not listen to you, I will go back to Master Daraku and continue to consume this world with Antilight, just because you broke the Power of the Antilight, doesn't mean you can save the others; this world will belong to Lord Daraku, and every soul from every race in this Universe will belong to Master Daraku as well, try to play your mind games the best you can; because it's already to late." Emi said as she dissapeared into a Portal of Antilight as Mewtwo and Bayonetta looked at eachother.

"Thank you for saving me; I was able to be saved because deep down in my mind, I was struggling to fight the hold Emi had over me.

"It was no problem; though at first Emi tried to Manipulate me thinking you Purelight Heroes were against my Clan known as the Umbra Witches."

"We don't even have any idea what Umbra Witches are, the true enemy is Daraku and the Antilight, for now I need to rejoin the others so we can save the rest of our allies."

"Right, however my dear friend Jeanne is trapped in the Inferno and I need to save her."

"The Inferno; what is the Inferno?"

"It's pretty much Hell, where all of us Witches go for making a pact with the Devil."

"Similiar in a way to the Underworld, ruled by Hades; in any case, if you help us stop the Antilight Invasion, we can help you free your friend from this Inferno place."

"Ok it's a deal."Bayonetta said as she and Mewtwo nodded together. Meanwhile back in The Antilight Realm, Everyone had gathered around as they had Eavesdropped on Bayonetta's conversation with Mewtwo.

"Did you hear that, Lord Daraku; apparently there's this realm called Inferno, where Evil Souls gather in the Afterlife; I think there's a chance we can merge their world with our's and the Antilight will be so strong, that those Purelight Heroes will fall to their knees at our might." said Majora, looking over as Daraku's Voice could be heard.

Indeed, We must make our way to Mount Fimbulvter, and take the Inferno and make it a part of the Antilight, in the meantime, Shadow Queen, I want you to go to the Underworld, and kill Medusa; we can merge the Underworld with the Antilight as well, and I want every purgatorial soul, for myself; as soon as that;s done, we finished off this Universe, by covering the Entire Universe with the Antilight." Daraku said as all of his minions nodded ready for their next move.

The Purelight has bee nrestored, and with new allies joining, it looks like there might be some hope; however, the Antilight Army is looking to further expand; what plans does Daraku have that involves both The Underworld and Inferno; and what about Emi, what else will we find out about her origins, and how she became affiliated with Daraku? More answers to the questions will be revealed in the next chapter of The Antilight Invasion."

To Be Continued.
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 9
Can the heroes restore the Purelight, now that their allies have been taken over by the Power of the Antilight. All characters belong to their respective owners.
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The Questions I was asked

1. what makes me and my art so good/bad (or just give an opinion or something idk)? you make amazing Vanguard ?Art of Aichi, Kamui, Kai, Miwa, and Misaki

2. which do u prefer: anime/manga/drama cd/live action drama/light novels/ONA/radio show/others, etc?~~ i have no idea

3. favourite colour or colours? Blue and White

4. ships (canon, fandom, OC, HOWEVER U WANT IT, GO SHIP IT) that u r just shipping SO SO MUCH cuz u r SO SO into them and they r SO SO PERFECT?~~~  OR NOTHING BEATS BEING SINGLE and u think that being single is really better than ships?~ I'd rather not say

5. what do u think of traps? arent they cute? ARENT THEY CUTE??!! You mean like trapping someone into something, a Mouse Trap

6. lets be honest~ do u think u deserve to go to heaven or hell?~ Heaven

7. would u consider urself an average or above artist?~ I'm a Writer

8. um...hows ur day? amazing

My Questions, i'm bad at trying to make them up

1. What gets on your nerves the most?

2. How hot is it?

3. Do you like Donuts or Cake Pops?

4. What are you looking forward to most?

5. A nice drink on a hot day?

6. What is you most guilty pleasure?

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Enjoy my fanfiction review and tell me what you think also i'm not a good artist at all so I would be happy to request Art if anyone asks also I don't do photogrophy I have no camera for that and I really do want to make some friends so get at me and i'll be happy to talk to you

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Send This To All Your Friends, And Me If I Am 1.
If You Get 7 Back You Are Loved!
1-3 you're bad friend
4-6 you're an ok friend
7-9 you're a good friend
10-& Up you're loved
PrinceofPrestige Featured By Owner 3 days ago
sorry no chains; want to rp
BubbleIce720 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok sorry... ^^; , Sure 
PrinceofPrestige Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Red and Lucas or Ninten and Loid
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