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A Call to the Gods

Master Hand, Palutena, Rosalina, and Viridi all entered what appeared to be a large hall with a marbel floor and stone pillars; awaiting them was several other God like beings as Master Hand led the three females to the center as they were met with several others.

"We have arrived here with the others; two of them are participating in the Tournament, the other is just apart of the Guidance; anyways it's time we all assembled; my brother Crazy Hand has gone insane, he is helping Bowser and Ganondorf, restore the Antilight; and if that happens are greatest enemy Daraku will be free from the Master Core and this Universe will be in Mortal Danger." Master Hand said as several other God like beings descended. One of them was a White Horse like creature, There were three Goddesses with different colored hairstyles, and several others.

"Master Hand, we've also sensed the same thing; but as evil as both Bowser and Ganondorf are; they are weak compared to the power Daraku has, if anything their being manipulated by the power of the Antiligh; right now they are on Mount Coronet trying to free Giritina, the very Pokemon I banished to the Distortion World."

"Not to mention, they have been using Crazy Hand to open portals throughout time and space so they can reform the Antilight by leaving Subspace Bombs in the very realms that were seperated from the Antilight; and we can sense their presence there as well, Arceus."

"This is so absurd, living hands, and Pokemon Gods; what's next Pigs are going to fly?" Viridi said very rudely.

"You know Viridi; we could very well banish you to the Underworld for the crimes you have committed in the affairs of humanity; but since we're all the enemies of Daraku; it's about time we all got together and come up with a plan to save our Universe before it is destroyed." Arceus said as Viridi crossed her arms.

"Fine, i'll help in the fight against Daraku; besides it's better then spending eternity with Hades." 

"Well now that you're a team player; it's time we discuss the plan; we need to get the Purelight merged; right now Daraku's presence is already reshaping the Antilight as we seek so we need to find the worlds that are connected to the Purelight and merge them quickly before the Antilight is fully reformed."

"Well we need to think about who or what contains the purest of light; maybe Skyworld?" Palutena suggested as Arceus approached her.

"Perhaps we could use the Realm of Angels as a base for Purelight, but we're going to half to find a way to connect the worlds together; and since the Daraku's underlings and Crazy Hand are using Subspace Bombs and are using Hoopa to merge the worlds together, than we need to come up with a way to merge the worlds that are connected to the Purelight.

I Have a strong feeling that after the Antilight is formed, Daraku's power will expand until all light is consumed; e need to take every action we can to make sure that they can take no light from us and fight back with the Purelight; the Twilight Realm is half light half shadows we can try to borrow light from their world, and Light Aether can provide us with light; but it won't be enough.

"Wait a second; that Blue Robot boy who entered the Smash Tournament, Mega Man; he has a creator named Dr. Light; his brilliance can perhaps create portals that can merge the worlds together."

"Dr. Light, the name itself sounds like it can truly work; but he creates robots; we're going to need to get him to join forces with another Scientist, but who?" Arceus thought as everyone was gathered around the Roundtable that strangely had a TV Screen in the Center watching all of the Super Smash Bros Action. They were watching Mega Man in battle with Donkey Kong, Villager and Marth; A Final Smash Ball appeared as the four competitors all fought for the Smash Ball, as Mega Man would obtain it and shot out what appears to be a portal as Megaman and four other robots that resembled Mega Man all unleashed a powerful wave of energy hitting Donkey Kong knocking him out of the arena.

"Were those other forms of Mega Man?" Palutena asked as Master Hand loomed over to the Goddess of Light.

"Mega Man's Final Smash; is where he gathers other variations of Mega Man throughout time and space; those are X, Legends, .EXE, and Starforce. However both .EXE and Starforce come from an alternate Universe parallel to the timeline where the Mega Man who joined the fight came from. .EXE was created by a scientist named Yuichiro Hikari who created this version of Mega Man; after his oldest son, Hub Hikari dies at birth due to a Heart Condition, but somehow was able to take Hub's Spirit and create it in the form of the Net Navi known as Mega Man."

"Net Navi; are you saying this Megaman is going to shout HEY and LISTEN over and over again." Viridi said as Master hand poked her head. "OW!"

"Net Navis are way different than that Navi; Net Navis reside in the Cyber World which is made up of the Internet in their dimension; Net Navis can interact and befriend Humans as they can send them data, help them with Kid's Homework, and even battle with them."

"Sort of like what Pokemon are."

"Indeed Arceus, but since Net Navis share human traits, it makes them easier to communicate with, not taking anything away from Pokemon which are great friends and fun to play with; but their dimension just has more advancements in technology." Palutena said as Master Hand loomed over as the hand thought of something.

"I just remembered; there's a realm that's opposite of Subspace, I remember Tabuu mentioning something about the world of Subtime, and how he sought out to destroy it."

"A Subtime realm; I never knew that." Palutena said in amazement.

"Subspace was left behind from the remains of the Antilight, as it served as the base to restore the Antilight once those who share the blood of Daraku found the keys in reforming the Antilight. Since Tabuu took control of Subspace; he sought out to rule the worlds unaware that he was trespassing in the remains of the reality Daraku sought out to create. The Subtime Realm was left behind and would serve as the base to restore the Purelight, as it is a realm that controls all of the timezones and even keeps track of alternate universes, like for example Hyrule and it's out of order timeline. I think I know of a way to access the realm of Subtime; and if we can find away to merge the realms of Purelight, together we can take down Daraku's forces." Master Hand said as everyone nodded in agreement. "Follow me everybody, hopefully the Lord of Subtime; Permissible will be willing to accept the merger." Master Hand said as the Gods all hollowed Master Hand out of the Temple. 

"Wait before we go, what about Megaman?" Palutena asked as Master Hand just remembered.

"Oh yeah that's right; somebody's going to half to go and find Dr. Light but at the same time get him to meet Dr. Yuichiro Hikari; his father Tadashi Hikari is the counterpart to Dr. Light; but we can get them to meet once we make our way to the Subtime Realm, that way it can be a lot easier to get them to meet eachother and be able to explain it to them more effectively." Master Hand said as Palutena nodded as the Gods would make their leave and head to the Subtime Realm.

Meanwhile in the past, at the Lunar Sanctum; Chronos, Pit, and Dark Pit found the back entrance to the Lunar Sanctum to where the Chaos Kin was located; all of this looked familiar to both Pit and Dark Pit.

"Well boys; does this look familiar to you?"

"Yeah, on the other side myself and Palutena broke in here to take down Arlon and destroy the Lunar Sanctum to stop Viridi from using this place to destroy Humans. Celebii; really knew where to take us."

"We also fought here as well; but now we're working together to destroy the Chaos Kin before it Daraku's Henchmen has a chance to free it." Dark Pit said as the two Pits and the God of Time noticed several Koopa Troppas, Paragoombas, Hammer Bros, and One of Bowser's Airship'sin the distance attacking the Lunar Sanctum. "Oh no; we're too late, it's Bowser's Army."

"Let's fight through them, besides it's easy to kill a Goomba by stomping on their heads." Pit said as he took out his Upperdash arm and began firing projectiles at Goombas and Koopas.

"In that case then i'll join you as well, light me." Dark Pit said taking out the Electroshock Arm and firing electric projectiles at Goombas and Koopas. The Two Pits were able to combat the attacking troops; until Dark Pit was hit be a magical projectile from a Magikoopa on a Broomstick.

"Teeheehee! Silly Angels; did you now think we we're expecting you; The Children have found their way in."

"We'll stop them no matter what; and we'll take you out, witch!" Pit said shooting at the Magikkopa.

"I'll over you, ELECTROSHOCK!"" Dark Pit charged at the Magikoopa knocking it off it's broom. "Come on, that's the way in, let's hurry before the Power of Flight runs out." The Two Pits flew over toward tentrance to the Prison, holding the Chaos Kin.

Inside the Prison, Bowser Jr, and the Koopalings were searching the Holding Cells, looking for the Chaos Kin, practically turning the Prison Upside Down.

"Uh nothing but a bunch of weird animals in here, but luckilly we destroyed them with our weapons." Larry said, with a smile

"Junior, are you sure King Dad and Uncle Ganondorf said that this Chaos Kin is inside this Prison, my Feet are killing me."

"Wendy, if you didn't wear those stupid Heels all the time maybe you wouldn't complain so much."

"Shut up Ludwig, before I take my heels and tear your hair up with it."

"Hey, stop arguing let's get back to the task at hand; hold up I hear something, in one of these cells." Junior said as he started to approach a cell in the far back and found a strange, insect like creature looking like it's wants to break free from the cell. "I wonder if this is it?" Then all of a sudden both Pit and Dark Pit entered the prison with their weapons drawn. 

"Koopalings; do not release the Chaos Kin, because we're here to stop you, in the name of all things light." Pit said in his usual dorky matter as everybody sweatdropped while Bowser Jr. approached Pit.

"I suggest you take those wings and flap your way back to your nest; because soon the light will be consumed by the Antilight." Bowser Jr, then looked over at Pit with a smile. "You, Dark Angel; you look like you would make a perfect ally in our crusade, Join Us?"

"Never; I serve no one, but myself."

"But you're serving Viridi." Pit said as Dark Pit kicked Pit in his knee. "Ow my knee, why did you do that for?"

"Two opposites, trying to co exist but in reality they can't; you Dark Angel, should join us; after all those who oppose the light; are those who share the blood of Daraku."

"I was created from Pandora's Mirror of Deceit; I am no pawn of the Antilight; and you will find that out; you spoiled brat.

"In that case; Ludwig, come and assist me; the rest of you, break that Cell Door now." Bowser Jr. ordered, as Roy, Wendy, Morton, Larry, Iggy, and Lemmy would use their cannonballs, explosive Mechakoopas, and Drill arms to break down the cell door to free the Chaos Kin while Junior and Ludwig would square off against Pit and Dark Pit. Pit would separate Palutena's Bow and charge at Bowser Jr but the Koopa Prince would deploy two drill arms as the drills grinded against the blades from Paluena's Sacred Bow; as Dark Pit would fire a Dark Arrow at Ludwig as the Pompous Koopa would fire a Cannonball at Dark Pit.

"Get out of tat stupid Clown Car and fight me like a man."

"I would but I don't like messing up my hair; besides this copter is the coolest and i'll use it to clip those wings of yours."

"Ok Wise guy, you want to act smart; then take this, ELECTROSHOCK!" Dark Pit cried charging at Ludwig with the electroshock arm knocking an exploding Mechakoopa back at Ludwig.

"You nearly messed up my hair; now to mess you up." Ludwig also deployed two drills at Dark Pit as the Fallen Angel used his Dark Bow Blades to try to block the drills. Meanwhile the same thing was going on for Bowser Jr. and Pit as Pit used his Upperdash arm on Bowser Jr only to get hit by the propeller underneath Junior's Clown car.

"You know; you could use your real strength if you didn't use such a stupid car."

"i'd rather know how to operate machines; than being so helpless; Mr. I can't fly without Mommy Palutena's help." Bowser Jr. Said as he continued to attack Pit; just then an explosion was heard and several loud clanks could be heard as steel hit the ground.

"Oh no the Chaos Kin." Pit cried as he made an attempt to try to stop the Chaos Kin only to get hit by the combined shots of the koopalings who all fired their cannonballs at Pit knocking the Angel out.

"Pit, are you ok?" Dark Pit tried to get to Pit's Aid but the Chaos Kin began to latch itself at Dark Pit." No, let go of me; you are not going to take control of me."

"HAHAHA; Chaos Kin; we need you to listen to us; we are the Koopalings; and our Father and Uncle need to merge your world to reform the Antilight; please open a Portal to your world and we'll follow you." Bowser Jr. said as Dark Pit fell to his knees as a smile appeared on his face.

"Antilight huh; well then come and follow me but hurry; but I got ta warn ya; in the Chaos Vortex; you can expect nothing but insanity." Dark Pit said while under the control of the Chaos Kin as he lead Bowser Jr and the Koopalings out of the Lumar Sanctum and into a Portal that the eight Koopa Children all followed leaving a beaten Pit, alone.

"Pit this is Chronos; I need to extract you now." A light appeared lifting Pit up from the ground returning him to back to the Present Time in front of the Gods Gathering Hall. "Are you ok, Pit?" Chronos asked looking at the hurt Pit.

"Yeah; i've been through worst, but, the Chaos Kin got Pittoo."

"This looks bad, indeed, Palutena and Viridi are with the others Gods in a meeting, and Mario and Link are confronting Bowser and Ganondorf who are trying to recruit Giritina and make the Distortion World a part of the Antilight; and you Pit look hurt." Chronos said as he looked at Pit who was bruised and cut after the attack from Bowser Jr and the Koopalings.

"Well Pittoo kicking me in my knee didn't help much, not to mention it was eight against one; not fair at all." Pit said as Celebii reappeared and tapped Pit's leg; in which all of a sudden Pit's wounds began to heal making him feel better. "HAHAHAH; that feels great, I don't know what you did, Celebii, but I feel like I just got out of a Hot Spring."

"Well all we can do for now is figure out a plan; I think you should rest up for a bit before the next battle."

"Well I guess I can do that; or I can go down and help Mario?"

"If you want to you can; but be careful; Giritina is really dangerous."

"If I can stand up to Hades; than this Giritina is no sweat to me." Pit said as he once again made his descent toward the area where Mario and the others were at.

Meanwhile Majora, Bedlam, Marilyn, Zant, and Doopliss followed Hoopa through a Portal that took them to the Shadow Queen's Crypt in the Palace of Shadow where the Shadow Queen has taken over Princess Peach's Body.

"This is the right place at the right time; this Hoopa really knew where we wanted to go; but what do we do about our past forms?" Bedlam asked looking over at herself, Marilyn, and Doopliss in the past.

"Perhaps we can merge your body's together; it's a long shot but I thin I can use my magic to make it happen; in any case, before Mario attacks her, i'll attack Mario." Majora said as the Mask began to shake and an earsplitting shriek was heard, echoing throughout the crypt. It caught everybody's attention, including the Shadow Queen's who turned around to look at Majora.

"Majora, how did you get here?"

"Shadow Queen; it's been a long time; I've come to let you know; it's time we reform the very darkness that our God created."

"You mean; hmmm well it looks like Bedlam and Marilyn are there with you, but how can it be if they're right here?"

"My Queen, we came from the future, after this Plumber defeats you; however you called out to me after we found weapons that opens the key to reforming our true home."

"Why do I have this feeling that you're right; in that case then; come with me and let's destroy this Plumber once and for all!" The Shadow Queen said asshe along with both the past and present versions of the Shadow Sirens and Majora all unleashed various attacks on Mario; knocking him out, unconscious.

"I think we might have some use for him; let's take him along with the elf; now let's deploy the Subspace Bomb here; as the powers of the Shadow, covers Rougeport, and my Queen; take us back to the Shadow World."

"Indeed, but what about...?

"My Queen can you merge us, with our past selves; we can be even stronger if you do?"

"Hmmmm; well it would be confusing having two of the same versions of you so; all right then." The Shadow Queen said as a flash of energy struck and the bodies of Bedlam, Marilyn, and Doopliss all began to swirl around and before long; there was only one of each Shadow Siren and Doppleghost.

"Thank you my Queen; my knowledge of the future and strength from the past are now into one; ready to help bring this world, to it's knees."

"Right Bedlam; I shall open the portal to our world; and take the Subspace Bomb into it; now we can truly reform the Antilight." The Shadow Queen said as the Shadow Sirens, Majora, and Zant all nodded as they entered the portal and came out to a Dark and Barren Wasteland covered in Shadows. "Mow deploy the Subspace Bomb!" The Shadow Queen ordered as Zant, Bedlam, and Marilyn took a Subspace Bomb and left it out in the middle of the area they were standing in.

"My Queen let us check in on Bowser and Ganondorf and see how they're doing with Giritina and the Distortion World." Bedlam requested as Hoopa who was still there began to open a portal with one of it's rings. "It seems like Hoopa is opening a Portal, maybe it might take us where Bowser and Ganondorf are."

"Well let's follow it, and see where it takes us." The Shadow Queen said as she and her allies made their way through the portal that Hoopa opened and found themselves in a Dark World where everything seems out of order. "This places looks like the Distortion World; in any case, let's look for Giritina." without warning they began to hear a noise as a dark presence surrounded them; which made the Shadow Queen smile. "I know it's you Giritina, show yourself!" A shadow figure with stretched out limbs and red eyes began to form itself in front of the Shadow Queen; then it emerged itself into a full figure with grey skin with red and black markings on it's torso; six legs, six rings around it's neck; and black wings. "Giritina; you know why we're here; you should know, we both have the blood of Daraku in us." Giritina stood there not making a move as the Shadow Queen continued to persuade Giritina into merging the Distortion world, along with the other worlds. "You represent Antimatter; and it's a key component in reforming the Antilight; allow us to deploy a Subspace Bomb and then join our crusade as we destroy every single matter of light that dwells in the light?" The Shadow Queen asked as it looked like Giritina nodded it's head up and down. Then Hoopa floated over to Giritina and it looked like it was hving some sort of convorsation; while they were talking Zant, Bedlam, Marilyn and Doopliss all found a upside down surface where they would deploy a Subspace Bomb; after they did that Hoopa took a ring and opened a portal to what looked like the Spear Pillar, as Hoopa lead Giritina through it as the Shadow Queen, Majora and the rest of their allies followed.

Both Bowser and Ganondorf  arrived at the Spear Pillar to find it empty, as the two Demon Kings looked around to find a way to summon Giritina.

"No sign of Giritina yet, I wonder how it's possible to access this Distortion World?" Bowser grumbled as Ganondorf was looking at some inscriptions on the floor.

"Hmmm, interesting markings, maybe these Pokemon beings that do reside here might know something?" Ganondorf said as Palkia and Dialga appeared on the Spear Pilliar. "Where is the Distortion World and how do we get to it?" Both Palkia and Dialga looked angry as the Demon Kings charged at the legendary Pokemon and began an attack. However Palkia and Dialga used their abilities to shift time and space to defend themselves from the attack. Them both Palia and Dialga were attacked from behind as a projectile of dark lightning and a shadow ball of energy hit both Dialga and Palkia as the Shadow Queen and Giritina appeared along with the others.

"We've already found a way into the Distortion World and deployed a Subspace Bomb; not only that but i've been reborn and so has Majora." Yjer Shadow Queen smiled.

"Is that so; well then you saved us some Trouble now let's destroy theme Pokemon for getting in our way."

"Well we would but Hoopa here; has been a big help getting us through time nad Space to reform the Antilight, and he's going to make every legendary Pokemon fight eachother; while we reform the Antilight." The Shadow Queen said as Bowser and Ganondorf smiled, while Palkia and Dialga retreated.

"Well then let us go and find the Aparoids then."

"Good idea, but first, I think we should send Hoopa to your Kids in the Chaos Vortex."

"Ok it should help them out if they haven;t been able to deploy a bomb yet. Hoopa, we don't know much about you, but can you go find my Children; they are named Bowser Jr, Iggy, Lemmy, Larry, Wendy, Morton, Roy, and Ludwig they should be in a place called the Chaos Vortex looking for a creature known as the Chaos Kin. Bowser said as Hoopa nodded and created a Portal to the realm Bowser requested, but beofre Hoopa could enter, Ganondorf stepped in.

"Why don't we all go and assist your kids, Bowser?"

"Ok, good idea, Ganondorf let's go."

"You two go ahead, we'll plan the next attack." The Shadow Queen instructed as Bowser and Ganondorf followed Hoopa into the Chaos Vortex a realm where everything was in complete Disorder; the demonic duo were met with a series of eyes appearing in front of them.

"I guess the eyes have it in for us; anyways let's find Junior; Hoopa can you help us find them." Bowser said as Hoopa looked around the distance at the seemingly out of order world to find some figures flying through the skies facing their direction.

"That must be them, it looks like their coming this way." Bowser said as the view came more clearer; it was the Chaos Kin possessed Dark Pit along with the eight Koopachildren all following him as they would look ssuprised to find Bowser and Ganondorf in front of them.

"Hey it's Papa and Uncle Ganondorf!" Bowsr Jr said as the Chaos Kin stopped after seeing the Demon Kings that Junior mentioned.

"So these are the two great Kings of Evil." the Chaos Kin said as it approached Bowser and Ganondorf and then looked at Hoopa. "Bowser and Ganondorf; your children have told me you want to merge my Vortex into other worlds to reform the Antilight?"

"That is right; the Shadow Queen, Majora, The Ings, and Giritina have all joined our Crusade; what do you say; together we will destroy the light and all of the Gods who oppose our power?"

"Well I do want to shut up that obnoxious Viridi once and for all, so yeah i'm In."

"Junior, do you Kids have the Subspace Bomb?" Bowser asked as Morton and Roy both held a Subspace Bomb. "Excelent, leave it here, we need to go and find the Aparoids and where they live so we can complete the Antilight Formation. Hoopa can you create a Portal to take us to the Time and Space when the Aparoids attacked the Lylat System?" Bowser asked as Hoopa used one of it's rings to make another Portal. "Kids this is Hoopa; it is a Mysterious Pokemon that hasthe abiliy to travel through time and space and even carry things with it's own power into any time-frame."

"Cool Papa; looks like our work is about done."

"It's only getting started, son, now let us go and meet the Aparoids." Bowser said as he, Ganondorf, the Chaos Kin possessed Dark Pit, and the Koopa Kids all followed Hoopa through the Portal.

It was a disturbing vision; the world ravaged; covered in Pure Darkness, and a world inhabited by Monsters; there was no light, All of the Gods, were no more, and al lthat was left was a evil laugh from the distance. "The Antilight is reality; the light exists no more!" said the voice, until another voice was heard that sounded like a small child.

"Shulk, can you hear me? I'm a friend you have never met before, i'm able to contact you through the power of the Manado; enter the Super Smash Bros Tournament and find me; the Universe will be destroyed by an Evil God named Daraku; who is going to spread a powerful Darkness all over existence; known as the Antilight; please if you can hear me; then the messenger will come and bring you; please come Shulk; together i'm sure us along with more heroes across Time and Space will put an end to Daraku's Evil." The voice said as a Young Man with Blode Hair woke up from his sleep in the middle of a vast plain.

"Was that dream real, or was it a Vision from the Manado; and this Super Smash Bros Tournament; I am to participate; but where can I find it?" Shulk wondered as so many thoughts ran through his head.

The Antilight continues to get closer to being reformed as more allies join this Evil Crusade; but with the Gods looking to talk to a being from a realm called Subtime; can the Gods figure out a way to form the Purelight, and what is shulk going to do and can he find his way to the Super smash Bros Tournament? Find out inthe next Chapter of the Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued!
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 3
More allies join the Crusade, is there any hope to stop the Antilight? All characters belong to Nintendo
 Angels and Demons

We return to Palutena's Temple as Mario, Link, and Rosalina we're battling Pit, Dark Pit, and Palutena in a fierce Six Player Smash; Mario was in a fight wit his former ally from the Subspace Invasion; however Pit spent more time fanboying rather than taking the fight seriously.

"Oh come on Mario, i'm one of your biggest fans, can we hang out, be friends, will you let me have a cameo appearance in your next game?" Pit said trying to dodge punches and fireballs from Mario as a Fireball hit Pit's wings, catching it on fire, "Ow, ow, ow, hot, hot, hot!" Pit cried running around in circles, which made Virdi who was watching nearby chuckle a bit, as Mario took out F.L.U.D.D. and sprayed Pit with a blast of water, extinguishing the fire. "Now i'm all wet, and it doesn't feel like Hot Springs." cried Pit as Mario once again chared as Pit got up and took out his blades, and started to attack Mario. 

Meanwhile Link was having a battle with Dark Pit as the silent Hero of Hyrule used the Master Sword against Pit's Dark Bow Blades, despite Dark Pit taunting Link. "Is that all you got, and they call you a Hero, that sounds like a joke; let me see how much of a Hero you are when I give you this, Electroshock." Dark Pit said as he charged at Link with a weapon resembling a multicolored tower, surrounded by electrical energies; as Dark Pit hit Link with it, shocking him a bit causing Link to try to catch his breath, since he was in a fight previously, with the lighter Pit, previously.

Also both Rosalina and Palutena were having a bit of a spar but at the same time, praising eachother for the power that they posses. "I got to admit, you're magic and they way you use your Lumas for battle is impressive; Queen of the Cosmos, it's almost similar in a way how I use my Angels to fight." said Palutena using her staff to fire shots at Rosalina but the Lumas would use their star magic to protect their mother and attack Palutena with it.

"Since you're a Goddess, I can say it's nice to know that you use your power for good, like myself, however I plan to win this battle,; now Lumas, give me your magic." said Rosalina as her wand began to shine, as the Queen of the Cosmos, would use some form of Magic attacks to strike the goddess of Light with as both Rosalina and Palutena continued to fight.

Viridi the Goddess of Nature was watching the fight, disgusted by how much these characters from across Nintendo's vast Universe are fighting against eachother and how it's harming the environment. "So many battles, and yet it's doing absolutely nothing for nature, if only I had some reset bombs on hand."

"Than do you plan to face what's ahead all by yourself, little girl." said a voice as Viridi looked around to see who it was.

"Who's there, and don't EVER call me little girl!" A God like man appeared with white hair, black eyes, and wearing white and black robes and wore a pendent that resembled a clock around his neck.

"I am Chronos: the God of Time, and I came here to talk to Palutena and to find the Master Hand but the Master Hand isn't here, and Palutena is busy, so I guess the only other being to talk to around here, is the spoiled and bratty Goddess of Nature."Chronos said, as an angry Viridi made an attempt to smack Chronos but the God of Time slowed down time to avoid being attacked by the Goddess of Nature.

"Hey what did you just do?"

"Since I am the God of Time, i can either slow down or speed up time; now will you please listen to what I have to say?"

"Fine, what is it?"

"The Shadow Sirens, Bowser, and Ganondorf have all joined forces and are going through parts in time when a Villian was at his strongest and had a tie to the ancient power of the Antilight; I have a very strong feeling that Daraku is influencing them, even as we speak."

"What, Daraku, you mean the Demon God of the Antilight?" Viridi asked looking terrified.

"Yes, long ago we Gods fought Daraku, and forged the Purelight to defeat Daraku and separate the Antilight; however we only managed to seal Daraku up in a core; bu even though he's been sealed up; his control over those who share the same blood as him; are now looking to reform the Antilight, which would also break the seal of the Antilight, and that would mean serious danger to the entire Universe."

"Oh no, that would also mean, Nature itself would be destroyed too; i guess we all half to work together now to stop this at once."

"I will go find Master Hand and get him to gather all of these Heroes from Nintendo to get together and save the Universe; you try to get everybody here to stop this fight and end it in a no Contest, there are far more serious matters, to take care of." Chronos said as he began to departt from the skies to search for Master Hand as Viridi stepped on one of the Platforms at Viridi's Temple in an attempt to get the attention of everybody.

"Listen up everybody, stop this fighting at once, just trust me on this, Chronos the God of Time told me, something terrible is going to happen and we need to gather as many heroes as we can." Viridi said as everybody stopped their fighting with Palutena to be the first to respond."

"Chronos; it's been centuries since i've last seen him, how was he?"

"Oh he called me a little girl, and when I tried to smack him, he froze time on me." Viridi cried as both Pit and Palutena laughed about it. "But in all seriousness, he wants us to stop fighting and to gather at some place, because a great evil is trying to break free."

"You mean?" asked Palutena having a feeling she knows what's going on.

"Then we all better meet up as well as find anybody who's fighting to stop and join us."

"Wait a second, who dies and made you the boss of us, Viridi?" Pit asked as Viridi gave a glare to Pit.

"Nobody died, lame brain; i'm just trying to pass off an important message; don't come crying to me if you all wind up dead, because you wouldn't listen to little old me." 

"Ok fine, we'll follow your lead Viridi." Pit said as Viridi, then started to stroke Pit's Hair which made Pit blushed. "Now follow me down below the clouds, and let's look for any fights that are going on in the Super Smash Bros Tournament." Viridi said as everybody followed the Goddess of Nature below the clouds, to keep a watch over what fights were happening in the Tournament.

Meanwhile back in Dark Aether, the Space Pirates and the Ings were leading the Demonic Duo of Bowser and Ganondorf through the wastelands of Dark Aether and into the Skytemple, where they would soon reach the lair of the Emperor Ing. Both Bowser and Ganondorf looked up to see a massive monster with tentacles in the center of the room as Bowser and Ganondorf both knelt down to show their respects.

"Emperor Ing; we are not enemies of your's; we are here to strike a deal if you will allow the Ings to join us and another group of villians as we look to destroy all of our enemies once and for all."Bowser said looking up at the emperor.

"There's a Bounty Hunter, set to arrive here to try to defeat every one of you, but if you allow us to place a weapon here, it is called a Subspace Bomb, we are placing them throughout different locations, which will help merge worlds, but it's a sacrifice for the greater evil." Ganondorf said also looking up at the massive Monster, not sure what it's going to do, but Bowser and Ganondorf came prepared to fight, but then sliding into the room came what appeared to be a Dark Version of Samus Aran as the doppleganger looked at Bowser and Ganondorf and made a nod. "So I take that as a yes, very well then, we will leave this here, Ings guard this bomb, as soon as we give you the signal, activate it." Ganondorf said as the Ings all appeared to be in agreement with the Gerudo King as all of a sudden some wind began to blow as loud screeches can be heard; both Bowser and Ganondorf stood ready to fight, as a winged, purple dragon like creature appeared now in the Emperor Ing's Throne Room.

"So you must be Ridley, we are Bowser and Ganondorf, we want you to be an ally for us, and together we will destroy Mario, Link, and Samus and bring this Universe to it's Knees; what do you say?" Bowser looked at Ridley as the Dragon nodded it's head and decided to follow Bowser and Ganondorf, considering it's hatred for Samus Aran. "Now to contact Bedlam." Bowser said wondering how he was going to be able to contact him as Ganondorf looked over at his partner.

"Maybe she's still with Zant, i'll see if I can use my telepathic link to contact Zant, wherever he is." Ganondorf said as he tried to clear his thought to reach out and contact Zant wherever he was at. "Zant this is Ganondorf, can you hear me, where are you at?"

In Hyrule Zant and Bedlam were at the Sacred Grove looking to unearth some Timeshift Stones, thought to have been forgotten as they were used to build a time door, as Bedlam and Marilyn burrowed underground to search for the stones; Zant was also using his magic to attack the Time Door as a way to try to get some Timeshift Stones out of the rubble. As Zant continued to blast at the door, he heard Ganondorf's Voice call out to him. "Lord Ganondorf, is that you; where are you at?" Zant asked, as he stopped blasting at the door.

"I'm at Dark Aether, me and Bowser managed to make allies with the Space Pirates and the Ings, and we left a Subspace Bomb here to detonate as soon as we're ready; where are you and Bedlam at?"

"In Hyrule's Sacred Grove, looking for Time Shift Stones."

"The very stones, that a bunch of robots created to try to travel through time; they half to be somewhere below the surface of the Sacred Grove where the Temple of Time is."

"Yes, we're searching here, I mean there half to be some form of timeshift stones here, somewhere, Bedlam and Marilyn are searching underground for any; I need them to revive Majora."

"Good luck with that, but I guess since he's your true King, go ahead, I have no need for those objects."

"All right then." Zant said as Bedlam and Marilyn emerged holding several shiny crystal objects.

"Zant, could these be the timeshift stones?" Bedlam said as she showed Zant the blue colored stones as Zant took them and studies them.

"This could be them, let's try it out." Zant said placing a stone around the area and hitting it as the Ruins of the Sacred Grove would transform into what appeared to be the Sacred Forest Meadow of the past; then a musical horn was heard which attracted Zant and Bedlam's Attention. "Not that brat again." Zant muttered as an imp like creature wearing an orange hat and tunic playing a familiar song, as Zant seemed familiar with him. "Skull Kid."

"Oh it's the masked meanie; who's using Dark Magic; what are you doing here?"

"I'm not here to play; and why are you here, did you get into another fight with the Giants?"

"No; I came back here on my own to make friends with the monkeys, not to mention I was tasked to protect the Sacred Grove, and if I must,  I will fight you; i'm not afraid of you Zant." Skull Kid said as he summoned several puppet like creatures as Zant summoned several Shadow Beasts to combat them. The Skull Kid stared at Zant until both Marilyn and Bedlam grabbed Skull Kid by the arms.

"I just now thought of the best way to revive my King." Zant said as he took out what appeared to be a broken and crumbles mask as Skull Kid looked at it in fear. "My King was once a powerful Demon but you played that song and turned him into a mask; then after he got his power into the mask; we made the Fused Shadow, it wasn't until that Mask Salesman took our King away like if he was some prize collection. Then you wore the mask because it knew of your mental stability because the Giants punished you; now you wear this mask again and become what you were destined to become and revive the true King of Twilight." Zant preached as he activated the surrounding time shift stones that were placed around Skull Kid; the Skull Kid tried to resist but all of a sudden the power of the timeshift stones began to morph Skull Kid back in time to when he first came to Hyrule from Termina and the crumbled mask began to take shape of Majora's Mask as the Skull Kid let out a loud shriek. "Master Majora, it is I Zant, please make this Imp learn his place; you are the one who's in control."

"Zant, it has been a long time, you are right, I am the one in control not this Imp; anyways, I can feel his power through the both of us; including the Shadow Sirens here." Majora said looking over at the Shadow Sirens. "You are followers of the Shadow Queen; anyone who shares the bloodline of Daraku, has a connection with eachother, and with that I think I can find a way to restore your Queen." Zant said as the Shadow Sirens let out a smile.

"Thank you, we accept your help; Gah someone's coming!" Bedlam said as she, Marilyn, Zant, and Majora all took cover as the Link from that time along with a strange Imp like creature had arrived at the Sacred Grove

"It appears that this is the place where the next shard of the Mirror of Twilight is Located and.....something isn't right, I can't be!"

"Hello Midna, how's the throne?" Majora said as he approached Midna with Link taking out the Master Sword ready to fight. "I don't wish to fight you, you're not nearly as strong as that pile of bones who teaches you those moves you learned; it's heartbreaking to know he never found that friend, that parted ways with him and he never got to see any of his other friends afterwards; but who needs them."

"It's ironic how your mask is shaped like a heart, yet you don't have one; I fought Zant for the throne after you left in the hopes of making our realm a much more peaceful realm."

"That was your intention, too bad it's mine now and we look to expand even further." said Zant coming from behind and attacking Midna with a Projectile as Link charged at Zant only to be held back by Majora's Tentacles. "Soon our God shall be broken free from his capture, and this Universe will all be consumed by the Antilight."

"No, that's insane i will not allow you to awaken him; in case you forgot, the Twilight Realm is half light and half shadows; and if I wanted to I could make it all apart of the Purelight." Just then Zant kicked her, as Link was still struggling to break free from Majora's Clutches only for the Shadow Sirens to use their magic to attack Link knocking him out. 

"Try as you can; those weapons are useless and will never be used to combat the true power of the Antilight; you can try all you want to Midna; Daraku will rise again; now let us go and and find the Shadow Queen, and since there is already a Link competing at the Smash Tournament; we can use this extra one for our own purposes." A Golden Ring appeared with a portal inside of it as a strange creature came out of it, leaving Zant and the others confused as they looked at the creature. "What is this?" The Creature had steel horns with golden rings around them, pink skin, green eyes, and a mischievous smile on it's face.

"This is Hoopla, it is a Pokemon that is able to use it's rings to create portals to transport between time and space; it will also make the travel through time and space to reform the Antilight, easier, just trust Hoopa." said the voice of Crazy Hand, as Majora and the others were unsure what to do, other than to trust the creature."

"Well then Hoopla, can you take us to the time my Queen was reborn or go back to when she was still alive?" Hoopa tossed a ring and opened a portal as the Shadow Sirens, Zant, Majora, and the Link from that time followed through it leaving Midna all by herself in a defeated state. Just then a voice called out to Midna.

"Midna, I am Master Hand, I will open a portal for you to go through, we could use your power to help forge the Purelight, please trust me, you will meet Link once again and join a Army of Heroes.

"Who's there?" Midna asked as a portal opened in front of her.

"Go through the Portal and you will have your answers."

"Fine if I must." Midna said going through the Portal to find out who was talking to her.

Back in Dark Aether Bowser, Ganondorf, Ridley, Dark Samus, and the Ing Emperor were gathering both the Ings and Space Pirates together for battle. 

"You will make allies with beings such as the Twili and the Shadow Sirens; but united we will conquer all that exists; divided; all shall fall." Ganondorf said as the Ings and Space Pirates nodded at Ganondorf.

"As soon as we gather all of our allies, our attack will begin and we will show no mercy."

"Bowser, Ganondorf can you hear me; it's Crazy Hand?"

"What is it Crazy Hand?" Bowser asked closing his eyes.

"I have discovered more beings and their who are connected to the Antilight; First there is the Demon Pokemon known as Giritina, that resides in the Distortion World; another realm that is connected to the Antilight; to get there, you will need to access the Spear Pillar on Mount Coronet. Then there's the Chaos Kin; it is a insect like being that resides in the Chaos Vortex, another realm that is connected to the Antilight; however, it was held captive by Viridi the Goddess of Nature in the Lunar Sanctum. Lastly there's the Aparoids; they are a Cybernetic Insect Race that invaded the Lylat System, their Homeworld is also connected to the Antilight and their Queen also shared the blood the Antilight as well. We need to earn the trust of the Chaos Kin, Aparoids, and Giritina to be able to fully compete the true formation of the Antilight."

"Hmmm, it looks like we're going to half to find where these beings are located than, where is Bedlam at?" 

"I sent Hoopa to accompany her in reviving the Shadow Queen, as soon as her deal is done I'll send Hoopa to retrieve you; but I can assist you into taking you to at least one of the places you need to go."

"Hmmmm, maybe I can send my Kids to one of the locations."

"I suggest sending your kids, to find the Chaos Kin; the Chaos Kin can latch on to anything without warning, but since your Kids use their clown copters to battle and because they are good for defenses and weaponry; it would be very convienet, in case if any of Arlon's Defenses try to attack us, while we're there. However, there is a secret way into the Prison, and I think I can get them through it. I will send them to the time when Palutena's Army sent Pit to destroy the Lunar Sanctum, so while he's distracted I will send them to the back of the Lunar Sanctum to the Prison where the Chaos Kin is located."

"All right, go and let Junior and the Koopalings know of the Plan, Ganondorf and I will go to the Spear Pillar to awaken Giritina. Ridley, Dark Samus and the Space Pirates, can go and make allies with the Aparoids, all you half to do is follow the Starfox Team back when they made their way through the Orbital Gate to get the Aparoid Homeworld, and if you half to, take some Phazon as a bargaining method." Bowser said discussing the plan to gain more allies and farther expand the Antilight. "But I think me and Ganondorf will take Ridley with us to the Spear Pillar first before we meet the Aparoids, to test him out, before we attack the Apparoids." Bowser said as Ridley made a nodding notion as the winged beast approached both Bowser and Ganondorf, as the trio looked ready for destruction.

Meanwhile Master Hand, Palutena, Rosalina, Mario, Link, Pit, and Dark Pit all met up on the ground along with Samus, Kirby, and Yoshi.

"So it looks like we're all gathered here for this big fight, to save the world?" asked Pit as Master Hand appeared behind him

"Not Quite, there's some Pokemon Trainers from Kalos set to come here and bringing their Pokemon to join the Super Smash Bros Tournament, and since the Tournament is still going on, it's best if you accept their challenge and in the hopes of recruiting the Trainers and their Pokemon.

"So we're going to face off against some Pokemon, nice but I don't hqave any Pokeballs." Pit said as Viridi facepalmed.

"Pit your not a Pokemon Trainer, besides I think is terrible how these Trainers treat innocent Pokemon by battling them; it's Barbaric." Viridi said as all of a sudden a mysterious little creature that has green skin and resembles that of a leaf, with blue eyes and white wings.

"Celebii; what's it doing here?" Master Hand approached Celebii, then Chronos the time God appeared.

"I found Celebii, I thought it can help us against the Antilight Invaders; besides I want to pass a message to Nature Girl." Chronus said looking at Viridi as Viridi crossed her arms.

"Do I look like the type, who wears ugly robes and makes stupid noises, everywhere I go."

"Well to me, you sound like the type." Pit said as Virdi pulled on Pit's Ear. "Owwww, I was just kidding."

"Nevermind, well me and Celebi can see that now Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings are going back in time to when the Lunar Sanctum was still up, so they can capture the Chaos Kin and merge the Chaos Vortex with the Antilight."

"What, that's insane, but I don't want to meet myself from the past or be detected by a Pit to the Past."

"HA HA, very funny, Viridi."

"Well how about I go and stop them." Dark Pit said as Virdi nodded.

"Well both you and Pit both went inside at the same time to confront Arlon; as long as you don't encounter them and mess up time, than go ahead."

"I'm coming too, Pittoo!" Pit said as Dark Pit looked at his lighter self.

"You will mess things up, any meeting yourself from the past, I don't want a liability like you getting in the way."

"Oh come on Pittoo, we stopped the Chaos Kin before, we can stop it again."

"I guess you have a point, besides we can take out the Chaos Kin and stop those bratty Koopas from using it to restore the Antilight." Dark Pit said as he and Pit stood nest to eachother, as Chronus approached the two Pits.

"Just like both Viridi and Palutena; I also hold the Power of Flight and will use it to aid the Two of you at the Lunar Sanctum; Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings are going the back way; that is the location of the Prison where the Chaos Kin is being held, we must go through that way at once. Celebi can you open a Time Portal back to when Pit attacked the Lunar Fortress?" Cronos said as Celebi took off in front of them making a motion for Chronos and the two Pits to follow.

The Others looked at them wishing good luck for Pit and his doppelganger as Palutena, Rosalina, and Virdi were approached by Master Hand.

"You three should come with me, the other Gods and Goddesses of this World are waiting for you; we need to have an important meeting; i've taken one who's knowledge of the Purelight from the past, I think we need to make our plan. Mario and Link; you guys are on your own for now; just try to do the best you can to recruit more into the upcoming battle; the Super Smash Bros Tournament continues; i'll let you know, what to do next." Master Hand says as Rosalina, Palutena, and Viridi followed Master Hand as Mario, Link, Kirby, Yoshi, and Samus all stood waiting for the next challengers.

In the Distance, a group of five children; three boys and two girls we're talking to eachother. One boy was tall with long black hair, wore a red hat with sunglasses, a blue sleeved, zipper shirt with white trims, blue skinny jeans, and black boots. The Girl had blonde hair, wore a read hat with black goggles around it, a black top, a red skirt, black stocking, and black boots. A smaller boy with long orangish brown hair, a green sweater vest over a white short sleeved shirt, black pants and green sneakers, Another boy who was fat, wore a black t shirt with a Vanillite logo on it, orange cargo shorts, and a pair of black and white sneakers with yellow on them. The last child wasa girlwith brown hair with pigtails, wearing a pink shirt with black logos, blue daisy duke shorts, and Pink closed toe sandals. The Group was looking over at the area and were talking about some type of battle.

"Well we got the Invite to bring our Pokemon to battle here; but I don't happen to see any challengers here; Serena, Trevor, Tierno, Shauna do you guys see anybody?" asked the boy as his friends were looking around.

"I don't know Calem, but Maybe we should take our Pokemon out to watch for anybody."

"Good idea Serena, let's take out all our Pokemon, and have them look for any challengers." Calem said as he and his friends tossed their Pokeballs into the air as a number of Pokemon exited their balls; with two in particular; a yellow mouse with a zigzag tail and red cheeks, and a orange dragon with blue wings, and a flaming tail stood nest to eachother on a rock as they noticed Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, and Yoshi in the distance as the two Pokemon made their way towards the group that was approaching. "It appears that Pikachu and Charizard has spotted a group and it looks like their on their way."

"I called my Greninja to hide in the shadows and attack when they least expect it, that way, we can take them by surprise." Serena said as Charizard began to fly over and attack Mario with several Ember attacks with Mario firing off Fireballs at the Charizard; Charizard charged up for a Flamethrower as Mario jumped up into the air with his fist surrounded by fire, and just when it looked like both attacks were going to collide; a watery disk of energy hit the two as a blue colored, bipedal frog appeared with the moves of a Ninja.

"Greninja." said the creature, as it was a Pokeman called Greninja as it sprang forward to assist his partners in battle, As Greninja joins the battle, Link came charging at Greninja with his sword as Greninja used it's water powers to form a sword to combat Link's Swordplay, as the Ninja Frog combated the Hero of Hyrule. Kirby and Yoshi would also join the battle as Kirby would go up against a Pink Puffy creature with large blue eyes, and having the ability to float just like Kirby; while Yoshi went to battle with Pikachu.

"I wonder if that Pink, Ouffy thing and that Green Dinosaur like creature are new species of Pokemon?" asked Calem looking at Serena

"If they are than, Jigglypuff, go for the Pink, Puffy creature!" ordered Serena, as the Jigglypuff would attack Kirby.

"Pikachu, use your electricity against that dinosaur creature." Calem ordered as Pikachu would strike Yoshi with it's electricity, but Yoshi would toss it's eggs at Pikachu; leaving Samus by herself, but not for long as Calem tossed another Pokebal lher way, and out came a tall, bipedal Jackyl with Blue Fir and what looked like a black sash over it's eyes; as it attacked Samus by charging up a Blue Sphere as Samus too the opportunity to charge up her Arm Cannon.

"Now Lucario use your Aura Sphere!" Calem commanded as Lucario fired a Aura Sphere at Samus while Samus shot the Fully Charged Beam at Lucario as both attacks met with explosive Results; but not before several fireballs began to rain down on all of the fighters on the ground. "Hey what's going on?" Calem asked as his friends all stood in fear.

"C...c..Calem; there's a flying Monster up in the air and it's shooting fire at everyone!" said the small boy, Trevor as Calem looked up and saw Ridley attacking everybody on the ground; meanwhile on the Ground Samus came face to face with her Worst Enemy.

"Ridley, so you've come; I will make you pay for what you have done to my family." Samus said as she fired off at Ridley but Ridley grabbed a hold of Samus and began grinding the Bounty Hunter against a Mountain.

"We better help that Robot being; that monster looks Dangerous, Quick Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario attack that monster!" Calem cried as his Charizard flew over to Ridley and began hitting Ridley with Fire, while Lucario would attack with Bone Rush, and Pikachu would strike with it's Lightning.

"Jigglypuff and Greninja, please help Calem's Pokemon and stop that Monster." Serena ordered as her Greninja would use it's water powers to fight Ridley even though as outmatched as it was Jiglypuff would still fight along side it's friends to fight Ridley and help Samus, as Mario and the others looked on.

"That must be Ridley, but Master Hand says he's too big to be in the Tournament." Mario said wth his hand under his chin.

" I wonder if Master Hand or somebody else, managed to squeeze him in?"

"We let Ridley join our army." said the voice of Ganondorf as Mario and Link turned around to see both Ganondorf and Bowser standing atop of one of Bowser's Airships.

"Gannodorf, so you and Bowser have joined forces; well no matter I will defeat you like always."

"HAHAHA; I came from the past, so you haven't defeated me, besides we're here to merge the next world that fits into the Antilight, so while your hear, we thought we might drop by some friends to say hello." Ganondorf said as several Shadow Beats and Space Pirates dropped onto the Battlefield, as Ridley used it's wings to push back all of the attacking Pokemon and at the same time Freeing Samus as she stood along with Mario, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, and the Pokemon; while Bowser and Ganondorf would make their escape leaving the heroes to fight off the attackers sent by the Two Evil Kings and Ridley.

"Hey you guys, did that really scary man say something about, merging a world?" asked Tierno as Calem and Serena thought about what Ganondorf was talking about.

"Wait a second, Mount Coronet is along the way; I wonder, are they going to try to open up a way into the Distortion World, that Professor Sycamore, told us about?" Calem said as he and his friends all look scared as the five of them made their way toward the battlefield even though it was plagued with monsters.' Hey you guys we want to help fight these monsters with you."

"You can't it's too dangerous for you." Mario said as Calem tried to plead with the legendary Mario.

"But we're Pokemon Trainers, and i'm the Kalos Leauge Champion; me and my friends stopped the evil Team Flare, we can be big help to you guys."

"You guys can help, but watch your backs and your Pokemon, these monsters are extremely dangerous." Link said as the five Pokemon Trainers all called their Pokemon to their side to back up the very heroes whom they battled with; not backing down from Ridley, the Space Pirates, and the Shadow Beasts; it looks like strength in numbers can be a big help to the Group of Heroes, or a liability against the Unity of Evil.

What will happen as the Kalos Pokemon Trainers join Mario and the others against the attacking Shadow Beats, Space Pirates, and Ridley? Will Pit and Dark Pit be able to stop the Koopalings from freeing the Chaos Kin in the past and merging the Chaos Vortex with the Antilight? Will Bedlam finally be able to bring the Shadow Queen Back? Can Bowser and Ganondorf merge the Distorion World with the Antilight and sucessfully recruit Giritina? Find out in the next Chapter of the Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued!
The Antilight Invasion: Chapter 2
The Antilight continues to grow stronger; all characters belong to Nintendo
Both Bowser and Ganondorf made their way towards the portal leading out of the timezone of Hyrule they were in to participate in the Super Smash Bros Tournament; however in the meantime Beldam, Vivian, and Doopliss were now with the Subspace Bombs, wondering how to get to the Desert.

"I wish that man would've told us before we left how to get to the Desert, well no use standing here, let's get out of this castle and find someone to tell us how to get to the desert." Beldam said as she and Marilyn both took Doopliss and his underground to get out of the Castle. Minutes later the trio made their way towards out of the castle and into the Castle Town; as they emerged from the ground to see the town bustling with townsfolk, which disgusted Bedlam. "There's so many people here, looking all happy and everything, but's weird that they're happy even though their Castle has been taken over, anyways I think we should disguise ourselves so we don't draw any attention, after we do we can then find someone who will take us to the Desert." Beldam said as she looked around for something she could use to disguise her and Marilyn, as Doopliss took the form of a nearby Castle Guard. Beldam then took out a hooded cloak and placed it on as now she approached Doopliss.

"Lady Beldam, I have an idea, I'll talk to you to make a scene and we can get the attention of one of these guards, and maybe they can give us a ride to the Desert."

" All right then, let's see here! But Sir you half to give me a ride back to the Desert, I want to set up shop there and make a business there; don't you think the Desert needs some business." Beldam said as loud as she could, as she caught the attention of one of the guards who approached Beldam and Doopliss in Disguise.

"Is there a problem here?" asked the Soldier looking at the hooded figure.

"I need a ride to the desert, but this guard said he doesn't know how to get there, can you help me sir?" Beldam asked while disguised.

"Soldier, I think you should know by now to ride a Horse; if anything, the only way to the desert is by taking a ride in Lake Hylia's cannon Ride; if you want I can give you a ride to Lake Hylia, since it's close.

"Fine, i'll go there then, but this Soldier needs a ride too."

"For what reason?" the Soldier ask

"Well I promised we could open Shop together in the Desert, and prehaps, we could find a way to make it possible to travel to the Desert." Beldam said as the Soldier nodded and gave in.

"I'll go set up a Carriage to take you to the Desert, but we need to be careful there are Monsters running rampant all over Hyrule."

"Thank you, we'll wait here." Beldam said as they waited for several minutes, as the Soldiers set up the Horse and Carriage to take them to Lake Hylia.

"Your ride is ready, let's go." The Soldier said as Bedlam, Marilyn also in disguise, and Doopliss all got on the Carriage as the Soldier got on the horse, to pull the Carriage towards Lake Hylia. As the Horse and Carriage traveled throughout the Lanaryu Province of Hyrule, several Boars with Bokoblins riding them began to attack the Carriage. "Look out, several enemies are attacking this carriage we must defend ourselves." The Soldier said as he took out a sword to fight of the Bokoblin as did Doopliss to make sure these creatures don't interfere with there scheme. Beldam and Marilyn began using their magic while still in disguise to attack the Bokoblins; as they managed to fend off the attackers, the guard somehow saw the magic used by the disguised Shadow Sirens and approached them. "You two, what are you and how do you know Magic, please tell us who you are." Referring to himself and Doopliss in disguise, the Soldier wanted answers but for some reason the Soldier felt the hair on his back stand up, as he has an unnerving feeling about them.

"It doesn't matter who we are just take us to the desert or lake already, NOW!" said Beldam which started to make the guard angry.

"I am a Hylian Soldier set to protect this land of Hyrule, and I am not too sure if I can trust you, now reveal to me who you are." Demanded the guard but a voice that sounded very close was heard behind the guard.

"You heard the lady, it doesn't matter who she is, because she is just like me." The Guard turned around to see the figure of a tall, cloaked figure wearing a strange silver mask, as the Guard looked at him, in fear.

"Z....Z...Zant!" The guard said as he turned around to the other Guard and the cloaked Shadow Sirens as the three of them removed their disguises and revealed their true identities.

"Zant, so we finally meet, I wanted to get to the Desert to enter your realm, but your Master Ganondorf left with my ally Bowser to compete in some Tournament, and forgot to give me any specific details."

"So you're working for that traitor Ganondorf, I should have arrested you and sent you straight to Arbiter's Grounds myself, if I had known." the Guard said as he took his Weapon out and noticed the other Guard missing but Doopliss the Doppleghost appearing, and approached him. "What happened to the felow Soldier that was here.

"Don't you see, I was him." Dooplisss said turning back into the Soldier and then back to his normal self.

"You already know too much Hylian, now Die." Zant said as he held out his hand and a ball of dark energy appeared and hit the Guard knocking him out as Beldam took her hand out and show a beam of Ice as the Soldier, and Marilyn fished him off with a lightning attack, killing the Guard as the Shadow Sirens came Face to Face with Zant. "You are the Shadow Sirens, it was destiny that we would meet, I felt your presence the moment you cam here, trust me, we both have the same links to the higher power."

"Has my Queen been calling out to you?" Beldam said, wondering if the Shadow Queen somehow knew Zant.

"No not your Queen, my King, the true ruler of the Twilight Realm, Majora." Zant said as Beldam didn't know a thing about this Majora.

"Who is this Majora, and why is he; Your King?" Beldam asked as Zant took a moment and began to speak.

"Long ago, Master Majora was once a being who ruled the Twilight Realm, as the true Twilight King, he sought out ways to try to capture the very thing that is bound to the Goddesses, the Triforce in hopes of looking to establish total control over all of the World. Majora looked to get his followers to wear cloaks similar to mine by calling them Garos, and their mission was to build a Large Tower to reach the Heavens, sneak up on the Goddesses, and obtain the Triforce before Demise could so we could use it for our own purpose. however the Goddesses must have figured out our plan, so some warrior known as the Fierce Deity descended to challenge Majora and a bloody battle waged on for three days, until a ray of light, hit the blood stained emblem outside the tower, which caused the tower to flip upside down, and trapped them in a desert. Majora who had been wounded along with the Deity could not go on fighting anymore, so he used his power to bring the Moon down to finish off the Deity and everyone else in his way in order to obtain the power he sought out to gain. Until a strange Imp appeared and played some song, as the Four Giants stopped the Moon from falling; which angered my King even further as he looked to use one final attack to finish of the Deity as the Deity also attacked Majora as well leaving both of them injured as the same Imp played a song which turned them both into Masks. The Termanians had taken Majora's Mask and tossed it deep below the Stone Tower in a Desert where they had dumped the very Warriors who fought along side Majora, where as they took the Fierce Deity Mask and sent it to the Heavens as if it were an Angel treating Majora's Mask as if it were a Devil. The Followers of Majora, discovered Majora's Mask and began performing some Hexing Ritual hoping to revive him so they may seek revenge on the Goddesses and the Termenians for their deeds; but the hexing instead managed to revive Majora's soul in it's own Mask creating a curse to anybody who tries to wear it. Sometime soon after Majora and his followers found a way back into the Twilight Realm with Majora still as their King but inthe form of a mask decided to create a new plan to obtain the Triforce, by invading Hyrule and causing a war, great enough to turn all of the races of Hyrule against eachother , so Majora's Henchmen, My Ancestors to obtain the Triforce and destroy the Goddesses and consume the light of their world; but Majora could not be seen in Hyrule because it would raise suspicions; so Majora created a Mask resembling his own and allowed for his followers to hex the mask to create a dark power inside of it, as a weapon that would help destroy many who try to deny them their destiny; the Fused Shadows. The plan worked, all of Hyrule began fighting once the Interlopers invaded, with the Fused Shadow; however, the Light Spirits of Hyrule Invaded and Unfortunately ruined everything, they shattered the Fused Shadows and banished the Interlopers. with all of those plans failed Majora was alone all except for who remained in the Twilight Realm; myself and Midna, until some strange mask Collector came to our Realm and played the very song the Imp used to turn Majora into a Mask to nullify him so he could take him, but before he was taken, myself and Midna fought to decide the next to rule the Twilight Realm. Years later, the evil in Majora's Mask had been stripped away and the Mask had become a decaying broken shell; when Ganondorf was brought to this realm I had noticed the remains of the mask inside his armor crumbling; Master Majora was gone so I had looked up to Ganondorf as my master; but however, I do hear my true King Majora calling out to me." Zant explained as Beldam looked at Zant with an astonished look as she realized how very similar they are when it comes to being contacted by their King or Queen from beyond.

"This must be a sign, that our link to our God is true and that there are more of us."

"I sense it too, we must all gather together, to restore the Antilight, our God: Daraku; he needs to be free from his captivation; we need to gather all of those who are linked to restore the Antilight and free him; our God Daraku can use any being who is linked to the Antilight to do his bidding, even through time and space and when Daraku is sealed, his power can still take it's hold; he shall control all that exists; which is why we the Twili and you the Shadow Sirens shall join forces, and find the others who are linked to restore the Antilight and Free Daraku, and watch all of existence become one; with the Antilight." Zant said as Beldam appeared with a smile as she went underground and unearthed a Subspace Bomb that she had been hiding along the way.

"How about I bring one of these to the Twilight Realm; it'll help merge our worlds together." Beldam said as Zant inspected the Subspace Bomb.

"Master Majora told me that a certain Weapon, that can be used to help merge our worlds together; in any case, I shall gladly accept it, come with me Bedlam and let's figure out who else, is apart of our link with Daraku; maybe they might find us before we find them, in any case, let's go to my realm and make some plans, perhaps we could also make a deal with eachother as well."

"What kind of deal?" Beldam asked as Zant chanted some words and summoned some magic as a portal opened,

"We'll talk about it when we enter the Twilight Realm." Zant said, as Bedlam followed him into the Twilight Realm and found herself in a world where light and shadows were as one, it almost made Beldam comfortable in her surrounding knowing how this world and it's surroundings are to her own race of beings the Shadow Sirens. "Welcome to the Twilight Realm, so what do you think?"

"Ah a nice and perfect place , for a Shadow Siren such as myself, anyways I shall leave this Subspace Bomb here, why not come with me to my Palace, I need to leave one there as well if we want to make this merger complete."

"Yes, but first remember your promise; yo'll help me revive my Master Majora."

"Yes, but how are going to revive him?" Beldam asked as Zant thought about solutions.

"If only there was a way to go back in time, before he lost his power, if only there were any Timeshift Stones left in existence."

"What are Timeshift Stones?"

"They were these stones than can alter the course of time by activating one could set an entire area back in time to a state that it was in a hundred years or more into the past."

"Well I could call Bowser and Ganondorf to come and pick us up and we could use Crazy Hand to open a portal for us."

"Too Risky, why don't we first go to the Sacred Grove, there's a door there that acts as a Portal going into the Temple of Time; we can check to see if there are any Timeshift Stones there, since you can go underground maybe we might find some stones deep below the ground there, or maybe perhaps that door is made up of Timeshift Stones."

"Well there's only one way to find out, let's go and find some Timeshift Stones." Beldam said as Zant opened another Portal leading out of the Twilight Realm and into the sacred Grove in hope of searching for Timeshift Stones.

Meanwhile back in the Present, both Bowser and Ganondorf returned from the Past as they were greeted by both Master and Crazy Hand.

"You have returned with Ganondorf I see, if anything your Children are disrupting the Tournament." Master Hand said as Bowser shrugged it off, as Bowser Jr, Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, Morton, Wendy, Roy, and Ludwig were all firing Cannonballs and Mechakoopas at Mario, Link, Kirby, Rosalina, Mega Man, and Samus.

"We have a different agenda, and we will not allow you to interfere with it." Bowser said with a snarl as Master Hand approached them.

"I have a feeling that what you're trying to do is restore the Antilight; we can sense Daraku's presence, he's manipulating you two so he can finally have us all, right where he wants us." Master hand said as Bowser and Ganondorf both laughed.

"So what you're saying is we're being controlled by a unseen Higher Power; hmph if anything, we want to know more about the Antilight and what else makes up it besides Shadows and Twilight?" Ganondorf said as Master hand started to loom over the two villains before Crazy Hand steeped in.

"Dark Aether, the Ings; they are also linked to the Antilight; I shall assist you once again, by opening a wormhole in time to when a Phazon Leviathan struck the Planet Aether causing the conflict between the Luminoths and the Ings." Crazy Hand said as Master Hand charged at Crazy Hand with a Closed Fist.

"You dare mention the very elements that make up the Antilight; have you also been put under Daraku's Influence; you have single-handedly betrayed the Entire Universe, by allowing these Monsters to go and reform the Antilight." Master hand said as Crazy Hand retaliated with a fist of his own to his Right Handed Brother.

"Chaos, I live for Chaos, it is the only thing I live for, Order is boring, Chaos rules all; and so will Lord Daraku, as soon as he's free; I no longer wish to keep Daraku's spirit sealed up in that Orb; soon his spirit will be free, and the World will resemble the way it should have been a long time ago; free from the light." Bowser and Ganondorf also charged at Master Hand with a Wizard's Foot Kick from Ganondorf and a Bowser Bomb from Bowser, and a Hard Punch from the Crazy Hand; Master Hand was taken down as Crazy Hand Gripped some thin air and opened up another Portal. "You would never understand what true power really is Master Hand, now Bowser and Ganondorf; go on ahead and make your way into planet Aether; there are Space Pirates there, i'm not sure if they will treat you like allies or enemies; while your there, look for a Space Dragon named Ridley, if you can try to convince it that Samus is here."

"OK then; we'll look for this Ridley, and I hope these Space Pirates have enough brains not to attack us, anyways let's go meet the Ings; but before we do." Bowser said looking over at his Children who were still fighting Mario and the others and approached them. "Kids that's enough for now, me and your Uncle Ganondorf want you to come with us." Bowser said as Junior and the rest of the Koopalings stopped their attack and followed their father to the portal Crazy Hand opened. "Ok Kids this is your Uncle Ganondorf; we'll have more time for introductions later, for now we're going to go to a place called Dark Aether to recruit some allies, and want you to join us."

"All right Papa, we're ready to do whatever you and Uncle Ganondorf want us what to do." Bowser Jr. said as he and the other Koopalings followed Bowser and Ganondorf into the Wormhole as they found themselves going through time and space as they were now in the Middle of a war torn Planet Aether, with Dark Portals opening all over  Aether as the Luminoth were being Slaughtered by Space Pirates and Ings.

"My guess is that the Ings are the ones with the Red Eye and covered in some form of Dark Aura to attack with, and I also believe those to be Space Pirates also with them; in any case, why don't we attack the Lumionth to prove that we are allies." Bowser said looking over at the Luminoth who were using light auras to defend themselves from the Onslaught from the combined power of the Ings and Space Pirates. "Ok Jr, go ahead ansd shoot these defenseless Luminoth andwe'll take care of the rest to earn the trust of the Ings and Space Pirates.

"Alright Papa, right away." Junior said as he fired a cannonball from the mouth of his Clown Copter directly at the Luminoth who were taking cover from the Space Pirate attack. The cannonball fired directly as Bowser and Ganondorf took the charge attacking Luminoth as the Space Pirates held off on their attack; as they watched Bowser and Ganondorf take down the Luminoth. After taking out the Luminoth both Bowser and Ganondorf looked over at the Ings and Space Pirates, as Bowser began to speak.

"We are not enemies, we are allies; we happen to know your enemy Samus Aran; please join us, together we will rule this entire Universe as one?" Bowser offered as the Space Pirates approached, before they began to hear loud noises coming from in the air.

"What is that noise?" Ganondorf asked, complete unfamiliar with aircraft, as several Spacecrafts began to descend on the grounds of Aether.

"That must be the Galactic Federation, butting in looking to try to destroy the spread of Phazon, Space Pirates, and Ings; we are going to fight alongside you, afterwards we will reveal our full plan. Bowser said as he, Ganondorf, The Koop Kids, the Spare Pirates and The Ings al lstood their grounds, as the Galactic Federation all descended to attack the Space Pirates; but they did not expect to be attacked by Bowser and Ganondorf along with the Koopalings, as Bowser breathed a breath of Fire, and Ganondorf used his Dark Magic to fight off the Galactic Federation Soldiers.

"Commander Malkovich; we have a situation here on Aether, the Space Pirates are here, but so are a number of unidentified monsters attacking the Luminoths and are troops; send for S..." The Soldier was cut off as Ganondorf came up from behind and impaled the Soldier with his sword.

"You will not send anyone to help you now." Ganondorf said as the Galactic Federation Soldiers were all being Annihilated by the combined powers of Bowser, Ganondorf, The Koopalings, The Space Pirates, and The Ings; until there was nothing left but ruins.

"I told you, if all of us join forces, we can be unstoppable and destroy all of our enemies; now Ings, we would like to see who's in charge of you all; we want to make a deal with your leader so we can consider merging your world with others; all for a greater power." Bowser said as the space Pirates and Ings approached Bowser and seemingly walked over to a portal. "So you'll lead me to your leader from this portal?" The Spare Pirates answered for the Ings and nodded as Bowser and Ganondorf followed the Ings into the Dark Wastelands of Dark Aether. 

Meanwhile back in the Present at the Super Smash Bros Tournament, Link was set to challenge Pit at the Temple of the Goddess Palutena.

"We might have been allies during the Subspace Invasion, and you may be a hero; but I am an Angel and to the Goddess Palutena, and I shall dedicate this victory to her." said Pit making an obvious dork of himself.

"Ok then, Angel of a Goddess; I happen to represent a land watched over by three other Goddesses Din, Naryu, and Farore; not to mention I weild the Master Sword, the very blade that is the solution to all evil; now get ready for a real fight." Link said as Master Hand called out to him still hurt from being attacked by Crazy Hand, Bowser, and Ganondorf.

"Three, Two, One...Go!" Master Hand said as Link charged at Pit with the Master Sword as Pit separated Palutena's Bow into two Bladesas the Hero of Hyrule and Angel of Light did battle with each other in a Clash of Heroic Proportions. Link would slash at Pit with his Sword but Pit was able to fence off the attacks with his Blades as Link would take his knee and knock Pit in the Chin, as the Hero of Hyrule took out a Bomb as tossed it at Pit, but Put took out the Upperdash Arm and deflected the Bomb back at Link, however Link was able to use his Shield to prevent any damage to himself after the Bomb exploded. While Link had a moment to breath, Pit put his bow back together and shot an Arrow of Light at Link hitting the Hero of Hyrule making him take a step back as Link took out his own Bow and Fired at Pit hitting Pit right in his knee, as Pit jumped up in the air and once again separated the bow to attack Link but Link was able to spin around on the heel of his boots and hit Pit with his sword. This fight was however being watched as a certain Goddess was checking out the action that was going on outside her Temple.

"This Fighter from Hyrule is Quite Impressive, for a mere mortal." said Palutena watching the fight as Link again took his sword to attack Pit but Pit this time used his blades to block the sword from touching him, as Pit took the blades to try to attack Link, but Link was able to use his Hylian Shield to block the Blades from hitting him.

"Nice Try, but your nothing compared to the Underworld Army." Pit said as he reconnected the blades together and spun them around and then tried to hit Link with it as Link again used his shield to block the attack. Pit then separated his bow again and used his blade to attack Link's Legs, but Link stepped back and swung his sword at Pit but Pit was able to jump back on his Feet and jump up in the air using the Power of Flight taking to the air as Link took his Bow back out and fired it at Pit, but Pit was able to dodge the arrow and reconnect his Bow, and fire several arrows at Link; but Link rolled out of the way dodging them as Link then took out his Clawshot and used it to grapple Pit's Ankle as Link looked to drag Pit back down to the ground before Pit split his bow and used the blades to cut the chain of the Clawshot freeing himself in the process. After Pit dropped back to th ground again, Link once again charged at Pit using the Master Sword, swinging it a couple of time at Pit before Pit was able to jump up into the air with a backflip dodging another swing by Link's Sword. After Pit's Feet touched the Ground Link swung his sword at Pit again as Pitonce again blocked the attack with his blades, before Link took his Foot and kicked Pit in the gut, causing Pit to go flying back and hitting the ground, Link then took out the Gale Boomerang and tossed it over at Pit who was now on his knees, as the Gale Boomerang had created a small whirlwind in the direction it was flying to; it was just about to hit Pit before a beam of light appeared saving Pit from being his by the Gale Boomerang. Out of the beam of light came the Goddess of Light, Palutena wielding her staff and holding a shield in her other hand,looking like she was ready for battle, as she just saved Pit from Link's attack. Pit looked up at Palutena trying to catch his breath from the battle he's had with Link. "Lady Palutena?" Pit asked looking up at the Goddess standing in front of him, while the Angel was still on his knees trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, i'm not here to save you, Pit!" Palutena said as a light shined at the tip of Palutena's Staff, as Pit's body now found itself being elevated as the wings on his back began to move sending Pit flying out of the way, as Palutena wielded her Staff like a weapon staring at Link. "I'm here for a little...uh?..Divine Intervention." Palutena said as Link stepped in ready for a fight, however Palutena wouldn't be the only one joining this fight, as a Dark Angel looking very similar to Pit descended at the Temple, as his presence didn't go unnoticed by Palutena. "Dark Pit, you just came in to crash me party." Palutena said as the Fallen Angel crossed his arms with a smirk on his face.

"Uh Huh!" said Dark Pit as Pit now found himself being dropped safely back on the surface of the temple and came face to face with his dark doppleganger. "Well if it isn't, my irritating, Light Doppleganger."

"Huh, Hey Pittoo, are you in this Tournament too." Pit said before Dark Pit came charging at Pit and delivered a devestating Dropkick to Pit.

"How many times have I told you to stop calling me Pittoo." said Dark Pit looking very annoyed, but then  Mario and Rosalina arrived on Palutena's temple behind Link, as Palutena, Pit, and Dark Pit were now all standing across from eachother.

"This fight just got made into a Three on Three Smash." Mario said as Link smiled.

"Sounds fair to me." Link said as he and Mario looked over at the Pit as Rosalina and Palutena stared eachother down.

"So you're the Queen of the Cosmos, huh? Let's see what your made of, because you are going to be seeing stars, courtesy of the Goddess Palutena." Palutena said weilding her Staff with Rosalina not backing down.

"You might be a Goddess, but I protect the very Cosmos that we all live in, and mother of the Lumas, I will not be underestimated." Rosalina said, weilding a Magic Wand with a Luma following Rosalina as both sides looked to do battle.

Bowser and Ganondorf have managed to make allies with Space Pirates and the Ings, can they really reform the power of the Antilight, and what about Beldam, will she and Zant be able to find a way to revive both Majora and the Shadow Queen; and as the Super Smash Bros Tournament continues; it makes you wonder who will win this upcoming battle between the teams of Mario, Link, and Rosalina against Pit, Dark Pit, and Palutena; plus what about the rest of the Smashers? All of these questions to be answered and a lot more in the next exciting Chapter of the Antilight Invasion.

To Be Continued.
The Antilight Invasion Chapter 1: A Unity of Evil
Bowser and Ganondorf begin making allies and along with Beldam reform the Antilight. All characters belong to their rightful owners.
With the Holidays over, both Red and Lucas have returned to Lumiose City, as the boys are spending the day going on a Tour of The Pokemon World's Largest City, what type of Adventures await them? Well so far Red is feeding his Pokemon, Pokepuffs, and it appears that Lucas is using his PSI Powers to talk to his Chespin.

"OK Chespin, How are you enjoying your time traveling with me and Red?" Lucas asked as he fed his Chespin a PokePuff.

"You're doing great Lucas, but we want to do other stuff besides battle." The Chespin said through Lucas's Telepathy as Lucas wondered what Chespin meant by it.

"What do you mean Chespin, What would you like to do?" Lucas asked, as Chespin nudged at his leg

"Well there are plenty of activities Trainers can do with their Pokemon, such as contests."

"Contests, what kind of contests?" Lucas asked as it attracted Red's attention a bit, interesting him.

"Pokemon Contests, I think I've heard about them before but never saw one, hmmm maybe if there are any in Kalos we should participate in one." Red said as Lucas nodded with a smile.

"Well let's go explore the City, I think we should try and get some Lumiose Style Points by taking in the attractions here, so that way we can enter that Botique."

"Yeah plus I also want to check out the Prism Tower, I heard there's a Gym inside of it."

"All right let's do it." Lucas said happily as he and Red both made their way towards Prism Tower until they noticed something catching their eye as a group of people were crowded around to see what was going on.

"Hey I wonder what's going on?" Red asked as he and Lucas went over to the crowd as a TV Crew were talking about an event taking place.

"L.C.News here, live at Prism Tower here in just a moment; Pokemon Contest Star from Hoenn; Lisia will be arriving here in Lumoise City to scout for new talent in the upcoming Pokemon Contest here in the Kalos region; I wonder what stars she'll find here in the Kalos Region." The Reporter said, as Red and Lucas got up front to see what was going on as a Limousine pulled up in front of the tower as a Paparazzi started taking pictures, as the driver got out of the Limo and opened the back door and out came a girl with teal colored hair and an fuzzy outfit as she greeted the public with smiles and waves. 

"Hello Lumiose City, i'm very happy to be here, to see all of the beautiful people from this region and their Pokemon. Now who's going to be the next stars of the new Kalos Pokemon Contest? Lisia looked around at the crowd of people trying to figure out who the next stars could be; then she looked at Red and Lucas and a smile came across her face. "You two look perfect for the next potential stars in a Pokemon Contest."

"Wait, Us!" Red and Lucas both said Simultaneously, as they approached Lisia.

"I see star power in the both of you, tell me, How well do you know your Pokemon?"

"We know our Pokemon just as much as we know eachother, me and Red here are best friends." Lucas said as Lisia let out a chuckle.

"So you guys are best friends, huh? Well then it looks like I might need to see you guys compete in a team contest, unless you want to face eachother in a contest?"

"We'll do it as a team, if anything I think the two of us would definitely bring it together as a Team in a Pokemon Contest."

"Ok, there are multiple styles of contest depending on your style; there's Beauty, Cute, Cleverness, Toughness, and Coolness what sounds like your style of competition, why don't you two come with me for a ride in my Limo and we'll talk all about it." Lisia said as she opened the door of her Limousine as Red and Lucas both looked at eachother with starstruck expressions.

"Dude, we're going for a ride in a Limo; this is so totally cool." Lucas said really excited

"We're riding with a Contest Star, this is amazing." Red said as Lisia giggled as the two snapped out of their starstruck state and got inside of Lisia's Limo, leaving behind a crowd of jealous on lookers, as the Limo would ride away from the crowd as Red and Lucas were now riding in style with Lisia.

"Now this is first class riding." Red said as he noticed how amazing the limo was, it had a refrigerator, and a tv, both Red and Lucas never dreamed of being in something like this.

"Would you guys like any fancy soda?" Offered Lisia as the boys both nodded their heads up and down as she handed both Red and Lucas some rather Luxury Sodas. "So what Contest Style do you guys think suits you and your Pokemon Better.

"HMMMM; well we both think Pokemon are cool and we both are two very cool guys, why don't we give Coolness a try." Red said, as Lisia smiled at the boys.

"All right then, how about I try to come up with some cool outfits for you guys to wear and maybe some outfits for your Pokemon, what do you say we stop at a Boutique and pick out something stylish for the two of you and the Pokemon you choose to wear."

"Sounds like a plan, let's go." Lucas said happily, as the Limo made it way to the parking lot of an expensive looking Boutique as the three of them got out and made their way inside as the clerk happen to know Lisia and greeted her happily.

"Miss Lisia, how are you today, what brings you here to our fine establishment?"

"Well I've found two future stars in these two guys; they are Red and Lucas, and i'd like to get them situated with some outfits for themselves and their Pokemon."

"Nice to meet you guys, well know which contest are they going to be participating in?"

"They chose the Coolness Contest, so can you look for them some cool outfits for them to try on?"

"All right, come this way with me, boys." The Clerk said, directing Red and Lucas over to a clothing rack, with several matching outfits that they might consider cool. "OK i'll give you a couple outfits to try on, the changing room is over there, just be sure to let me and Lisia know your conformation of the outfits you want to wear in the contest.

"Right, let's go and try out some outfits." Red said as he and Lucas went into the Changing room and started changing into random outfits. The first outfit was Cowboy outfits as both Red and Lucas looked at eachother in an Old Western Standoff as Lisia gave a chuckle.

"Those are cute Cowboy outfits, but i'm looking for cool not cute.

"Ok, let's try other outfits out." Lucas said, as he and Red took out another costume, and they both come out wearing leather jackets, sunglasses, and skinny jeans as they both started to talk in a very chilled manner.

"Heeeey! Aren't we the coolest guys in this contest, we are so going to send these clowns to school." Red said with a smile

"Their crusin for a brusin, and we are gonna bruise through this contest." said Lucas as Lisia laughed as both Red and Lucas we're trying to be Greasers. 

"As Coo las hey look on you; your attitudes make you sound tough, and toughness is a different contest, so try something else." Lisia said as Red and Lucas tried on another set of outfits; this time both Red and Lucas were dressed wearing Hats, sunglasses, zipper  shirts over their undershirts, baggy pants, and sneakers. "Perfect, those outfits look really cool on you."

"We look cool now huh, well how is the contest going to go?" Red asked as Lisia came up to them thinking of an idea.

"Those outfits are breakdance outfits, so I think you guys should try a breakdance routine; with both yourselves and your Pokemon."

"You think so, well i guess we can give it a try, but what Pokemon could possibly, be good at breakdancing?" Lucas asked a little confused.

"Well let me pay for your outfits, and i'll give you a ride over to a Dance Studio, where you can take some lessons."

"Sounds like a plan, Yo Red my Man let's go learn some breakdance moves and bust a groove in the contest."

"I hear ya on that one, Homie L!" Red said as he and Lucas, fistbumped eachother which made Lisia break out laughing as she lead the boys back to her Limo for a ride to a Dance Studio.

"OK, you guys, this is where you are going to learn all of your dance moves, so why don't you take a look at this demonstration and try to take a few notes." Lisia said, as Red and Lucas watched as a group of dancers began doing some type of hip dancing to some rap music as the two started looking at the dancers spinning around wondering how they can attempt that.

"You know, I think we can maybe pull this off, Lucas, it looks rather easy." 

"Not to mention, it also looks like fun to." Lucas and Red continued to watch the demonstration, as the Dancers stopped and approached the boys.

"So you dudes want to learn to breakdance; you got to know how to keep your balance, because it can make the difference between making yourselves look cool or making yourselves look like fools." One of the dancers said as he looked at Red and Lucas with his dark sunglasses.

"Balance, how are we going to balance?" Red asked looking at the dancer's sunglasses

"If you want to learn to balance yourselves, you got to try to keep yourself in sync with the beat, and also as a team with eachother, and your Pokemon." 

"So how do we do that?"

"Come with us and i'll show you some cool moves, that you can try to match with the beat of the music." The Dancer said as he took Red and Lucas to a dance floor, and pressed down on a button, playing some hip music. "All right take a look at how we move our legs." The Dancer said as he began shuffling his feet a couple times and then started to move around in a stange manner, and then began to spin around on the fllor. "We taught a trainer named Tierno how to bust a move with his Pokemon, so why not call out some Pokemon and have them give it a try.

"All right then, yo Homie L, you ready to serve up some moves?"

"Oh yeah, Big Red , let's serve them up like Cold Cuts."

"Ha like where you guys are coming from; it's like you were born to do this." The man said as Red and Lucas looked to try to match the dance steps that the Instructor showed them; it took a few tries with some trial and error before Red and Lucas started to get the hang of it. "All right my dudes, I think you're about ready to show you and your Pokemon's moves in the contest; i'll go get Lisia, and we'll go down to where the contest is taking place." The Instructor said as he along with Red and Lucas met up with Lisia outside.

"So are these guys ready to show the world they're stuff?"

"Oh Yeah, Lisia we are ready and raring to go." Red said with a goofy smile

"I think we are going to absolutely, serve the competition." Lucas said as he and Re turned their backs to eachother, with their arms crossed, and smiling.

"HAHAHAH; you guys are so cool; well let's get ready to go, the contest is about to start." Lisia said, as she got Red and Lucas into her Limousine, as the Limo drove off towards the location, for where the contest was taking place. The Limo stopped as Lisia came out of the back  seat along with Red and Lucas following her as they made their way to the backstage area.

"Ok you guys, do you have any Butterfrees in your stomach; because this is going to be the moment that makes you into stars; do your best, and really get the crowd pumped.

"Right; it's time for Squirtle to get his groove on." Red said calling out his Squirtle and dressing it up in a breakdance outfit, that was made for it.

"Wartortle, you and Squirtle will defenitley steal the show out their along with me and Red." Lucas said as Wartortle nodded also wearing a breakdancing outfit, similar to Red's Squirtle's outfit.

"Red and Lucas; you're up next, go and show off what you got, and do your best to steal the show." said one of the Contest Staf members, as Red and Lucas looked at eachother and fistbumped eachother ready for their big moment on stage. As they watched some of the other acts which included some Guys using Ice Pokemon, to use a more literal form of coolness, guys in sunglasses trying to use wiseguy acts, andSome Gymnasts who were using Parkour for their Pokemon; all talents did well but now it was Red and Lucas's turn to stun the crowd with their breakdancing.

"Now our next participants; Red and Lucas the Breakdancing Buddies and their Pokemon Squirtle and Wartortle." said the voice of the announcer, as both Red and Lucas appeared on stage with Squirtle and Wartortle; strutting around like cool guys, as some rap music starts the play as the two start to do some slow breakdance moves, along with their Pokemon as the crowd starting to watch them looking excited. Then the boys started to do some spins onthe floor and they both looked perfectly sync as the two got up to command their Pokemon

"Yo Squirtle and Wartortle, match our style with some Rapid spins. The sound of the beat is hard to resist, and let's make it a win." Red and Lucas said Simultaneously; as both Squirtle and Wartortle went for Rapid spins, as both Water Turtle Pokemon spun around in their shells to the beat of the music as it really got the crowd excited. After hitting a few kicks together and with the Pokemon using Aqua tail to add a touch to their dance the crowd gave Red and Lucas a standing ovation; as the boys turned their backs to eachother, crossed their arms, and smiled as Squirtle and Wartortle sprayed their trainers with Watergun, to close their performance.

"All right what a cool performance that was, and now the results of the Pokemon Contest. Your winders in the Team Coolness Category is Red and Lucas; with their Breakdancing routine." Red and Lucas both jumped up in their air and high fived eachother celebrating their win, as Lisia came on stage to present them both with Contest Medals. 

"Yo we did it; we're on top of the world now." Red said as he and Lucas laughed with the others on stage; as Lisia, Red, and Lucas were now in a Dressing Room; with Red and Lucas now in their regular outfits.

"You guys were amazing out there; I hope you guys can consider trying other contests out." Lisia said smiling, knowing she picked the right guys to be stars

"We would love to; however we're on a journey to catch Pokemon, Train them, and to be the best; not to mention i'm looking to battle against the Gym Leaders to collect badges, and challenge the Elite Four of Kalos." Lucas said with an assuring voice.

"That's cool and all; it's better to gain experience as Pokemon Trainers, and maybe someday you can grow into bigger stars when your in a Contest; I hope you can participate in another contest some day; by the way arwe you going to challenge the Gym Leader here in Lumiose City?"

"Yeah, that's what we were planning to do." 

"Ok then, well I want to wish you guys luck in your adventure, and be sure to check out more contests here in Kalos along your journey; goodbye for now." Lisia said as she bid her farewell to both Red and Lucas as the boys got up and left the Contest Hall and looked over at Prism Tower; with Red looking over at Lucas.

"The next challenger is there; hey man, want to do some training?" Red said taking put a Pokeball.

"I feel like I've gotten rusty, come at me bro." Lucas said taking out his Pokeball, as the two best friends, look to do some training to, prepare Lucas for the next Gym Battle.

To Be Continued

Surrogate Brothers Chapter 8: The Cool Kids
Red and Lucas both participate in a Pokemon Contest; and get scouted by the famous Lisia
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