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March 16, 2012
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:Cue Unsolved Mysteries Theme Song:

Robert Stack: Today on Unsolved Video Game Mysteries we look at the mysteries of Banjo Tooie. What happened To Banjo's Sister Tooty, Why is the Flume of Doom inacessable and what is inside of it, Bottles Revenge and Stop n Swop part 2 today on Unsolved Video Game Mysteries

Case #1: Tooty Missing

In the first Banjo Kazooie the plot was to rescue Banjo's sister Tooty from the Witch Gruntilda. Where Tooty came from is also msterious but in Banjo Tooie Tooty is NOWHERE to be found except in a Milk Carton inside Guffo's Trashcan in Cloud Cuckoland; lookto the side of the carton and you'll find a picture of Tooty with the words Missing since Banjo Kazzooie. Now why is Tooty Missing Banjo Saved her afterall so why did Tooty dissapear in 2 years? Did Grunty clone Tooty and Banjo saved the Clone Tooty and Grunty did away with the real Tooty who knows plus Tooty is briefly mentioned in Nuts and bults owning a fruits shop.

Case #2: Gruntilda's Lair boulders

Ah yes in Banjo Tooie when you enter Gruntilda's Lair you'll notice boulders blocking the passages to the Mumbos Mountain area as well as the rest of the areas of the lair. How did these boulders block the passages you could enter Grunty's lair after Grunty is defeated when she's under that boulder. Well according to the context Mingella and Blobelda with the Hag 1 Drilling Machine caused an Earthquake in Spiral Mountain and possible due to some decay and ruptured walls the boulders fell and blocked the 2 passages. Some however think the lair is accesable because the text at the bottom says Gruntilda's Lair (Entrance) with those parenthesis around "Entrance" they think there's another area of the lair in the game one person said they accesed Gruntilda's Lair (Tower) in the game however that is purely false some even tried to glitch through the bolders to find nothing mostly because Rare did not incorporate the levels in BT. Also the Lair in Nuts and Bolts is completley Blocked Off preventing ANY access to it but how those bolders covered the mouth is a mystery but then again anything could've happened in 8 years time.

Case #3: Flume of Doom

When you make your way to the Pine Valley, WitchyWorld area in Banjo Tooie you'll spot a Purple and Yellow wall with a sign that Reads "FLUME OF DOOM out of order" where you see pencil sharp logs that would fall and drop into the lake that leads to the wasteland area but you'll notice there's a black area that looks like it may lead to somewhere but there's no access to it. Also when you go into Witchworld you'll see that the Flume of Doom is nowhere in the park even in the Area 51 where some think was the Flume of Doom was plus is it just me or does Area 51 look like it should've been apart of Space Zone. Also a video showed a Creepy Connection that lead from the Foot Pedals of the Organ in Mad Monster Mansion to the Flume of Doom Entrance in Pine Grove this however is faked to mess with fans minds although WitchyWorld was going to be in Banjo Kazooie but Pine Grove was not.BTW the traintacks above the Quagmire would just lead to the Train station in Grunty Industires.

Case #4: Bottles Revenge

Banjo Tooie was originally going to have a 2 player feature called Bottles Revenge where Bottles turns from an angel to a Devil as he posessess weak enemies to attack Banjo. this was a great Concept but why would Bottles want revenge on Banjo is it because of how many people hate Bottles. Plus why Can't Bottles go after Grunty she's the one who killed him. Or is it Because Bottles fell for Kazooie's trick to steal his chips for Birdseed Money. Also why was this feature scrapped? Was it because of Time constaints. Was it because Devil bottles would've stir up tensions with Over Religious Bigiots. Whatever the cause was however somefound the scrapped feature due to hacking. A Devil Bottles head was seen in one of the Tower of Tragedy Answers as well as in a portait in Grabbed by the Ghoulies way to tease the Fans Rare.

Case #5 Stop N Swop Part 2

ah yes today we wrap up this episode with the second part of Stop N Swop last time we talked about how the extra eggs were found and how this feature would link to other games. It was going to transfer the eggs to Banjo Tooie and The Ice Key to Donkey Kong 64 but what it would've unlocked is a BIG mystery. Well what it could've been is a mystery seeing as though al lthe items got used in BT Xbox live arcade version and in Nuts and Bolts for pointless stuff where in BT it was the same as the stuff we got by breaking BT cartridges except gamerpics, themes and breegul bash and a secret that well according to the text that Kazzoie believes they might wait until they're in their 20's which of course leads us to Stop n Swop 2 which includes a Bonze, Silver, and Gold Egg what is they're purposes none know as they have none in Nuts and Bolts but maybe for a future Banjo Game all I can say it better still be on the 360. Also over the years some say the Pirate Captain Blackeye was a key to Stop N Swop. Was it because the Rusty Bucket was his ship and the Treaure in the chests were Stop n Swop. Was it because he had a Dream of being in a fine game that a Bear stole his glory. That sharkfood island in a picture is behind him when you launch a clockwork kazzooie egg at him you hear the sounds of Seagulls WHO KNOWS. But you take the eggs to Heggy the Hen as Blackeye is too Seasick and Drunk after losing his glory to a bear. All I can say is Blackeye has nothing to do with Stop N swop. But what was with the Whiteboard in Grabbed by the ghoulies that said Find 4 Eggs and an Ice Key unlocks a Secret level thing was it also a teaser or is there a hidden level in the game with 10 more jiggies adding to the 90 making it 100 all we can say is it's a lie because Rare likes to play mind games. But What if Stop N Swop did happen and you could Swop the eggs in other games. Donkey Kong 64: Unlocks Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong, Majora's Mask: Unlocks Kafei, Pokemon Stadium 2 Transfer Records from Pokemon Stadium I and Pokemon Puzzle League as well as Pokemon anime skins in it. Paper Mario: Unlocks Luigi, Conker's Bad Fur Day: Unlock's IDK i'm just making these up just for fun. So will we know the truth of Stop N Swop all I can say is Bottles you should've stayed dead for that scam you pulled. Will we see anything with Stop n Swop 2? Rare only knows.

Robert Stack: That is it for today's Unsolved Video Game Mysteries Episode tune in next time as we look at the myths of the Grand Theft Auto Series.

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Today we look at Banjo-Tooie's Mysteries
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I missed out and never played it probably because I was to picky of a gamer or gamecube games cost too much
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