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February 3, 2012
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Robert Stack: Today on Unsolved Video Game Mysteries we talk about a game that has given fans many unanswered questions Banjo Kazooie. This series has had more unsolved mysteries than any other video game in the world so let's cut to the chase with our first case involving it's original name Project Dream

Case #1: Project Dream

Project Dream was the original name for Banjo Kazooie. The game started as a SNES game using the same game engine as Donkey Kong Country 2 where the game would star a kid named Edison who get's into some things with a hoard of Pirates led by Captain Blackeye. However Rare scrapped the game and it's a shame the game looked really good for only one screenshot of it in exsistance looked better than Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario RPG combined. Soon the game's protagonist would be changed to a bunny but then when the game was moved to the N64 Rare finally made up their minds and we got the Backpack and yellow shorts wearing bear we all know as Banjo. Banjo Kazooie would go on to become a cult favorite depite Banjo's first appearence in a game was Diddy Kong Racing but BK would be released. But you can wonder how would Project Dream been like if it came into the gaming world and not Banjo Kazooie. Well Edison and Blackeye would be more iconic in such an unreleased fine game before a bear and witch stole their glory.

Case #2: The Missing Worlds

Banjo Kazooie was originally planned to have 16 levels making it a longer game unfortunatley Rare decided to pull them from the game so that way BK would be released sooner rather than later. There are 4 worlds that have been the most talked about missing worlds in video games and that would be the Giant's Lair, Hammerhead Beach, Fungus Forest, and Mt Fire Eyes. Let's talk about the Giant's Layer first the Giant's Lair was meant to be the central hubworld like Grunty's lair except the main antagonist was going to be a Giant. The plot I think you stole Blackeye's Trasure and he steals Banjo's Girlfriend Piccolo and you go into his lair to save her along with Blackeye's treasure. That is only a prediction. However some people often mistake the Giant's Lair for Mount fire Eyes maybe it was do to the colorings of the Door and Lair walls and colors but when I look at the central hub world it resembles a forest than a volcano plus the outside of Giant's Lair could be Beta Spiral Mountain.

Fungus Forest is another interesting level because this has been talked about for a long time. Fungus Forest is believed by many to have been scrapped for several other levels but their are remains of the level in the game. One in a picture in Banjo's House. Another is the Click Clock Wood Puzzle Room, the CCW Puzzle room hardly looks like CCW as the Room as all sorts of moss all over the walls. Also the CCW Lobby had Mossy walls and mushrooms on the ground well barely visable and when you look at CCW it's only one big tree and barely any moss. However you do see something interesting in Mumbo's Hut in CCW you'll look closely and find colored mushrooms hanging on the cieling and mushrooms would be associated with Fungus. That leads me to believe Click Clock Wood was originally Fungus Forest but their are other possibilities which also I wonder why is CCW's Puzzle Board far away from CCW was CCW Puzzle Room meant for Fungus Forest if so why did they stick it there. Also some speculate Fungus Forest was Clanker's Cavern do to Beta footage of Banjo swimming in an early version of Clanker's Cavern with Clanker as a live Whale not a Mechanical Shark and by the looks of the water it's clean and blue not dirty and murky. Also the BGM sounded like an underwater version of DK64's Fungi Forest theme. Some even found a hidden BGM in the game that reads advent which however was the Hub theme for project dream Rare accidently left in the game. Sadly Rare scrapped it and Fungus Forest was put in Donkey Kong 64 and renamed Fungi Forest. Why was this Rare thought FF didn't feel like a Banjo world or was to large for BK. Or does FF feel right for a Mario Character like Donkey Kong, Also some have said FF is in the intro of BK but it's a waterfall but it does have mushrooms on the ground also some say FF is on the Boxart of BK but that's really Spiral Mountain I think. Sadly this area never got added but we can only hope we find out the truth as to why it got scrapped.

Hammerhead Beach most people believe is the Island Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo we're on at the end of BK. However Hammerhead Beach was the original Name for Treasure Trove Cove but what is this Island? Well this island appears in a photo in Banjo's House also in a map in radar room in Rusty Bucket Bay along with Treasure Trove Cove. The Island was accesable through hacking however the level was never finished. what was this island is it really Hammerhead Beach or something else or was it originally going to be apart of TTC?

Mt Fire Eyes is the last of the missing worlds and has been talked about more than any other level in the game. Now i've already made my case in point about the Giant's Lair as for Fire Eyes this is one level that never came into exsistance or even know what it looks like. Now the proof for Mt. Fire Eyes scrap is obvious it was going to be in the Lava room where an out of place Bobi Valley Puzzle board is and the entrance to Mad Monster Mansion. Now talk about a world out of place Mad Monster Mansion a Haunted Mansion accessed through a pointless room of lava. It's self explanitory that Fire Eyes puzzle would've been in Gobi Valley's Puzzle Place and Mt Fire Eyes was accesed where MMM is at. speaking of Mad Monster Mansion notice the Abnormal Size of the Mansion the Portraits of Captain Blackeye and a Treasure Chest in the bedroom along with Blackeye's Photo hmm could MMM be owned by both Gruntilda and Blackeye and could Blackeye and Gruntilda be Married. A Giant Pirate and a Green fat Witch talk about Odd Couples. Lastly in the Lave room there's a face of a monster could this Face had been the Boss for Mt. Fire eyes. Lastly Gobi The Camel after stealing his water in Gobi's Valley and Click Clock Wood Gobi says he's had enough and leaves for the Lava World which he can't find since it got scrapped from the game.


It was revealed by rare in the sequal Banjo Tooie Mt Fire Eyes was in BT with a new Name Hailfire Peaks why that name is pretty odd because Hailfire sounds like Hellfire plus if this is what Mt Fire Eyes was going to look like the Size without the Ice side looks reasonable size for BK but for BT we got an Ice Side which makes me wonder if there was or wasn't going to be an ice side as well in Mt Fire Eyes in BK. Who Knows?

Also Mayahem Temple Glitter Gulch Mine and Witchyworld was also planned to be in the game but was moved and became the first 3 worlds in Banjo Tooie.

Case #3 Grunty's Beauty Mchine Room Doors

Ah yes these weird doors have been talked about for a LOOONG time apparently these door's knockers resemble the knockers on the doors in the Giant's Lair. Also In the Opening cutscene in the game you go up a set of stairs and actually go through one of the doors with Klungo now how does this become possible when in Gameplay you can't even access the door or steps. Some Wonder what these doors lead to one of the scrappes worlds or who knows. Many have tried to open the doors however the doors never open unless there's a glitch which is only a black wall. what was behind these doors no one knows which is why this is yet another unsolved mystery.

Case #4: Tooty's Mini Game

After Banjo defeats Grunty she turns Banjo into a Frog before falling to her doom where Tooty become playable and finds a way to turn Banjo back into a bear however it was scrapped do to time constraints but how would tis game had been played and what abilities would Tooty have to this day completley unknown

Case #5: Stop N Swop Part 1

Ah Yes Gaming's Biggest Unsolved Mystery Stop N Swop. Stop N Swop was a scrapped feature from BK where you would swop data from BK into 2 other games Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo Tooie. however it was scrapped for untold reasons it was never mentioned in Banjo Tooie with the exception of the findings of 2 eggs and the ice key via smashing BK Carts. Now in 2003 2 hackers found the Blue and Pink eggs and an ice key in the game along with 4 additional colored eggs Cyan Green, Yellow, and Red which has led many to believe stop N swop was going to swop with more secrets in BT or perhaps other Nintendo 64 Games Like Super Mario 64 and Zelda Ocarina of Time. However it is a mystery as to what the purpose with Stop N Swop was however this will be the end of today's episode as we will talk more about Stop N Swop when we talk about Banjo Tooie in a future Episode

To Be Continued

Robert Stack: That is it for today's Episode of Unsolved Video Game Mysteries tune in next time as we look to crack the Unsolved mysteries of the Metroid Series So to everyone Goodbye and keep searching for more unsolved video game mysteries.

Cue Unsolved Mysteries Theme

A/N: You know the rules no trolling or flamming or you will dissapear only talk about the cases and be polite if it's too much for you to do than don't come on here at all.
This Time we crack the Mysteries of One of gaming's Biggest unsolved Mysteries The Banjo Kazooie Series
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